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The Last of Us 2 was hinted at by directors Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley in an Ask Me Anything on Reddit.

‘The Last of Us 2′

When asked if there was going to be further content for the universe Joel and Ellie live in, Creative Director Druckmann said, “It’s possible. We’re playing with some ideas, but no direction has been set yet for the next game.

By stating “for the next game,” Druckmann confirmed The Last of Us 2 is in the planning process.

Later on, Druckmann tries to cover for himself, answering “Will you be making another The Last of Us and will it feature Joel and Ellie?” with “Don’t know yet.”

’The Last of Us’ ending detailed

Game director Straley spoke of another The Last of Us ending “where Ellie and Joel were driving completely contented and satisfied with their adventures off into a glorious sunset… but that didn’t feel right. It just wasn’t honest to the world or the characters we created.”

A Redditor asked why the current ending was kept even after it playtested poorly, to which Druckmann responded, “It felt honest. Anything else felt like we were pandering.”

Three DLC packs confirmed

When asked about the DLC, Straley dropped some big hints. “There’s stuff in the pipe… to be talked about soon-ish… hang in there!”

This all but confirms that the DLC will focus on the character Ish, what with keywords “pipe” (relating to the sewers that Ish’s group survived in) and the “ish” hyphened at the end of “soon.” He went on to also confirm that “characters would return” to this single player DLC.

Nothing about the two other DLC packs, which will feature multiplayer play, was detailed. However, a more specific time period for all things DLC was given in one of Neil’s responses: “Should hear about it this month,” likely meaning August.

Joel and David character details revealed

Joel’s wife wasn’t shown in any pictures in his house in the beginning of the game, and for good reason. “The backstory was that she left Joel after Sarah was born. Not someone he looked up to to keep a picture around,” said Druckmann.

As for antagonist David, Druckmann stated, “David’s cannibalism came after the outbreak. His other traits (both good and bad) were always there.”

Lastly, when asked if Joel was going to sing, Neil coly replied, “Are you going to PAX? :)”

Read through the entire AMA on Reddit here.

Would you play ‘The Last of Us 2’?

  • AP

    Obviously I would play TLOU 2, we all just need Joel and Ellie’s story to be continued.

    • Molly Marie

      I comepletely agree. They are what make the story. If they’re not in it I very likely wouldn’t play it.

    • Ludwig Petersson

      Yeah, we need Joel end Ellie. The story can’t stop there, there must be a continue.. otherwise i will be mad

      • Guest

        they have to be in it!! it wont b the same…. when this game ending i felt like i lost one of my friends or something…. do not change it everyone should no what happens when u change a story line…. in any good movie/game and they change an actor most people hate it after tht and then dont come out with another movie/game….. if u change them then im telling u guys u will loss so many followers and most of us have already grown to them and please make it longer please i hate it when the game ends i literally sit and feel sad all day when the game ends…. like i feel like i was there or if i wished it was real or something

        • Lasty

          Hahaha i totally agree since i feel exactly like how you have explained it and i actually would wish the game was real!

          • Matthew Lloyd

            I feel exactly the same haha

          • Guest

            I totally agree with you guys having played TLOU over 5 times now. But I would be highly impressed if they could add a few more characters in the prosess, making the group into 3 or 4 each with their own special abilities to conquer certain tasks better than others

          • MushRoomD

            If the game was real you would probably be a clicker in 10 years.

          • Jack Padz

            Same here, man.

        • fernando

          I felt just the same way when i finish the game it was like a lost one of my friends!

        • Mart van Duijn

          Haha, wow man.. You’re exactly right.

      • Smitty

        Agreed, when the story ended It felt like I lost a friend. For sure I’d play TLOU 2!

      • tem14

        exactly something like fireflies going after them and they found a way 2 cure without killing ellie or something ANYTHING but killing ellie

    • Seth Summers

      they have to be in it!! it wont b the same…. when this game ending i felt like i lost one of my friends or something…. do not change it everyone should no what happens when u change a story line…. in any good movie/game and they change an actor most people hate it after tht and then dont come out with another movie/game….. if u change them then im telling u guys u will loss so many followers and most of us have already grown to them and please make it longer please i hate it when the game ends i literally sit and feel sad all day when the game ends…. like i feel like i was there or if i wished it was real or something….

    • nickgs

      no. do not make a sequel if there is no room for character development. both main characters went through an extensive character arc. A sequel would be just scraping the bottom of the barrel. The relationship between Joel and Ellie is complete.
      Let Naughty Dog deliver us a new Franchise. Whatever new ideas they come up with would be better than a sequel.

      • Nickalas Mathill

        I understand what your saying but for those of us that would like to see a sequel to this game lets just hop its not like most of the games out there that just get worse as they go…..

      • jam

        I completely disagree. Their arc is not over, there is plenty left to develop. Clearly Ellie was not satisfied at the end of the story, believing she wasn’t the cure, and Joel’s new justifiably obsessive protectiveness could cause issues between the two. This could be explored, while facing new trials that may or may not relate to the first one.

      • Lastofusisamazing

        I gotta disagree with you, now that both the characters have been fully introduced it would be such a shame to let them go to waste. They have a lot of room for expansion. The ending was perfect, perfect that is for another game involving both jeol and ellie

      • Tsukugami

        It really depends. If the developer were to make a 2nd sequel to The Last Of Us, then it has to surpass the 1st sequel or at least equally great as the the 1st sequal. I understand where you’re getting to though. Hopefully, if they do make a 2nd sequel, I really hope that Both Joel and Ellie stays as main character (with additional character added, if they feel the need to add another) and the voice actor and actress stays the same. Either way, I would probably look forward to it. Although I’m sure many fanatics play The Last of Us more than 10 times already, I too, play at least 7 games so far and never got bored playing over and over again. I play from easy to suvivor mode (everything is actually easy now).

    • this game…

      Please don’t shorten it, this game is not like that, just say THE LAST OF US and feel that felling that you felt when your journey with Joel and Ellie ended…
      Oh, and good luck on your upcoming journey, THE LAST OF US 2.

    • Nemo

      There needs to be a 2,3,4 keep it going finally a good game dont sop making ND STUFF Calll of duty we need more games like the las of us!

  • Mark

    TLOU = Life

  • leo moslemian

    I agree it has to be Joel and Ellie. If its anything like the first last of us then its gonna sell in record numbers again and I will definitely be playing it.

    • RR

      I agree totally true and thats for people around the globe

      • NujiBEATER

        The last of US is said to be one of the most sold in history ~~” I don’t think they will stop making a new one xd

        • Mart van Duijn

          Haha good point. Naught Dog is a good-hearted franchise, one that doesn’t always goes for the money, but this? They just have to make a new one.

  • Just Average Not

    What the hell’s wrong with people? The Last of Us ended absolutely fine, and it does not need a sequel. In fact, a sequel would ruin this masterpiece. Making another game in the same world, yeah ok maybe. But continuing with Joel and Ellie? That’s crap.

    • Farty Fartsalot

      Stop bitching. I’m sure NG is perfectly capable of coming with something that won’t ruin it.

      • Spanky062700

        Why cant everybody just agree to disagree? Just stop with the harsh comments. U wont get anywhere. I didn’t come here to argue, but to veiw the game from different prospectives

    • Alex

      Sure, there was nothing wrong with the ending, it was perfect actually. But I was really sad to see the game end and I’d love to see Ellie and Joel again. TLOU 2, make it happen!

    • odyma43

      This is NAUGHTY DOG we are talking about. Look at their history, their games get better as more sequels come along.

    • jo

      nah, ur stupid

    • Daniel

      I agree the game was such an enjoyable unique experience I don’t think they should make a sequel it would ruin the original and plus they can’t keep Ellie 14/15 years old forever it wouldn’t have the same effect her being an adult. Would most probably still buy it though

    • omar

      You are stupid they have to come out with a new game so eliie can find out about the lie Joel told her

      • Tiffany

        Actually, I think Ellie knew Joel was lying at the end. Though I don’t really mind if their story ends there, so long as they appear in the sequel fleetingly, that would be enough for me. Also, new characters sound interesting, I mean it would be nice to get one or two new epic characters and go on their journey and get attached to them like we did with Joel and Ellie, and explore more of TLOU’s world!

        • mozzy85

          I’ve just said the exact same thing to my friend. I think they should leave Ellie and Joel’s story now. It was great and I miss playing them already but i think new characters in a different area would work fine.

          • RR

            No u love TLOU because of Joel and Ellie u wont feel the same if u just forget about them

    • lastofusendingwascrap

      I wanted to gouge my eyes out when i saw the ending it was depressing to end this freaking masterpiece with a lie especially of the magnitude in the game

      • mozzy85

        I thought the same but after thinking about it for 5-10 mins its a great finish actually. Joel from my point wants to take all the pressure off of Ellie about that decision but is also being selfish, and Ellie doesnt want to be alone and accepts the lie. I loved it and was more frustrated the game finished rather than with the ending. The best game ever in my opinion.

    • MrMidstream

      Let me guess…you’re not from USA? smh

    • MrMidstream

      Let me guess. You’re a foreigner?

