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In the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars, the girls ventured to Ravenswood in this jaw-dropping episode. Beware of spoilers moving forward.

On tonight’s Pretty Little Liars season 4, episode 12 season finale, the girls received Magic 8 balls which warn that if Ashley (Laura Leighton) is set free, A is coming after them. As Travis declines to identify Ashley in a line-up, Ezra (Ian Harding) lusts after Aria (Lucy Hale) while in class quoting Shakespeare’s The Tempest. A little much, don’t you think? Aria meanwhile struggles between the pull of Ezra and Jake (Ryan Guzman), who does not have the same poetry tastes.

Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) comforts Ashley while the District Attorney decides to drop the charges against her. Paige (Lindsey Shaw) worries about Emily’s (Shay Mitchell) safety and invites her to stay the night. Spencer (Troian Bellisario) continues to call Toby (Keegan Allen) after he disappeared after their fight at the hoedown.

Ashley goes out with Pastor Ted (Edward Kerr) just as the girls receive a doll worrying of Mona’s (Janel Parrish) eminent demise. According to the news, CeCe (Vanessa Ray) is on the run and is guilty of killing Detective Wilden (Bryce Johnson). Do you believe this is true?

Spencer tries to contact Wren (Julian Morris) but discovers that his place is packed up as if he’s ready to go. Meanwhile, Shana (Aeriel Miranda) is hiding out in Wren’s apartment. Could she be the partner he called? Emily and Paige try to track down Mona with limited success.

Toby goes through his mother’s stuff and ignores Spencer’s pleas to help him. He finally is moved to call her when he discovers that Shana has Wren’s new address, which happens to be Melissa Hasting’s (Torrey DeVitto) flat in London. Toby decides to not pursue his mother’s death in order to placate Spencer. Do you agree with his decision?

Jake and Aria’s date ends early as he sleeps through the feature. She then goes to the brew and catches Ezra after the poetry reading. The two then discuss a past poem in a very formulaic love scene and kiss as Red Coat looks on.

Spencer demonstrates her magic skills as she uncovers A’s latest trick. Spencer theorizes that A wants to put on an act for Rosewood. Toby trails Shana driving Mona’s car while the Pretty Little Liars discover that a magic show is going on in Ravenswood. Looks like a field trip is in order.

Aria is selected by the magician to disappear, and after a moment of suspense, reappears without a scratch. It appears that the real trick was making Emily disappear. The Pretty Little Liars call Emily, who is hysterical and near the sawmill. The girls chase Red Coat, who leads them into the warehouse with Emily. They save Emily and discover that there are two Red Coats. Aria fights one Red Coat who is revealed to be CeCe before she falls seemingly to her death.

As the girls freak out over CeCe, she moves her fingers and disappears. Spencer shows the girls A’s lair, which she believes Ali led her to. It is full of photos, timelines, and computers that monitor the Pretty Little Liars’ whereabouts. Toby follows Shana to a bed and breakfast where she meets Mona. The girls discover a bank account which reveals that CeCe is an employee, not the head of it. Aria sees Wren on the timeline while Hanna sees men’s clothing in the closet. It appears that A was also following Ali.

Mrs. Grunwald warns the girls about following Allison and wants to protect her. She reveals that Ali was afraid and was being threatened. Mrs. Grunwald has the gift of insight and helped save Ali on the night of her murder out of the dirt. Mrs. Grunwald apparently drove Ali to the hospital, and when she went to get help, she disappeared. Mrs. Grunwald warns them that they’re being watched and that he is watching them.

Caleb gets on the bus to Ravenswood just as the girls receive the foreboding message. In the last few minutes it is revealed that Ezra followed the girls and went back to the lair. When do you think Ezra had time to become A? What do you think are his motivations?

What do you think of Pretty Little Liars season 4, episode 12? This episode had major reveals and completely flipped the series on its head. What do you think of Ezra as A? Have you processed this episode yet?

Pretty Little Liars resumes with its Halloween episode in Ravenswood on October 22 at 8 p.m. EST.

Photo Credit: ABC Family

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  • Michael Vartanian

    I’ve been joking that Ezra is A since the beginning and now I’m just like “eh..” I’m still really confused about the Cece Drake situation and Allison as the other red coat. The whole episode felt anticlimactic and not very finale-esque. Still looking forward to October!

    • Megan

      I personally theorized that Cece and Alison are both redcoat and are working together to protect Alison from Ezra. Ezra is ‘Big A’ and has been leading the A team. He was being killing off members of the NAT club because they have videos of him and Ali together. At this point, I’ll kinda believe anything because this show has way too much info to handle, but this is the best I can come up with!

  • Laura Jurgensmeyer

    Okay, this better be something like Ezra just followed them and realized A was still around and was angry about it and worried about Aria. Or I’m gonna be SUPER PISSED. He is my favorite character!

    • Mia

      I’m hoping that is what this is too because he is also one of my favourites but also like stated, he has no reason to hate the girls so if he is really “A” then it’ll be really dumb.

      • Casey

        I really really agree with you both. I love Ezra and Ezria even more. I JUST CAN’T DO IT! No, really!

        • Tiara

          Omg!!! you guys are not thinking, Ezra is the guy that Ali has been dating, but she prob wanted to end it and he probally wouldn let her, like the same situation with Mya and tht dude Nate, I can see where they’re going with this, cause to think of it, why was ezra even at Ali’s funeral? he dosent even kno alison and further more he and aria we’rent even that serious for him to be doing that, so if you really think about, hes really been dropping some hints about his true identity, and what about that large amount of money? its clear that it didnt come from selling his grandfather’s car, he got that from jason for selling the girls out, etc etc, so think of it,

          • Caroline Apple


    • Mélanie

      I TOTALLY agree! He cannot be A, it’s just not possible, he way too cute, and looking on the way he slammed the door… Don’t worry, i’m confident with that idea. Plus, we saw the real A dressed up!! They just made him make this awful face, as if he were A…

    • Erica Alyson

      Hahahaha I totally agree with you 100%. Especially after Aria kissed him that was so sweet and I was so excited!

      • jen

        Yeah it was so nice when she bailed on her boyfriend to go hang out with her ex and then kiss said ex when her current boyfriend already told him to step off.

      • diva

        omg u r so dumb, jesus,like if somebody is cute then cannot be a killer…pfff rly bullshit

    • pll

      i know right thats exactly what i was thinkin

    • Hanna

      That’s what I thought. I would be so mad if he really turned out to be A, because it would also ruin everything Aria and Ezra once had and I really loved their story in the beginning…

    • Loly Pop

      agree :-) i just think thatt the producers want to play with our minds and want to make us believe that ezra is A so that on the next episode would be another ,, unexpected surprise ”

      • Loly Pop

        but as i think more about it maybe ezra was the older boy that alyson was envolved with and she had to fake her death so that he could not fins her . there are many possibilities this movies can twist its story

    • MaryBish

      i Think the same thats what they always do make you think it someone so last minute you know the truth and your like WTH! or OMG!

  • Wil

    Ok, I love PLL but seriously the show is just starting to become absurd and drawn out. I love the show, I really do, but I feel like the only thing the writers are thinking about is who else they can make A in order to keep the story going. And also, I don’t really get why they’d choose Ezra cause like what does he have against the girls? At least all the A’s we’ve seen up to this point have been from the girls’ past and hold a grudge against them. And correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Ezra even knew the rest of the girls before he started teaching. So that kinda leads me to believe Ezra might not be A after all but that doesn’t really explain the ending scene so I guess we’ll just find out next season.

    • Hanna Montgomery

      Actuall Ezra did know them from b4. Aria bumps into him in Hollis in Season 2 Halloween episode!

      • xxxy

        If you rewatch the pilot, Ezra is pretty much the only one involved who hasn’t been killed off yet/isn’t the girls. Wren is also in it, but none of the CeCe, grumwald rubbish. It would make sense for him to be A since he is an older guy, cashed up and nothing happening to Aria, but I honnestly don’t think the writers are going to reveal “A” until the end of the series.

        • Erica Alyson

          I agree I don’t think we would know who A is at the mid season finale when there is another season and a half!

      • stuck on PLL

        true. I noticed that. Also in one of the flashbacks (not sure if it was a Halloween episode) of them before Ali “died”, Ezra can be spotted in the hallway of their school as an apparent “student”

    • Magz

      He wanted them to lead him to alli that’s why.

