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Our shipping tournament, BattleShips, continues with Bella/Edward and Alanna/George. Which couple will fight Elizabeth and Darcy from Pride and Prejudice in the next round? You decide!

Over the past month, we’ve selected relationships to represent each book in our tournament, and now that they’ve been selected, it’s time to put them against each other in the tournament!

‘Twilight’ VS ‘Song of the Lioness Quartet’

Who do you think should win?

- Bella/Edward (59%, 2,816 Votes)
- Alanna/George (41%, 1,926 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,742

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This poll will end August 1st at 12:00PM.

The Participants

Delirium: Lena/Alex
Song of the Liones Quartet: Alanna/George
Much Ado About Nothing: Beatrice/Benedick
A Song of Ice and Fire: Jaime/Brienne
The Infernal Devices: Will/Tessa
His Dark Materials: Lyra/Will
Bloodlines: Sydney/Adrian
Romeo & Juliet: Romeo/Juliet
Twilight: Bella/Edward
The Mortal Instruments: Magnus/Alec
Heroes of Olympus: Percy/Anabeth
Divergent: Tris/Tobias (Four)
Pride & Prejudice: Elizabeth/Darcy
Perks of Being a Wallflower: Charlie/Sam
The Fault In Our Stars: Hazel/Augustus
The Hunger Games: Katniss/Peeta
Harry Potter: Hermione/Ron
The Vampire Academy: Rose/Dimitri

The Tournament


How it’ll work

Each battle will last 48 hours, so be sure to get your fandom in the know when it’s your favorite book’s turn! The tournament will continue until we reach the final battle, and then we’ll name a ship the Best Book Ship of All Time!

You can advertise your book’s battle through any social media site to help your favorite ship win, and every vote counts until the 48 hours are up, so don’t think your ship is done just because it’s a few votes down near the end!

Reminder: Sudden Death

In the event that a battle ends with a margin of 150 votes or less, the battle will go into sudden death. Sudden death means that the next day, a new battle will be set up for only 6 hours, and the winner of that poll will go on to the next round. All votes will be reset in sudden death, so every vote counts!

Who did you vote for?

  • Natasha Pereira

    Am I the only one who doesn’t understand the bracket?

    • Rob Macdonald

      What’s not to understand? Top 8 get buys, 9-24 play each other to play 1-8

      • Liderc

        Someone who understands brackets on Hypable, woot. But it’s “bye” week, not buys.

  • Sasha A. Khan

    Alanna/George!!!!!!!! UGH! I LOVE THAT SERIES!

    • Kira Bonnice

      Aren’t they the best couple? I love them in all of the Tortall books, but my favorite is seeing them from Aly’s perspective in the Trickster books.

    • Neiha

      The OTP to end all OTPs.

      • Eki

        Well, this is weird.

  • Amir

    All I can say is this whole thing is gonna be ronmione and percabeth’s big huge epic battle xD

    • Tygridia

      I still have no idea about which one I will choose…

  • Bender

    Alanna and George! or I have no faith in this generation of readers….

  • Molly

    We can’t let Bella beat Alanna!

  • Maria Wang

    Song of the Lioness is AMAZING!

  • Brittany

    Alanna and George ALL THE WAY!! I may have to do a series re-read because I remember loving these books SO MUCH!

    • Kira Bonnice

      I recently re-read all of her works, they’re still awesome!

  • normalizboring

    Anything but twilight >_<

    • gabbygrl

      Have you even read the series?

      • normalizboring

        Hard to keep reading something with terrible writing. And Bella is nothing without Edward. When he left, she sat pouting for how long? That doesn’t really seem like a good relationship. One being totally reliant on the other? Not really relationship 101. I do like the IDEA of twilight, with the Volturi, the werewolves, the vampires. But Bella fawning over two different guys, excuse me while I puke………

        • Shelby Walker

          Let’s not forget that their relationship shows all the psychological signs of an unhealthy, abusive relationship…

          • normalizboring

            Precisely. Not relationship 101 ;)

          • Liderc

            Except it’s not dealing with real world problems, it’s a fantasy where Bella is about to be killed nearly every chapter. It’s called protecting someone from harming themselves due to ignorance.