    • RR

      If they made the last of us a perfection they CAN do it again

  • Reece Mcluskie

    I knew there was something wrong with that ending it just didn`t feel right but it just really comin sense the last of us was a huge hit it a second one was going to sell just as well or even more i would love a sequels personally so fingers crossed they go ahead with there idea :D

  • Rafaa

    I think it will be more amazing and interesting if its continued with joel and Ellie’s story<3

  • Alex

    Hopefully if you guys do another The Last Of Us hopefully that they explain what’s going to happen to Ellie when they get the tommys or the fire flies.

    Other wise I love the game!

  • 191145

    If Ellie and Joel are in it I am in.

  • Paige

    I would 100% play TLOU2 it would have to have Joel and Ellie though! If not I’d be upset!

    • Collin Davis

      Wouldn’t it be freak in awesome if Sarah was still alive but just hiding or something in the next game and you could play it on Xbox 360


    I agree, to create TLOU2 and not include Joel and Ellie would be cruel by ND after all the work they put into making us love these characters they can’t just throw them away after the first

    • Jetoiler

      Not only love these characters but to feel pain and agony as if we were them or knew them personally.


    What you have to bear in mind is that TLOU has grown and spread in popularity and will over the next few months leaving tens of thousands of people dying for a TLOU2 which continues the story, this would have the highest selling figures this of the past 10 years of they where to do this

    • MrMidstream

      Highest selling figures for TLOU 2? Nope. That title will go to Half Life 3!

      • mozzy85

        gotta disagree with you on this fella, although call of duty is stagnant and has even had a split release on both the current and next gen platforms it will still dominate, and if not this time round defo next november. It has a core following that will but it year on year including myself.

  • Gentry Copsy

    A DLC with Ish sounds awesome! I always felt as though Ish would show up eventually in the game, but it never happened…so.

  • ppion

    Hell yeah only if joel is in it

    • RR

      And Ellie

  • Deano

    That ending was ridiculous. Brilliant but stupid. I was hoping Joel would get shot. He became the villain, I hope Ellie kills him lol

    • robert

      Joel didnt become “evil”. He chose to save one life and not to jeopardize that person even if a cure could be found Elie would die. It is the classic scenario of the Individual vs Collective. Which would you rather support, indivdual people decidine whats right for themselves or have a collective decide for you. Its about how one life is worth just as much as the rest of those lives. One life is worth saving even if that means no cure is to be found. Science has always been amazing

      • Cam

        Well said

  • FatherFrank

    I would really love to see TLOU 2 taking place two or so years after the first one. The government no longer facing resistance from the Fire Flies begins to grow strong again. When they find out about Ellie’s immunity to the virus from remnants of the Fire Flies they decide to invade Jackson in search of her. That whole premise could lead to some interesting antagonists on the government side, create meaningful tension between Ellie and Joel, and build to an interesting show down between the people of Jackson and the invading Gov’t forces.

    • yo momma

      whatever like walking dead season three right

    • Bradley

      I disagree with this story you have, a good idea, but the one thing TLOU did so well was to avoid stereotypes, an antagonist in the government would be cool, but every movie/game has the same plot. This is why TLOU was so un-predictable and gripping.
      It’d be more of an emotional rollercoaster if Ellie’s disease progresses, then after a twist of events Joel and Ellie are forced out of Jacksons to find a new home. Once Ellie learns that Joel lied about the fireflies she’ll probably want to go back and sacrifice herself in hope to make a vaccine. But how she’ll be with Joel after that I can’t tell.

      • Chris Johnson

        i have an idea, they could get those things out of her head but at the same time only take a small piece out which wont effect her and then try multiply it by growing it them selves in some sort of laboratory. then Joel and Ellie can live happily ever after.

    • RR

      Wow u should be a game creator

  • Kenny Sulaimon

    The last of us 2 with Joel and Ellie with ps4 graphics has me salivating already…

    • MrMidstream

      How about the Last of us 2 with Xbox One graphics =)

      • jed

        how about no

        • MrMidstream

          Why not? It’d be way better than gaystation graphix!

          • Anon

            They’re actually equal, people are just going with the PS4 because its cheaper, smaller, requires no online nor “kinect”

            AND in my opinion it looks better, btw how immature do you have to be to call it the “gaystation”

          • MrMidstream

            About as immature as you have to be to call it an Xbone I guess…

          • Anon

            Do you realise that the term xbone isn’t immature nor is it an insult. C’mon man, no one is siding with you. Just quit while you can.

          • WarWolf013

            i’m an xbox player and i think they should release it for both i watched TLOU on youtuube and loved it I think ND would make even more money if they released for the one instead of having sony pay for it to be an PS excuslive

          • Roku2day

            Thats what we say to halo and minecraft as well but we dont all get what we want sometimes hu? :)

          • RR

            Exactly that is a smart choice

          • name

            im siding with him. he’s right why would they only put the last of us 2 in ps4? why won’t xbox users get to feel the awesomeness of this game?naughty dog wants more people buying this right? SO RELEASE IT ON XBOX PLS

          • ricky

            and ps3 to i mean it would not be fair for the people that haave to buy ps4

          • Chris Johnson

            i feel for u too. i only just got the game and i would be HIGHLY disappointed if it was released on PS3 and PS4.

          • Chris Johnson

            naughty dog is owned by Sony. so i dont think there will be a chance of it being on XBOX…

          • pablo

            Wow such a great point maybe Xbox should let ps have titanfall! Ya shut up Xbox users asking for a ps exclusive. It’s a PLAYSTION exclusive no where does it say possibly for Xbox users who are spoiled twats.. You have great exclusives so does ps that’s what mainly determines these consoles

          • McLovinBird

            I got both systems bitches and yeah ps4 does have Better graphics it’s a fucking fact lol but xbox one runs smoother

          • Mart van Duijn

            Again: owned by Sony – the big (and much better) rival.

          • Chris Johnson

            i want it on PS3 too. i really want to be able to get the sequel but if they are only going to release it on PS4, i will be HIGHLY disappointed. for a few reasons,
            1: i fell in love with the game and characters
            2: it felt like i knew them personally
            3: Ellie is really cute :3
            4: the whole experience is worthwhile. i mean, just man, the game is just amazing
            5: PLEASE BE ON PS3

          • theDev

            If you haven’t read, the gpu output on ps4 produces 50% more raw power than xb1. Please stop posting crap fanboy and do some research.

          • MrMidstream

            If ps4 graphics are so much better than xbox one, then why do all the game graphics look the same so far on both systems?

          • Chris Johnson

            they will look the same, but with slight differences. The PS4 would have a higher FPS. thats really pretty much it. but if you really want ot be picky, you could have both consoles with same game running at the same time and pick out the small details they have between them.

          • Mart van Duijn

            Yeah Shitbox One. Why is it called the ‘One’ actually?

          • MrMidstream

            Its called “One” because it already has One dik in your az(z) right now O.o

        • Will

          For everyone asking for a Xbox version it won’t happen Naughty Dog are owned by Sony..

      • bryan4fun

        xbone = stupid crap

        • MrMidstream

          bryan4fun = phaggot boy

      • Mckane Bird

        Xbox one has worse graphics..(720) ps4 has 1080

        • MrMidstream

          It’s funny because people said the same thing about Xbox 360 and PS3 yet the games all looked the same. The same is going to be true for this generation as well! O.o

          • Mckane Bird

            Not exactly true, the graphics are the same on both consoles if the game is cross platform, like call of duty. but for exclusives they can use the full advantage of that console like TLOU is had amazing graphics and it was a ps3 exclusive. It looked better than any game I’ve played on xbox and I’m/was an xbox fanboy until my 5th xbox broke. Now I have a ps3 that runs better and has lated longer than any of my xbox 360′s did.

          • MrMidstream

            Actually, Halo 4 looks just as good as TLOU, if not better. I have both a PS3 and an Xbox 360, and I have both games, and if someone is going to try telling me that TLOU’s graphics blew away Halo 4′s, then I’m simply going to have to shake my head and call that person a PS fanboy. The PS hype is over now and people can finally see that both PS4 and XB1 are okay systems. I have actually gone back to PC gaming this year, as my PC blows away anything PS4 and XB1 can handle. IMO a PC with Steam/Origin is the way to go!

          • Mckane Bird

            I played Halo 4 till burned my last Xbox out it was a very nice and well put together game with good graphics. But this isint about old gen consoles or games. It’s about next gen, and xbox one can’t run 1080 ps4 can it wont matter now. Look how long it took to get amazing graphics on old gen. Microsoft said that xbox one is not a gaming console, it’s a entertainment platform, putting entertainment and ease of access over gaming experience. PS4 is made for gaming from top to bottom, built by gamers for gamers. If you read any comparison or watch them on YouTube they all say if you are a hardcore gamer get PS4, if you use other forms of entertainment like netflix, tv, etc, get an xbox one and you not getting more for your money. PC gaming it great but get hacked a lot quicker. In the end this argument is irrelevant because naughydog is owned by Sony and Sony will never let that happen.

