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Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America Tuesday in light of her series’ 15th anniversary.

Unfortunately, there was one major problem not noted by Good Morning America in the build up to the interview: This wasn’t a new interview, per se. The clip that aired was shot last year when Scholastic had a live web chat with the author.

The clip broadcast Tuesday morning saw Rowling reveal that Dumbledore is the character she misses the most. According to our records, this clip wasn’t shared during the aforementioned web chat.

“If I could choose to introduce anyone in the world to Dumbledore for a good long chat – it’s a difficult question and I have mulled it over at length. I have considered world leaders who could benefit from his calm wisdom.”

“I finally decided there’s only one person who should meet Dumbledore, and that’s me,” she said. “Because above all of the other characters in the Harry Potter series, he is the one I miss the most.

“I always say that I feel like I wrote Dumbledore from the back of my head,” she said. “Because he said things and told Harry things, that I only knew that I believed when I saw that I had written them down in the voice of Dumbledore. In fact, he was the character that was hardest to leave for me.”

She added, “I have considered world leaders who may benefit from some of his calm wisdom, but finally decided that there is only one person I think should meet Dumbledore – and it’s me. So I’m afraid I’m going to be very selfish and if anyone gets a shot, it’s me.”

Watch below:

All seven Harry Potter books will have new covers in the United States beginning today in paperback format. The illustrations were designed by Kazu Kibuishi and can be seen in our previous story.

The illustrator will be hosting a meet and greet in Los Angeles on Wednesday evening at Barnes & Noble which Hypable plans to attend.

  • Dobbythefreeelf

    I wish she had talked more than a minute and 30 secs. But I am going to appreciate it because it’s the only thing she has said about HP since Casual Vacancy.

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    I agree. She definitely deserves to meet Dumbledore the most! She did create him after all. Its a shame she didn’t talk longer. I always enjoy hearing Jo talk either way.

  • Steph

    ‘per say’? Gotta love Andrew’s mispronunciations AND mis-spellings ;)

  • Winkyxx

    Miss Luna and Hermione.

  • Gavin Walsh

    hmm i wonder how much else was not in that webcast

  • Emily Bryan

    This makes me miss everything :( she should be selfish, I can’t think of anyone else that Dumbledore should meet FIRST.

  • Virginia Villamediana

    I know she have said that she probably wont write any other story in the HP world, but she may be realizing now, after 2 non HP books ,that writing a character like Dumbledore may come only once in a life time and she should keep writing about him. I miss him the most too :(

  • PotterFan1029

    I disagree; Dumbledore should meet me. Lol

  • Garrett Pletcher

    I miss Harry Potter so much. I want her to take the backstory we got on Dumbledore in book 7 and expand on it!

  • Esmeblabbed

    I think Dumbledore was always a little mysterious. Whenever he spoke, you could assume that he was keeping something from you. Very wise, but very mysterious.

  • ladybirds

    I was really looking forward to this “new interview” with Good Morning America. How disappointing!

  • Isak

    I miss Dumbledore the most too, but to be honest I don’t miss any of the characters in particular. I miss Hogwarts.

  • Sci-Fi Fantasy Fan

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