          • Shelby Walker

            The problem with that is: even in fantasy, there has to be a level of realism. The fact that Edward keeps her isolated from people she cares about is abusive and controlling. If the story focused in on his unsavory behavior, it would make the story better and allow that realism to make sense. It has a real life problem within the story that it does not even acknowledge.

    • Merina

      You’re voting for Alanna/George just because you hate the opposition? I thought the point of Battleships was to celebrate shippers and their ships…not jump at a chance to tear them down :(

      • Liderc

        It’s not the presidential election, it’s a shipping contest. If people choose to vote against a ship, it’s just as valid as you voting for one.

  • Shelby Walker

    I’ve never read a book by Tamora Pierce, but I voted for that ship anyways. I mean…why would I give it to Edward and Bella?

    • laura

      now i want to read ten

    • Merina

      Maybe because you want to give Edward/Bella shippers a fair chance rather than voting for something you’ve never read just to spite us? :P

      • Shelby Walker

        I think I’d rather vote for a ship I know nothing about rather than one I don’t believe in. I used to love the Twilight books, but I can’t stand Edward and Bella. It isn’t a vote against Twilight fans, it’s a vote against a bad ship.

        • Merina

          Did you ever consider just not voting at all? That would give both ships a fair and equal chance.

          • Shelby Walker

            I think regardless of whether I did or didn’t vote, both ships have an equal chance. I don’t see the problem in voting for a ship I don’t know when I don’t like the other one. I’m not the only one who as done this during a round of Battleships.

          • Merina

            How on /earth/ do both ships have an equal chance if you, and others like you, are voting for ships that you do not support, know nothing about, and have no reason to vote for other than you ‘can’t stand’ the opposing ship?

          • Shelby Walker

            Because both have the support of true fans. And I don’t know why you’re complaining… Bella and Edward came out on top, like I figured they would. So really, I gave a ship I knew nothing about one extra vote to maybe give them a fighting chance. Sounds kind of like your reasoning for why I should have voted for Bella and Edward, doesn’t it?

          • Merina

            1. Bella and Edward have been fluctuating between bottom and top all day.

            2. Both have the support of true fans, yes. But they also the support of non-fans who care and vote for reasons I see to be both petty and unfair. This is my complaint.

            3. When did I ever say you should have voted for Edward and Bella? If you don’t ship them, of course you shouldn’t vote for them. Ditto with Alanna and George.

            I stand by my original suggestion; if you don’t ship it, don’t vote for it. This is a celebration of ships and their shippers; I’d like to keep it that way.

          • Shelby Walker

            1. When I said that, they were ahead by over 100 votes. Sorry if fans of Alanna/George came back in the time between my comment and yours.

            2. I’m pretty sure the true fans are what matter. If I vote for a different ship I know nothing about, that is my prerogative. My one vote isn’t turning the tide against your ship… that will happen if true fans band together and get as many votes as possible.

            3. Maybe you didn’t say I should, but you suggested a reason why voting for Edward and Bella would be better than voting for the other ship.

            Last I checked, there were no rules regarding how to vote. This battle is open to however you wanna vote. So really, you shouldn’t complain. I didn’t freak out at people for voting against Ten/Rose or Kurt/Blaine just because they didn’t like one or the other. They have the right to vote however they please. And in the end, this poll isn’t the end of the world. No point getting upset because people have a different opinion. And in the end, my one little vote isn’t a defining factor in which ship will win.

          • Merina

            1. No need to apologise. I merely wished to explain why your vote – and indeed, everyone’s vote – matters.

            2. Yes. I agree; the true fans are indeed what matter. Hence why I do not approve of you – an uncaring, random voter who jumps on an unknown ship based upon how much she dislikes the opposition – doing what you are doing.

            3. I have no idea what you are talking about. As I recall it, I suggested that you should not vote at all. My opinion remains as such.

            I believe that I should indeed complain if I think someone is doing something wrong. Yes, there are no official rules, but that does not stop you or I from having an opinion. And my opinion is that what you are doing is unnecessary and unfair. In a poll, every ‘little vote’ counts towards a large outcome, yours included. I cannot stop you from doing what you are doing, of course. But I wish you would. I truly wish you would.

