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9. “It’s full of secrets”

Via weheartit.com

10. “It’s like I have ESPN or something”

Via fuckyeahmeangirlsmacros.tumblr.com

11. “I’m a mouse. Duh”

Via vunzooke.com

12a. “Get in loser”

Via imgfave.com

12b. “We’re going shopping”

Via daleyprophet.tumblr.com

13. “…you can’t just ask people…”

Via snarkythelostdwarf.tumblr.com

14. “You’re so stupid!”

Via labyrinthphan97.tumblr.com

15. “The inventor of toaster strudel”

Via thatbitch101.tumblr.com

16. And one more…

Via laughingmidget.tumblr.com

New! See ‘Mean Girls’ mashed up with ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Downton Abbey,’ and more

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  • Chelsea

    These are my favorite mash-up memes ever! So perfect.

  • PabloRuiz7


  • Noelle Braaten

    There are so many that I love. This one’s a fav.

  • ZofTheTwiHard

    I can’t :D

  • molly

    and 16.

  • Laura Jurgensmeyer

    Number 13 will always be my favorite.

  • https://twitter.com/slasher777 Alex

    God, I love the Internet.

  • Emily Bryan

    Harry Potter/Mean Girls memes are a personal favorite <3

  • http://daydreamsandwhispers.tumblr.com/ Hermione Granger

    Oh my god the Umbridge one. I’m done.

    • DoodleDog

      Do you mean Trelawney?

      • Piret Rhapsodos

        No, she meant the Umbridge.

  • Ashli

    This is seriously the best thing ever

  • Kallah Jean Turner

    16 is my favorite. It was my exact reaction the first time I saw Deathly Hallows Part 2. I just love it so much. This whole article is absolutely lovely.

    • dude foreal

      well if you read the book…

      • fo sho dude

        Then you would know Harry kept the wand in Dumbledore’s office instead of breaking it.

        • Kallah Jean Turner

          Seeing as I did read the book and I’m actually reading the whole series again for probably the millionth time, then yes I would know exactly what Harry did and he fixed his own wand with it first and then put it back where it belonged with Dumbledore, which is why gif 16 would have been my reaction to the end of the movie.

          • glamourweaver

            I do wish they included him fixing his own wand, but I’m glad they broke the Elder Wand. That was a better decision that what happened in the book. It’s too dangerous if any time Harry is disarmed for the rest of his life the Elder Wand will change allegiance.

        • RussellTurner

          Actually, it went back to Dumbledore’s tomb.

      • Kallah Jean Turner

        Just saying.

  • kaitlin

    I love the 6th one, the is butter a carb? one.

    • Adderall Addict


  • Winkyxx

    12a and the last one! :D

  • ajmrowland

    This is the best

  • Caroline J.

    14 is absolutely perfect HAHAHAHA

  • awkwardjenny


    • Kiana Froglove

      that is my favorite too!

  • Paige

    omigod. i’m #16

  • Ioannis Hadjikyriakou

    This totally inspired me, and so I decide to make one of my own. Although, I don’t know if something like this has already been made yet.

  • Hugo Weasley

    I’m a mouse duh…..

  • Sandra

    These made me laugh. Check out my ‘if books were real…’ posts at http://www.sandradanby.com

  • Adderall Addict

    Some of these (especially the carb one and the no-sugar diet) are kinda funny on their face without knowing Mean Girls. Seriously. Never even seen the preview for Mean Girls….

    • Emilee Marie Self

      You are definitely missing something, then. Go and watch it, but don’t watch Mean Girls 2. The sequel is a made-for-TV-movie… and it’s meant for 8 year olds.

    • Lindsey

      You should watch it. It’s the most quotable movie haha

  • BritBrat

    There definitely should have been a “raise your hand if you’ve ever been victimized by Lord Voldemort”.

  • Lindsey

    Number 7 is not right…

    • Nate

      So not right…

  • Emma Granger

    14 and 16 are just beautiful

  • Erin M



    y’all need a gif of Hermione punching Malfoy in the face with the caption “one time she punched me in the face” and then the picture under it: Malfoy, wide eyed saying… “it was AWESOME.”

  • Erin

    Glen coco?? 4 for you glen coco! You go glen coco!

  • Cady

    The quote is wrong on 7… She actually says “So you have your cousins, then you have your first cousins.”

    • Anon

      no, it’s right “god karen you’re so stupid” is said by Regina to Karen after Karen suggests they go to Taco bell after Aaron breaks up with Regina

      • Victoria

        Its the cousin part that she was referring to. The meme says “So you have your first cousins…” but that is wrong, it is “So you have your cousins, then you have your first cousins.”

  • Henington86

    Some of these comments below had me rolling

  • Tessa Zunk

    Malfoy: nice wig Hermione, what’s it made of?
    Hermione: your mom’s chest hair!

  • Ned Wang

    we need to do one about Harry thinks Voldemort hates him because “Maybe he feels weird around me because I’m the only person that knows about her nose job. (and turn to someone) Oh, my God. Pretend you didn’t hear that.” lol.

  • goodcraic

    not getting that 2 minutes back

  • Lalita W

    These are great!!!

  • christina murray

    dwl… god god i cant. i died so many times….

  • James Grayh

    Stop trying to make fetch happen!

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