  • stella

    I honestly can’t believe that some people actually think Ezra is “A.” It’s obviously something the writers have done to draw the show out and add a [really pointless and disappointing] cliffhanger. I wish they planned the storyline all out ahead of time instead of adding random twists and turns that make no sense. I bet when this show ends, there will be so many plot-holes.

    • Lily

      unfortunately thats just not possible as the writers never know how long their show will be on the air. they do however plan season by season and since it was renewed for two more seasons they will probably be much better planned out then the first few.

    • Jake

      Nope he’s really A. There’s more to it, but the Executive Producer has confirmed that he’s the A baddie.

      • Anna

        And let’s not forget how he magically (and creepilly) appeared at the train station on the last halloween episode.

        • pllfan

          he did apppear on the train VERY creepilly but why would he want to kill aria! we all know that melisa and wren were the ones who put aria in tht box… and if you think about it aria is the only one not hurt by A (she is hurt by melisa and wren though) … like hannah got run over by A’s car… emily and spencer were both strangled by A… I think that Ezra still has a soft side…

          • Caroline Apple

            No psycho has a soft side. Seriously, I think it would be genius to make Ezra A . He’s charming and good looking, he’s the perfect secret candidate. With being with Aria he can get all the secrets. just because we haven’t seen it on screen, does not mean that Aria did not tell Ezra all the stuff happening to her friends. I think they’re working together. Ezra ran over Hannah, no doubt. She caught them kissing before anyone knew. The next text they got was ” She knew too much.” It’s obvious. There was no reason for him to be on the train. Why was he there? He just appeared. How did Aria not know that he was on the train the entire time? So much stuff has happened to them at school, Ezra is a teacher. Most of the texts have had literary clues. Ezra teaches English. There are so many things that add up.

          • pllfan

            I agree with you, its just ezra cant be A ;(

          • Hello

            Dumb ur sooo frickin dumb

      • plliar

        how con it be him ,, besides all other little things that i remember the strongest one is in season 3 when ‘a’ is treating aria with the fact that she know ezra has a son ,,, so if a was doing this that means ezra knew ,, so how come he was so surprised when he found out ,, and how come ezra kidnapped his own son when they go to the festival remember ?

        • Loldeb

          Spencer or Mona already admitted to kidnapping his son at the festival (I can’t remember exactly but I think it was Spencer when she was pretending to work for Mona, they explain it on the ep with the lake house going up in flames)
          And he could have easily put on a show about finding out he had a son. Or hell, Maggie could have been hired to do it who knows!

        • lizzypll

          A did not kidnap the son it was redcoat caz the boy said she was a girl

          • Caroline Apple

            It was Spencer.

    • Aarya

      Actually think about it. Ezra also appeared when Aria came back in town. He met her at the bar at the correct time. But I see your point and I’ll take it into account

    • Hello

      Shut up ur stupid

  • aldredhenderson

    awesome! PLL S4e12 here http://stu.so/412

  • Copper

    I’m not sure why people are focusing on the fact that Ezra has no “reason” to hate the girls. A exists because of their friendship with Allison. A doesn’t need to have had known the girls directly, and it probably makes more sense if he didn’t. While it is certainly possible that Ezra is not A and this was just a red herring, it would not be very hard to sell. #1 Ezra was the easiest target in the series. He would have easily went to jail and been a sex offender during the beginning of his relationship with Aria if A had used the evidence. This is actually a plot hole if Ezra or Aria isn’t A since Ezra was just such an easy target. #2 Ezra has $. Who else could do all the shit A does. A teenager likely can’t afford those costs and rent a room like that, especially when the series started. #3 Ezra is fucking weird and has passive-aggressive creeper issues. It’s totally believable. I’m sorry if you think Ezra is hot and sweet, but if you take a step back, his character is fucking psycho. After being caught with Aria by her parents, anyone not crazy in his position would have fled the region fearing police.

    • Mandy

      Not so sure about your #2. Ezra’s FAMILY has money. But if I remember right, his mom cut him off way back at the beginning of the series. I think he even had a nice car that he had to sell in order to pay the bills. Remember when he got let go from the college. He was very concerned about being broke……. Just my 2 cents. :-)

      • Nikki Hays

        Ezra could have easily made all that being broke story up as a reason to stay in Rosewood. Only job offer he could have had, I think not. If he was smart he would have bolted after being caught with Aria, but he needed a reason to stay so he could continue to stay close to the girls!

        • Hello

          Thank u ur soooo smart

      • Caroline Apple

        The money he CLAIMED to have got from the car he sold when he was out of a job. There has to be a connection between Jason handing out money to whoever new what happened to Ali, and the money that Aria found in Ezra’s sock drawer. Or it was just the money that he’s been keeping to do all this shit. If he’s A, it would be awesome. All the clues I have and other people have added up, he will look like a psycho! The show will be genius.

    • Hello

      Yrah but ezra is a n u could tell from when they said that a was going to be unmasked and only ezra take iff his mask so ur point is so what ezra is a deal with it he doesnt have to hate thr girls he was probaly blackmailed who ever think ezra is innocent is STUPId i agree with wat ur sayin

  • Christina

    Whether or not making Ezra A was a good decision, i think the writers should stick with it next season. Even though i like Toby and Spencer together, i was pissed how they made him A as a cliffhanger just to take it back a few episodes later. This better not be another “i did it to protect you” things. they should stick to this decision or else nothing they reveal in the future has an validity.

    • Gabrielle Gold

      Consistency is of utmost importance in Pretty Little Liars especially as everyone tries to keep the mysteries straight.

    • Jordan

      It could be where he followed the girls there and isn’t really A at all. It was never confirmed that he was A. I mean when I think A I think hoodie not jacket and hat. Even Toby was wearing a hoodie.

    • Andy

      They never said that he was A though, because we knew at that point that Mona was working for someone else and Toby was taking orders from Mona. He was A-Team, but just a pawn.

      • plliar

        in season 3 when toby and mona are planning soemthing toby says ‘i thinkwe are doing this too fast’ and mona sais ‘you know its not me, its her who make the decitions’ ….. ????

        • Ezria Is The Shiz

          Yesss! See?! This is something that people forget! She did say “SHE” … Just like when Spencer’s mom had seen Ali in that flashback that she was recalling/explaining to Spencer. Spencer’s mom asked her who beat her/left all those bruises & if it was a boy? & Ali told Spencer’s mom something like, “Girls hit way harder than boys…” That’s another “SHE” hint at the true “A” identity.

    • Caroline Apple

      It he’s doing that to protect her that will be LAME. I doubt they will do that again since they have already done it with Toby. Revealing all the clues with Ezra will be so Awesome!

  • Mélanie

    I don’t think Ezra is actually A. Don’t you think that he just followed them in Ravenswood because he knew something was going on in Aria’s life? He’s known someone’s been messing with the girls for a long time and now that he’s so close to get her back, he just doesn’t want to lose her. The way he slammed the cupboard door means that he was chasing the real A but even if he saw A going into the lair, he couldn’t find him in there, because A put on the weird ‘gas mask’ costume. So, Ezra is not A!! please tell me he’s not, cause he’s wayyyyy too cute to be A, really!

  • Im In The A team

    I only think Ezra is A because when he met Aria, in that bar, the next day A came up to him and demanded he join them to feed the info about Aria and the girls to him, and if he says no, A will tell that a teacher is dating a student, in witch Ezra and Aria will be in big, big trouble.

    • Abigail

      When Aria and Ezra met he wasn’t her teacher yet. If they’d only had that one hookup and then someone was like “she’s a student at Rosewood, I’m gonna tell,” he would’ve just not hooked up with her again and wouldn’t have been accountable for what he’d done before starting his job. (Since, yknow, statutory rape is not a crime in Rosewood unless the older guy is an authority figure or your sister’s fiance.)

  • tillytotts

    How many people are going to fall from a height and pretend to be dead but then manage to get away.

    • CGS

      Well other than Ian, who it was later revealed to be dead ever since he fell (his body was just stolen) who else has there been?

      • tillytotts


        • CGS

          But CeCe was alive, Ian wasn’t, so I just don’t get the point of your comment. Ian was dead, not pretending to be so why ask “how many” when CeCe is literally the only one to ever have done what you describe in your comment?

          • tillytotts

            I was just joking. Didn’t mean to cause upset or disagreement.

          • CGS

            Me either, I was just wondering if maybe I had missed something, or something. Didn’t mean anything by it. :)

          • Pink

            you did miss something. Ian wasn’t really dead after his fall remember? or didn’t you keep watching? He later is revealed to be alive. Then he “commits suicide” after confessing to Ali’s murder

          • Nicole

            I completely agree with you about the ‘falling to your death’ and how that’s always ow things go down. @CGS That is YOUR opinion so keep it to yourself. Kay? Thanks.