          • Person

            Good grief, there is no problem with voting against something you DON’T want to win. She clearly has heard good things about Alanna and George, and she would prefer that ship, which she is fairly neutral about, to one that she explicitly dislikes. Everyone gets a vote every round in this competition. That means that the VAST majority of votes are NOT going to be made on someone’s true OTP. Shelby’s OTP probably wasn’t even IN that round, so she was just trying to ensure that the options she DIDN’T want to win were eliminated over those that she WOULDN’T MIND winning. If you think that is unfair, then surely it is also unfair that some pairings have BEEN READ more than others as well…

          • Merina

            I think that there is a problem. I believe that it’s petty and unfair and unnecessary. You are entitled to your opinion. So am I. Agree to disagree.

          • Shelby Walker

            I think the problem is you are attacking people for doing what they want and having a different opinion.

          • Merina

            I am not attacking you. I am merely stating /my own/ opinion on what you are doing, in a polite and straightforward manner. You do not have to agree with me. Like I said; agree to disagree.

          • Shelby Walker

            If you had acted like this from the beginning that would be fine. But you criticized mine and other individual’s votes because you didn’t agree, as well as called our opinions petty. That is not polite. Polite would have simply been initially saying agree to disagree on the way this voting should go.

          • Merina

            I assure you that I never intended to cause any offence. I apologise if you took my comments in such a manner and encourage you to re-read them with this understanding.

            I have no wish to continue this discussion with you any further. And so, for the final time, I will say; let us agree to disagree.

          • Shelby Walker

            Agreed. I agreed the whole time. :)

            I just wanted you to know that calling people petty isn’t exactly polite. Everything else you said was fine.

          • Shelby Walker

            In the end, I don’t mind you feeling that people like me shouldn’t vote, but you don’t have to call us petty. Because if I had read the othr series, my vote would have fallen the sakme way.

      • normalizboring

        If you feel strongly about a ship, you should vote. Whether you are strongly for or against a ship. just don’t vote in a poll you know NOTHING about.

        • Shelby Walker

          To be fair, I would have voted the same way if I had read both series. So really, it doesn’t matter either way. My vote would have fallen the same way.

          • normalizboring

            That’s what I’m saying. You felt strongly about the outcome, so you voted, thus being completely in line when voting.

    • Phantomfluteplayer

      You should read Tamora Pierce’s books. They are really well written. I grew up reading them as much as I did Harry Potter.

      • Shelby Walker

        I’ve heard amazing things about Pierce’s books, but I just haven’t gotten around to picking them up. I definitely will consider it now. :D

        • Elizabeth Gross

          Do iiiiiiit! You’ll be glad you voted for Alanna/George :)

          • Shelby Walker

            I’m sure I will. :D

    • Melissa H

      Not only should you read them, when you catch up, you should come over to Mark Reads and read along with the rest of us.

  • Anna S.

    I adore The Song of the Lioness series! Alanna/George is just so much healthier and happier a relationship than Bella/Edward.

  • Noelle Braaten

    Whoever wins is going to lose to Lizzie/Darcy anyways :)

    • ane_drew

      I’m with you there. :)

    • Elizabeth Gross

      Yes but we *still* can’t let Alanna/George lose to Bella/Edward. It’s just shameful that they’re even being considered on the same level.

  • VioletFlame

    Alanna & George!

  • Merina

    Twilight fans unite! Can’t believe there are still so many of us :)

    • ZofTheTwiHard

      Yep! Cannot let them lose!

      • 1bitelover

        Hell yeah! I’m sorry, but people just hate Twilight to hate Twilight, and that’s without ever giving it a fair chance! Its the “cool” thing to NOT like it, sad that people have to be sheep and be afraid to like something b/c of what other people might think! YAY Twihards!

        • Joana Eme

          Puh-leeze. I hate twilight because it disgusts me, angers me and especially frustrates me.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            Great! Least you have a well-formed opinion based one the fact that you know the story, and not just a hater who just follows the flock.

  • Amalia

    I like reading Twilight, but Bella/Edward is just such an unhealthy relationship. On the other hand, I’ve never read the Lioness Quartet, so I don’t feel comfortable voting for them either… Difficult choice.
    Now, if it had been Alice/Jasper, I would have voted for them straight away!

  • Twi v@mpire

    twilight Bella/Edward………………….<3 them alot………….they are the bestest couple ever…………….

