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Big News

In light of a article posted on Hypable Tuesday, Teen Wolf executive producer Jeff Davis exclusively reached out to Hypable to clear the air about Lydia and Peter.

Yesterday, a Hypable reader wrote an opinion piece concerning the interaction we saw in Teen Wolf season 3, episode 11 “Alpha Pact” between Lydia and Peter. It was a simple and brief scene, and many felt shortchanged because of their past history together.

Lydia and Peter’s relationship is a complicated one. After biting her as an Alpha at the end of season 1 and then subsequently dying at Derek’s hands, Peter’s younger self haunted Lydia throughout season 2. Then, in the final few episodes of season 2, Lydia helped to bring Peter back to life.

To say there’s some unfinished business on Lydia’s part would be a major understatement. But don’t think their story is by any means finished.

Reaching out to Hypable, Davis says, “I can respond to the Lydia/Peter question that the one scene in 311 is by no means the end of that story. My writers and I have laid out plans for plenty more to come in 3B. Lydia certainly deserves her revenge, doesn’t she? And we definitely want to give that story the treatment it deserves.”

Lydia does deserve her revenge, and plenty of fans are hoping she gets it. Davis gave us no hints as to what this revenge will be, but we’re definitely curious as to how it will play out.

Perhaps Lydia and Peter are more connected than anyone has yet to realize? In season 3, episode 11, it was obvious that Peter was up to something devious. Maybe Lydia will have some sort of control over him that allows her to stop him from doing anything nefarious.

Only time will tell!

Be sure to tune into Teen Wolf season 3, episode 12 “Lunar Ellipse,” which is the mid-season finale, on Monday, August 19 at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

Are you excited that Peter and Lydia will get more screen time together in ‘Teen Wolf’ season 3?

  • Karly

    Yeah, it’s not going to happen. I’m pretty sure Jeff is just saying this now because of the criticism their scene in 311 got on social media. When he was writing the scene Holland and Ian actually had to go up to him and remind him of their history. He couldn’t remember their history then so I doubt he’s going to remember when he’s writing 3B. It’s disappointing considering Peter’s possession of Lydia was a big part of her storyline in season 2. The fact that it had sexual undertones and paralleled rape makes it even more disturbing. I’d love for her to get revenge but I’m not holding out hope for it. The continuity on this show is dismal.

    • Reozen

      Jeff Davis never forgot Lydia and Peter’s history it’s not like they had much time for it in last week’s episode but a lot of things that we wondered about will be in 3B I’m sure.

      • Karly

        In an interview, Holland said: Ian and I have a scene coming up and…our past abusive relationship was never addressed in the scene how it was written! And so Ian and I walk in and we’re like: “really? Really? What’s going on?”

        So evidently, he did forget about their backstory which was a huge plot point in Season 2. If he can’t even remember that what makes you think he’s going to remember the revenge arc he’s promising? Jeff Davis promises a lot of things. He promised more Danny and Dethan and we’ve only gotten what? 10 minutes of footage? I won’t believe anything he says until I see it on my screen.

        Also, a shortage of time does not excuse the comedic background music they played in the background, without it the scene would have held more weight.

        • Reozen

          Just because it wasn’t in 3A doesn’t mean he forgot about it he has a storyline for them so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

          • Kyuu

            No, I’d say her quote pretty much solidifies that he did forget. Especially since she said she and Ian had to make decisions about their characters TO portray the abusive relationship (which he obviously didn’t bother writing in). It’s kind of hard to forget about something like that happening, isn’t it?

        • TtheOneAndOnlyCliche

          I’ve said it elsewhere and I’ll say it again: though Jeff made one large whopper of a mistake when he forgot to give that moment any of the emotion that it deserved – and the fact that what we DID see was thanks to Holland and Ian – that does NOT QUALIFY AS EVIDENCE that he had forogtten entirely. It’s very, very easy to think that this incident means he has dismissed them entirely, but it’s not an accurate statement. I’m not excusing his 3×11 mistake; I’m just trying to draw attention to the fact that this mistake does not represent his feelings towards those characters and what needs to happen there, and it does not mean that he is backtracking. Davis has surprised me a lot this season, always pleasantly, with his handling of Allison and Lydia and their dynamics with Scott and Stiles respectively; I’m very apprehensive about decidint this one mishap highlights his intentions, or lack-thereof, for Lydia and Peter.

          The music was a bit of a smack in the face, though. Who thought ‘Let’s play clown music?’ What?

  • dogunderwater

    This is a huge relief to hear — it’s nice that he can respond to criticism.

  • Jan

    At least he responded to this criticism thank God. It’s still pretty lame that it had to come a full blown backlash before he did this. Jeff doesn’t know how to follow through on emotional continuity for his characters unless their names are Stiles, for whom we’ve seen every second of his anguish for his dad (Melissa saw her son turn into a werewolf and that arc got about 4 short scenes TOPS).

    Scott gave up his moral code (and tried to kill himself some eps prior!)and joined Deucalion in TEARS and we got nothing the next episode. Erica died and no-one mentioned it ever again. Derek triggered Isaac and violently threw him out but he was back at Derek’s side 2 episodes later. Why do these things to the characters if we can’t get a follow-up. It looks like he’s looking for cheap thrills. But we get constant slow-mo and action/fight scenes that no-one cares about.

    Treat your characters better Jeff.

    • Asphodels

      I totally agree! Me and my friend have been moaning about this all season. The characters are not getting developed at all. Or like just before their character is getting good and then they die. I know some of it is having actor’s end their contract, but other parts are just feeling a little like cheap tricks and not enough development in between. This is season three, and I still don’t know the true motivation behind a lot of the characters.