          • MrMidstream

            In the end, all that matters will be the games. The ONLY game Sony has is TLOU 2. XB1 will probably have much better exclusives. And as far as Naughty Dog goes, I wouldn’t be too confident with them staying with Sony, if you remember in the 1990s, nobody would have EVER thought Sega would be making games for Nintendo, and now they are. We’re going to see some big changes in gaming in the next 5 years and I’m pretty confident Naughty Dog will break loose of Sony and start making cross platform. It just makes more sense from a business point of view.

          • Mckane Bird

            Agree, other than the fact that NaughtyDog is actually owned by Sony. Completely different from the sega Nintendo thing. but PS does have other good exclusives, but I won’t get into that. And if naughydog does break off (highly unlikely) and go to xbox as well, I would like to see halo in the future of PS. And I’ve gotta give it to NaughtyDog and the Infamous crew, they killed of my long love of xbox.

          • MrMidstream

            I’m gaming on Steam and Origin this gen. If I can’t get it from either of those as a digital download, then I won’t be playing it. I think this is the last gen for consoles as they currently are. I’m guessing “Steam Machines”, or something like them, will slowly take over. PS4 and XB1 are simply too closed for me. So I think we’ll start seeing games games like Halo and TLOU on multiplatform. It just doesn’t make sense to me to be so lose money by hording a certain game franchise on a specific system.

          • NujiBEATER

            all i ask for is a virtual RPG/MMO game ^_^

    • RR

      Haha I can see tht already I would never stop playing it

  • Michael Tam

    Joel and Ellie needs to be in The Last Of Us 2 and 3. They are who that makes the game so fun and exciting.

  • bigdog

    hell yah i will play part 2 cant wait for it to come out

  • dan

    in my opinion, they cant just end the game like that, so im thinking joel and ellie will be in the next one, i think naughty dog just wants us to be surprised for it

    • yomomma

      the story is pretty much over if you think about it

      • MrMidstream

        I thought about it, and it’s really not over.

  • Stacey Cakes

    Hell yeah I’d play tlou2!!! But we need a continuing story behind Joel and Ellie

  • Jimmy

    Best game Iv played for awhile, brilliant new characters brought to the world of playstation. Well done on making such a brilliant game.

  • Morgan Lane Christie

    Uh duh I would play it that is now my favorite game of all time

  • Morgan Lane Christie

    Joel and Ellie have to be in it period and if they are I deff will be buying the game

  • John wicko

    There should absolutely be a last of us 2, because I think the story could
    continue from what I saw in the ending of the first one.

  • John wicko

    last of us is probably one of the best games I’ve played.

  • Joni

    Best game ever, i already miss Ellie! :’)

  • TLOU2

    any1 knows if they die or something, but i relly wannt to see them agien in a new game i relly hope they alreddy make planes fore “the last of us 2 “, and in this second Druckmann countinue the story about Joel and Elilie another charters have be boring :D

  • g103

    if theres going to be a tlou2 it has to be the main characters we have learned to love if it isn’t then i hope they’re at least in it

  • AME

    Hell yeah i’d play a sequel! I hope it’s Ellie and Joel’s continuation, since they left such a big cliffhanger on that ending. I love the idea of learning more about Ish in the DLC though!

  • ClickerHunter595

    Hell’s to the YES I would play it. TLOU is one of the best games I have played in awhile.

  • egy ardiya

    If you don’t put ellie and joel in it, I’m out. DON’T try to use another character because i think it wouldn’t work.

    And if you guys talking about how sequel can ruin a masterpiece, remember the uncharted. All of them were masterpieces!

  • HermansSpecialMilk

    Don’t make a sequel or if you do don’t make it about Joel & Ellie. It left off absolutely perfectly and I need no explanation nor exposition about how they lived the rest of their lives. This game world can make a perfectly good game about different characters that would be just as good or better than The Last of Us. Please, God, don’t let them do it.

    • RR

      U dont need to find out U just need to

  • Keddy peeps

    Hell yea I’d play the hell out of this game!!” Luved the 1st 1″. & waiting on the next!! “Keddy peeps”

  • BadZen

    the game made me cry, but in a good way. best game ever made. looking forward to The Last Of Us 2!

  • cboyjr

    Looking at what ND has done with the uncharted series .. i don’t doubt for 1 second that there will be a better sequel for TLOU

    • the last of us 2 please

      They two diffrent games allot can be done tmwith this series

    • Jeff979

      exactly! I made this point too! It will be amazing, no doubt!

  • Cam

    Am i the only person who does not care whether or not it contains Joel and/or Ellie? so long as it has the great graphics, fun gameplay, immersive story, believable characters and all those wonderful aspects that made TLOU a great game, i don’t care if they continue Ellie and Joel’s story or decide that its better that their story is over

  • Jimmybeesh

    The Last Of Us is the greatest game out there imo.
    If they made a second, i’d definitely get it!!!

  • Ellie

    Prequel with Joel and Tess FTW.

  • Walid

    If anyone played TLOU, i would be surprised they wouldnt play the 2 if they make one but only if the story continues with the same characters!!

  • hans vine

    I would want to play as Joel and Ellie as well but for a sequel I would also want a counter perspective of hardened killers driven mad after the outbreak and then have the two stories, though initially parallel to intertwine at one point, similar to the wire.

  • Tlou fan

    If Joel and Ellie are in I would play it touched me so much I’m going to name my first girl Ellie

  • keenan

    No doubt in my mind. I would definitely play #2 ive beat #1 many of times its a great game that needs to be continued.

  • james

    I would absolutely play TLOU 2, The first one was an amazing journey i could feel myself starting to actually care for joel and ellie to have another game with those two would be absolutely played by me.

  • EzRa999

    Joel and Ellie in last of us 2 or we wont buy the game!

    • Danny Robles

      nah, actually i’ll still buy it… Naught Dog man!

      • RR

        If Joel or Ellie arent . In the game then it ruins the story

    • TLOUHelper(Angel) *17*

      Joel will probably die look Joel would probably die next one because he is old and ellie would maybe be a older teenager or adult and have a husband then and she would meet up with other people and they will have found a cure if they could get it somehow into the entire world so that they ca cure everyone but something goes wrong with the curing and makes the zombies mutated into something bigger and you know ellie and her husband at the end they have a baby <3 i mean its really cool of my idea haha but its up to the creators

      • Taylor Ward

        Joel cant die he makes the game!!!

      • Jeff979

        No way! That sounds like a bad story waiting to happen. And I say no to Joel dying. He’s a fucking boss. They need to pick up right where they left off in the first one

        • Spanky062700

          Joel cant live forever. Hes get 3-4 years tops.

      • yo momma

        i think it would be cool if they made a prequel with joel and his brother

      • MrMidstream

        “its really cool of my idea haha”

        Actually, that’s gotta be the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard….

        • RR

          Ikr its not a romantic game its a zombie game

      • RR

        Come on I mean the next game should be in about the same time period where they both r still alive and travel across the U.S and good idea with the mutation and cure but not the husband or baby idea cause who would have sex in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

        • RR

          The story with the mutation, zombies, cure, something goes wrong should be with Ellie and Joel

  • Guest.

    They must continue joel and ellie’s story, if they dont i am sure the game wont get as much attention and fame as the (the last of us). Adding to that, they might not even sale as much as the first tlou. All who played the game got attached and loved the characters it wouldnt be wise to change the characters.

    • Avi

      TLOU was absolutely fantabulous. One of the best game I ever played. The key to TLOU 2 is that it has to continue from the first one and Joel and Ellie have to star in it

  • Toby Hedwige

    the last of us ending was not qiet good, i was expecting more runners in the end , cause i saved a lot of ammo and didnt thought that it was the ending, TLOU2 must include and continue joel and ellie journey

  • JaMaL

    God of war IV and The last Of Us 2 i can’t wait that

  • ??

    I think all player want to play a second The Last of Us
    That the better game of my life !

  • Will

    I spent two weeks to get the first game. If there was another that started with Joel and Ellie I would wait even longer. The last of us has been the best game so far that I have played.

  • Raiden

    I would definitely play it. But I don’t want the series to suffer sequel decay like other great games. If they do make a sequel, it would have to take place with new characters.

    • RR

      Ur gonna regret saying bye to Joel and Ellie

  • Sarah

    If Joel and Ellie’s stories aren’t continued and resolved in TLOU 2, these people would have a riot on their hands. Their story is in no way finished and their are way to many ‘plot holes’ for them to even consider introducing a new main character. These people would be sabotaging themselves if they did otherwise. I cannot wait to play TLOU 2!!!!!
    And btw, I thought the final ending was absolutely brilliant, I cried so much!

  • ZombieKillerGirl

    i don’t own the game (or a ps3) but I watched Pewdiepie play it and I loved every minuet of the game. i swear if The Last of Us 2 comes out i will get a PS3 (or Ps4) just to play it!!!!!

    • MrMidstream

      This game was THE reason why I bought a PS3.

      • ItzRickGrimesBitch

        It’s the only reason my brother and I bought ps3 as well

  • Colby Corkum

    This is 1 of the best games i playd the game actully made me sad n shit when the sad parts came i hope theres a last of us 2

  • zach

    It’s ND. They made 3 Uncharted games. Of course there will be a sequel.

  • gekogurl

    The end P’d me off… I thought there must of been a scene after the credits but to my dismay, i was incredibly wrong. Best game ever… Worst ending. Ending on a lie is the worst way to go. There HAS to be another or we RIOT.