  • ZofTheTwiHard

    People… I just have a question: How is the Edward/Bella relationship “unhealthy”? ‘Cause I even listened to knowledgeable people giving arguments on it and I still don’t see it…

    • GinnyWeasley002

      It’s an abusive relationship. Bella is too dependent on Edward, and Edward is to controlling, but not matter what happens, Bella’s in love and could never LIVE without Edward. It’s just not a healthy relationship.

      I don’t have anything against the books, I liked Twilight. But, when I first started reading it, my mom made sure I understood, that despite how great it may look in the books, to NEVER get in a relationship like their’s.

      • ZofTheTwiHard

        It still doesn’t make sense. I guess it’s because I read Midnight Sun, so I see Edward’s point in all of it. But I see your side as well.

        • CliveRogan

          There’s a scene in either New Moon or Eclipse (can’t remember which) where Bella wants to go and see Jacob because she’s his friend. Edward doesn’t like this so he breaks her car. Later when he needs to go hunting so can’t control where Bella is or isn’t so he gets Alice to hold her pretty much hostage. Bella ends up having to sneak away behind his back in order to talk to one of her only friends.

          It’s Edwards complete lack of trust that makes the relationship unhealthy, along with the fact that for Bella, the relationship is the only thing that matters in her life, at one point she says her choices in life are to be in a relationship with Edward, or go to college, like it’d be impossible to do both.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            Valid points until the last one. “relationship with Edward, or go to college” – They were talking about staying human or changing to vampire, not about going to college or breaking up. They were going to go to college if Volturi wouldn’t have interfered. And if the relationship was the only thing important to her in her life, she’d have thrown herself off that cliff to die.
            Edward does trust her – it’s the world he doesn’t trust. For him, she’s a gold leaf – precious, but very fragile. So he’s afraid – crazily so, I admit. Just like Bella is when she doesn’t know where he is – Ch. 19, Eclipse. They’re mirror images of each other in so many ways – it’s just that from a POV of this human society, the measures they take are… questionable.
            But as I said – valid points, people.

          • Merina

            I feel I should point out that at that point in the story, it would indeed be impossible for Bella to be in a relationship with Edward and go to college. She must become a vampire to be with Edward, per the Volturi’s law – and therefore, as a newborn vampire, would be intensely dangerous to a college campus full of tasty humans. Stephenie Meyer has said that Bella would most likely attend college in her later, more controlled vampire years with Edward and study to be a teacher :)

            Re: Edward’s complete lack of trust – he stops her from seeing Jacob because he truly believes that she is walking into a death trap when she goes to see him. It’s the equivalent to, say, my baby sister going for a stroll on a motorway. Surely his lack of trust is understandable, to an extent. His actions are indeed wrong, but he recognises that, mid-Eclipse. He apologises and promises to do better in future…and he does. By Breaking Dawn, Bella takes centre stage as defender of her family, independent and strong-willed – and Edward lets her act as such.

            All couples have their flaws and I personally enjoyed seeing Edward/Bella work through theirs. They are a far from perfect couple – but they try their hardest, and I cannot help but admire that.

          • DoktorNauk

            You have a reason to think you can control your baby sister, who I assume by the use of the word baby is quite young. Bella is practically an adult and Edward shouldn’t be making her choices for her. I didn’t like how she was made to feel that her feelings were invalid.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            As I said – both of them are just mirror images of each other, like, literally, two halves of a whole, if you excuse the cliche. So they both undermine each other’s feelings, to be honest…

          • Merina

            You’re right; Edward shouldn’t be making her choices for her. Which is why he ends up realising how wrong he was, apologises mid-Eclipse, and resolves to do better from then on…which he does. Like I said before; nobody’s perfect. Edward and Bella have to work through their flaws together…like any other couple!

          • Liderc

            Not to defend Twilight, as I don’t really care about it, but Edward is protective because Bella is in danger a lot of the time. She’s usually about to get herself killed so he’s protecting her from death 9/10 times.

            In the real world, they might not seem “healthy” because it appears like he’s controlling, but it’s not actually the case. He’s simply looking out for her because she’s constantly in danger. He’s more of a father figure than anything, as creepy as that sounds.