      • neek

        Happens all the time in lots of programmes not just pll :’) classic.

    • Jenni David

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  • Guest

    Marlene just pulled a Leger de Main with having Ezra be “A” at the end of the episode. I’m sure it will work on a lot of people and everyone will be shocked but he’s definitely not on the A-team.

  • Austin

    Ezra is not A, the person that was watching them behind those big eyes in the lair is probably A or more connected to A, also Ezra was on the wall of people A was watching, it may make sense for ezra to be A but based on all the hints and clues of the episodes I think they’re just tricking us a little.

    I think ezra came in the lair at the end and was shocked/mad that A still existed and the girls didn’t tell him about A.

    • Cat

      The one looking through those big eyes, through the wall, was probably Ali, if you look closely you can se it’s obvi a girl with blue eyes. And I compared with “Ali” (Sasha pieterse) and they’re pretty similar. But I’m not sure.
      I just saw the episode a few mins ago, when “A” was walking with hands in his the pockets (to the lair), I thought to myself..”Hmm.. he (obvi it’s a guy) kinda walks like Ezra.. OMG IT IS EZRA!”. But I still wont believe he’s “A”. Never suspected him at all.

  • Ezria Is The Shiz

    I thought this whole thing of Ezra being A, was just thrown out there as another red herring. I think the points made about him being older & having money are valid, but I think he’s just using this to help him find out who’s trying to hurt Aria. I mean if Toby’s A thing could be flipped around as he loved & protected Spence, then why can’t the same be said of Ezra loving & trying to protect Aria? Remember she didn’t let him in as much when it came to the details in terms of A trying to hurt her, & this has to date pissed of every leading guy .. Toby was upset when Spencer was holding out about A, Caleb was upset when Hanna was doing this, & even Paige was when Emily was doing this .. But each one of them (Toby, Caleb & Paige) against the girls’ wishes & not to their knowledge decided to dig deeper into things in trying to protect them. Ezra loves Aria so much that I really feel this was the same deal for him, and now that Malcolm is no longer a factor, who does he have to lose as a result of trying to protect Aria from A? Makes sense that he would go on a search & shadow them in Ravenswood right? Also I really don’t trust Jake .. There’s more there than meets the eye, and I feel like if someone’s going to theorize about 1 of Ali’s leftovers coming back to play ball, then maybe he’s another suspect. Think about it .. How the hell does a guy know a girl’s shoe size, unless he’s a stalker?? Wait for it … Wait for it … Hahaha! :P

    • AnonTX

      I have totally been trying to connect the dots with Jake… something’s not right with him – at all. Why was he so checked-out on his last date with Aria, and how did he just happen to know her shoe size to get her those cowboy boots? Jake also has the martial arts talent and muscle that A seems to have/need, and he’s a little older, I can see him being a “board shorts” guy!

      • Ezria Is The Shiz

        Yessss! Thank you, I’m so glad someone agrees with one of my theories! Going with the Ezra & Aria are innocent theory (my fav theory <3) .. Jake did seem to just swoop in on a vulnerable Aria at too much of an opportune moment didn't he? Also he does strangely seem like he would've been Ali's type, as well as the "board shorts" kinda guy. :)) He definitely has that possessive temper. He demonstrated that when confronting Ezra, its true that anyone would be upset about an ex hanging around w/ a hope of reconciling, but he seemed a bit too angry right?! That & him knowing her shoe size were huge red flags for me! Also he has the physique for the creeper gas-mask guy's outfit!! O.o Lol! :))

        • Caroline Apple

          No, ” A” was in the first episodes dudes.

    • Erica Alyson

      Haha that is really funny and I don’t trust him either and if Ali called the guy board shorts I could totally see Jake in board shorts but not Ezra!

      • Ezria Is The Shiz

        Me too! Jake seems like he would totally wear them .. Ezra’s way too preppy for board shorts! Hahaha ;D

      • lizzypll

        I know right I don’t see Ezra in board shorts

        • Caroline Apple

          I love how everyone thinks that he simply doesn’t look like a killer/stalker so therefore he can’t be A. That’s what psychos do! They are that sick in the head that they do disguise themselves. They don’t want to be found out, therefore they won’t do/say/dress any way that can reveal them. Come on guys, lets think about this. Psychos are smarter than you think. Ted Bundy “disguised” himself as charming, nice, and sometimes helpless man to lure his girls.

    • dazedandconfused

      yeah and if Ezra was A why would he make Spencer kidnap his own son?

      • Lupita

        We found out last week Ezra isn’t really the kids dad so why would he care if anything happened to the child?

        • Ezria Is The Shiz

          You can plainly see that he wants to be w/ Aria though. So that’s why the whole storyline about Malcolm wouldn’t make sense at all if he were the one calling the shots for Mona & Spencer at the time. Even if he was “A”, he still wanted Aria .. It wouldn’t make sense to create extra chaos within their relationship .. a distraction that would take his focus off of Aria or his plotting (IF he were “A”), this is why he couldn’t be. If you’re on a mission you’ll want to stay focused right? So that rules out him planting that storyline there for himself … because if he’s spending time w/ a lil one, then there’s no time to run around playing “A” games! This false gesture of a possible son was obvi planted by someone else or just stupidity on Maggie’s behalf … as the show seemed to try explaining it out…

          • Lupita

            I get that, I’m just trying to think about all possibilities. Yes it looks like he loves Aria but he would have to cover his tracks. That’s why he would create the extra chaos between him & Aria. If in the future someone tried to accuse him of being A he could simply say “I can’t be A! It makes no sense, just look at how much A has done to my relationship with Aria & remember that time A took Malcolm”

          • Ezria Is The Shiz

            There’s other clues that suggest he’s really not though. Okay the other day I watched season 2, ep.7 “The Blonde Leading The Blind” & at the end of the episode it shows a black leather gloved “A” looking at a bulletin board that has a pic of each of the girls kissing someone. Spencer & Toby, Hanna & Caleb, Emily & Maya, Aria & Ezra. Then “A” takes Aria & Ezra’s pic, cuts it so that it divides the 2 of them, & then lights the side picturing Ezra on fire 1st & tosses it in garbage. This is done then as well to the other girls pics, burning their mates as well. It was also established that Mona was hanging out w/ Hanna that night. So if this were him, why have himself photographed w/ her & then deface the side that has himself?? They say that only people w/ suicidal tendencies deface images of themselves, & he is obvi far from that. Also they had just gotten back together, that seems more like something someone obsessed w/ & hoping to target them 1st would do … to the extent of maybe trying to frame them in the future if you think about it? I dunno .. I still think there’s more to it then just .. Hey guess what? Ezra’s whole buckets o’crazy! Lol ^_^ Plus, do you ever wonder what the hell happened to Jason? He just seemed to run off mysteriously & only his mom is currently in that house. Remember he was pretty damn obsessed w/ Aria & being that he had that horrible gouge in his side after the Halloween Train, you know he’s 1 of them who tried to push her off. Whenever he saw her w/ Ezra he’d get a moody look on his face too, because it wasn’t him. What if he’s maybe “A”? Ali did try to threaten him by dangling their grandma’s will over his head. Maybe he could have texted Ezra ( like some people believe A may have), you know just to get him in Ravenswood & in the lair, so that the spotlight would falsely be on him? I dunno … seems kinda like when someone’s whereabouts in the show go awry there is some suspicion aroused there .. Mona wasn’t around a lot & then it wasn’t her .. Toby wasn’t around much .. & then he was helping .. Jason had all those creepy pics of Aria only & tried to say it was Ali who had taken them, then disappears not long after … Hmmm? That makes for discomfort & obviously Ali was boy crazy, not girl crazy or at least so the story is saying (even w/ some questionable flashes of her & Em lol) & even if she did decide to embark on that route .. out of all of them it would have been Emily, you can tell that from the flashbacks of the 2 of them.

          • stuck on PLL

            How about Ezra’s bro? Could he be A?

          • Ezria Is The Shiz

            You know I was kind of curious about that myself? Because someone said another post on here that another clue Marlene King had thrown out there was that “A” would be revealed in 3B (3B is Ezra’a apartment). Remember Ezra’s brother is the 1 who stirred things up about Maggie by telling Aria in the 1st place, & remember Ezra seemed uneasy about his brother being around in general. I guess it’s possible .. would make sense why when he walked into the lair he was angry. He could have been trying to find his brother having a feeling it was him, if he knew something wasn’t right w/ him to begin w/. I could have seen Ali w/ Ezra’s brother I think, I could have seen her playing one of her mind games on him. & I mean yeah if you think about it … more than just Ezra & Aria have been in 3B, but then that would make Maggie a suspect too right?

