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While no air date has been set for Nikita‘s final season, a general time frame has been announced.

At the Television Critics Association press tour, CW president Mark Pedowitz said the network is planning on late fall, reports IGN.

“We’re aiming for it for mid-November or end of November into December, to continue original programming in the fourth quarter and to give it the appropriate sendoff,” Pedowitz said.

Usually, The CW preempts its shows during the holiday season to air reruns and Christmas specials, but there is a growing trend in television of having new content air year-round, much like cable television.

There has also been some confusion about how the final six episodes of Nikita will air. At San Diego Comic-Con, Nikita star Maggie Q indicated that the show might air in two-hour blocks as three TV movies.

However, Pedowitz denied this at the TCA tour. “The game plan for Nikita is not for three ‘two-hour movies.’ It is individual episodes,” he said. “We may end up doing a two-hour finale after we wrap the first four episodes.”

Nikita‘s third season ended with the destruction of Division and the titular heroine framed for the assassination of the President of the United States. Leaving her engagement ring behind, Nikita went on the run in order to protect her loved ones.

At Comic-Con we learned a bit more about season 4 and how Michael, Alex, and the rest of Team Nikita will support their friend and help her clear her name.

Are you looking forward to the final season of ‘Nikita’?

  • Dee

    The best series so far, intriguing and always leaves u yearning for more…. 5 star rating.

  • Kathy G #Nikitaverse

    Most underrated show on TV

  • Naira

    best show ever!

  • Mutangana Dieudonne

    Best show ever, when the fourth season is coming?

    • Steven Massey

      “Best show ever”? You must not have seen the series that starred Peta Wilson and Roy Depuis!

      • Bobbytwolegs

        Yes it is the best show ever!

  • Laracroft

    Best of any tv show or movie as well!

  • Jmh316900

    Ine of my favorite tv series of all time! Im gonna cry when its over :(

  • Augustine

    Please come back I love your show!

  • toeshi

    best show everrr!! the quality of music, camera works, acting, etc is very impressive. this show deserves an award! The storyline is well-structured and keeps the audience interested in the material at all times. absolutely beautiful work!! can’t wait for season 4!! <3 :D

  • Neri Millán

    this is taking forever!!!

  • regi


  • Dee7

    I can’t believe its over! I love this show! Maggie Q and the rest of the cast are amazing. I’m hoping for Alex and Owen to get together. I think they have a lot in common.

  • Joylyn Capidtoan Sambling-Cost


  • Saffy

    This show is so underrated and deserves so much more recognition, absolutely AMAZING, so sad this is the last series :’(

  • Heagen

    I’m afraid that we’re going to wait a few months before the fourth seson is finally realized on tv

  • ale p

    It’s one of the best shows I ever seen.
    It would be a pity to have only 6 episodes for the fourth season.
    I think we all want a full season.

  • Alena Ballard

    Cannot wait

  • Adam

    Seriously I don’t ever comment and don’t think I ever will again for any show, but Nikita is so great and I’m sad it’s so underrated because it does deserve way more attention holy. Love it. Like damn. One of the best shows ever.

  • Yuga

    Four seasons won’t be enough! :(

  • stephanie deus

    WHY, why does it have to end like this with 6 episodes. its the best show on tv!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=667413716 Michael Hill

    I am upset about this being the final season. I mean I do understand in
    business if something is not doing well it gets smoked. However, Nikita is such
    a well-rounded show and for the producers/company CW to underestimate an asset
    like Nikita by focusing on shows that are quite frankly, blah; is 100%
    atrocious. I hope they make this fourth season sooooo memorable that the
    ratings soar and the true potential is seen. Good day, CW! :(

  • Carole Hansen-Baws

    I agree that Nikita was a sensational program. I look forward to it every week. I think they should keep the seasons going. It is the only show on tv that I watch and look forward to seeing every week.

  • john

    Now die best show ever

  • Big fan

    I love this show. Of all the shows to cancel this should not be one of them.

    • Nicole

      They’re not really canceling it, it’s ending. I absolutely love this series too but I’m actually glad they’re ending it because if they would try to keep going they would probably ruin it. I can’t wait for season 4! ^^

  • ndegeocello

    First Burn Notice is cancelled and now NIKITA, SERIOUSLY…. IS there anything the public can do to make this not happen???????????

  • Alexis

    My favorite show I have ever seen.

  • jhongie

    when will the season 4 be released?.. we all are waiting for it.. can’t wait any longer .. i’m excited what to happend next..

  • jhongie

    why is the season 4 only have 6 episodes according to the list ??? huhuh so sad :(

  • Alex k

    I can’t wait plz make tomorrow hahahah love it

  • Majidh ali

    Im not looking for a final season. its too soon to end it. this show is awesome.

  • Kerry

    so excited for the fourth season! it is my favourite show ever!!

  • jr

    Yessssssssssss wish it wasn’t the final one :(

  • frank mead

    Love the show – Why is it on a Friday night when everyone is out partying. Would get better ratings on a Tuesday/ Wednesday night time slot..

  • MMM

    i love this show in the time that i have been waiting for season four to come out i have watched the whole thing over and over. i believe that it is right that the show comes to an end because then it might just become a drag but i also believe they should have a little more than 6 episodes left.

  • rdm1776

    Cant believe it, but my wife and I have been WAITING for this to come out!! Its the only tv show we ever watch.

  • Cac08

    This show is easily one of the 5 best shows on T.V. Lot’s of twist and turns, action, has it’s funny moments here and there and most of all who doesn’t love a assassination/spy drama show with lot’s of sexy people in it. Too bad season 4 will be not only it’s final season but a really short season too. Somebody needs to get Maggie Q another starring role on t.v. she’s a incredible actress. Not to mention gorgeous, hot, sexy and exotic. This show is easily the best on the CW Network don’t work why these people at the CW Network is putting an end to this show. Really great show!

  • Dupree

    only 6 episodes I eas thinking 10. But i can’t wait

  • geeksarecool

    s4 has already been shown in the Uk – weird…!

    • Bob

      No it hasn’t.

  • Irvinq Medina

    I think prison break, and nikita, has been one of the greatest show of all time.

  • jade

    Yes. I saw commercials back when the show first aired, and never watched. So one day I decided to watch it on netflix, and it is AWESOME!!!!! So ready for season 4.

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