            And saying it’s not healthy to believe you can’t live without your spouse, that’s not saying much for the people who stay married for 60 years and once one person dies in the relationship, the other dies usually very soon. It’s not always unhealthy, it’s chemistry.

            Once she is a vampire, Edward doesn’t have to worry about her dying every minute like he has before. I imagine he’ll let her do what she wants and lose his overly protective behavior he’s had previously while she was a fragile human.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            Very true! I mean, just the choice of cars he bought her rpoves that –
            Human – a car which could withstand a tank assault
            Vampire – A Ferrari F430
            As I said – for him, she’s a gold leaf. And he’s terrified of losing her.

          • ZofTheTwiHard


          • Joana Eme

            1. If Bella (or any other character) was smart enough to devise a strategic plan, or at least had common sense, she wouldn’t need “protection”. Twilight’s conflict was a no brainer – 7 vampires against a single 1, and what do the Cullens do? They force Bella to get out of town. Bella is more in danger by hanging out with the Cullens that she is with anyone else (and what I mean is the Cullens, especially Edward and Jasper, ARE the danger, not the means to), but do they care? Apart from Edward, no.

            2. If Edward’s so protective of Bella, then why did he in New Moon – 1 – threw her against a table, instead of shielding her from Jasper, or pounce at him immediately, causing her to open a wound in her arm, resulting in the rest of the family to get thirsty; 2 – Left her in the middle of the woods after they broke up, where she could die of starvation, dehydration, infection or blood loss if she suffered a trauma, or being mauled by an animal, not to mention that this all happened while Victoria was going AFTER Bella? Protector of the year, this guy is.

            3. You are seriously comparing long time married senior aged couples to a TEENAGER that gives up on life after her FIRST boyfriend dumps her after 6 MONTHS of dating?

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            1.: How the heck is Bella meant to devise a plan to keep herself safe when we’re speaking of superior species?
            2.:If he didn’t do anything, Jasper would’ve got her… and he clearly didn’t want her to get “starvation, dehydration, infection or blood loss if she suffered a trauma, or being mauled by an animal” – “We’d only gone a few steps into the trees when he stopped. We were barely on the trail – I could still see the house.” – Bella, Ch. 3: The End, New Moon

            -Neither of them knew that Victoria was after Bella then. She wasn’t even in the state – “I traced her as far as Texas” – Edward, Ch. 23: The Truth, New Moon
            3.: He’s not comparing the length of the relationship, but the commitment. And she never gave up on life, because she obviously survived, just more zombie-like. But, if you think living a ‘bland’ life is being life-less, well…

          • Joana Eme

            1 – The Cullens could have dealt with James on the spot, instead of waiting for him. Edward reads minds, and Alice sees the future, so there really is no excuse for their stupidity.

            Bella could have a lighter with her, or craft homemade mines and bombs to explode, or set vampires on fire. They may be not legal, but hey, vampires aren’t either, so what?

            For a superior species, they sure are stupid enough to not think of ambushes when dealing with the newborns in Eclipse.

            And, I don’t know, it’s not like the Cullens don’t have special powers to help them. Oh wait, they do! Emmett is super strong, Edward can read minds, Alice can see the future, and Jasper can control moods. Perfect tools for devising plans, don’t you think?

            2 – I already gave the common-sense, right alternative: Pounce immediately at JASPER, not at Bella!

            As for the second part, yeah he clearly thought about that, because after their break-up, he left her ALONE! He didn’t follow her home, he ran away! She followed him, got lost in the woods, and fainted! She could have hit her head on a rock, or a root/branch/whatever, you know? And it took hours for her to be found by Sam!

            And 3rd part, Laurent told Bella in chapter 10(!) of NM that Victoria was after her. Also, if I haven’t made myself clear the last two times I mentioned it, ALICE SEES THE FUTURE!

            3 – 1st – People who are married for 60 years don’t have the same health as a teenager, so of course a strong emotional trauma could trigger some sort of health condition (Also, old aged death is very relative). 2nd – Bella only had 18 years of life experience, and 6 months of relationship experience. She was immature, and naïve, unlike senior couples.