  • Drew

    If ND are to continue with The Last of Us as a series, then they have no other choice – the game MUST be focused on Ellie and Joel. While this game has many underlying themes, obvious ones that don’t need specifying, the fact remains that these themes were superficial elements to the main thrust of the story – the development of Joel and Ellie as characters that you, as a gamer, come to care about. Their journey IS The Last of Us, and their issues are what makes the game so interesting. Ergo, using different characters would be effacing to a large part of the game’s appeal – it certainly would not feel like the same game, and the developers would more than likely struggle to overcome this fact. If they are to pursue a sequel, and it looks likely that they will do, they will HAVE to reconvene with Joel and Ellie. And, what-is-more, there are very clear opportunities and unanswered questions which, if approached with the tact and skilled story-telling of the first installment, would make for a fascinating sequel. How do Ellie and Joel cope with the knowledge of what really happened to the Fireflies? Surely no one believes that Ellie and Joel will go off and live happily ever after with Tommy? What of the rest of the world? What becomes of the Infected and the gangs after another 10 years? I would love to see a storyline that could tie together the outbreak with Joel and Ellie’s experiences of the last game – the story obviously can’t go on forever, but the next game could potentially reach a climax of tumultuous anguish, like the first, which could end Joel and Ellie’s story forever? All this is very easy to talk of in ambiguous terms like I just have, but a two-part gaming series with so many twists and turns and epic endings would be a phenomenal achievement. A second game with different games would feel too separate and, to my mind, would be more a means of cashing in on the popularity of the first game, rather than showing any respect or care about the game’s followers.

    • jo

      FUCK yes to everything you just typed!!!!!!

    • D

      This is one of the best comments I’ve ever read! Very eloquently put.

      • MrMidstream

        Using the word eloquent. You’re either or foreigner, or a phagot. Which one is it bud?

    • yo momma

      what about a prequel

      • Facey_Boss

        If the prequel is about Ellie then yes but that should not be the last of us 2 it should be an additional game like grand theft auto vice city, they can call it The Last of Us “Ellie’s Story”

    • RR

      Amazing but I think that they should keep the relationship with Joel and Ellie because thats the unique part of the game that other games dont have. ITS wat puts eveything together and they should add more conflicts forcing Joel and Ellie to both fight and run frombtheir home.

    • Thomas

      I love your argument for a Joel and Ellie sequel but I disagree. I will state that I loved the game, was more than torn on the ending, and would love to see those characters again. HOWEVER, by extending the story to see how the climax resulted would diminish the ending of the original. ND created a masterpiece; they have stated that they had an ending where the pair drive off into the sunset happily ever after. Instead they chose a gritty and real way to end their story. Leaving something like Joel’s lie up in the air is what makes it so great. Whether you agree or disagree with his action, it makes you feel something (which is the mark of great entertainment). Continuing the story would lessen the punch of The Last of Us.

      Also, it’s more than plausible that ND creates a second The Last of Us with new characters and makes it interesting; they achieved the effect with the first game when nobody knew who Joel and Ellie were. Now that we know them, it’s hard to say goodbye…but with great writing and character development they can no doubt achieve another masterful story with new characters.

      Last note: the unanswered questions are what help keep the topic abuzz. They didn’t purposefully leave those questions unanswered so they could hopefully make a sequel; rather, they did it so people can take away different meanings and assumptions from the game.

    • Spanky062700

      Not to disrespect but joel is OLD. The most he has left with ellie is 3-4 years tops. If there was to be a sequel (in wich i would love to see) it should be an older ellie trying to find the truth about the fireflies and the cure

  • Jeezyfarina

    Please please I just finished. Need more now! Beautiful game!:) can not wait for TLOU2!!

  • vaa

    If ND could make us fall in love w/ Joel and ellie why can’t they create other characters with unique stories of their own? You guys seem close minded about this topic. I think ND can create characters just as good if not better than Joel and ellie. If they do they just need a great story like tlou did. If anyone is capable of telling a good story it’s ND and they won’t disappoint.

    • Jetoiler

      I agree. Like, tell us WHERE the infection came from and Joel and Tess’ history plus what happened to his ex wife; did she die? did she just leave? there are so many different holes they can fill easily.

  • daniel

    It was an emotionally charged game with me, the reasons are two-fold. One I am a father and the thought of watching my 11 yo get shot because some-one followed orders is a menacing thought. Secondly I could relate to the darkness Joel fell into. Suddenly he has in his lap the responsibility of another child he railed against. The developing relationship ended-up with him developing such a bond with her, that when seeing her on the verge of sacrifice he in -advertantly referred to her as “baby-girl”. I too call my daughter baby-girl… very powerful story, well played-out.

  • gift

    Its way more to the story I believe gotta see whts gonna happen to Ellie and the bite

  • chris

    little big planet is cool and the last of us was… interesting….

  • uncharted

    I would but idd love the game even more if the uncharted were there pluss them or they could make nathen a bross epic :)

  • Kurigo Yamasaki

    maybe in tlou2 they might create new character along with the main character joel n ellie,by that the story might can be long just like the resident evil 6 games..really like the story line..really hoping they do not do tlou2 story before the disaster happen..really tired for such story..

  • Ellie’s wing girl

    Yes!! I just finished it and am relieved that there’s a good possibility for a second! Amazing game! Looking forward to TLOU 2!!

  • Colby Corkum

    If joel n ellie arnt in it i aint buyin it most people proble wudnt i really really hope they make a new 1 n put joel n ellie in it

  • david

    I think the next 1 or 2 sequals should most certainly have Joel and Ellie in it, BUT encorporate new characters into it that we can enjoy just as much as we did with Joel and Ellie, (possibly 1 being ISH??) Then simply do spin offs with those other characters with their own stories. That way everyone is happy…those that want to see Ellie and Joel again see them..others get a new story with these new characters in the same world. I really really really want to see what happens to Ellie and Joel, their connection is fantastic. TLOU is easily the best game this year..or the past 10 years even.

    • Jetoiler

      Why not do a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type like those damn books I use to read as a kid were. That could be really interesting, then.

  • david

    oh and no more cute bunny deaths please haha

  • Richard Hollifield

    I absolutely love The Last Of Us and can’t wait for any further adventures with this story and characters. The Last Os Us 2 will definitely be on my must play list!

  • Austin

    I agree that it’s got to be Joel and Ellie but I think a side story could work to, but not until there is say already a trilogy featuring Joel and Ellie, I think it could be interesting to make a sequel then perhaps a prequal about the time inbetween the outbreak up until the first events of the current game, with all of Joel’s activities in that, but that’s just my opinion haha, hard to top such a great game :)

  • Lugen56

    i agree with AP plus i got the ending *spoiler alert* where joel retrived ellie from firefly surgery and ended up shooting marlene and they went back to tommy’s so yeah i would play TLOU 2 because i wanna see what happens

    • JP

      Lol dude that’s the ending everyone got

      • mozzy85

        haha cracking

  • trickster5991

    So pumped for the last of us 2, loved playing the first one, enjoyed it a lot

  • Luis

    I would play the last of us 2, who wouldn’t ?

  • Awesome

    the sequel should be called “the 2 of us”

  • James

    Have Joel and Ellie IN the sequel but not as the playable characters…. Or set it when Ellie’s grown up and Joel’s died of old age or whatever

  • dorde

    Yeaaaaaa please let me play the last of us 2 pleeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeee but with ellie and joel

  • Terrance

    Why was this game as great as it was? Ill tell you why. Because of the characters. The gameplay was great, too but if you were to tell a friend why this game was great you would say because of the feeling you had during cutscenes (metaphorically), not while you’re shooting a clicker in the head or finding a way to get Ellie across the water. My point is that if there is to be a second The Last of Us, it would have to feature Joel or Ellie. Now, if ND had put two other characters somewhere in the story of TLOU that had seemed interesting (maybe Ish and Susan?), then maybe they could get away with choosing a new set of protagonists.


  • elliedoe

    the story needs to be continued

  • Joseph Maki

    I don’t entirely agree with the idea. We can’t bring back Joel and Ellie as the main characters, they can appear as a cameo or just mentioned but the ending… It looks like their last stop. It wouldn’t be the same playing as them again. I would like the see in TLOU 2 is multiple side stories around the world relating to the apocalypse. I want another free roam side story as a mercenary being contracted by multiple factions and get paid for helping them out and could return other favors , sometimes, your contractors could be enemies to other contractors, you could still get lore from it and come across infected. But main point: Ellie and Joel as main playable characters, not much of a good idea to me.

  • Joseph Maki

    And I forgot about the main story, I would like to know about this guy Ish in it, or at least some other interesting survivor with one or more travel buddies.

  • Lessthanpat

    Sadly if they made another with Joel and ellie I’m more than sure it will have Joel dying somewhere in it, if not already gone, and ellie finding out about what really happend

  • the last of us 2 please

    Of course I would play tlou2 the first one was amazing the best games of the I hope they make s part 2the ending for the first one didn’t seem right like there were more to the story but none the less I hope they make a part 2 and I when they do I’ll be ready to buy it and play it I loved this game so much I keep it after I beat it and played it agin it was such a great game worth every pennie

  • The Sloth

    It would be cool in a sequel to play between Joel’s brother and Joel right after the beginning

  • John

    HELL YEAH!!!