      • addsa

        He must have wanted to scare the crap out of aria, if he is part of A then that means that he knows that the ‘leader’ (if its not him, so possibly red coat) wouldn’t do anything to hurt his son well… not his son but fake son i guess

  • A

    can we just point out that ezra was in the first halloween episode, he was in rosewood before ali disappeared (can no longer say ‘when alis was still alive haha)

  • Spencer

    I’ve been suspicious of Ezra ever since he looked back at the money in his sock draw way back in Season 3. He could definitely be A!

    • gisell

      that’s so true! ..but then again wasn’t it the money he got from selling his car or something ?

  • M0na_x

    Ezra could be A, I mean that’s what the writers of Pretty Little Liars just threw at us and it’s an awesome plot twist (if they actually go along with it) but a quite a few things in the previous episodes have contradicted the fact that Ezra is A. I mean when Aria went to Ezra’s apartment; Cece (a HIRED A team member) was listening to Aria and Ezra’s conversation to probably use against Aria. I mean that’s what she was probably hired to do; stalk Aria and Ezra’s relationship to ruin Jake and Aria or to use against Aria. Like Ezra won’t send Cece to go listen to his stories about his personal life with Aria; unless he is doing it on purpose so Aria and Jake can be over; but then again he can just do that himself, send Aria threatenin texts from A about Ezra and Aria; why would he get Cece to do it and why would sje do it if he could do it himself. On the other hand Cece might be doing it without Ezra knowing and is trying to find a way to threaten Ezra so she can be leader of A team or so that she can be free of Ezra?! Or maybe she just doesn’t know who her boss is and is being all A team because the leader of the A team (which some presume is Ezra) has something on her. But I think there is more to this A team than Ezra being in it or being the team leader because the writers aren’t gonna give us the real A team mystery answer because that will kill the purpose of this show; especially that there is a season5 to come and who knows if there will be a season 6 and all, the writers won’t keep the ‘OMG Ezra is A’ thing for that long, when we won’t expect it they will throw some super plot twist and we will be left with larger questions. Pll was made to mess and confuse our minds, it leads us thinking deeply and wondering why?? But that’s what makes it such a great, awesome, amazing, thrilling, mindblowing, best show!!!!

  • Nikki

    Erza could deff be A because he was the only one never affected by As games! Big twist but there is more to come soon. Erza could have gotten Ally pregnant and didn’t want anyone to know so he tired to kill her! Still in shock and the writers are doing an awesome job, don’t like the wrting STOP watching the show!

  • LaLa

    It completely makes sense. Nothing every truly horrible happens to Aria and this would explain that. Or….she is in on it. Ezra is definitely “board shorts”. So he had some sort of relationship with Ali back in the day. All of you keep saying that he shouldn’t have anything against the girls, but it’s not the girls directly, it’s because of their association with Ali. I like the twist. We can tell he has stalker tendendicies now with Aria, so I am sure he had them with Ali too.

  • Marie

    I didnt want to believe it but it makes perfect sense now! Maybe Ali thought she was pregnant and it was Ezra’s mum that paid her off, Ali did have all that money hidden in her grandmas house. Also I remember Jason offering a reward for info about Ali and then Ezra had that money apparently from a car sale? Love it! :)

  • mom PLL fan

    I swear there was an earlier episode where Ezra was in a picture at the lake with Allison???

  • Anas

    I don’t get how Ezra could be A becasue in the episode where Hanna almost got runned over by a car, Ezra and Aria were making out in the car when all of a sudden A writes ” I see you” on the wet back of the car? It was a really good episode tho! Was complete shocked! One of the best episodes so far <3

    • Hanabannana

      Ummm… I’m pretty sure it wasn’t A who wrote that, if I remember correctly it was noahl, who wrote that. So there is a possibility that Ezra could be apart of the A team. I don’t think soo, though. :)

      • Caroline Apple

        Ezra ran over Hannah, no doubt.

  • I love Ezra so much

    I don’t think Ezra is A. I mean, they didnt show him getting in that costume at the end! Maybe he followed aria and went into the lair and was mad because aria is keeping secrets? Long story short, I’m in denial.

  • Roxiee

    I don’t think Ezra is “A” because is anybody forgetting how much he defends and protects Aria and some of you seem to forget how much he trashed Arias brothers friends car for calling her a ***** People were hesitant in it being her brother but I’m pretty sure it was Ezra. What about the little boy Malcolm why was “A” threatning Aria to tell Ezra if he would have known already. And when he found out it wasn’t his son, he was devstated, he would have known by now. Some how “A” if he was he could have used that against himself and tell Aria through a text. But her kept insiting in calling her and talk to her becuse he really does love aria. And the money that aria found in his drawer. It looks as if he may not even have a bank account since he hides his money in his drawers and why would “A” be paying CeCe. there is no way if they are trying to get away from him. Maybe it could be wren and you guys are just pushing him out. I may be mistaken but I never actually seen Ezra wear a “suit” he wears more button-up shirts. The only one that wears suits is Wren. Like every body else is saying he may have followed aria but who knows.

  • azzore

    ezra could be board shorts

  • Heather

    I can’t stand Ezra, never liked him so I hope he really is A so that Aria will stay away from him.

  • Ezria Is The Shiz

    Okay just one more thing, but this is very long-winded so bare w/ me! Lol :P My earlier post was just following one of two theories I have. I love television mysteries, so I’ve given this alot of thought in reading a few different theories out there of who “A” may really be & meshing it w/ my own observations. Pointing out that the whole thing of Marlene King saying something like, “Nothing is as it seems in Rosewood …” could play into the theory of Aria being “A”. There’s just far TOO much to mention from all the publicity shoots one w/ her ankles in cuffs & the one w/ the shovel leaning in her direction, the shushing, Emily & Spencer looking at her & then her having the guilty look in the opening sequence, the “Toffee Tango” thing, the original red & black “Black Swan” costume, the kisses & lightening bolts that Marlene tweeted as a clue” just coincidentally showing up as part of Aria’s attire (a kisses tee & a lightening bolts tee), the particular “Great Gatsby” costume of Daisy (someone trying to look innocent who really isn’t), her writing her name on the window of the train using the trademark “A” when talking to Adam Lambert, the hightened interest in photography thing & Ezra getting her that super expensive classic vintage cam, the obssessively always looking & seeming to be lost in thought within mirrors thing ~ denoting a possible ‘mental disorder’, Byron mentioning about a brother having a ‘mental disorder’, the lil boy in the doll shop talking about the girl trying to hurt Ali having hair like Aria’s, Ali’s ‘pretending to be someone’ ~ “Vivian Darkbloom” get-up w/ the wig really resembling Aria’s hair ~ (and hey, who out of the 4 loves to read more than Aria??). Ali could have originally borrowed her book or purchased because she slipped & mentioned ~ maybe if Aria does have the “mental disorder” making her prone to living a double life, then maybe that was who Mona (not realizing it at the time) had originally caught Ali spying on from the shop window that day. There was also Mona saying “Miss Aria You’re A Killer, Not Ezra’s Wife” ~ could have meant more than just “M.A.Y.A. K.N.E.W.” ~ maybe that IS what Maya knew. I mean Mona did call Aria “Big A” a bunch too in the beginning. Maybe Aria had already been with Ezra & what WE saw in the pilot was just them kinda pretending they were meeting for the 1st time almost like foreplay like some people do, because when you think about it they did get to it pretty quickly w/ the hot n’ heavy, & none of this started until she returned from Iceland. Not to mention Ali being threatened in the 2nd season Halloween episode flashback, was around the time she was making Aria really upset over the Byron thing. That could have tipped the scale too. Maybe Aria was sick & tired of her friends always being in each other’s business & wanted to be different, freer. (Remember in the pilot she looked annoyed & avoided them on her phone, then drove elsewhere ending up w/ Ezra.) She could have thought it was romantic to flit around secretly w/ Ezra in another town prior, w/ a rouse from that book, & then Ali being suspicious decided to use her red coat as a rouse to follow her. I mean they’ve mentioned more than once that Byron & Ella wanted her to be an individual right? Ali was so vindictive that maybe when she had that dirt on Aria having this presumably prior thing w/ Ezra, Ali was threatening that she would be quick to spill, (just as she had been threatening she would about Aria’s dad to Aria’s mom). All of that could have made Aria snap if she already was having that duo personality thing, and then it would make sense that Ezra was shown in the end. He loves her, so of course he’d be in on it (IF she were) & he’d be trying to cover up their tracks. I mean she did walk through that studio that “supposedly Ali” lead Spencer to a little too at ease, I thought so anyways — they seemed more creeped out than she — & it would make sense that Jason would be one of the ones before having tried to (at 1st) cozy up to her (out of trying to secretly follow suspicions, the whole “keep your enemies close thing”) & then also being one of the ones trying to get rid of her on the train (if she meant harm to his lil sister– Cece did say he was really protective of Ali). Ezra showing up after & being worried about her that night on the Ghost Train, could mean that he 1st had to shut Garret up because he may have spilled to Spencer that he saw Aria too that night when he went back, but maybe Ezra only realized after the fact that Aria had been taken. It makes sense too if Aria was there the night Ali went missing & saw that Ali was threatening Byron. She could have really been pushed over the edge w/ Ali going overboard stepping on people’s toes especially hers, for no reason but her own pleasure. Maybe she did snap. There is just SO much info out there! Lol .. research Ezria clues! I mean Mrs. Grunwald said “he”, but Ali didn’t trust her either & was always lying anyways right? I mean she did disappear on her so what she told Grunwald could’ve been purposely wrong. I think the men’s jackets in this new Ravenswood lair, could’ve been a throw off just in case the lair was found, so that it would be assumed that it was a guy — I thought they seemingly looked a little too big to belong to Ezra. I say safety precaution to taint evidence — & Aria & Ezra could have also been on the board for the same reason theoretically as a throw off. Lastly when they had shown Wren on the phone w/ mystery person he was drawing a dark-haired girl in a carnival scenario that looked just like Aria, only she was wearing a red coat! Maybe he knows she’s A? I know Wren is dirty ~ obviously playing games, but maybe for the another team. I love Ezra & Aria though they are amazing characters, so I’m sort of hoping its not, but if so ~ what an awesomely detailed & foreshadowed mystery slowly unraveling!! Ezra is definitely NOT “the A” though ~ c’mon you guys, or the show … serait fini! XD

