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A “fourth evolution” of sorts, the Pokémon Mega Evolutions will be introduced in Pokémon X and Y this fall, changing the gameplay of the series forever.

Pokémon Mega Evolutions will allow Pokémon, such as the fandubbed “NewMew,” to go into a temporary leveled up stage.

UPDATE: The official art for the new forms of the Mega Pokémon, along with the new Pokémon and their descriptions, can be found here.

The Pokémon confirmed to have this ability so far are Mewtwo, Ampharos, Blaziken, Mawile, Absol, and Lucario, as was revealed in Bulbapedia’s translated scans of the leaked September 2013 CoroCoro Comics magazine. See the alternate forms for these Pokémon below.

Pokemon Mega Evolutions

Special conditions for leveling up third stage creatures into Mega Evolutions are detailed in an example for Blaziken. A special Torchic, holding the item Blaziken Knight, will be distributed online for a limited time. While holding Blaziken Knight, this Torchic will eventually be able to evolve into Blaziken’s Mega Evolution.

The confirmation of Pokémon Mega Evolutions being temporary comes from footage of Mewtwo turning into NewMew, and then back again, in Movie 16, ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens. Watch the entire prologue to ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens with English subtitles here.

While not all Pokémon that have Mega Evolutions have to be in their fourth stage (See: Mewtwo), it will be neat to see some third stage Pokémon, like Blaziken, “evolve” for a fourth time, however briefly.

New Pokemon

Along with the confirmation of Pokémon Mega Evolutions, Bulbapedia also translated the scans for three new Pokémon creatures. All names are rough translations from Japanese, and are not the official English names.

Me’ēkuru is the pre-evolution of Gogoat, the Pokémon on which players will be able to ride.

Me'ēkuru Pokemon

Dedenne, the Antenna Pokémon, is an Electric/Fairy-type Pokémon that bares a striking resemblance to Pikachu. It has the ability Pickup and a new ability called Cheek Pouches.

Dedenne Pokemon

Horubī, the Burrowing Pokémon, is a Normal-type Pokémon. It also has the ability Pickup and the new ability Cheek Pouches.

Horubi Pokemon

What do you think about Pokemon Mega Evolutions?

  • Ben

    Pretty sure it’s a permanent evolution.

    • Mitchel Clow

      “The confirmation of Pokémon Mega Evolutions being temporary comes from footage of Mewtwo turning into NewMew, and then back again, in Movie 16, ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens.”

      • Nick

        Than my guess is that you’ll be able to change them to and fro as you wish?

        • Odette Swan

          Yes, like Black Kyurem and White Kyurem, it is an item that makes them “evolve”, it is not permanent.

  • Pulchritudinous

    I’m hoping that these aren’t permanent (and signs point to that they aren’t). While they all are extremely cool, the whole 4-stage evolutions stuff would be too complex for me.

    • Manda

      I read on a pokemon site its just during battle. Its a held item that causes the mega Evo, which is lame coz I love using leftovers :/

      • Trent Taylor

        Yea, it has to be a held item, or it would utterly break the competitive scene.

  • primordius

    i might be able to use the mega to my advantage. i also have a question: do the mega evolution wear of over time or do the pokemon stay that way forever?

  • Andrew Minturn

    Dedenne reminds me of hamtaro

  • kenshinfan

    can’t wait to try out this new evolution type

  • Zemmer Galpaz

    What exactly is dedenne? It’s a rodent, that’s for sure. I hope it’s a hamster. I’ve got a friend who really likes hamsters. He’ll go nuts for it.

    • Richard Bailey

      It looks like Pikachu and Emolga had a weird baby

      • Cho’ GOD

        it looks like they had a baby with temporary entrance by steelix. speaking of, why in the heck isn’t there a megasteelix?

  • WOTSIT749

    Im so glad they didn’t mess up Blaziken, its been my favourite Pokémon for years

  • Gary65

    ♩♪♫♬ Digimon, digital monsters, digimon or the champions ♩♪♫♬

    • Richard Bailey

      *are not or

    • O-henro

      Gary65, I didn’t even see this comment when I wrote mine. Great minds think alike! XD

    • Bob

      Chaaange, into digital champions, tooooo, save the digital world.

      • Gary65

        Digivolve into Champions, digivolve into Ultimate. Dig Dig Dig Dig

        *Sigh* Memories.

  • Gary65

    LOL Seriously!?! Is this a joke? Even if I was OK with this concept, Mega-Evolution should have been contained to Pokemon that had no pre or post evos(e.g. Mawile, Qwilfish, Pinsir, Lapras, Absol, DUNSPARCE etc.). That way, they’re more interesting and competitive, instead of pointless necessities in my quest to fill out the Pokédex. Speed Boost Blaziken is an absolute beast. Why does it need a Mega-Evo?

    • Bob

      Dude, they’re probably forms or side evolutions

      • Gary65

        The point still stands. Who’s in need of a new form more, Dunsparce or Blaziken?

        • PrinceBalad


          • Gary65

            Then they’re going to have to give me a forfeit button whenever I meet MegaBlaziken. Cos it’s going to be utterly unstoppable.

          • PrinceBalad

            Dude, it’s still gonna have weaknesses. calm down.