  • Joshua Proctor

    He’ll yeah it’s the best game I’ve ever played!

  • Joshua Proctor

    I reckon that sewer mission sounds good yet I reckon we should still see joel

  • bart

    I just finished the last of us, and let’s say I sure hope there is another, the games story is awesome and well executed, would for sure play a sequel!! Well done naughty dog! Another great game

  • DJ Splash

    They could kill Joel off-screen and have Ellie as the main character, grown and coping with Joel’s lie.

    Just a thought.



  • ak

    with BELLS ON the best suvival game IMO…………………………

  • Harrylong5

    Joel and Ellie’s story needs to go on or else the gamed will be ruined I play last of us over and over and still can’t get enough

  • TLOUHelper(Angel) *17*

    Well Joel would probably die next one because he is old and ellie would maybe be a older teenager or adult and have a husband then and she would meet up with other people and they will have found a cure if they could get it somehow into the entire world so that they ca cure everyone but something goes wrong with the curing and makes the zombies mutated into something bigger and you know ellie and her husband at the end they have a baby <3 i mean its really cool of my idea haha but its up to the creators

  • Rôñåłdõ

    I just want to know where did they go after it ?

  • Poopbuttt Mintari

    Fuck yeah

  • darkwolf

    yes i would play THLOU2 because joel and ellie are the best characters and the story of this one was just awesome!!
    so yes is would play THLOU2

  • ffafffaf

    It should be with Ellie grown up fighting the zombie apocalypse.

  • candleluver

    the ending for the first 1 obviously meant that Naughty Dog is going to make a part 2 because joel cant leave ellie hanging with a lie if u put it together you’ll understand how this game play will work, and i would totally play this

  • Amy,xo

    How can they not have Joel & Ellie in it? What would happen to them? Sorry but they have to be in it :/

  • wat the fff

    I would like Joel and elie to continue the story its so good this game i luv it and dat ellie still swears like dat she says shit

  • mandes

    I will play it over and over agen and when im tired I will go and by a energydrink and play more

  • nick

    make the last of us 2

  • Tcan

    Life time yes for TLOU 2, make me cry a second please!

  • Joseph

    I’m way behind here…need to get a ps3 to experience this game…I was absolutely blown away after watching a playthrough on YouTube. If they announce a sequel before I go next-gen I will know for sure what I’m going to choose!

  • Dynamo177

    Of course I would play TLOU2 And those three dlc’s I cried in the beginning of the game and in between and all threw the credits xD

  • Jesus, Joel

    With creativity and immense effort
    I think LOU2 can work.

  • Kate

    Uh DUH!!!!!!! Who wouldn’t play it. Make it!!!

  • Taylor Ward

    yes i would. i loved the first game. we need more Joel and Ellie!!!

    • Taylor Ward

      but i think they need more crafting thing cos towards the end i got a little bord with the few things to craft. but the weapons were great

  • sp

    LOU2 must have joel and ellie in

  • sp

    With out joel and ellie it would be no fun

  • Phatz

    it will be hard to continue the story with ellie even though im hoping they do. her being grown up in her adult state will remove or alter the love we have for her. she is suited to be a 14 year old teen and thats why her character is so good because she just fits that well into it. despite that, delving into the future of ellies life say 5 years would not be that bad as she is still a teen and has the young loveable side to her. i really hope she is the centre of attention this game rather than joel and that she pairs with ish and they embark on another crusade looking for something that may or may not exist. just my 2c

  • davdious

    I would def play tlou2 and it coul even continue where they settle at the town but slavers and merks start to attack and joel gets found out cos one of thw fire flies is with them and and blabs to the other mercs so the decide to hunt her down so they can use her for breeding material or sommat and the chase is on once more

  • Keon Akoum


  • Lupo Gamer

    I just want you guys to make the second game! And with ellie and joel would be good.

  • Jeff979

    If they make the last of us 2, ND will include Joel and Ellie. #1 it’s only fair, and #2 look at what they did with Uncharted 1,2, and 3. They kept Nate, Sulley, Chloe, and Elena. ND wouldn’t give us new characters. I highly doubt it.

  • hsdhhssh


  • hsdhhssh


  • bob

    I would love a sequel, but i´m happy with Joel and Ellies story. I´d like to see new characters in a second game, instead of watering down a fantastic story with real weight.

  • ItsFaiith

    Who wouldn’t play TLOU 2? I just hope Joel and Ellie’s story continues.

  • hunter

    YES please make last of us two

  • Jack112

    Uh yeah I would play the Last of us 2! But only if it had Ellie and Joel In it. Please continue the story with Ellie and Joel!! It’s like ov never felt this way about characters in a video game before. I felt like they were with me the whole time and I felt what they felt and I felt there whole entire adventure with them. So LOU2 please make!

  • Me

    I would give up my left nut to play the last of us 2. I just finished the first for the second time five minutes ago.

  • Jackboss14

    Need to continue the story with Ellie and Joel. Praying that they do. Please continue the story

  • CY

    YES! IDC who the main characters are. Just make it! I will buy it! DO IT! just beat it for the 4th time on survivor. (But would make sense to involve at least Ellie in the 2nd one) Gaaaahhh I want to play it noooow!

  • Ish

    I think Naughty Dog have created a fantastic world with two immaculately detailed characters. There is nothing to say they can’t do it again. While I’d love a return for Ellie and Joel in The Last Of Us 2, I wouldn’t mind a new story in the same world.

  • Hello, I’m you.

    Yes. Yes, I would. Thanks for asking, would you? I bet you would too. See? We need this game. If we do not have it then we are not satisfied. So, Naughty Dog, make this game happen. And if possible, keep Joel and or Ellie as one of the main characters. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  • Jackie Debs

    This is something that I worry about with really great media works. They make something like last of us, that is flawless, and complete, but then, people love it so much, that we all demand they make more, even if that isn’t what they originally intended. We force them to create more of the story and this usually results in less worthy sequels, and if they keep going, it eventually gets so bad, that it kind of takes away from the magic of the original.

    I really hope that they don’t try to force another story onto ellie and joel if they cannot come up with something that is truly worthy of those characters. I would much rather see them release new stories for other characters, or a new IP entirely, than degrade the last of us in any way.

  • Bruaggji

    Worlds best game and you have to make the online gameplay similar too but with new shit. Such an amazing game :D plz make no.2

  • Alex BP

    Of course I would play The last of us 2!! This game is outstanding and if continued, it could turn to one of the best sagas in the gaming industry!!

  • lastofusendingwascrap

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it this recipe worked before do it again with a different story with Joel and Ellie and not such a crappy ending

    • mozzy85

      The ending was good, i was a little underwhelmed at first but after a few minutes of it ending i thought it was perfect. You can make your own mind up about it but how i see it Joel didnt want Ellie to live with the knowledge she was mankinds only hope as that is a weight to bear on anyones shoulders but also out of his own selfishness too. Ellie knows he lied but accepts it as she wants a father figure/friend and doesnt want to be alone. I’m glad it wasnt all happy happy shite. Awesome game, great ending.

  • snuffish

    I don’t own an console.. So I just watched a Walkthrough on youtube. Watched everything in a row! Such an amazing game!
    The story between Ellie and Joel really touched me!

  • Bahama

    Totally I would play last of us, one of the greatest games made.

  • Scott

    Yes I would if I had to I would pay more just to play it

  • Caleb Armstrong


  • Elesette

    I actually think that a sequel would be wonderful, but I think it would be really perfect if it featured another main character (or characters) and perhaps they would run into Joel and Ellie during the game. So that while you wouldn’t be playing as Joel or Ellie, you’d still get to see what was happening with them. I know if I wasn’t expecting to see them cause it was about a new character, and all the sudden they were perfectly tied into the plot line I’d have a huge fan-girl freakout moment.

  • TLOUAddict

    Zombie apocalypse must end with characters dying or finding a cure .. i agree TLOU ended perfectly, but the end opens alot of doors to make a sequel, i mean .. hoards of infected could invade Tommy’s little village .. fireflies might still be looking for ellie even thougg marlene died and so she will know about joel’s lie .. he’ll explain that he don’t want to lose her .. she’ll run away maybe .. he’ll try to find her .. meet new people on his adventure finds her with a group of people and the story could go on, you could actually make up a story yourself .. not perfect .. just imagine what naughy dog could do !.

  • Krusty

    Simply love LOU, remarkable in every respect. Especially that they didn’t pander and make it all happy and cheery when that would betray the story line…anyhow, moral ambiguity is just far more interesting. Looking forward to 2…

  • UNeed2MakeTLOU2

    Just imagine, like 2-7 years after .. joel and ellie surviving with tommy and his wife, imagine how bloaters would be, and the infection grows bigger .. its just plain awesomeness .. will play TlOU2 for sure .. its the only game that i didn’t see anyone hate .

  • a

    If Joel and Ellie aren’t in the sequel,There’s 10% chance that I’ll be buying it.