    • estefani

      a lot of thinking put in , but if Aria is “A” then the day of the fire in the forest, why did red coat “allie” pull her out too? Idk maybe not

      • Ezria Is The Shiz

        My thinking was, remember how the storyline has now established that there are 2 redcoats who seem to be working for different teams? Also Ali couldn’t have saved the 5 of them from the fire. Obviously Cece is a redcoat & it is thought that Ali is the other right? If Cece is working on a different type of “A” team, then it could have been her that saved Aria if they both out for Ali — or Ezra could have saved her because the girls were pretty disoriented right? He could’ve been in all black & slipped in & out before anyone realized. It was Hanna & Mona who said they saw Ali, not Aria. Just a thought, but that’s only one of my theories & my least fav. My fav theory is that both Ezra & Aria are innocent (love them lol) & that creepy Jake is “board shorts” w/ his toxic temp n such! ;))

    • sabailey

      I always thought the end will show that Aria has written a book and what we have been watching will be Aria’s book about her friends The end of the book will make Aria, herself -A

    • Mandy

      My holes in the “Aria” theory…. 1. On the A-Train, Aria and a dead Garrett were stuffed in a box and almost ended up off the train. 2. Why would Aria attack her own mom with the swarm of bees? LOL. I bet the writers don’t even know who A is yet! :-)

      • Hanna

        This is going to be another one of these Dan-Humphrey-was-Gossip-Girl-all-along endings…

        • pllfan

          OMG I SO AGREE but i hardly dought tht any of the girls are A, because they all have been attacked, there parents are victims…

      • Ezria Is The Shiz

        My thinking was that Ezra could have taken care of Garrett, but was not able to dispose of the box he was in because the other team were on their way. Also because of all the different commotions erupting on the train, like the Caleb costume double, the Ali mask costume attacker, the alleged Ali Di bodybag slipping out of the cooler thingie .. He may not have realized they grabbed Aria & probably just decided to loop back to the front of the train as himself to look for her maybe worrying that something may not be right. In that time the others had the time to look for something big enough to conceal Aria (box o’ Garrett lol) & didn’t care that Garrett was in there because they were about to throw her from the train to get rid of her too. I even thought of how the story could work in terms of her seeing Ali that day in her room. When she was doped up on “Merri-death’s” strange brew tea, it could have been her guilt starting to get the better of her. I really hope it’s not Aria & Ezra but you can totally & unfortunately tie things to them & it makes sense. Lol. As for the bees, that could have been the other team trying to bring Aria out as “A”, figuring they’d shock/scare her to confess or something… Or just to be evil & make her suffer. As they also have targeted Mrs. Marin & Mrs. Fields just to make both Hanna & Emily suffer too.

  • andy

    I think it is just a weird twist to make the story flow to the next season. I’ll be explained most likely like… oh yeah Ezra was in love with Alison and after her death wanned to investigate and monitor everything to make it clearer and seek for revange, hence the lair, computers and possibly even relationship with Aria. The whole time he just played this nice boy to get closer to the truth. However, he is not A. He happens probably to be just looking for A, who is most likely Alison playing sick queen b-type games and now is leading here ‘friends’ to make her look like a victim rather than the one pulling all the strings. CeeCee is likely to be helping her out with this game since the happen to be similar in terms of personalities. Just a thought…

  • S

    I don’t think Ezra is A. I think A sent him a text that made him go to ravenswood or follow the liars and find the lair. I think the reason why he got so angry was because in one of the earlier episodes, he asked Aria if A was still bothering them and she said no but he found out she was lying.

  • Erica Alyson

    I really hope Ezra is not A. That would make no sense! Does that mean he would be the one that got Ali pregnant. Is he the board shorts guy because I can’t picture him in board shorts at all! I am hoping he was following them and then mad because he realized the girls are still being stalked. However there were times in past I didn’t trust him. Like when he showed up on Halloween train, when he asked Emily if they had any idea who ran a car through her house. He always seems to know exactly what is going on. I also think he is the one who hit that kids car with a baseball bat but that is besides the point. I love Ezra and I love him with Aria so I really really hope he is not this mean vicious guy!

    • Ezria Is The Shiz

      Well if he was doing secret recon as a protective measure, (just like Caleb, Toby and Paige have done in the past), then that kind of shores up how he would’ve just known/showed concern for certain things that he otherwise may not have known.


    I don’t think Ezra is A. Didn’t A threaten Aria in the beginning with their relationship? He seems like a busy man I don’t think he would even have time for all that. Plus if he had all that technology and resources don’t you think he would have known Malcolm wasn’t his sooner? Plus CeCe was on payroll for A. But yet was listening in on Ezra and Arias convo? Unless CeCe is doubling on Team A and the real Ali… But if Ali dont even trust her friends (Hanna, Aria, Spencer, &Emily) Why would she trust someone like CeCe Drake?? Unless it was Ali listening but if she was hiding from Ezra why would she even chance getting caught if shes hiding and that scared of this another “A”… The real question is who the hell did they burry that looked just like Ali??

    • Nikki Hays

      Spoiler alert, I’ve never read the books, but in the books, i’m told, Allison had a twin & it was the twin that was burried.

  • Gisell

    Ezra does not fit the role as A . he is so scrawny and so child like. But i think the writers actually want to make him A , because when he walked into the lair he did not stop for a second to look around the room and actually see what was in it, Its like he knew what was there, and he got angry right away that the girls had been in that room.

  • boo boo kee kee

    Maybe ezra is upset that A is still harassing the girls? That’s why he got upset? But why would he be at A’s lair way b after the girls left? I’m thinking aria is part of the A team. Her and ezra of course. That’s why Alison can’t trust the girls, why give herself up when one is sleeping with the enemy and that one is probably the enemy.