            …I’m glad you’ve never been truly depressed, but the way you addressed it is really insulting. A depressed person doesn’t care about what generally happens around them. They will not find pleasure in things they once loved, they won’t care if they got hurt, they won’t care about anything, unless they find a way to deal with it, and get better. “Bland life” is our daily routine. Depression is complete VOID!

            And how did Bella deal with her depression? She spent 4 months doing NOTHING! She ignored her friends and family, and stayed zombie-like all the time. She clearly survived, she totally didn’t give up!

            And how did she got out of her zombie-like phase? When she found out she could have hallucinations of Edward. She even got to Jacob in the first place so he could fix the bikes so she could hallucinate. That’s totally healthy!

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            Edward’s mind-reading is limited by distance, and, as he mentioned, James and Victoria kept too far away for him to hear. Alice’s vision changes with the decisions, it’s not exactly omniscient. Also, Bella’s not exactly ‘badass’ enough to do that sort of stuff (in cases of immediate danger, not possible danger… she clearly does do that). Plus, why would they need an ambush in Eclipse…?
            He left her alone because a normal human being wouldn’t go into the forest. But, as Bella has no sense of fear… plus, him walking her to the front door didn’t exactly go with the idea of “It would be as if I never existed.” And yes, Laurant did mention that. But the wolves got involved, so I’d imagine that Alice couldn’t see that, either…
            Well, I apologize if my response wasn’t the most polite, but I guess my point didn’t come across as I meant it to. I guess that bad wording does have its consequences – and yet, it’s on the reader to interpret it. I interpret Twilight as a love story (and I’m not alone), and I’m sorry if that collides with your view.
            But the diversity of opinion does make arguments quite interesting, don’t you think?

          • Joana Eme

            Where did he mentioned that? Right when James and the others left, Edward was completely freaked out. In the movie he even said that he read James’ mind.

            It was more than obvious that Victoria would be planning some sort of revenge, after the Cullens killed their mate. James was killed in March, Victoria turned Riley in April, started forming the army in July, and the Cullens left in September, it was more than enough time to see that one coming. And how is it relevant if Alice could see or not what Laurent said? She would have known from Victoria herself!
            But then again, Alice’s visions only appear when they’re convenient.

            And what does Bella do in cases of possible danger? Hang around a vampire that could kill her at any moment; Leave blood trails to attract an enemy army that will go completely uncontrollable when smelling it. I’m not going to discuss the conflict in Twilight, because no matter how one sees it, there is no excuse at how stupid it was done. The only smart thing she has done was cutting her arm to distract Victoria and Riley from killing Edward. Other than that, nothing.

            Why would they need an ambush in Eclipse? Why would anyone need an ambush, really? To catch their enemy off guard, that’s why! Do you really think that armies in real life just throw themselves into battle?

            Drama is no excuse for being an asshole. Wasn’t Edward supposed to be a gentleman? Him walking her home would be not only polite, but could be used as the last (probably only) nice thing he’d done for her.

            If you (and the others who share your view) still want to interpret Twilight as a love story, despite the text itself blatantly proving it otherwise, then like I said, that is your problem.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            Where does he mention that he can’t hear him? Chapter 20 in Twilight – Impatience, when he calls her: “He seems suspicious of us — he’s careful to stay just far enough away that I can’t hear what he’s thinking.”

            Yes, it was obvious. But they were waiting for Alice to hear a decision, but she hardly made one. Her self-protecting gift made her indecisive:
            “They’re not coming after us,” Alice insisted, and then paused. “Or . . . they don’t know that they are. Not yet.”
            “What is that?” Edward asked, curious and tense. “What are you remembering?”
            “Flickers,” Alice said. “I can’t see a clear picture when I try to see what’s going on, nothing concrete. But I’ve been getting these strange flashes. Not enough to make sense of. It’s as if someone’s changing their mind, moving from one course of action to another so quickly that I can’t get a good view. . . .”
            “Indecision?” Jasper asked in disbelief.
            “I don’t know. . . .”

            “Not indecision,” Edward growled. “Knowledge. Someone who knows you can’t see anything until the decision is made. Someone who is hiding from us. Playing with the holes in your vision.” – Ch. 13: Newborn, Eclipse

            Possible danger? I meant like the bikes, or the cliff dive… I certainly wouldn’t be that badass (I’ve got low expectations on that front). My mum would kill me (figuratively, of course).