      That being said, what I like about teen wolf is this sort of freshmen feel to it. There is definitely a lot of trying out on the show so I’m willing to give it slack and keep watching. There’s this feeling that Jeff is the egg waiting to hatch and I’m really looking forward to the time when he perfects his craft. He did forget the Peter/Lydia line but what makes this so good is that Ian and Holland were like wait a minute. It means they’re dedicated to this show and I love it. When the cast and crew are all trying to get in sync and make a great show, that’s when you know this is a show to stick with.

      • Jan

        The third season is not the time to be perfecting his craft. By this point he should have his main characters down pat. Experimentation is for effects or the odd storyline.

        I only hope he can fix the mess he’s making in s3 because it’s taking the joy out of what is/was a pretty decent show.

  • Amanda Douglas

    Am I the only one who isn’t complaining about that scene? If there had been a full blown Lydia/Peter confrontation in that episode, it would have thrown the whole episode off, and then people would have complained about THAT. Not only that, but that was the first time they had even SEEN each other since the incident, so she was probably a bit shocked/uncomfortable with seeing him. Not discounting what Peter did to her, but there more pressing issues happening at the time. You know, like the parents about to be sacrifice by a crazy woman.

    • Zeo

      My thoughts EXACTLY.

  • Sazanami

    Jesus Christ! What is WITH the entitled way fans claim their opinions are writ gospel? There was a tidbit shared by Holland about the filming and writing process of episode 11. This gives you virtually no insight into the mind of Jeff Davis or the myriad other issues that surround the creation of this show, and suddenly, fans know, without a shadow of the doubt, despite having nothing but their own depraved sense of self-superiority to fall back on.

    If you criticized Teen Wolf for limiting the impact of Erica’s death to a quick cut in episode 2, you would have been operating on knowledge you had only right then. You wouldn’t have the small nod from Boyd in episode 4, the flashback in episode 7, or the reference Isaac makes in episode 11, nor whatever other bits and pieces of Erica’s death may come in the future. You would be operating on incomplete information, wouldn’t you? At this point it’s fine if you don’t care for the way Davis handled Erica’s death, but at least now you have something of an anchor for your discontent, because it’s based on how the season as a whole treated it, not the incomplete portrayal based on a brief flicker of a scene.

    The same goes for any number of other criticisms. Scott’s too stupid of a protagonist, he never grows? Lydia doesn’t have any agency, she just reacts? Allison’s turn to the dark side at the end of season 2 made you hate her? Obviously, these are elements of the plot that have a certain amount of planning dedicated to them.

    Stop acting like the American idea of worshiping the almighty opinion entitles you to make sweeping statements about stuff you, nor I, have any real clue about. If you’re skeptical right now, fine. If you are ready to scrutinize Davis’s handling of this issue with a fine-toothed comb in season 3B or what’s left of the last episode of this season, go ahead.

    But don’t claim you have any idea what on earth goes on in the vast and intricate production of a TV show, just because you got incidental access to a tiny snippet of it.

    • Rhonda

      Jeff Davis isn’t ‘entitled’ to getting his ass kissed for medicore writing. People are entitled to opinions, build a bridge and get over it.

  • Guest

    I guess it’s great that Jeff is responding to the criticism he received.
    I do think that the dialogue should’ve been better to actually show the
    viewers that Lydia definitely hasn’t forgotten what he’s done (Because
    that’s what it seemed like to me). Still the scene didn’t really bother
    me because at the time, Lydia is supposed to be in a hurry to find the
    parents who are about to be slaughtered by her teacher, which is the
    point of this whole episode. Imagine if there WAS a greater scene
    between them. It’d take away that feeling of the episode. Honestly I
    don’t think they should’ve met at all in this episode. Either way it
    just causes problems. But I think we should cut Jeff some slack. He’s
    carried us for 3 and a half seasons so far, and we enjoyed it. So he
    made this mistake. A lot of people do. And by the way, people didn’t get
    this mad when mamma McCall saw Peter again.

  • Zesty Limes

    There was so much going on in 3X11 that this just wasn’t the time and place to deal with this plot line. Therefore it was easier to lightly touch on the matter for now by having a funny and quick exchange between the two characters instead of delving deep into the matter when there are already a million other questions to answer in the show.

  • Jaz Schoone

    I’m a Pydia shipper (so I may be bias) but I have to say that I absolutely enjoyed that scene. It’s all about quality over quantity.I think it showed a lot of individual character development. Lydia is no longer the helpless victim. ( a survivor as she put it in the episode) She makes him ashamed not the other way around. Peter is no longer proud of the torment he inflicted on her. That was the creative choice Holland and Ian chose to go with and I think it was perfect.

    As opposed to “revenge and payback” I am much more interested in learning exactly why and how Peter was able to haunt her and why Lydia was able to see him and bring him back. Because dealing with the whole “you did this to me” aspect of their relationship at this stage of the show may be counter productive because Lydia is moving on.

    I don’t think Peter’s actions in season two should go completely unregarded or unpunished by any means. But there is so much potential for their relationship to be expanded upon. Like the above suggests perhaps the two still share a connection? Maybe the mind control is a two-way street? Lydia may be able to stop whatever he is planning.

    Peter obviously knew her immunity to his bite meant something. Maybe he knows more about what she is? Can he help her?

    Or can’t we just have more scenes just because Holland and Ian are so fantastic together?

    So yeah, I find this “backlash” completely unnecessary and irrelevant. I trust Jeff Davis will give us more storyline when the situation calls for it.

  • Mickymousegirl

    I just wanna know if the show is over… Cause stiles is HOT. And I am a good actor so I might guest star someday… It’s just a dream of mine….

  • I’mFrickin’Batman


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