  • PPL another view

    There are so many comments arguing that Ezra cannot be “A” that I thought I would take a different approach…

    Lets say for arguments sake that Ezra is “A” and point out a couple of things that have stood out that make it possible. Allison was seeing an older man right… what if it was really Ezra? It hasn’t come straight out who smashed that kids car when it came to Aria and he was there. Was he jusy lurking and creeping on Aria or was he stalking. CeCe was spying on Ezra, maybe she was catching on to him because he is “A” In past events Ezra could have tested how much “pull” he actually had with Aria by threatening her with what would happen if she stepped out of line, also testing how much he could trust her. He is older and more educated than a teenager and probably had access to funds. When he was “poor” it could have been a cover up…part of a good lie is follow-through. If he was previously involved with Allison we see how jealous he is of Aria so consider how jealous he would be of Allison when she was basically over every man with a pulse in Rosewood. I don’t think it is necessarily his hatred toward the girls that would make him torture them… he wants to push Allison to the breaking point of revealing herself. Let’s not forget that is seems he gets screwed over left, right and center when it comes to woman…one he has a baby with and it turns out it isn’t his, his psycho ex, possibly Allison, and Aria who ended up being his student. He is angry and perhaps Allison made him fall in love with her and used him up like she did every other man for what she wanted. Also the texts and such didn’t start again until after he had met Aria…another good point. Of course he didn’t do it alone and perhaps he isn’t lead “A” but i can see how he could easily be involved or blackmailed to do so.

    • PLL another view

      PLL…wow that embarassing

    • Mandy

      LOL. Good theories :-) There is one thing that gets me about his “psycho ex” and the baby not being his if all that is true. Look at all that freaking technology he has at his finger tips!! How the heck could the man not have figured out he isn’t the father and he even went to talk to Spencer’s mom about simple family court laws. I’ll say this, lol, if it is him he has done a REALLY good job hiding his inner genius! LOL

  • bethanny23

    Ezra better be A or Red Coats leader or something bad, because it would be ridiculous for the writers to write the same story twice. How could they have Toby join the A team just to protect Spencer and then turn around and have Ezra do the same thing. That would be super boring and such a copout.

  • kemoya

    i don’t think Ezra is A, he loves Aria too much and there is something weird about jake i mean he was there when jenna got hit in the head and ended up in the lake and for all i could know he could be the one helping cece, i mean he does look like someone cece would date

  • lollipop

    Ezra could just be a psychopathic hater stalker..

  • whitney

    well that was a surprise…though it is certainly difficult to tell if Ezra followed them to the lair, looked around at the room and slammed the wardrobe door out of anger that someone is messing with the girls or if that he realizes he has been discovered/infiltrated. sometimes I wonder if the writers even know who A is or if this is just a never-ending witch hunt.

  • Kathrin

    i don´t think ezra is “A”, but “A” must be a person the girls know, and seriosly i think is Ali´s brother, Jason. Somenthing is wrong with him, I mean, where is he? He used to have problems with her. And I mean think, they hated each other, he had drugs and alcohol problems, she wasnt the best sister. He tried to kill her and dind´t work, he´s after her because she must know some really dirty seacrets about him, or he´s family. Where is Ali´s Dad btw? Doesn´t they have memories about him? It mind sound weird but this tv show is crazy! We´ve seen it all!!!

  • Sjones2277

    I think people who do not thing Ezra is A are just delusional. It actually makes plenty of sense if you stopped to just think about it rationally and not get so caught up on his good looks. First of all, I. Marlene King has stated numerous times that A was shown on the very first episode. That rules out a lot of people right there. Second of all, the fact that this guy who is in his mid-late twenties got involved with a 15/16 year old 10th grader with little hesitation raises his creepy factor to 1000. That’s just weird. And honestly if you think about it, Aria is the ONLY liar that really didn’t experience a lot of traumatic events. Emily lost her ability to swim and her mom nearly killed. Hanna’s mother went to jail. Spencer was in a mental institution. What seriously happened to Aria other than her relationship ending, which only ended because of work, not A. Nothing! And everyone’s significant other, including Emily’s knew A was still after them and was involved in some way trying to help them catch A. Everyone except Ezra. Even Aria’s, (new boo) knew things weren’t right with her. He’s not that far removed from her to not perceive A was still sfter her. If you go back and watch the series, it’s actually pretty obvious. I.Marlene King also said that A would be revealed in 3B. Everyone assumed she meant the second half of season 3, but Ezra’s apartment is 3B. She gave us so many obvious clues its kind of embarrassing, but I suspected him from the beginning. I just don’t know why so many ppl are in denial. I get being shocked, but use some common sense. I think the bigger shocker will be that Aria is involved. That creepy old lady said that Ally could not trust the liars and the camera went directly to Aria for longer than usual. Think about it.

    • Hanna

      Well, Aria almost died on the Halloween Train.

      I’m desperately clinging to the twin theory. I mean they found Ali’s body and with today’s standards you don’t just misdiagnose a corpse, so it had to be either Ali or her twin.

      All your arguments make sense, but I really hope they will bring him back to the good side, like they did with Toby. That would be lame and boring, but I would be so glad!

      • Ezria Is The Shiz

        Me too! He just … nooo way would he have gone for someone like Ali! Not after psycho Jackie! She was that manipulative, self-centered, vapid type like Ali too. I think he genuinely seemed to make the conscious decision of being w/ someone more low-key like himself. Aria totally fit the bill for that, but Ali definitely did NOT. Plus, because he was low-key, this would not have been a turn on for Ali either.. She seemed to find her own life boring & that’s why she always stirred up massive drama for everyone. Fitz being so straight-laced, she would’ve probably viewed him as she had viewed Emily’s ex-boyfriend Ben “mushy squash”. That’s why that doesn’t seem right that they may have had a past, not from his character’s perspective nor hers. It’s just too bogus. Aggressive dudes like Wilden or this new Jake would be totally up Ali’s alley! Lol, no pun initially intended! ;D

        • Taylor

          Maybe this will help clear things up. In the books Ali has an identical twin sister Courtney. Ali was mentally unstable not Courtney like everyone believed. Ali was jealous of Courtney because she was more popular in school, so she framed her for being insane. Courtney spent three years in Radley, and when that was over she was supposed to be sent to the preserve. But as revenge, Courtney tricked her mother into sending Alison instead for ruining her life. She then steals Alis life by dumping all Alis friend for some “losers” ( better known as Aria, Spence, Emily, and Hanna). Later on, Ali and an unknown accomplice push Courtney down a hole made for a gazebo.
          - I didn’t acutually read the books, I summirized this from a spoiler website. Hope it can clear things up, and I know sometimes the shows are different from the books (like the lying game). And I really hope its ezra cuz it will clear up some much and after this episode theres so much evidence pointing to him, but then again he could have just been mad when he found out A was still threatning Aria, or cuz they found his lair…

      • Ezria Is The Shiz

        Not sure about the twin thing though, but its possible because of the Halloween story. Maybe Ali was the bad one & had her parents lock up the good one? I always kind of wondered if that was a truth she was trying to tell for once in a round about way … but just wanted to clarify when I said “me too”, I meant I hope they make Ezra good too!! Who cares if they already did that with Toby?! Ezra & Aria are hopeless romantics for each other, she & Jake don’t match at all … & Jake’s WAY creepy!! Lol. It’s funny I feel like Ezra & Aria just had to get through the initial parental shock of the minut difference in age .. but 2 yrs or so until she would be 18? That’s really no big & makes sense why he decided to hang in there. He’s not creepy or psycho for doing that like someone else posted. Remember she was confident that she wanted him to stay & asked him to. Then he came back for her & told her he couldn’t stay away & they rolled w/ the temporary punches until things leveled off to a good place. It’s not like he initially knew, and he probably figured he’d wait around those 2 yrs or so. The difference w/ Aria is that she didn’t act like some silly lil girl w/ a crush who couldn’t make up her mind about what she wanted (ahem .. like Ali), Aria acted like ‘Well hey .. I know I’m in love w/ him, it was dumb to lie about my age, but I’ll be legal in 2 yrs & so we’re going to see this through.’ I feel like that’s why he stuck around & I hope that they do use a red herring card for showing him in the end, like they used for Toby. :))

      • pllfan

        Im so on board with the twin theory. and i really hope tht he turns out to be good! :(

        • A

          they are not going with the book theory, that´s already been said.

          • pllfan

            But wht abt the halloween episode! where thr were two girls (twins) and one killed the other…. And maybe they still want to keep the twins in PLL… but oh well next wednesday! i cant wait!

      • Guest

        Also remember that Ali spoke of the twins in the first Halloween special, these twins had BLONDE HAIR and I’m pretty sure one tried to kill the other. In the second Halloween special a ghost twin visited Hannah’s mom…the ghost of ali’s twin sister????

    • Sahana

      I have a feeling Aria is involved. I cant recall particular scenes, but if you observe the expressions, behaviour, Aria’a character, she seems too sweet and brave, never being really hurt. on many occasions the camera has focused on Aria’s expression more than any other’s.
      I am sure Aria is involved. Or she knows something she is not telling the rest of the Liars.

