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A great interview with the Once Upon a Time showrunners Ed Kitsis and Adam Horowitz reveal tantalizing new season 3 spoilers!

TV Guide has a lightning round interview up with the Once Upon a Time showrunners ahead of the season 3 premiere episode, which reveals several new plot details.

We learn that the Ariel character, who was teased in a sneak peek clip released at Comic-Con, will have a connection to one or more characters we already know.

Horowitz also discusses the addition of the Rufio character, saying that while he will not be exactly like the Rufio who was created for Steven Spielberg’s Hook movie, “We are making a loving nod towards a movie and a mythology that we enjoy.”

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This season will also take us back to the time when Regina adopted Henry. And as previously reported, the Evil Queen will indeed get a new love interest – although as Kitsis cautions, “Will she chose to love is another question.”

Finally, Horowitz teases that, “Being in Neverland will have a profound effect on all the characters, including Rumple,” who it is hinted could be at risk of reverting back to his Dark One ways.

We can’t wait to see how the characters react to this drastic new change of scenery! Which character’s storyline are you most looking forward to seeing unfold in season 3?

Once Upon a Time season 3 premieres Sunday, September 29, airing at 8/7c on ABC. The first episode is titled “The Heart of the Truest Believer,” and the second episode is titled “Lost Girl.”

  • Merina


    Oh my gosh, how I have /waited/ for you :)

  • Matthew Howland

    The teaser for Ariel disappointed me. Then again it was just a teaser. But I was hoping for Ariel to be more of a siren type mermaid. Like the ones in Pirates of The Caribbean 4 mixed with the ones in the live action Peter Pan movie with Jeremy Sumpter, still pretty but creepy. Dark. I really hope that the teaser was just that; a teaser, cause I was really hoping that she’d be incorporated into Neverland and be one of the mermaids they have there. Anyone else have that theory??

    And also I hope we find out who wrote the “Once Upon a Time” book that Mary-Margaret gave Henry back in season one. Please OUaT! Don’t disappoint! There are questions that need answering! D:

    • Jeremy

      I don’t think the Ariel in the teaser is the Ariel we are going to meet. I have a feeling Ariel will be in Neverland. Season 2 teaser for Hook was him stealing his hook and that never happened.

      • Matthew Howland

        I really hope you’re right.

    • Sofia Malik

      I thought August wrote the book

      • HarryHungerAvatar12

        August CHANGED the book not wrote it.

        • OnceWatcher

          He wrote the book AND changed it. That’s why he had the typewriter to show Baelfire long before Henry was born. The real question is : How did the book get to Storybrooke if August stayed away.

          • Andrea

            I agree that August probably did write the book. That is the only way that he could know that Neal was Baelfire and about the dagger, unless he has been in Neverland before with Balefire and Hook or he is Hook in spirit.
            As for August staying away from Storybrooke we still don’t know if he did as we still don’t know where he was between leaving Emma and we saw him in Puket.

          • Matthew Howland

            August couldn’t have written the book. Because there were stories in the book that he knew nothing about. Such as Doctor Whale, who he had never met before, half the stuff happened before he was even born. My theory is that either the Blue Fairy wrote it or the Curse itself did.

          • Andrea

            That is true but the story of Dr Whale was not in the book, even Henry said that. However I do go with your theory that it could have been the blue fairy but even she didn’t know who Dr Whale was.
            There is also the possibility that its part of the curse but how did Mary Margaret get it and it still doesn’t explain how August knew that Neal was Balefire unless he was in Neverland with Balefire and Hook, or he is Peter Pan grown up. We also don’t know when August/Pinocchio was born. We see him at age seven in flashbacks around the war council table and in his father’s workshop but we still don’t know when he was created by Geppetto.
            These are all things we can speculate on for ever, maybe its time for the writers to clear up the story arc of who wrote the book because I feel its an essential part of the storyline that needs to be clarified especially as we go into season 3.

          • Matthew Howland

            WE. NEED. ANSWERS!!!
            ….AND CAPTAIN SWAN!!!!!

          • Andrea

            I do agree that we need answers. A storyline about something as simple as the book shouldn’t be left up in the air or unclosed until season 3 especially when it was part of season 1. There are some storylines that need closure in Once Upon a Time and that is one of them.

    • i1tabighug

      I’d quite like that too but maybe there are links to both mythologies, maybe she is curious about humans but has a darker side

      • Matthew Howland

        Neverland has mermaids and Ariel is a mermaid. We may also meet a certain #Neverland fairy.— Once Upon A Time (@OnceABC) August 10, 2013

        This tweet made me very hopeful about Ariel’s character!!!!

  • parrila fan forever

    regina finding a new lover i like the idea:) cant wait to watch it but the question is will she or wont??

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