            Yeah. It is my problem in how I see the world. So I think now, as I see how you people see it, that this is a good place to end this discussion. But thanks for your opinion.

          • Joana Eme

            You apparently missed chapter 18 of Twilight – “Listen to me, Alice. I read his mind. Stalking prey is his passion, his obsession, and he wants her, Alice; her, specifically. He will begin the hunt, tonight.” (it might not be word for word, my copy is not in English)

            So, nope. No excuse for not attacking on the spot.

            Again, Alice doesn’t need the newborns. Victoria would have “told” Alice, directly. It doesn’t matter that the newborns weren’t aware of the plan, nor that Victoria was staying in the shadows, her decision was made once she turned Riley.

            “Possible danger? I meant like the bikes, or the cliff dive… I
            certainly wouldn’t be that badass”

            What Bella did was stupid and careless (and pointless. She was talking to the vision, not to Edward himself). It’s exactly like the guys that jump off from high balconies into a pool. Or “Jackass”. They were just having fun, too, but then accidents happen, and people die. I wonder why…

            Ok, ok, I’ll stop, now. I’ve said everything I needed to say.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            Yeah. There will never be an end of it, I guess :D
            It’s kinda like arguing evolution vs. creation. If people haven’t found common ground for ages, we’re not the ones that will find it now :D
            Meh, let’s just leave this now :D

          • Joana Eme


            I take back what I said. You clearly are deluded.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            Well, then, I guess I am. Least I’m happy.

    • Joana Eme

      Besides the truck “incident” someone already provided, the best and my favorite argument: Eclipse – Chapter 20, and their marriage proposal.

      Edward and Bella manipulate each other during the whole process, with Edward “asking” her to marry him in exchange for turning her into a vampire, and she replies that she’ll do it, if he has sex with her, first. For two people who supposedly truly love each other, that sure is one disgusting wedding proposal.

      This carries over until Breaking Dawn. Not once is shown that Bella wants to marry Edward because she loves him. She wants to marry him because that was part of her “deal/contract” (her own words, not mine). Edward to her is property, not a person. Remember when she said things like “He always knew the best ways to cheer me up”, or “He helped me live and grow up as a person”, or even “He makes me feel myself, and not the persona everyone else sees”? You can’t, because that never happened, because she never sees him as a person. Bella always describes him as “perfect”, “angelic”, “dazzling”, and “how could this Adonis-like-God be with someone like me?!”, it’s all about surface.

      And if Bella can’t have Edward, she immediately gives up on life, and wants to die, and vice-versa.

      The same with Edward. Bella to him is also property. He decides when she eats, who she sees, what she does in the future, what she drives, when she has sex. And of course the classic “he broke into her house without her consent, or even knowledge!”. I don’t care if he found it wrong in Midnight Sun. He still did it, and CONTINUED to do it.

      Edward and Bella don’t trust each other. Bella, because she doesn’t take seriously that Edward is with her because he “loves” her, over the ENTIRE series, and sometimes even gets worried that Tanya will steal him. In Eclipse, Bella even says she was scared of Edward because she went to see Jacob, even though she WANTED to see him; Edward, especially because he doesn’t want her near the wolves (mainly Jacob), when it’s more than clear that they protect people, unlike the vampires. And Edward trusts her so much that he buys her a missile-proof car, because oh-so-fragile-pathetic-human Bella is so breakable, that a bump on the road would split her in half.

      I could go on, forever, really.

      • ZofTheTwiHard

        I do have arguments against – say:

        -”she immediately gives up on life, and wants to die”. Actually, that’s not the case. To use a quote, “I wasn’t suicidal. Even in the beginning, when death unquestionably would have been a relief, I didn’t consider it.” Bella, Ch. 4: Waking Up, New Moon.
        -Or “gets worried that Tanya will steal him.” As if no girl ever felt that way. And, in her situation, it’s perfectly understandable, be cause she didn’t trust herself to be enough, not him to not love her.
        -”He decides when she eats…what she does in the future…”. Those two points don’t even make sense to me, to be honest…

        You could “go on forever.” I could, as well.

        But I can’t exactly see a point in this discussion now, considering we’ll never meet at common ground because I’ll always have my opinion and you’ll have yours; and it’s definitely not the end of it.

