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The recently announced Pokémon Mega Evolutions have been detailed after yesterday’s leak, with official art and gameplay from the Pokémon Company.

The Pokémon series was rocked yesterday with the introduction of a new way of evolving called Mega Evolutions. Through Mega Evolutions, select Pokémon will be able to temporarily transform into a more powerful form, but only while holding a Mega Stone, specific to each individual Pokemon.

Official artwork for the Mega Evolutions of Lucario and Blaziken was released, giving us a better look at what these specific Pokémon will look like in their leveled-up forms (click each for HD versions of the image).

Mega Lucario

Pokemon Mega Lucario

Mega Blaziken

Pokemon Mega Blaziken

Watch the video of these Pokémon going through the amazing new Mega Evolutions below.

Conditions for Pokemon Mega Evolutions

The official means of a Pokémon transforming into a Mega Evolution were detailed by the Pokémon company. Here is the new information presented in the press release:

Pokemon Mega Evolutions Mewtwo vs Lucario

-Only certain Pokémon, under certain conditions, can Mega Evolve, and unlike regular Evolution, Mega Evolution only occurs during battle—once the battle ends, the Mega-Evolved Pokémon will return to its usual state.
-Some Pokémon that Mega Evolve may even change their Ability or type while in battle.
-Mega Stones are special stones that exist for all Pokémon that can Mega Evolve, each named after the Pokémon to which it grants power.

Along with the new Pokémon Mega Evolutions, three new Pokémon were also leaked yesterday, and now we have their official English names, along with their official artwork and descriptions (click images for HD versions).


Pokemon Dedenne

By emitting radio waves from its antenna-shaped whiskers, new Electric- and Fairy-type Pokémon Dedenne can communicate with far-off allies. It can also plug its tail into outlets to drain electricity from them. Its Ability, Cheek Pouch, is new to Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. If a Pokémon with this Ability eats a Berry during battle, it will not only reap the benefit from the Berry, but the Pokémon will also be able to regain HP. Dedenne can learn the new Electric-type move Nuzzle, which looks cute as the user nuzzles up to a target with its cheeks fully charged, but it’s quite dangerous! Nuzzle will do damage while paralyzing the opponent.


Pokemon Bunnelby

Bunnelby is a new Normal-type Pokémon that creates its den by digging in the ground with its large, shovel-shaped ears. These powerful ears are strong enough to chop right through thick tree roots, making them a force to be reckoned with in battle. Bunnelby can learn the Ground-type move Dig.


Pokemon Skiddo

It is now known that Skiddo evolves into the already announced Gogoat. A Grass-type Pokémon, Skiddo has a gentle nature and is said to be the first Pokémon to live alongside humans. Because of this relationship, Skiddo doesn’t mind carrying people or supplies on its back, and it has become able to read the feelings of its riders through their grip on its horns. Skiddo can learn the Grass-type move Leaf Blade.

New Gym Leader

Pokemon Korrina Gym Leader
Click for an HD version of above image.

A new Gym Leader named Korrina was also detailed.

According to the press release,

Korrina is the Gym Leader in Shalour City, a seaside town known for its amazing views. It’s also home to the Tower of Mastery, which seems to have a connection to Mega Evolution. Gym Leader Korrina seeks to draw out her Pokémon’s strength to reach still greater heights, and it’s said that she may hold the key to Mega Evolution! In addition to being a Gym Leader, Korrina is a fantastic roller skater.

Two other gym leaders were revealed a few weeks ago.

New method of training Pokemon

Pikachu EV

The last exciting detail shared in the press release was of a new way of training Pokémon, called “Super Training.” The player will be able to play mini games with their Pokémon out of battle using the 3DS’ lower screen to raise the given creature’s EVs.

The official canon term for EVs (Effort Values) is now “base stats,” which is described as “the underlying values that define its HP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, and Speed stats.”

Those familiar with EV training will know that it’s a form of leveling up Pokémon by training certain stat attributes. Every Pokémon defeated in battle gives out a certain value toward leveling up the victor Pokémon’s given stat. For example, defeating Zubat yields a speed EV.

For more on the complexities of EV training, refer to Bulbapedia’s article on the strategy.

How do you think ‘Pokemon X’ and ‘Y’ are shaping up?

  • jjust an anon

    Yay more digimon knockoffs

    • Trent Taylor

      How? The Digimon knockoff claim got old a while ago. Every time a Pokemon starts looking remotely cool, people claim Digimon. It’s still relatively simple designs comparatively.

      • Nah

        Digimon of main characters from the anime/manga evolving into Mega level digimon during battles and revert back to normal state.

        • Trent Taylor

          That’s such a generic idea it’s not even funny. Super Saiyan is the same thing.

          • paul

            Bankai from bleach. Naruto spirit fox. Etc the concept is widely used. Not just digimon

  • Mudkipz

    Finally easier EV training!!!
    And these mega evolutions look AMAZING!

    • Ryan

      easier ev training?
      They took the fun out of it.

      • Snevans

        Haha im still gonna do it the classic way

        • jennifer

          doesnt matter either way, as long as its ev traning and its eassier to keep track of

  • Rae

    I’m being won over by how badass Lucario looks in that picture… but it better be worth it if they’re going to mess with my favorite pokemon like that.

  • Zemmer Galpaz

    I’m not surprised to see Dedenne keeping it’s Japanese name. All Pikachu-escue Pokemon sorta keep their Japanese names

    • Mitchel Clow

      Acute observation!

  • Vermia Arcelot

    It’s getting better with each leak, and I still don’t have a 3DS. FML.

  • Snevans

    Blaziken is strong enough as is! I didnt think there was much room for improvement

  • O-henro

    Ah, okay, despite my knee-jerk reaction against the new Mega Evolution mechanic, I’m starting to really dig these designs and am curious as to how it’ll all play out. (Also, Ampharos becoming an Electric/Dragon type is pretty cool!)

  • http://gamewise.co/ Nick Pantazis

    I don’t think it’s clear at all that this is referring to EVs as the website assumes. It could very well be IVs instead.

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