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Breaking Bad season 6, episode 4/season 5, episode 12 “Rabid Dog” airs in just a few days. Get a glimpse into the storyline now!

The show keeps climbing and at a rapid pace, so what’s on tap for this week? According to the Breaking Bad season 6, episode 4 synopsis, “An unusual strategy starts to bear fruit, while plans are set in motion that could change everything.”

That official description is extremely vague, leading us to believe that this Sunday’s episode will likely have very surprising moments like the three episodes so far. Could the “unusual strategy” refer to Walt’s decision to give Hank a tape with his so-called confession? If not, what do you think it could be referring to?

Here are two photos from the episode:

'Breaking Bad' season 6, episode 4 - Marie

'Breaking Bad' season 6, episode 4 - Walt

Below is the trailer for Breaking Bad season 6, episode 4. And unlike previous trailers, this one lets us speculate over a couple of scenes.

There are two interesting moments to speak about. One: We hear a clip of Jesse saying “Mr. White, he’s the devil” to an unknown person. Over top the audio we see Jesse leaving an unknown building. Could Jesse be talking to Hank to help get him convicted? This past Sunday’s episode saw Jesse connect Walt to poisoning Brock which set off a rage inside Jesse and made him want to set Walt’s home on fire.

The second item worth talking about: We see a couple of scenes in Walt’s house, suggesting that Jesse is not successful in lighting the White family home on fire. Perhaps Walt makes it back in time to stop him?

Breaking Bad’s fifth-to-last episode airs Sunday, September 1 at 9 p.m. eastern/pacific.

  • Liderc

    I knew his house wasn’t getting burned down. There was no fire damage in the flash forward scene, so figured that wouldn’t be the cause of the mess we saw.

    Looks like Jesse may be leaving a federal/state building, as that kind of big white stone/brick is often used. Could “An unusual strategy starts to bear fruit” mean that Jesse starts giving up info? It’s vague, but maybe Jesse starts talking to a person, maybe just a friend, and their house/phone is tapped.

    Maybe he’s just talking things out with Skinny Pete or Badger and they’ve flipped to be informants for other crimes they’ve been charged with and other cops just happen to hear about Walt’s dealings, so Hank is able to have someone else in law enforcement that believes the real story. Walt would have no way of stopping APD from arresting him, since he can’t blackmail a bunch of cops like he did with Hank.

    • Kit Cat

      That’s a possibility but I feel like it will be even a more “unusual strategy”, if it were to be talking about Jesse. I did not expect the so called “confession” Walt did, which by the way was brilliant, so I expect that whatever strategy it will be, it will be more than Jesse talking with someone or someone over hearing a conversation. Certainly he may talk, obviously he does with someone since we have that sound bite, but is that the unusual strategy? I don’t think so. There has to be something more.

      • Liderc

        Yeah after that confession, I’ve realized these writers are so far above my head lol. Just like to attempt to figure out what’s going to happen. My jaw was on the floor after that confession.

        • Kit Cat

          haha. You are not alone.

    • Ellen B

      Note to author: It’s episode 512.

      It just dawned on me today that the first person Jesse will encounter – the one who discourages him from igniting the gas – is Walt, Jr. We see him at the breakfast counter, looking nervous. Having a chat with Jesse, are we?

      And Hank may very well show up, too. Perhaps, when he finds Jesse telling Jr. just what a devil his father is, Hank will have a chat with the kid. This is where Jr. has to choose between his father and his uncle. And maybe we’re inching toward a Jesse/Hank team. I think we see Jesse walking away from DEA headquarters. But he sure doesn’t look happy. He looks a little peeved. Will Hank tell him the best course of action is to tread lightly? After all, Hank’s in a tough spot now, and we see Marie throwing in the towel on the whole thing.

      Jesse may come to realize that Hank sincerely wanted to give him a free pass for bringing down Heisenberg, only to find out that Hank can’t out his “devil” brother-in-law just yet.

  • ChaseBeasy

    The spoiler clip seems to tell that Jessie is talking to Todd. Think about it…who refers to Walt as Mr. White…? Todd and his crew, or Jessie. Everyone else either refers to him as Walt, Dad, or Heisenberg. Considering this he isn’t talking to Skinny Pete or Badger. And he wouldn’t refer to Walt as Mr. White when talking to Hank.