          • Gary65

            It is but with Speed Boost ensuring it hits first and the inevitable boost in its Atk stat, it’s going to be a beast. It’ll sweep half my team in seconds.

          • Khalil

            It’s trick room bait

          • Gary65

            So I should create a Trick Room team for the whole game simply to counter this one Pokémon? That’s gonna limit my options a bit, don’t you think?

          • Someone who thinks…

            Or you know… use a mega Blastoise?

          • Gary65

            Which has crap speed and Mega Blaziken will be able to nigh-on destroy with Close Combat.

    • Trent Taylor

      That would be stupid. Why not just give actual evolutions to those. The point of Mega-evolutions is that they aren’t normal evolutions, therefore, they should only be given to things that you are willing to doom to never ever getting another evolution.

      • Gary65

        And I’m fairly sure Dunsparce and Qwilfish fit that category. They’ll never get an evo.

        Ideally, Absol would have been expanded with a pre-evo and a Mega evo. That way, it’s competitive despite its lacklustre stat base and it makes more sense than having an egg expand into this 3 foot Disaster.

        • Mike

          Dunsparce sucks, no one cares.

          • Gary65

            Exactly. That’s why it needs Mega-Evo. To make it relevant again, instead of just being a pointless collectable in your Pokédex.

  • O-henro

    Oh my gosh! My first reaction was akin to something a Genwunner might say…. and actually I’m still not sure how I feel about this new mechanic (it seems somehow more Digimon-esque to me; I’m not sure why, though). But I trust the developers. I think it’ll be OK…?

    The pre-evo of Gogoat is super cute! “Mee” is the sound a goat or sheep makes in Japanese — I’m pretty sure that’s what they’re going for. :) I love it!

  • Mega Evo is the end of pokemon

    My favorite game series, POKEMON, has slowly drifted away over the years…I can never play a POKEMON game again.

    • Ben

      actually it’s getting better.

    • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

      I agree with Ben, it is getting better. Sure, there are little things that are eh, but in general its getting better.

    • Gary65

      Well, I wouldn’t go that far. Just don’t use Megas. They’re bound to have this massive weakness(possibly a la Life Orb) to stop them from being OPed. Speed Boost Blaziken is in Uber tier as it is. Is this Mega Tier or something?

      Besides, they’re gonna be banned from competitive play almost immediately so not much to worry about on that end.

      • Sam

        Yea, there is a massive weakness. It must be equipped with the item that transforms them into the Mega forms.

        • Marina

          Exactly. Just counter with an item stealing move.

          • Gary65

            Great. So now, not only do I need to waste move slots on HMs like Cut & Rock Smash but now I have to waste one of Knock-Off too? When are Ninty going to get it into their heads? STOP GIVING US THESE SHITTY MANDATORY MOVES!!!!! How is it that Knock-Off or Cut can doing something that Giga Impact can’t? The entire concept is ridiculous.

        • Gary65

          That’s not much of a weakness if it makes them much stronger. A Speed Boost MegaBlaziken would annihilate your team in seconds.

  • Lucario

    maybe they just evolve into that instead of regular one, with certain stats or something

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    Jesus, what are they thinking? Well, they do look kind of awesome, but really? Well, I love the MegaBlaziken and the MegaAmpharos. MegaLucario is okay too.

  • Rae

    Dedenne looks awfully familiar. Someone’s rehashing the Pikachu/Raichu template. ^_^

    However, I’m just happy they aren’t ripping off Trubbish… because everyone wants to catch a trash bag.

    • Ebak

      There are different species of mouse which are related but different. Why can’t pokemon be the same. I welcome Dedenne.

      • Rae

        I want to catch it and make it my best friend. Its adorable! I’m just pointing out that it looks familiar. And honestly, ripping off Pikachu is a good marketing technique, since it’s the most iconic pokemon.

  • Heracross

    Face it people, Pokémon itself is evolving, if you don’t like it stick to the old games, if you like it good for you, we don’t need to tear at each others throats because you don’t like change in a game, it was bound to happen, I’ve sucked it up, and so have others, why can’t you?

    Heracross for President!!

    • Mz.Roserade

      Oh my god Heracross thank you if no one likes the direction pokemon is going in just don’t buy it. For some reason I think this multi-billion dollar company will manage

  • farhaan

    Where’s my Farfetch’d evolution?

  • PᴇᴀᴄʜʏPᴀɴᴅᴀ

    This changes EVERYTHING!!! :O

  • North

    I saw houndoomed on the leaked list of the xy pokedex.. I hope it’s a normal evolution and not this, but the new evolutions is cool in a way.

  • Sonicguy726

    Yes lucario now has a bigger chance to stay in smash because of this

  • Charlie Henderson


  • pokeman

    Mega Lapras please!

  • liam


  • liam

    stupid mewtwo

  • Cho’ GOD

    i’m sorry, but can they just buy out digimon and combine them already? this stupid crap is getting old already, and i really think that fans of both would be happier if they would cut the crap.

  • LadySwirlixXx

    These temporary me as were too much at first but c’mon mega roserade, salamence, cresselia and espeon

  • TitaniaQueenOfFairyPokemon

    My pokemon X team froakie, denenne, sylveon, gogoat, malamar, vivillon

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