  • Ok

    Sure ill play its so awesome that game

  • Amanda Fontenarosa

    Continue TLOU ASAP!!!


    I wil, if Joel and Ellie in it

  • Concerned Citizen

    Joel and ellie all the way for TLOU2, I want to learn more about these two and ellie’s past. The ending of the first one left me with a questioned face and my hands lifted up from confusion, there needs to be more!!

  • kkram

    The likely hood of me buying the dlc of sequel would be immensely increased if the story was played through Joel and Ellie. That sir, is a fact.

  • The Last Of Us 2 ??

    I Defiantly Believe They Should Make The Last Of Us 2, Considering How Well The First One Sold . And They SHOULDN’T Make Up New Characters . That Would Just Make The Ratings Go Down Because They Made Us Connect To Joel & Ellie Through Out The First Game . They Should Also Make The Game A “Choose Your Own Path” Type Of Game To Make It More Interesting .

  • nope

    ellie leaves joel, gets into trouble, joel goes after her

  • Raiden

    If its at all possible, I’d like to see how the rest of the world dealt with the fungus. Even if its just a short DLC featuring throwaway characters. I’d love to explore someplace like Tokyo or Johannesburg. Also, it would be fascinating to explore how different cultures would react to the end of the world.

    Also, does the Fungus infect animals? Because if they do make a sequel that could make for some epic boss fights. Imagine a Tiger or Grizzly bear, already dangerous, made even more dangerous by the Fungus. Hey, it worked for Resident Evil, it can work for Last Of Us.

  • gamergirl

    We all would play it if joel and ellies story went on
    We all loved the characters and definitly enjoyed the game play. I love it.

  • Marcus Fajeth

    HELL YES, I’D PLAY IT. The game has this feeling as if you’re playing an A-list TV series or Blockbuster movie. It’s like watching Ellen Page playing Juno in Walking Dead (except she’s not pregnant).

  • Ryan

    I so would it was a good game and i would like to see what happens next

  • David Kellogg

    The Last of us was easily the best game I’ve ever played. A big part of my decision was the characters. Both Ellie’s and Joel’s backstories really got to me. I have’t even thought about the possibility of them making a sequel without Joel and Ellie. But I know, if they did, they would lose so many HUGE fans. As long as Joel and Ellie are still part of the story I will, without a doubt, play this game.

  • Austin

    What a misleading ass title

  • Kate

    I WOULD ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGLY PLAY TLOU 2! Ellies and Joels story HAS to be completed!

  • Kate


  • Kate w

    I would obviously play TLOU 2! Ellie and Joel’s story has to be continued. It cant end there.

  • bigboss

    yes I would it was the best game I ever played I loved it best game since
    metal gear solid 4 guns of the patriots

  • jan

    i would love to have 2 diffrent story lines. like joel and ellie get split up after a attack of the fireflies and they have to find eachother and over and over they almost find each other and it goes wrong and in the end they get together and have one last battle with bills clan against the fireflies. exuses fore my engilsh i am dutch and 16 on highschool …

  • tgrtank713

    I think that in number 2 Joel and Ellie should go along doing their buisness for a while, until someone accidentally lets it slip about what actually happened at the end of #1, which cause Joel and Ellie’s relationship to deteriorate, and she runs off. Joel then has to find her, and he stops to stay at a secluded army base with honorable soldiers in it. After an attack from the fireflies, where Joel fights alongside the soldiers and saves them, they want to repay him, so he asks them to help find his “child”.They get close to her by following a trail, but a group of fireflies take her away and fight the soldiers and Joel. After a dramatic fight, a buggerload zombies join in, and the humans momentarily shake a truce, but the leader of the fireflies tells the truth about Joel and Ellie. The two groups are butchered by the zombies, but Joel saves the soldier leader and they both run back to the base, which has a ton of top ranking Government leaders and soldiers searching for Joel, but the previous leader lets him escape into the night. Joel then has to find Ellie and take her back from the fireflies before it’s too late. tadah.

    • mozzy85

      Just no!

  • corey watson

    there sould be another last of us 2 cause the ending left me thinking whats going to happen next

  • g l u b

    I absolutly love this game.! Please make a sequel it would be amazing.! I would buy the game right away if it came out. Absolutly. c:

  • Barry Griffiths

    I loved the last of us. I really want to know where the story leads. There is so many options available to continue. Please bring out anouther one. Baz shropshire

  • Kate

    it would be great but it would have to have Ellie and Joel in it, if it didn’t it wouldn’t feel right and would make a lot of people upset, in fact it wouldn’t feel like the same game. It should continue Joels and Ellies story :)
    p.s would be great to have it on xbox too…

  • Roxer

    If a TLOU 2 was made without Joel and Ellie, I believe it would be inferior to the first. Throughout the first one they’ve done naught but give us emotional attachments to the main characters. Stopping it there would be repulsive. Joel and Ellie ARE The Last Of Us

  • Gizmzo

    should have it so that they military find that the disease for the infected came from a underground cavern, then the government finds Ellie and Joel, they find out Ellie is infected and sends her in to look around. Joel hurries in after her getting away from the guards and eventually him and Ellie find a bunch of new types of infected, and they make their way deeper to eliminate the source of the plague. Collecting guns from other dead military men throughout the underground using different types of spores to make ammo.

    • Rob Fuse

      If the military found out Ellie was infected, they would probably just take her away and try to reverse engineer a cure like Firefly.

    • mozzy85

      I want the drugs you are taking! Did you use any form of logic in this idea?

  • Megan House

    I wouldn’t miss play the 2nd game for the world. In the first game I fell in love with the story and character (Game play was great too) but with the ending it left I believe there is so much potential to continue a second game with Joel and Ellie.

  • Lasty

    Yes, there should definitely be the last of us 2 as there were a few cliffhangers that need to be completed and if there was to be a number 2 of the last of us it would be sold out since number 1 was awesome!

  • Nick

    A good plot should be able to stand on its own. Its all part of the mystery and what made the ending so great. TLOU 2, would most likely not have the same characters, and thats the way it should be. Those of you saying you probably wouldnt play it if joel and ellie arent in it are ridiculous.

  • Lasty

    The last of us must continue as there are still cliffhangers to resolve and it would have to be Ellie and Joel or it would just ruin the game and i would definitely play TLOU 2 as it is the best game i have ever come across so yes i definitely think they should have TLOU 2

  • Anna Nettie

    If they make another last of us, I would mad because the whole entire game was wonderful and the end of the game was amazing. But if they do make another last of us, I wouldn’t play it at all and it would probably just ruin the story line for the first last of us and the second one if they make one.

  • Luka Crepulja

    i would totally play this

  • The Last Of Us 2 Plan ?

    Okay, Here’s What I Believe The 2nd Last Of Us Should Contain . Somehow Ellie Finds Out Joel Lied To Her About The Fireflies And She Goes, By Herself, To Find Them Again . Little Does She Know That The Word Has Spread She’s Immune, Therefore The Fireflies Are Looking For Her And Joel, So They Can Kill Joel, Get Rid Of The Threat, And Capture Ellie For The Cure . So, She Leaves, And Joel Goes To Find Her, Taking Some Of Tommy’s Men With Him . AND After The Horrific Journey, Joel Gets Ellie, But She’s Barely Alive . And He Takes Her Back To Tommy’s, But When They Finally Arrive Its Somewhat Over Run By Runners/Clickers/Bloaters/Stalker And He Fights Them Off . But Tommy’s Nowhere To Be Found And Neither Is Anyone Else . NOW IF YOU BELIEVE THIS IS WHERE THE 2ND ONE COULD END THEN THATS UP TO YOU .
    But If You Wanted It To Continue You Would Go About Finding Out What Happened And Finding Tommy .. (Ellie Would Be About 16 Or 18) (And Joel Is About 50 Or 60 ? )

    • mozzy85

      Ellie knows he lied she just accepted it though. Their story is complete, why risk messing it up?

  • Michael

    I finished this game back in August, and have nothing but praise for The Last of Us. Naughty Dog did a fantastic job with the game, and it was easily, the best 15 hours I have spent gaming.

    While the prospect of a sequel(s) is intriguing, as much as I’d love to play one, it just seems unnecessary. The gameplay by itself was decent, but it was the context and story that kept you hooked. One kept playing to find out what happened next,
    rather than for the sake of killing clickers. The game was written and presented in such a way, that an entire story was told. Yes there may have been some unresolved plot holes but I would rather live with them, than solve some, and in the process create more.

    A sequel would seem forced, as the story really doesn’t have strong branches to stretch out upon. Some of you have mentioned: Ellie grown up and “replacing” Joel, Ellie running off after learning the truth, Joel & Ellie against fireflies/government, or some other combination of the three. While they may sound interesting, I just can’t see any of those plots living up to the first game.

    Every game needs a solid antagonist(s), unfortunately all of them in The Last of Us, were killed off. David (pedophile) and Marlene were strong contenders, but were terminated. In the words of Joel “You’d just come after her.” in terms of Marlene, before putting a bullet through her head. There just aren’t any characters left from the first game, to create a believable foe.

    One would assume there really is no future for Ellie, except to just keep living. She can’t have children, because (even though she is immune) she can still pass on the infection. Without a major logic hole, that can’t happen.