    The clip of Walt Jr. saying, “Please can you just tell the truth”, tells us nothing. That is basically Jr.’s classic line. He has been saying that most of the show. The divorce to name one account. I am tired of people who obviously just bandwagon in on my favorite show that I have been watching religiously since day one on air walk in after some Netflix binge watching making assumptions that Jr.’s little line on the spoiler clip tells anything at all. I think it would be cool if it meant something but Walt knows how to manipulate his son too well for that to mean anything. MAYBE if the lottery ticket won a large amount of money for the boy but pennies for his father then Jr. cashes it in than the clip could mean something… (doubtfully) but a little gasoline and a junkie trying to burn there house down I am sure Walt could spin off in his sleep.

    • Kit Cat

      Jesse could also be talking to Saul. To be honest I don’t analyze clips of shows, especially this show. They tell me nothing. For all we know these “important” lines we hear now may not, and most likely, not the most important, shocking, or interesting part of the episode. I think they throw me off from guessing what happens than make it clear. Obviously they don’t want to spoiler it too much and in doing so make it kind of worthless. In my opinion at least.

      • DavidinCorpus

        sopranos had a habit of showing you stuff in clips that lead you in a certain direction before seeing the actual show, then while watching the show you see the clips and the context is almost totally different than you originally thought, lil’ stinkers, those writers.

    • Lene

      What does it matter how someone watched this series? Whether one week at a time, or a Netflix binge. It isn’t just your show. It has a ton of fans.

      • Kit Cat

        I’m glad you said this because it is so true, for this show and all others. A fan, is a fan and all should be welcome whether they have been one since day one or just joined yesterday, whether they watched it on Netflix all in one sitting or over the course of many years.

        • alexa

          honestly if someone watched this entire show in one sitting i give them props because damn that’s a lot of hours in a row to be watching something even as amazing as breaking bad

          • DavidinCorpus

            I can see his point. Me and the wife have been putting off watching it forever, waiting to have it all in a row on netflix, we binged, like meth junkies, binging for days on end. We dont like to get addicted to more than one show at atime. I can feel brother man, I watched the walking dead from day one cause I was a zombie fan from back in the day, seventies, when only weirdos and geeks liked zombies. I knew it would be a hit and it was, thus the arrogance with having followed something from the get go instead of being that person who waits and lets others ‘waddle thru the muck for that lil’ jewel amongst the nast that is to be found on tv’.

        • Alonzo

          Netflix bingers are an inferior form of fan as they miss ALL improtant details and key points and don’t really understand the plot.

          This is evident by their postings and general confusion about many plot twists.

          This show is like a fine wine and must be consumed slowly in order to fully appreciate the subtle flavours…

          • dd

            Really. You must be kidding about Netflix viewers…you sound like you have WW’s insane ego.

          • Bryan

            How culturally and intellectually retarded does one have to be to become a TV show elitist, Alonzo? Do you pause your DVD movies in the middle and wait a month for the characters to ferment within the void of your mind; until you have perfected your slowly understood concept of a storyline to the point that you can detect concepts such as irony and alliteration within the plot? Get over yourself, man. It is a story. Some of us have the capacity to get it a little quicker than those of you that rode the short bus to school.

    • Orando Florida

      You should be happy your favorite show is gaining a huge popularity. I’ve watching since day one too. It doesn’t make me any more special.

    • pascoupe

      I can only remember a one, maybe two times throughout the entire series (so far) where Jesse has called Walt by his first name. For basically the rest of the series, he has been called Mr. White by Jessie.

    • Davis

      As another fan who watched from when the pilot aired on AMC originally, I don’t understand what you’re upset about. Aren’t you happy that so many people recognize how great the show is now? For me, a number of my friends and family are bandwagon, netflix bingers but I’m personally really happy I can now enjoy the show with them.

      • alexa

        ^RIGHT. like would he prefer people not watch the show?? and then have it get bad ratings? if you love the show so much don’t you want it to have the biggest and most passionate fanbase possible??
        i don’t understand people at all

    • ForWhatItSWorth

      If you’re such a loyal fan and this is “your show”, then why did you spell Jesse’s name wrong throughout?
      And furthmore, Jesse refers to Walt as Mr. White no matter who he’s talking to, whether it’s Gus, Saul, Mike, etc.

      • Amanda

        It is actually spelled Jessie…..There is a big debate going on Reddit about why it is spelled that way since Jessie impies that it is short for Jessica…Don’t know what that even could mean tho

    • Egotisti Cal

      Damn you ChaseBeasy. You utter knob on society’s pelvis.

    • Guest112

      You gotta be kidding me? You do know that watching a show on Netflix is the same if not better than watching it every week? I find it better than weekly because you are watching it from start to finish and dont forget the details.
      As for Jesse calling Walt Mr. White he always calls him that. Always.

