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The Mortal Instruments cast talks about the stigma of female fandoms and what the film means to fans.

During a recent interview with VH-1, Jamie Campbell Bower, Lily Collins and Kevin Zegers were asked about being in a film with a female fandom and the snark directed at the fans.

Jamie Campbell Bower’s immediate response was, “F@$k You. Seriously anyone who behaves like that is an idiot.”  Kevin took a more diplomatic approach, describing the enthusiasm of the fans on the mall tour and how sad it is for people to crap on that.

While it is great to hear these actors speak out against the female fandom hate, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. While at Comic-Con this year, several people in line commented on how ‘Twilight ruined Comic-Con,’ which was incredibly confusing considering the film franchise wasn’t at Comic-Con.

Interestingly, no one complained that Game of Thrones or Marvel ruined Comic-Con, even though they also generated extreme lines.

The Mortal Instruments may appear to be a female fandom but out of all the young adult adaptations, it is certainly one of the most appealing to both genders.

The Mortal Instruments hits theaters August 21.

  • zara

    I can’t see the video because I live in Canada but I agree that there is a stigma against female fandoms. every time a YA book is adapted into a movie, you will see a slew of comments saying that these mind-numbing derivative movies are directed towards stupid girls. unfortunately, no one says that about the endless amounts of super hero movies that are coming out. even I enjoy iron man and superman but aside from a few differences, they all follow a basic format. how come no one says any about that? why is it that movies directed towards a female audience are always slandered?

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    This seems to be as good a place as any to ask this.. Do you think a guy might like The Mortal Instruments? I’m going to have to add to my reading list again real soon and I’m considering this series.

    • guest

      I know dudes who like it. The romance gets a bit heavy after a while, but the first few are great.

    • hpboy13

      Its a good guilty pleasure series. The last few are crappy, but the original trilogy is worth a read, and so are the first two prequels. I say all this as a 21 year old guy.

    • Riley Peek

      I’m a guy and I love them! I think a lot of the “femininity” comes from having a female author (doesn’t affect the story), vocal females within its fandom (by no means a bad thing), and recommendations from authors like Stephenie Meyer. There are great action sequences, well-constructed mythology, and characters that people from any background can appreciate.

    • Bookluver1208

      I would have to agree with the people who already replied. The first 3 are good of the original series, as well as the prequels. But they are definitely worth the read!

    • Riana-Tiana Menezes

      There is no reason for a guy not to like TMI. It is a well written series that has a good plot, with great characters, and an intriguing love story. You will find this same formula in thousands of other books that attracts both male and female demographics, I don’t see why this series is any different. .

  • Amir

    I’ll be honest even tho this franchise is appealing to both genders (I’m a guy and I’m excited for the movie) there are SO MANY ya books targeted to girls that it’s hard to find the ones that aren’t so don’t blame someone if they see the book cover and say it’s a girl’s book. Part of being a fan is taking hate

    • Alex

      I think the problem is not if they’re considered “girl books” but that they’re dismissed as “crappy” “non-complex” “can’t possibly be interesting to boy/adults” BECAUSE they’re “girl books”.

      that’s what the actors are criticizing- that just because a book is a “girl book” (female author, female protagonist, includes romance) there is no reason why to dismiss it as low-quality or not-appealing to boys/guys.

      and when it’s that kind of hate- fans have every right to be angry.

  • Thomas Sholan

    The real problem here is just the fucking idea of male and female fandoms. Men like myself can like The Mortal Instruments and women can like Star Wars. Who fucking cares?! Stories aren’t created with the intention of being for only men or women so why the hell do we decide that certain stories are only for one gender? It’s fucking stupid.

    Also this video really made me like Jamie a lot. Well said.

  • DesireeBoom

    I bet the haters here are the same people targeted in a recent clip made by ‘nerdy’ girls who actually get hate from ‘nerdy’ guys! Apparently girls who like fantasy can’t be taken seriously according to some guys who like fantasy, and like Kevin said: apparently it’s much cooler to like Star Wars…

  • Zalizen

    I agree that this is a gender free series. I am male and proud of that fact, I still love the series for what it is. However, towards the last few books I’ve begun to feel more embarrassed of them and just kept them to home. I don’t see us being part of comic-con in fact i also agree that twilight should stay away. They are just very different genres to usual cc topics and i feel we don’t need them and will only suffer abuse attending. Likewise i don’t think GoT should be there but I would definitely lose that battle. Thank you Cassandra for your great books, your world is perfect.

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