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Get ready to return to your favorite aristocratic home. The Downton Abbey series 4 air date was announced today by ITV.

Downton Abbey series 4 will premiere on Sunday, September 22, 2013 on ITV in the United Kingdom.

UPDATE: Watch the minute-long Downton Abbey series 4 trailer!

The announcement was made via a countdown on the official Downton Abbey Twitter account, who proclaimed there are 22 days left until “Downton Day.”

'Downton Abbey' series 4 countdown

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Later today the first Downton Abbey series 4 trailer will debut. A teaser released earlier this week includes a word of wisdom from Maggie Smith’s character.

Even though the Brits are only weeks away from watching new episodes, those in America will have to wait until January for the show’s highly-anticipated return. PBS will begin airing season 4 on January 5, 2014.

The new episodes of Downton Abbey will pick up with the characters grieving the loss of Matthew who surprisingly died at the end of series 3 last year. The first official photo from the new season depicted Lady Mary in all-black (presumably dressed for Matthew’s funeral) as she held their newborn child.

Viewers were shocked that such a tragic event would occur on the Christmas Special, given many viewers were watching on the happy holiday last year. Let’s hope that season 4′s Christmas Special ends on a happier note and doesn’t spoil one’s holiday.

Hypable will offer full coverage of Downton Abbey series 4 throughout its run starting with the trailer later today. Stay tuned!

  • ForFrodo

    We were waiting for the wedding this time last year… Now we have a funeral

    • Winkyxx


  • Winkyxx

    Hey. I have an idea. Lets premiere it in the U.S. at the same time. Ok thanks! :D
    No more spoilerssssss.

    • Steph

      We have to wait for your shows to come here. I am waiting for NCIS and NCIS:LA among others that you guys are getting September/October time. Let us enjoy our own shows without you moaning.

      • Kate

        Can’t we all be free to moan about wanting our shows when they premiere in other locations? You can moan about getting those shows late, we can moan about getting Downton Abbey late. Seems fair, doesn’t it?

        Or we can all cheat and watch the episodes online. Therefore no moaning or need to avoid spoilers…

        • Winkyxx

          Thank you! I wasn’t even moaning! I was simply suggesting an idea. :D

      • Maria Wang

        NCIS? but NCIS is not even close to being shows like Downton Abbey, or Sherlock!

      • Billy

        In this case it is PBS that is pushing the date back so they don’t have to go up against bigger network’s fall line up…I will be watching online like I have done in th past

      • gidge

        download “hola” from google chrome extensions and you can watch all “our” shows at the same time too. Geez, greedy, much?

  • Brittney Murphy

    On Hobbit Day! :)

  • RussellTurner

    Great!! Oh wait, I live in the United States and have to divert my eyes away from any headline about Downton Abbey on hypable -_-

    • catie

      If you get an HDMI cable and use sidereel.com to stream the episodes you can show them on your tv through your laptop/computer :) That’s what I do :)

  • DSWhite

    Could you show us the Tweet from @downtonabbey? I do not see it, do not see announcement on ITV.com, nor on Downton Abbey Facebook page

    • DowntonAbbeyAddicts


  • kc

    Anyone know time of Episode 1 and 2 on 22nd and 29th September?

    • goathrad_99

      IMDB shows three episodes airing in September…

      I am not sure how acurrate or were the website gets their information, but it is typically
      very spot-on…(let us all hope this is the case once again).
      Why in this day and age… movies as well as television shows choose to stagger their release dates is well beyond my ability to comprehend.

  • euwim

    According to epguides, season four premieres on 15th September. Anyone cares to clear this up?

    • DSWhite

      ITV has yet to make an official announcement…*speculation* is on Sept 15 or Sept 22

      • kc

        The announcement was made via a countdown on the official Downton Abbey
        Twitter account, who proclaimed there are 22 days left until “Downton

        • DSWhite

          hmmmm….I looked at all the Tweets from @DowntonAbbey and did not see anything like that. Was it a different Twitter account?

          • wavydavy

            Same here, that countdown is definitely not on the account, http://www.pogdesign.co.uk/cat/Downton-Abbey-summary also have the premiere listed as the 15th.

          • DowntonAbbeyAddicts

            If it was there they deleted it & there is nothing on their official Facebook acct either.

  • Mike5906

    Awesome. I’ll be pirating it then, since they want to artificially limit its availability in the US.

    • bwellerr

      The level of intelligence required to delay the premiere of a series that has recently reached this height of popularity is impossible to fathom. When people follow a series like this, they are not going to wait for months. Hopefully the idiocy of PBS will be reflected in the future ratings.

      • John Mena

        The UK copy of the show is much better then the PBS.

        • Allusia

          you may be surprised to find that its actually the same show

  • bayguy35

    Its insane to delay this show by 5 months with how popular it is the states. This show will quickly move up the top 100 on The Pirates Bay.

    • Daniel Sealy

      Shh don’t tell!

  • Meh heh!

    I’m glad we have a show before the us….. Makes a bloody change! Neh neh neh neh neh

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