    • Caroline Apple

      Aria is definitely involved. I think she knows he’s A. I agree with everything you’re saying. So many clues can tie him, I have so much on my phone that I have written down since I started watching the show. Lol

    • Stana

      Ezra is not A. He is boardshorts, and did have a relationship with Ali, but his tracking down of Ali had nothing to do with intending to hurt the girls, and I’m pretty sure it’s just another one of those “time to point the blame at another character who seemed innocent for a while!!!” because Ezra isn’t A, I know it, although I think he knows A’s identity. I think Jessica Dilaurentis buried her daughter. Or she’s covering up for/protecting someone. I don’t know who but I’m fairly certain it’s someone who is linked between both the Dilaurentis family and the Hastings family. A lot of things point to the twin theory, but the producers have said they have decided to not go down that road (despite saying they weren’t following the book and then being all “SURPRISE A IS MONA” like seriously..?!?) Yeah, they wouldn’t make A that obvious. When they start to overuse hints towards a certain character, it’s pretty obvious that character isn’t A, because the writers would be too stupid to do that.

  • Lindsey

    Why isn’t anyone mentioning the girl with the blue eyes watching through a painting in the wall of the lair???

  • Lee

    I kinda just think hes not A but the board shorts ali was seeing I dont think they would just straight up tell us who A is I just think hes just a creepy boyfriend ali had and is using aria to find ali

  • ewaddell

    Maybe A is Ezra’s brotherrrrr. What whattt?

  • diblack

    The wardrobe had smart suits. Ezra rarely wears suits like that. Nor was he wearing a hoodie entering in the lair. The hat thing is what an outsider/amateur to this thing would do. So I think its more likely that Wren is A. – this all costume wise-
    But then again what did he say on the phone at the previous episode?

    • tricia

      he was not wearing gloves either

  • PD

    Did anyone notice this other thing – the man dressed as the clown was also Ezra?

    • tricia

      that is what i thought

    • Bee

      what clown?

  • bobbi

    Does anyone else think that maybe Ezra isn’t A, but found the lair and is mad because now he knows that A is still stalking the girls? Remember when we all thought Toby was on the A team? This could be a misdirect.

  • Jake

    It’s definitely not a red herring. There have been many clues that he is A they’ve placed that no one picked up on until now…there’s a long list, you can look it up on Twitter or something. Also, Ian Harding said in an interview today that the reveal was “the real deal” and that they’re probably going to be doing a Jekyl/Hyde thing. THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY. This revived the show for me.

  • Tricia

    My theory is that Ezra is not A, but rather and undercover police officer sent to Rosewood high to find out the truth about what happened to Allison. Hence the timeline and the monitors, they did mention that A is even monitoring the police. I think it is so top secret even the police don’t know. I think he did fall for Aria in the process. I mean what guy would end his messages with KISSES A.

  • bea

    ok i may be wrong but isnt there a book series to pretty little liars if so where can i get it

  • Serah

    Aria is A, mark my words.

  • Carmen

    And this is why I stick to reading the books and not watching the show… Because the show keeps leading people on and creating all of these little twists that never occurred in the books!

  • kaitlin

    I am super excited that erza is a. i knew we spent loads of pointless time watching erzia scenes for a reason.

  • Maii

    I figured he was A since the first season…

  • RayRay

    I haven’t seen one comment about how Hanna stole that little silver diary, shoved it in her purse after checking if anyone else was looking. Anyone want to tell me what that was about?

    • Ezria Is The Shiz

      That’s definitely a good call! I had forgotten about that entirely! Maybe it was hers & “A” had stolen it? Maybe she didn’t want whatever dirt she wrote in it to come out to the rest of the girls, so she sneakily stole it back? I dunno .. That was really weird, huh?!

  • Audball14

    I’m pretty sure after seeing Aria and Ezra together at the brew, Red Coat sent a text to Ezra telling him Aria was at Ravenswood, where he found out A was still tormenting her and got mad that Aria kept it a secret.

    Seriously, Ezra most likely isn’t A. If he was, then what was the whole point to the Malcolm story. With all the tech and resources, I’m pretty sure it would be hard to miss the fact that Maggie had lied about Malcolm or even believe it in the first place.

    Placing Ezra in Ravenswood is just a way to keep him in the storyline. Honestly, if he does end up being A or part of the A-team, I would feel like the show runners are frantically grasping for a continuing plot line (even more so than now). Each of the girls would then have a significant other who had worked (or pinned to be working) with A in some way, shape, or form.

  • RayRay

    I don’t know why my message is no longer visible, but what I said was “I haven’t seen one comment about Hanna secretly shoving that silver diary in her purse at the lair after checking that none of the other girls were looking. Anyone want to tell me what that was about?”

    • RayRay

      I see why my message wasn’t showing up now.. sorry for the repeat.

  • lolita

    Hanna stuffing that silver diary in her purse when none of the other girls were paying attention at the lair, anyone want to tell me what that was about?

    • Chase

      Yeah I wonder..

    • Angie

      Probably she just took it as a bit of evidence for later. Remember, every time A finds out that the girls discovered his/her lair, everything in there disappears the next time they visit again. She’ll probably show the other later. And if all those theories about Aria being in on everything, we can see her reaction next season when hanna shows the girls the diary (it had a lock on it)

  • gigglepots

    Great series loving it can’t believe that ezra is A

  • 18A

    If Ezra really is A, i can totally see how that can work. He doesnt have to have anything against the girls…he’s trying to find Alison and he believes that the best way to find her is through the girls. So he has to manipulate them into finding her. I dont see why people think that there are so many plot holes with Ezra being A (if he really is). Everything that has happened to him can be explained, and be fit into the fact that he might be A.

  • Kiara Rubin

    who “killed” Ali again? I forget..

  • Anna G

    If I had to make a guess, Ezra isn’t A and it’s another one of those “super important plot twists” that will just fade away to not really being important in probably like 2 episodes. I just can’t see him being A because of the intensity of him and Aria’s relationship. Honestly, if there relationship was fake, then the show would get so many complaints because Ezra and Aria was/is a lot of fans’ favorite couple.

  • Cggcgccg

    Ezra could be A, I mean that’s what the writers of Pretty Little Liars just threw at us and it’s an awesome plot twist (if they actually go along with it) but a quite a few things in the previous episodes have contradicted the fact that Ezra is A. I mean when Aria went to Ezra’s apartment; Cece (a HIRED A team member) was listening to Aria and Ezra’s conversation to probably use against Aria. I mean that’s what she was probably hired to do; stalk Aria and Ezra’s relationship to ruin Jake and Aria or to use against Aria. Like Ezra won’t send Cece to go listen to his stories about his personal life with Aria; unless he is doing it on purpose so Aria and Jake can be over; but then again he can just do that himself, send Aria threatenin texts from A about Ezra and Aria; why would he get Cece to do it and why would sje do it if he could do it himself. On the other hand Cece might be doing it without Ezra knowing and is trying to find a way to threaten Ezra so she can be leader of A team or so that she can be free of Ezra?! Or maybe she just doesn’t know who her boss is and is being all A team because the leader of the A team (which some presume is Ezra) has something on her. But I think there is more to this A team than Ezra being in it or being the team leader because the writers aren’t gonna give us the real A team mystery answer because that will kill the purpose of this show; especially that there is a season5 to come and who knows if there will be a season 6 and all, the writers won’t keep the ‘OMG Ezra is A’ thing for that long, when we won’t expect it they will throw some super plot twist and we will be left with larger questions. Pll was made to mess and confuse our minds, it leads us thinking deeply and wondering why?? But that’s what makes it such a great, awesome, amazing, thrilling, mindblowing, best show!!!!

  • Rebecca Richardson

    How the hell could Ezra be in Ravenwood, stalking the girls and watching them, when we always see him in Rosewood, in his apartment sometimes after the girls get texts??That’s gotta be some epic traveling back and forth…

  • pllfan

    I actually can not believe that ezra is part of A… and the twin theory still a little confused on that! Is there o r is there not a twin? and is alison alive? or is she not? if shes not then she does have a twin… and whos the other red coat who lead spencer to the liar!? And whr is cece? why was she pretending to be red coat … or why is she red coat? how did emily and spencer find the red coat jacket and still have 2 other people with a red coat?! THIS IS SOOO CONFUSING! BUT I LOVE PRETTY LITTLE LIARS!!!