      • Henie

        Netflix or Amazon on Demand is the best. I have never seen the show on AMC, but I think that having commercial interruptions would take away from the experience.

    • Phillip79

      Hey dummy, if it wasn’t for Netflix and all these binge watchers the show might be canceled by now. Get over yourself. You are the type of fan that scares actors.

      • dd

        Absolutely right, Phillip 79!

    • heisenberg

      Yeah I def. get what your saying here. But please elaborate on what you think will happen….. MAYBE SPOILER FOR FINAL 4….
      I think Walt is not out of the business, just by the phone call Todd made in the begining of the conf. ep…. So I think Lydia who should have been killed on 2 or 3 diff. terms if i’m not mistaken’ !. Should have been killed ( Mike’s WORDS!!!)
      She is the brain behind it all ( maybe working with Saul behind peoples backs to save there ass’) That aside , I feel that Walt will kill Todd and the Czech Rep. will kidnap Pinkman to cook and Walt will save Pinkman with the M-60 only to poison Pinkman with the ricen, only going off to fight more people (Walt) if he has to. Hank might kill hiself. and seriously the only character who hasn’t Broke Bad is GOMMIE!……
      THEORY 2 ………..
      Maybe , just maybe Todd’s uncle and his scumbag friends… Kill Todd because they feel Todd is looking up to Mr. White then his own kind ! They seem like straight up savages and maybe they think Todd is getting to lovey dovey with Mr. Whiteand the Nazis hink Todd will pull a fast one on them and run with the Meth Recp. and bounce

      • DavidinCorpus

        YO whatever Btch!

    • vincent

      I had no idea that since you watched breaking bad from its initial run on AMC that your thoughts are some how more qualified then others who started watching it on netflix.

      Is there scenes pivotal to the show that people like us “binge watchers” missed and therefore we can’t possibly speculate on things to come ?

      Or are are you just a complete fucking retard ?

      I bet its the latter.

      Now if you were not such a jack ass i would of told you,you had a point.
      Now on the other hand if Jesse really is talking to Waalt Jr. then him calling him .Mr.White would make sense because this “binge watcher” recalls jesse referring ti Walt as White when they first started cooking.Why ? Because it was called manners.Jesse could be using Mr.White here because he no longer likes him and is strictly using his name in the formal sense.

  • staytuned

    We have no more time left. Hank is totally lost and has no leads to work with. Enter Jesse. They are both bloodthirsty for Walt’s head, especially after the insane video Walt just made.

    Then, you have the blue meth about to hit the streets again. Lydia is probably still not going to be happy about the quality, so she is probably going to ask (force) Walt or Jesse into cooking again. The pressure can’t be cranked up much more without heads rolling.

  • Sean P Ryan

    Mid-week methadone-check out my predictions/potential
    spoilers for “Rabid Dog”:


  • Shouvo Ahmed

    it will be more than Jesse talking with someone or someone over hearing a conversation. . http://on.fb.me/1fnYE74

  • Awesome Awesome

    Why in the H@# would Jesse be talking to Tod? Huh?

  • Gimme_Danger

    Heisenberg and Marie should get it on.

    • DavidinCorpus

      Marie reminds me of what Kimmie from Full House would be like as an adult.

      • dd

        LMAO! Marie’s tirades make me sick….she must be a good actor because she sickens me.

  • alexa

    I SWEAR IF JESSE DIES I WILL NEVER STOP CRYING also i have a strange feeling that Hank and Walt Jr aren’t making it out of this show alive <////3 by far this is the best show out there!!

    • dd

      This show has been so additive to me. I agree with Alexa, that Jesse and Walt Jr. are really so good at heart…and it would be the saddest thing to have those two killed off. Walter White really is a great actor because I absolutely despise him. If he succeeds I will be very disappointed.
      Whatever happens, Jesse and Walt Jr. are fantastic actors.

  • alexa

    does anybody else have intense feels over the fact that jesse sTILL CALLS HIM MR. WHITE. like he still sees him as his authority? if one of them kills the other i hope in the last moment jesse looks him in the eye and calls him Walt, as if to say “i’M no long intimidated by you or in your shadow…. bitch”.

  • dd

    I had mentioned earlier about what great actors Jesse and Walter Jr. are…Jesse really brings me into his feelings, personality, and pain like no other. I really care for them. Walter White must be a great actor because he is the ugliest man inside and out, making me actually hate hate hate him…honestly turns my stomach with his constant manipulation, lies, and ego. I do not understand the viewers who want WW to win in the end…and who seem to actually LIKE him. Scary that people have such different opinions about a man like WW.

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