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Fox has released a Glee season 5 “Fall Preview,” which features Darren Criss telling the audience about their Beatles tribute episodes.

“We are coming back with one of the greatest secret weapons: Beatle mania,” says Criss in the video below. Along with Criss, we see lots of new footage from Glee season 5, including shots of Mr. Schuester telling the class that they’re going to take on The Beatles and need two weeks to do it.

Referring to Blaine’s proposal to Kurt, Criss says in the video, “At the end of season 4 we had a little bit of a cliffhanger. Blaine is getting ideas – it might have something to do with something that rhymes with ‘shiposal.’”

If you listen carefully underneath the narration, you can also hear some instrumentals from at least one of the Beatles songs (we’d recognize that guitar sound anywhere).

Finally, there’s particular emphasis on the return of Sue Sylvester, who is now principal and still “evil and mean.”

Watch the Glee season 5 preview:

At the end of the video there’s a funny moment from Criss where he jumps into his Blaine character quickly to answer a question.

It’s worth noting that Criss stars in this video, which may suggest an elevated presence in the upcoming season or the network’s awareness of the fact that he’s one of the most beloved actors on the show.

Glee season 5 premieres Thursday, September 26 at 9 p.m. eastern/pacific on Fox.

  • dillonmays

    And here I was thinking that they’d drop this ridiculous proposal storyline. *Sigh* They really need to stop panning to viewers and drop this endgame concept.

    • Ken Clark

      Here I was thinking we might have a news item that marginally relates to Klaine that Dillon wouldn’t whine about it.

      • dillonmays

        You’re not that lucky. :)

        • Ken Clark

          Apparently you aren’t either!

          • dillonmays

            I like to think so. I have a pretty good life right now. It’s not caught up in unhealthy relationships or anything.

    • Kelsea

      I think you meant “pandering”.

  • Jack F

    So it is stil thought that Sue brought the gun to school, and even if it gets revealed she covered up Becky and it wasn’t her fault… Either way is unprofessional and there is no way she could be made principal because of it. I swear if they don’t even address it… Come on, Glee.

    • Elyse

      Thank you for mentioning this! Unlike everyone else, I am FAR more interested in Sue being made principal, after her reckless decision last season, than how much screen time Darren/Blaine will be getting. I know Glee isn’t realistic in the slightest, but this is just irresponsible! I am a teacher, and I empathize with Sue’s want to help a confused student. However, that student clearly needed more help than just protection. By protecting one student, she potentially endangered the lives of many others. How could parents, aside from Becky’s, ever trust her again?

  • Sam

    Judging by that last paragraph of the article, Hypable really love their Darren Criss, don’t they?

  • Allison L.

    that jump into character was actually quite adorable!

    • alyssamz

      That was the best part lol Darren is so funny!

  • ComeAlongPond

    So Sue is principal? That’s a pretty big jump from her being fired at the end of season 4. Even if it gets out that she didn’t actually have a gun in the school and was just taking the fall for Becky, it was still obstruction of justice and it prevented Becky from being able to get the proper help she needed. After that, hiring her back would be a stretch of reality. But hiring her as principal? Really, Glee?

  • Phantomfluteplayer

    Hasn’t Sue taken over for Figgins before (or am I just imagining things)?

  • Michael Vartanian

    I love Sue! Hopefully there is at least SOME lead up to how she returns to school as principle after the whole gun incident with Becky….Please, don’t let that be explained away with a simple throwaway line…

  • http://Whookami.tumblr.com/ Silverookami

    While all this makes me wonderfully happy, I choose to believe that Sebastian will stop the proposal, whisk Blaine off for a romantic night in Paris and I won’t have to just read fanfics to see Sebastian get some action anymore.
    On a less desperately fangirlishness note, I will say seeing Darren jump into character for five seconds was adorable, and I’m happy to see Sue back.

  • Lotte

    “It’s worth noting that Criss stars in this video, which may suggest an elevated presence in the upcoming season or the network’s awareness of the fact that he’s one of the most beloved actors on the show.”

    That is amazing once again for all the Blaine fans, good for you. I mean this sincerely. But don’t underestimate the number of people who literally loathe Glee nowadays because it is all about Blaine, and cannot stand his character. Considering he had a very strong presence in S4 with the most screentime and songs, and how the rating decreased dangerously, I also wouldn’t be so sure to underestimate that the non-fans are not powerful. They won’t be loud on Twitter or anything, but they/I will stop eventually anyway. I am sincerely interested for future rating when they continue to neglect and dismiss 3/4 of the cast (including fan favorites like Rachel, Santana and Kurt who most certainly received the short end of the stick last season), and continue with Blee. I don’t believe he will and can carry the show successfully. So far ratings have proven me correct.

    Really, I also feel sorry for Darren, because the storylines for him were a trainwreck. I still want to talk to the person who believes it is a good idea to have Blaine cheat, blame it on Kurt, be celebrated as a hero because he is human being who makes mistakes, claims to be Kurts soulmate, but also sings love songs to Sam, while simultaneously buying an engagement ring to a guy he isn’t even dating. A fact every single character has forgotten at that point.

    Yes, you can even accuse me as a butter Kurt stan. It literally hurts to see how Kurts character and storyline nowadays is all about Blaine with no agency and free will. Also Klaine nowadays are such an incredible unhealthy couple, it really makes me sad how many see them as inspiration.

    Just my 2 cents. Once again, unpopular opinion, feel free to disagree.

  • Elvendork

    I like how most Klainers are so excited about the proposal, but when Finchel had that storyline everyone was bullshitting everyone about how it’s “stupid because they’re too young”. Hypocritical as always, aren’t we?

  • Vera

    Wait, shouldn’t Blaine, Tina and Artie have graduated by now?!

    • mirna

      They split the school year so we’ll get the end of their senior year in the first part of this season :)

      • Vera

        Oh, yeah that makes much more sense. Thanks!

  • darren criss

    hi it is Hannah Baines Harrington can you help me to sing be on glee

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