  • pll fan

    but only a few episodes ago we saw cece dressed in a black hoody outside ezra’s apartment listening to their conversation. So why would CeCe be spying on Ezra if he was A?

  • Bee

    I’m sure as hell won’t be watching anymore of King’s series after PLL. Her and her team of writers were just NOT GOOD. I mean, I won’t be surprise if this newly found ‘side’ of Ezra on 4B will be just another make up thing before they reveal who is the REAL -A (yes, I’m taking about REAL ONE). Yes, I think we (probably) going to enjoy this direction of Ezra backstory/motives but then it will be Mona’s motives all over again back in S02. Frankly, it will be pointless by the end of S04 finale. The only reason many of us stick to this series because we’ve only wanted to know who is the REAL -A. The one who started all this ‘tortures’, recruiting so called the -A team members and etc. Other than that, King and the other writers were not that much of a good in developing the ACCURATE MOTIVE’s (the one we, as viewers would go on and says, YEAP THAT’S MAKES A LOT OF SENSE) plot of this series.

  • Zack

    Ya’ll are talking about Ezra over and over again–what about ALI BEING ALIVE?! Helloooo? Yoo hoo! Anyone catch that little detail?!

  • DanX10001

    ok guys, i have got a real theory. Ok i belive A is Ali’s Mum, because she killed courtney and Ali knows about it. and we can see some obvious tension between these to characters. however i kind of can go with the theory that Ezra was the guy Ali was dating. because we have seen him in flash backs of Aria and Ali visiting her dads college( whatever it was) and he looks at them in the process. irrelevant, but this he is the red herring at the moment that is hiding that idea that Ali’s mother has a role in this.
    Ok, so i belive that Courtney was killed by Ali or her mother, like Ali’s Halloween story said in season two and either of them know what happened, therefore tension. i belive that Ali in an attempt to have her sister back she befriended Cece and subsequently she became her twin( Sharing Clothes, swap personalities) now i Believe that It was Cece who Dated Ezra under the name of Alison Di Laurentis. she broke it off and Left, so Ezra searched for Ali ( Cece) He comes to Rosewood. Therefore transfered to Hollis where he finished his degree and we see him in flash Backs. on the night of ali’s “death” Cece was wearing the same clothes as Ali. Ezra attacked ali by mistake and and then buried her to hide the evidence.

  • kalamazoo_

    So if Ezra is A, was he the older guy Alie was seeing before she supposedly died? I know CeCe was trying to hear Ezra’s and Aria’s conversation at his apartment second last episode, but when they were together in the Brew House it was red coat (most likely Alie) watching them..
    dun dun dunnnn
    cant wait til it returns again!

  • Gfdg

    Ezra could be A, I mean that’s what the writers of Pretty Little Liars just threw at us and it’s an awesome plot twist (if they actually go along with it) but a quite a few things in the previous episodes have contradicted the fact that Ezra is A. I mean when Aria went to Ezra’s apartment; Cece (a HIRED A team member) was listening to Aria and Ezra’s conversation to probably use against Aria. I mean that’s what she was probably hired to do; stalk Aria and Ezra’s relationship to ruin Jake and Aria or to use against Aria. Like Ezra won’t send Cece to go listen to his stories about his personal life with Aria; unless he is doing it on purpose so Aria and Jake can be over; but then again he can just do that himself, send Aria threatenin texts from A about Ezra and Aria; why would he get Cece to do it and why would sje do it if he could do it himself. On the other hand Cece might be doing it without Ezra knowing and is trying to find a way to threaten Ezra so she can be leader of A team or so that she can be free of Ezra?! Or maybe she just doesn’t know who her boss is and is being all A team because the leader of the A team (which some presume is Ezra) has something on her. But I think there is more to this A team than Ezra being in it or being the team leader because the writers aren’t gonna give us the real A team mystery answer because that will kill the purpose of this show; especially that there is a season5 to come and who knows if there will be a season 6 and all, the writers won’t keep the ‘OMG Ezra is A’ thing for that long, when we won’t expect it they will throw some super plot twist and we will be left with larger questions. Pll was made to mess and confuse our minds, it leads us thinking deeply and wondering why?? But that’s what makes it such a great, awesome, amazing, thrilling, mindblowing, best show!!!!

  • ezra is a

    i think that ezra is really a because come on aria had a thing with nole and he magically got kicked out because he had answer sheets in his locker and teachers most probably have all the code lock numbers so that fits in and then jason had a thing with aria as well and he fell down an elevator coincedence i think not i think that when ezra met aria that was not just a coincedence i think it was planed but he ended up falling for her so it makes sense why aria is the least effected of the liars. marlene king also left us multiple reasons that he could be a and that we didnt figure that out is just sad( i always suspected that his character was a bit shady a bit to perfect and that just doesnt happen in pll) and last of all it totally makes sense that ezra is ali s ex because if you read the letter there is from ali to him there is a line in which there is written you are better with words than me and who is better with words other than an english teacher no one and i also think that aria isn t a but she figured out that ezra is a and is in denial because when she is looking at the pictures on a’s time line (or whatever thats called)

    she seamed to be serching for something which she didn t find and i also think she would have known that those suits are his come on he is her x after all now i rest my case!

  • Masha

    The mime in Ravenswood looked exactly like Ezra. Don’t you think so?

  • Aa

    Why isn’t anyone mentioning the girl with the blue eyes watching through a painting in the wall of the lair???

  • un’ruly

    Uuuuummmmm….. Where to start……

    *Aria’s fight scene = cringe worthy (she only took like 3 classes hahaha)

    *All of a sudden the show is borderline super natural with a woman who has “insight”

    *Alison survived being buried alive… yeah right… she’s a child

    *Toby’s storyline needs to die

    *That whole CeCe storyline… c’mon we’ve been here before…

    *They keep getting so many packets from A and they don’t give it over to the police. Who knows what clues or leads the police might get via forensic science…

    *And still their parents have no clue what’s going on… #badparents

    *I can’t imagine why some grown man or woman would want to mess with these little girls so much

    *There are so many unsolved deaths… Alli, Ian (crazy that the police bought this as a suicide), Garret, Wilden (only Maya’s was solved and her connection to Allison wasn’t really tied up).

    *And why would anyone that’s trying to hide her identity wear a BRIGHT RED coat lolol

    *I don’t think Ezra is A; the writers loooove Aria/Ezra pedophilic kissing scenes too much hahaha

    All that said…. I. CAN’T. STOP. WATCHING!

  • Aa

    Lucas is A

  • Corrine Carley

    Ali was pregnant. She also tried to ask her mom for permission to go to the cottage and lied at the girls coming with her. Ali could have been meeting Ezra and they could have been having an affair. She was afraid of what the father might do when he found out she was pregnant (after telling CeCe). Ezra may have been trying to find Ali all these years and using Aria to get close to the situation. Now Ezra found out that his ex girlfriend lied about him being the father to her son so now he really wants to find where Ali is and what has happened to her baby

  • latoya

    Im shocked that ezra is part of the A team and why is he doing it..why is mona suddenly friends with shana?

  • Em

    I don’t think Ezra is A. First off, in the finally there was a picture in A’s lair and someone was looking through the eye in it. That person had blue eyes, Ezra’s eyes are brown. Second if Ezra was going to hurt any of them he has had plenty of times to do it when they were alone with him.

  • Nicole1254

    I think that Ezra had dated Aria And Ali. And after they split up he got mad and wanted her back so he wants to get the other pll girls out of the picture so he can have aria.

  • kavya

    stupid website. not related to the blog displayed in google

  • katrina

    The Halloween episode, GRAVE NEW WORLD, was RUBBISH! So useless, I am staring to hate the show now, it’s gone so boring. I thought it was 2 hours long. It was so stupid to make us wait that long!!!!! So irritating. It was just about Hanna missing, somehow she gets replaced by a statue. Then she makes her way somewhere else, Then the girls go looking for her, Then mrs grenwarld shows up and she was playing a tape of Allison’s voice in the mansion. Then spencer wanders off, she sees the person in the gas mask, then later, hanna is locked in a phone booth. Caleb’s friend who is also in the mansion frees her, Then the girls make there way back, Mrs grenwald tells the girls that Alison fears that one of the girls the most. And this one girl has been touched by “A” It’s obviously Aria, she has been touched by Ezra… A lot…. Then, Alison reveals she is alive, then she tells the girls to help her. But ezra comes so Alison disappears. Maybe she is scared of Ezra.

  • Pink

    Whoever wrote this: this is a recap of EPISODE THIRTEEN not TWELVE. Talk about spoilers!

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