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Beloved actor Nathan Fillion climbs aboard the Percy Jackson film series in Sea of Monsters, and director Thor Freudenthal says working with the star was a treat.

Like many, Freudenthal was a big fan of Fillion’s body of work – most notably Firefly and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

“I was a huge fan of Nathan Fillion, and now that I’ve worked with him I’m an even bigger fan of Nathan Fillion,” Freudenthal told us. “I watched an old episode of Firefly after I watched all of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog in one sitting and his work is just amazing.”

The director said that Fillion, who plays Hermes, brought a lot of what fans already love about the actor to Sea of Monsters. “He’s got razor sharp comedic timing. He does a lot of his own tweaking of dialogue and writing. Literally you can tell him ‘Okay you have to cross from here to there, but we don’t have enough words to fill that.’ So he’s like, ‘Okay I’ve got something’ and then it’s the funniest line in the scene.”

Sea of Monsters wanted to balance action with light-heartedness, and Fillion was the ideal person for the latter. “I think he fit the tone very much of the whole movie. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, but also this character of Hermes has deep regrets when it comes to his son Luke who is clearly the bad seed. Hermes would rather forget about the wrong choices he made with that kid. But it sort of weighs him down.”

Fillion has one moment that fans of Firefly will particularly love: Hermes makes a direct reference to his beloved science fiction show. After we noticed it during our screening, we asked Freudenthal how that line came to be.

“I worked with a great writer on this film, and I told him that we would cast Nathan. And he instantly went back to the computer and revised lines. He actually wrote a very direct Firefly reference into it that had Hermes say, ‘Hey, the best show ever is Firefly.’ And that really takes you out of the movie. So while it was a great sort of general direction to go in, Nathan came up with ‘Greatest television show ever so of course, canceled.’”

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters enters theaters Wednesday, August 7.

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    Dunno who Nathan Fillion is, but Hermes is one of my favourite gods (along with Apollo and Artemis) so I’m interested in seeing how well he does.

    • VottoFan19

      Watch Firefly on Netflix, Waitress on DVD, or Castle reruns on TNT. You’ll see who Nathan Fillion is and how he draws a viewer in with his charm and acting ability.

      • Antara Chowdhury

        and don’t forget Buffy season 7!

        • jakenderek

          but there he’s just scary!!!

          • Antara Chowdhury

            haha true. But it’s great acting! And I plug Buffy whenever I can, because it’s my life’s mission to get as many people as I can to watch it.

          • jakenderek

            it is great acting! he scared the bazejuns out of me!! hahaha. and i’m right there with you in getting people to watch buffy. still my all time favorite show ever created. joss is a genius!

          • Claire Fawcett

            And slither, dont forget that one :)

          • Peter ‘spike’ Goodyear

            i do that all the time :)

  • Lyle Weaver

    He watched Dr. Horrible in one sitting? That’s pretty hardcore.

  • munigant

    I think I know which lines he adlibbed LOL. “LIttle insulted that you didn’t recognize me” and “I’m rocking these shorts” from the scene they previewed. This just sounds like him.

  • maryc

    ‘Greatest television show ever so of course, canceled.’” As my husband once said of Firefly canceling network their motto should be: “We’re Fox. Quality Confuses Us”

    • dixiehellcat

      indeed. pretty much the only exception to that rule that comes to mind is the X Files. <3

  • Pixie

    I’ve always said that Fillion was god among men…

  • JulieS

    Of course Nathan rocked the shorts…he rocks everything! Loved him as Hermes & about fell out of my chair when he made the reference to Firefly! Browncoats forever!!

  • jajamurata

    Way to go Nathan. My captain…Long live Malcolm Reynolds !!!
    Geeks Nation

  • CJ

    My son and I were the only people in the theater who got that line and laughed so hard. Nathan Fillion was awesome, as ever!

  • Keith W Wilson

    When I have a really bad day, I take comfort in one singular fact… I’m not one of the idiots that cancelled Firefly.

  • JVN

    Firefly getting cancelled broke my heart. That show would be a certified hit if it was on today. Joss ahead of his time.

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