    If ND really wanted to make a series of it, they should have expanded the story more. The end result could have been the same, except that we would see the ending after 2-3 games. Instead they decided to have an open and shut story in one game, and closed up everything.

    Regarding the ending, I actually expected it. A bond formed between Joel & Ellie, and it was not going to break. The hospital (firefly lab) level, really reconfirmed that bond. Joel would hold onto her, at all costs.

    Sorry for the long post, and thanks for reading if you got this far. This was not meant to rain on people’s parade, just a small dose of story analysis. If there’s a sequel I will probably play it anyways, I just hope it doesn’t completely ruin the story we have all come to love.

  • Jimmy


  • Jimmy

    also you have to HAVE TO ADD JOEL AND ELIE

  • mike

    This game was phenomenal and has a beautifully moving story and art about it, badass survival aspect it almost feels wrong to call it a game, yes i was also very sad when it ended i did not want it to be over this story and game is truly captivating and enthralling i would have no objection in calling it one of the best games if not the best game for ps3, i would surely buy the second game as long as, like the others said, the story still follows joel and ellie, and it would be awesome if it is longer that is easier said than done but i have faith

  • Abdullah Heyasat

    I want Joel to adopt ellie and then continue the story

  • Wolfe

    I’m a huge Halo fan, and if it wasn’t for Microsoft’s contract with Halo, I’d be getting the Ps4 and awaiting the Last of Us 2.
    I loved watching the gameplay.

  • dusty

    Definitely would play and there better be a damn lou2 starring joel and ellie dont let the ppl down

  • last of us2lets make it happen


  • kingmigz360

    Hell yea I just got done with 1 like the credits are running right now as I type. First thing I said was I need more of them two!!! And I googled for dlc or a part 2 I am going to go back and play again on hard without switching back and forth this time. But I loved the game it was the greatest storyline I ever seen in a video game. Seeing a new game with them living with his brother would be great! Sum dlc with some of the other plp in the game with be cool as well but the main story has to be them two!!

  • Dre

    if they made a TLOU2 i could really see it having Joel for a little bit, but not the whole game. i wouldnt be super mad if it was just Ellie going through the game and possibly someone else either way i will be waiting for the midnight sale as long as i have to, to get TLOU2.

  • Michael

    Do last if us 2 i loved the first one i wanna play the rest of the story

  • Yusuf Ayik

    they’ll probably not call it the last of us 2. they’ll call it soemthing like the end of us or something. And with the next game if they do make it, without spoiling anything, ellie needs to know the truth.

  • Noah N

    I think that there’s more with Joel and his x-wife that they’re not telling us. I have a hard time believing that they would be that unhappy with each other that Joel would have absolutley nothing to remember her by. And also, there’s bound to be more Fireflies out there who know about Ellie

  • Guest

    If… u make a sequel don’t make it short. Please! I swear i need a full game not mostly cinematics. Please! But the cinematics were AWESOME I swear especially the injured Joel chapters.

  • Nikki15

    I LOVE THE LAST OF US! You have to keep Joel and Ellie in it though. That was a really good story. I enjoyed that more than any other game I have.(:

  • Bri

    I like playing as ellie i hope they put more of that in there it also be kinda cool to be ablr to choose who and in what faction you play. As an infected or as a bandit, firefly each having there own game objectives, ie. Infect others set up ambushes stiff like that.

  • Paul

    I love this game so far.Probably the best game from Naughty Dog.If there will be no sequel(not DLC’s), I will be entirely mad.

  • Matthew Lloyd

    I would play it, have played the 1st one 3 times already and love the whole story but the ending must prompt a 2nd one

  • MasterChiefSGT

    Ill bet you all that the protagonist in TLOU 2 wont be Ellie and Joel, but they will be incorporated into the game somehow, like maybe as old ppl

  • Logan

    If Joel and Ellie aren’t in the game, I simply just won’t buy it.

  • Damien Owens

    There is opportunity for at least two games, prequel could be interesting about Ellie i Strongly agree. But I’ve always wanted to play a game like this where you actually experience the outbreak, and survive it. the start of that game could begin where we saw Joel loose Sarah and how he struggles to deal with it, involving Tommy, like Joel states to Tommy , about repaying him for ‘all the years he took care of them’ that would tie in with the game and also that could bring us more of a background on how Joel eventually meets Tess, giving us opportunity to grow to her character, in effect perhaps replaying the first game again could potentially give us different experiences too. I think this game could be easily be expanded into a trilogy if they tried hard enough and took their time with the plot.

  • Justin

    OMG Yes! I loved the story line! it needs to continue. although I do have to say that there should have been different zombies. like some with limbs missing. its already very realistic but a bit more would be awesome

  • guest

    I never played the game but I seen the game online through another game player and I enjoyed the game. I like to see where it continues where a couple of fireflies survived and started tracking down Ellie and Joel and Ellie finds out that Joel lied and has to deal with the truths and if she can survive without Joel and yet she loves him like a father and if she can forgive him. even Joel does his best to protect her again like he did in the first game. maybe even Ellie got some kind of abilities from the mutant zombie virus that can help her and not be so good for the zombies and the humans and maybe the humans can use the new mutant zombie abilities Ellie got from the infection for evil the fireflies will use for their own benefits. just a idea thou.

  • TLOU2 Fan

    I think that we need a TLOU 2 but maybe not about Joel and Ellie, more about someone else, like two teenagers, how they survive and live in this new world!

    • TLOU2 Fan

      I mean the same world, same time as Joel and Ellie

      • RR

        No it NEEDS Joel and Ellie

  • Leo AS

    The Last of Us the best game I have ever seen. I hope, that Naughty Dog will confirm The Last of Us 2, that’s a most dramatic game, most emocional game, I LOVE IT. I want to get back to the story of that fantastic game. Sorry for bad english.

  • Ryan

    I just need “the last of us 2″ as soon as possible. And I think it would be great if it is in play station 4

  • superman89

    I would play it even if it didn’t have Joel and ellie in it but they left the first one open so it would be smart to finish off Joel and ellies story before bringing in ish’s story you would get people lost if u do ish’s story before finishing Joel’s and Kellie’s story

  • superman89

    I’m on a tablet sorry it’s ellie’s

  • saki

    I has to say, this is one of the best game i have ever played since Resident Evil. I especially love the story line and the character are really interesting. I would definitely buy the game if they continued the game. 10/10*
    and congrat to the naughtydog for a well-done job (:

  • JustAfan

    Last of us was like a good game. But this isn’t the ending. Come up with a cure or something because Joel and Elly still have still have lot to discover.

  • David

    Uncharted was from Naught Dog, and it had 3 installments, and was a world wide million seller. And the Last of Us is also that. And the names would make the sequence more simolified. Like, He Last of Us 2, For the 3 of Us, and maybe, 44 The Ladt of Us. Good names huh?

  • David

    The next game could also be pre-quel. It could tell us how Joel met Tess and Bill. And how he got seperated folrom his brother.

  • Abdullah Heyasat

    When is last of us 2 coming out

  • Kirby Krafter

    Of course I would Play the Last of Us 2
    P.S. Joel and Ellie HAVE to be in it,

  • ricky

    best story ever ofcourse am gonna play it

  • ricky

    it would be cool doe if we do a little ellie and joel in the first part of the game and then let joel die sad ending and play with older ellie and the new characters

    • Me

      It’ll just be rude to kill someone we’re attached to!!!
      And most people don’t want an older Ellie.
      And Joel should be the only one with Ellie.

  • rousso

    its must be on ps3 to i dont wanna buy ps4 special for last of us 2

    • bobo

      your right some people can not have a ps4 so why not for all the consoles

    • kitkat

      i really love the last of us 2ellie and joel area awesome and i really want it on ps3 and xbox as a girl i love it hope you do so love kitkat <3

      • Lastofusisamazing

        I know this game was amazing, after playing the last of us I can’t find another game that I actually enjoy (maybe gta5 ranks up there) but other than that I have nothing else to play, it’s all shit in comparison to this masterpiece. 11/10

    • RR

      Ps3,ps4, xbox, etc

  • rousso

    joel and ellie must to be in

  • tim

    it must be on ps3

    • RR


      • Joel

        Naughty dog (They made the game) Is owned by Sony, so I’m pretty sure they’ll only release it on their consoles, it’ll just be weird for sony to release a game they made to XBOX Consoles when Microsoft is actually their rival. Think about it.

  • Tony

    ps3 is my thing i want to play it on ps3 i have all this games for ps3 so no ps4 i really want it with Joel and Ellie again greatest story line ever best game ever

    • RR

      Y not both ps3 and ps4 also xbox

  • Kianu DeBell

    i am a super fan of tlou am buying ps4 and hoping for a ps3 version 2 lovin the ellie joel bond so let this be the same i have a dream :p

  • Cameron Haymes

    yeah i can tell no one could leave it on a cliff hanger

  • Dude111

    I want to play it but the first one had the perfect ending with amazing gameplay and a story throughout the whole game. I just don’t wanna risk playing the second one and having it not be good. I’ll see how the trailers look to decide whether I play TLOU 2 or not.

