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Glee creator Ryan Murphy has revealed exactly how they plan to honor Cory Monteith/Finn Hudson in the special tribute episode airing this October.

Speaking to Dateline as he promoted his television show’s Emmy prospects, Murphy admitted that at one point they were considering having Finn die from an “accidental drug overdose.”

They’ve since changed their mind. “We have decided that we’re not going to have him pass from that. Basically, what we’re doing in the episode is we are not telling you yet, or maybe not at all, how that character died. The idea being, how somebody died is interesting and maybe morbid, but we say very early on in the episode, ‘This episode is about a celebration of that character’s life.’ That might be weird for some people, but it felt really exploitative to do it any other way.”

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Murphy revealed that the tribute episode will begin shooting in just a few days. “There’s been tears on set [while shooting The Beatles episodes]. It’s been hard for a lot of people. But the really difficult thing is coming. We start shooting the memorial episode this week. We’re just now finishing it, and at the end of the week we’ll send it to [the studio 20th Century Fox Television] to get their approvals.”

He added that he was happy with how the tribute episode has turned out on paper. “I think it turned out to be a lovely tribute, and it’s a very heartfelt look at how young people grieve. After that, we’re going to take two weeks or three weeks down to get our heads together because it’s been a really hard thing to write.”

Glee season 5 premieres on September 26 on Fox with two Beatles tribute episodes. Episode 3, to be broadcast in early October, will be the aforementioned Cory/Finn tribute.

Do you think ‘Glee’ is handling Cory Monteith’s death the right way?

Monteith died of an overdose in a Canadian hotel room in mid-July.

Thanks, Deadline.

  • Garrett Pletcher

    This is going to be a huge episode! I think a lot of people who haven’t really kept up with the show since the 1st season and even those who have never watched it will tune in to see how they handle this memorial episode.

  • Bella

    I can understand not killing him of a drug overdose. But why kill him at all if you don’t plan to reveal how the character died? That’s confusing

    • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

      He said “yet”. They might as part of a future (separate) episode, just not in the tribute episode. I assume the episode will focus on that first realization and reaction toward Finn’s death. And, the fact that he said “yet”, makes me hopeful that they are going to give proper continuity to Finn’s death.

    • Adele Ivy

      Actually this isn’t all that rare, and it honestly doesn’t come across as confusing. Degrassi did this beautiful with the episodes entitled “Bittersweet Symphony” they never revealed how Cam truly passed. But you figured it somewhat out through the character’s dialogue and reactions. I just hope Glee will do this tribute just as gracefully as Degrassi handled Cam’s death.

      • Christina

        didnt they reveal that Cam hung himself in the greenhouse?

        • Adele Ivy

          No, I don’t recall that, Eli was dreaming about seeing blood come down from his walls and the angle Eli found Cam was down, suggesting he was on the ground.

  • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

    That’s a relief to read, honestly. I hope that they can pull this off in the best way possible for all involved, and that the cast gets to a place where they can give proper continuity as well. It must be awfully hard for them, specially Lea. I can’t imagine.

  • http://www.twitter.com/KalebNation KalebNation

    I’m glad they changed this. At first it sounded like a fitting tribute because it brought real-life Cory closer to his character Finn and gave resolution to fans of both at the same time. But now that a few weeks have passed, connecting them might come across as judgmental and the writers using his death as a promotional point. It’s nice to see that they are treating this situation respectfully.

  • Marie

    Mmm…mixed feelings. I’m extremely happy they aren’t going with an overdose, but on the other hand, I’d at least like a line about howit happened. I agree that it’s not what the episode should be about, but it’d be nice to know. I’m mostly pleased though.

  • http://thetams.tumblr.com/ Sasha

    I feel like, so far, the tribute episode sounds pretty classy.

  • Ellen

    I definitely am pleased that Finn won’t die of an overdose. But I don’t believe that it is good writing to say “Oh he died” and just leave it as that. I think 8 Simple Rules dealt with a lead actor’s death very well. I’m still apprehensive that Glee can do the same, and I have to admit, this latest update didn’t reassure me.

  • http://hypable.com John Thrasher

    Honestly, I was surprised the original concept was even an option. Seemed a bit too much for me. Glad they’re doing this.

  • Emily Bryan

    I’m glad to read this…I’m not ready for the episode. I know they’ll do Cory and Finn right.

  • Michael Vartanian

    Ok, Finn dying of drugs was always a BAD idea. But completely not saying at all how he dies is a horrible idea! This is a television show! No matter what, you need an explanation! have him text and drive. Have him save a kitten from a burning tree and die in the process. There are so many open holes on Glee but leaving out how the main male character dies is irresponsible in the realm of plot and character development.

    • Flitzy

      I don’t think it’s necessary, honestly. We never knew *exactly* how Jean died, if I’m not mistaken, but it didn’t make that scene any less powerful.

  • cathy g

    I am glad they are not using drugs, but I think we should know how he died. As a fan I would like to know what happened to him. I can’t imagine not knowing. It will always be on the back of our minds.

  • HypableUser

    They should definitely give all profits from this episode to a drugs charity.

    • Flitzy

      I believe they’re donating all the sales from the iTunes songs for the episode to charity (I forget which one but I remember reading it).

  • HypableUser

    I still feel he should have moved away and live the life Cory didn’t, though. They could say he and Lea’s character agreed and she’ll move out sometime after Glee ends.

  • Flitzy

    Honestly, I doubt it was ever an official suggestion for the episode. Given Ryan and Lea’s feelings toward Cory, I doubt it was even entertained. It sounds more like it was an unsubstantiated rumour floating about during the silence after the tragedy that was finally squashed.

    • Robert Monkman

      I think they probably entertained the thought on the basis of could it be educational, could we possibly save someone’s live?

      • Kelsea

        Should someone’s life/death be used as a life lesson, especially on a tv show that has a questionable track record of “very special episodes”? We don’t know what Cory would’ve wanted.

        • Robert Monkman

          I’m not saying they should or shouldn’t, merely giving a reason as to why they may have considered. No we don’t know what he would have wanted. Lea and Ryan actually might.

  • Kelsea

    Thank golly.

  • Miss NJ

    Maybe this is just the mother in me talking, but I feel like though Cory’s death was and continues to be tragic, particularly given his efforts to beat his addiction, an episode dealing with death and drugs could have been a wonderful tool for drug education, especially as it would reach a wide demographic. One of Glee’s best features is that it deals with hard truths honestly, especially cliques, sexuality and gender, and an honest look at addiction, casual use and the wider effects of drugs would have been refreshing to see on such a popular program.

    That said, I completely understand how the creators, writers & cast are possibly too close to Cory to view his death and disease from the outside in.

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