  • Nickalas Mathill

    I will be the first in line…….

  • Tee

    Just as long as they keep the same formula just with a new and inventive story I’m all aboard, I used to hate TLOU because I had xbox until I realised that I could buy it and play it on my sister’s ps3 upstairs, played it, loved it and now its my favourite game of all time

  • Tee

    But please no generic government storylines

  • alex

    I loved the last of us! it is a great game and personally I think it’s full of emotions. if they make a second game I’m gonna be first in line to buy it!

  • SeinXHerz

    Yeah please Make it, The ending was mind blowing but i want it to continue…

  • Jose

    I feel they are right with the ending they had. I hoped for something else like a cure or just Joel and Ellie riding off into the sunset but the actual ending was the most honest and it didn’t provide total closure which is why we are all here wanting more :D

  • VV


  • RR

    I hope there is gonna be A 2nd a TLOU with just Joel and Ellie because it lets u bond and get close to them and if u add more people it wont help u focus on the 2. Also it would be cool if u kept the switching in between the characters where u would add more surprises(btw don’t let Joel or Ellie die)

  • RR

    Plz make the LOU2 on more consoles like ps4,wii u, xbox 360, xbox 1 cause if u do u wil get alot more sales

  • RR

    Make sure Joel and Ellie’s relationship continues and maybe make them closer

  • RR

    I honestly only want Joel and Ellie in the LOU2 because it gives I that unique feeling that they have to rely on each other to survive and yes it would be nice for a few new characters to join but not the whole time. Maybe even add a few more emotional surprises (don’t let Joel or Ellie die).

  • RR

    Add more weapons, materials, infected types, etc

  • RR

    The whole journey needs to be about Joel and Ellie

  • RR

    Btw TLOU is one of the greatest games of all time . Great job!!

  • TLOU fan

    probabley the best game i have ever played so yeah i would definettley play the second one … but it would have to like the first one not a half ass job its gotta be like a movie you gotta feel the emotions when playing it ya know

    • TLOU fan

      like when the story ended i felt like my life ended i didnt know what to do with myself cause it was just over a great and amzing adventure just ended just like that soo yeah i would definetley play the second one hell im still gonna play the first one over and over again

  • Robert Turner

    I agree

  • Jake

    I loved the game so much, amazing story and characters! I’ll be sad if they don’t bring out another one because I don’t think any other game can satisfy me like The Last Of Us did, im a big fan of apocalypse styled games like Fallout and so on, but none of them amazed me and made me feel so much for the game. So yeah… SEQUEL!

  • Grrrrrrrr

    I will without a doubt play TLOU 2 without hesitation…BUUUT, it absolutely has to continue with Joel and Ellie or else it won’t be any good. Might as well just call it a different game if they aren’t in it.

  • LeRoy

    When I saw the game for the first time for 60$ I did NOT want to pay that much. However, after getting it for Christmas, I was wrong. The last of us is by far the best game of all time next to kingdom hearts. Thank you for creating such An amazing masterpiece! You make another, I’m buyin!!!!!!’

  • Marco Bodt

    I would totally play The Last of Us 2!!!! I’d love for it to be continued, I was so invested in the game that it was hard to peel me away from it.

  • funny toys

    What we really need is a zombie mode on multiplayer :D~

  • dem

    I want a second one looking very forward to it actually to find out if Ellie ever finds out the truth about Joel lieing to her

  • ilsejacobsen

    If they made a sequel i am shure they would make a ton of money. They are stupid not to make one becouse the story is not finish and there is a tonn of stuff to use. If they are out of ideas ask the fans :)

  • Rani McCullough

    i would play The last of us 2 but only if Joel and Ellie’s story continue

  • brandyblue

    have 2b honest this was by far the best game ive evr playd and i can not wait 4the part2…. including them both somehow especially joels explaination 2ellie n how she deals w it all…..

  • Lastofusisamazing

    This game, in my opinion was the best game i have ever played, please do not deviate from joel and ellie in your next game.

  • Fazekas Ferenc

    I dont want any other character with Ellie, except Joel!

  • harry sharp

    exactly, I agree with AP, truthfully I thought the last of us was one of the best games ever made cause it made you feel emotions and terrified you at once, I loved it. so yes I would play #2. that would be amazing

  • Eddman

    Yeah, I would play The Last of Us 2, but I want Joel and Ellie in it, its story in the first is just addictive, like it would be great.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe for TLOU 2 they could make ellie find out the truth and run away or something in hopes of finding Marlene and we could play as joel trying to find her and play as Ellie fighting people and infected y’know

  • Mindi Renee Hunter

    Defiantly as long as they continued with the story i want to know what happens to them

  • ConnorF42

    I think Joel’s story is done. Ellie, more could be told, but I’d like to see a time jump forward.

  • thinkso?

    I have no definite assumptions about the story that would result from a sequal. But one part I found utterly intriguing about the first was towards the end, when Joel was injured, n Ellie took off on her own. Id really like to experience more from playing as her to see how that would let her grow as a character n influence the story to come, whatever that may be. Though, I hear speculation that the next thing ND has in the works for PS4 is a new Uncharted! Drake n Eleana or Joel n Ellie???

  • Daniel Haro

    I don’t care who is in it, this game was brilliant the combat system was so much fun and the weapon upgrade was sweet. As long as the new story is a little bit scary and well written as the first I am in not matter what. In my opinion this is one of the best PS3 games of all time. But this for many reason the story being a major factor but the game play, combat system, world design it was just sweet and I loved every minuet of it. I have play through 3 times already and wish I had some new content. The down side now is that I get board playing it over and over again but at the same time feel the desire to kill some infected!!!!

  • Daniel Haro

    One weird this g about this game in the underground tunnel in the end the second time I played it there where no bad guys at all. What the hell is up with that. I was really looking forward to taking them out as my skills have majorly improved since the first time I was there.

  • Jesse Seth Jeremy Paea

    What if it was the backstory of joel and tess?????

  • Khyva

    I love the way it ended..but there’s just so many possibilities. What if Ellie finds out? What if there’s still people after her? What if when they arrived Tommy and the group were gone, or even dead? Something to shatter Joel’s illusion of a better life would be awesome. So long as there is more character development and story, I’d play it in a heartbeat.

  • Temuulen Altangerel

    on wikepedia it said naughty dog’s divided into 2 part’s
    The last of us and uncharted
    so that means there r gonna be more games, the cant just divide naughty dog into 2 and have only left behind DLC, there’s gonna be MORE! also pewdiepie said there r gonna b a whole series

  • Brent

    Yes !

  • Abel

    I have beaten the game twice already and I still get that sad feeling with a little bit of tears that it’s over. I love this game. Naughty Dog should make a last of us 2..But please keep Joel and Ellie.

  • alex

    once and hope that the second part of the game comes out … is fantastic, probably the best game in the world.

  • Thatoneguy

    Personally, I’d rather have TLOU 2 to have new protagonist with a new story BUT I do want Joel and Ellie to have a strong involvement with the sequel. But I would be okay if it continued Joel and Ellie’s story

  • Dominic

    Absolutely I would pay the second one . You know The Fire Flies are pissed at Joel for stealing Ellie and stoping the surgery. Plus now Joel seeing Ellie as his new daughter we have more story to follow. I only think we should get to play as Ellie more in the second game.

  • Chazza76

    The last of us is one of the best games i have played and i would definitely buy it and play it.

  • James Brown

    i would play the next TLOU as long as it consists of joel and ellie but what i really hated was when the game ended because i really wanted to see tommy’s town but it ended when they were headed down their…………..

  • joelnsarahdlcplz

    They only need two lots of story driven dlc,joels 20 years after sarah and ellies Riley. Any more than that would be waffling

  • hu3gam3r

    ps4 exclusive so sony can get more ps4 sales :/

  • Anthony

    I would play the last of us 2 only if Ellie and Joel was in it

  • Santi

    Question for the people: Yo, do you feel like a mix between bored and depressed that the game ended at the end of the story? I feel horrible right now, I really need help with this shit, cuz I am getting worse every day. I feel depressed as fuck, and I just cant stop thinking about The Last Of Us. I tried to do other things, but everything at this point reminds me to The last of us. Plz, do yall have some advise?

  • Oreyeo

    Obviously we all can agree we want to play the last of us part 2 =)))) but feels like its not the game anymore if the characters were to be changed

  • Anne R

    The Last Of Uf is the greatest game ever made! after playing it 3 times on defferent levels, I really miss something more – i wanna know what happens after the “ending”, I don’t want a new story – I just wan’t more of Joel and Ellie! :)

  • James Thomas Lewis

    Yeah loved that game cant get enough… though im not sure whether it would be the best idea for Joel to comeback since he might be too old but I can see Ellie getting mad and going to go look for the fireflies since Joel lied to her… maybe they will do something like that or create new characters and within the storyline they will involve Joel and Ellie, just wait and see what Naughty Dog come up with.

  • Brandon Roberts

    When will we get it for 360! we don’t all have PS3 you know.

  • marquan

    I would totally play tlou2 as along as it keeps the originality and introduces new characters and as long as they don’t try to pull the whole entire there’s a stage after the bloater thing because there was only four stages in the first one.

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