        • Joana Eme

          1 – Just because she didn’t try to “officially” commit suicide, it is a known fact that she doesn’t function without Edward. Besides ignoring everything around her (when not using Jacob), she still did those stupid stunts that she knew were dangerous, and could get her killed (potentially endangering Jessica, in between), and for what? To see a hallucination of her ex? No matter how you see it, it is not healthy!

          2 – By the time Bella meets the Denalis, Edward was already offering her marriage. True, doesn’t exclude the possibility of cheating, but since Edward is oh so devoted to Bella to go as far as to kill himself if she dies, Bella would have a little more brain by now.

          3 – Twilight Ch 8:

          “That’s fine–I’m not hungry.” I shrugged.
          “I think you should eat something. Edward’s voice was low, but full of authority. (…)
          “Honestly, I’m not hungry,” I insisted, looking up to scrutinize his face. His expression was unreadable.
          “Humor me.”
          He walked to the door of the restaurant and held it open with an obstinate expression. Obviously, there would be no further discussion. I walked past him into the restaurant with a resigned sigh.

          Look at this. Voice full of authority? He’s practically ordering her to eat, even if she said she didn’t want to. And even when she insists, saying “no”, he’s like “Yeah, whatever, now get in!”. Bella, instead of blowing him off like she should, immediately admits defeat, and she’s clearly not happy.

          And about him deciding what she does in the future. Well, besides the obvious blackmail of exchanging marriage with vampirism, Chapter 1 of Eclipse: Bella got accepted in the University of Alaska, and Edward is basically “no, you should go to Darthmouth! Here’s the application, fill it!”, and when she refuses to, he fakes her signature!

          Well, you asked how their relationship was unhealthy. I simply gave you the answer.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            Good. Just what I asked. But, as I said, I guess I still will see it in a different way.
            P.S: She already filed the application for Dartmouth when she got her acceptance into University of Alaska. But, never mind.

          • Joana Eme

            If you prefer to be deluded, then that’s your problem.

            P.S.Answer – She was applying because he forced her to. When she refused to complete it, he faked her signature! And why did he want her to apply to Dartmouth? Because it was convenient for HIM! He didn’t care about her.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            Deluded is quite a harsh word. I do accept your opinion – I see how it fits into the plot. I just prefer mine.
            Shall we leave this now?

          • Joana Eme

            I apologize if I offended you, it just sounds a lot like that even if you do understand, you still choose to ignore it (even now it sounds like it), because it taints the happy land fantasy.

            And sure.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            Technically, yeah, I do. I’m stubborn that way. But thanks.

          • Joana Eme

            Then next time don’t ask questions if you’re just going to cover your ears and ignore the truth, because it doesn’t please you, and waste everyone’s time.

          • ZofTheTwiHard

            I don’t ignore it. I really needed to have it explained. Then I just formed my own opinion. But let’s end it now.

  • Topaz <3

    Bella and Edward ftw! <3

  • Phantomfluteplayer

    Bella and Edward are such an unhealthy ship. I could in no way vote for them Also, I grew up reading Tamora Pierce’s books. Alanna/George may not be my top Tamora Pierce OTP, but it is in my top 3.

  • Raven

    Alanna and George!! They are the best couple and so perfect for each other. This relationship is so important to me, I’m so sad that they are probably going to lose eeeerrrghh

  • essnurkin

    Did they have to use /those/ /covers/ for Song of the Lioness? x_x

    • XLovelyFantasy

      The classic ones are better, aren’t they? Sigh. I loved the old covers…..

  • Anna S.


  • gabbygrl

    Everyone hating against Edward and Bella haven’t even read the series so please stop, it’s not fair to us readers who actually love the series

    • Sarah

      I’m fifteen and I have read the series thank you very much and may I say they are the stupidest series ever. And it is very fair I love the lioness quartet way more because they actually respect each other.

  • SorrowsSolace

    Alanna/George, full stop.

  • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

    I think I’m probably the only one who isn’t voting unless they’ve read both series/books. I haven’t read “Song of the Lioness,” so I obviously can’t actually make a valid judgement. People should also get over hating Twlilight – we’re all entitled to our own thing and it’s pretty old news to bash it at this point.

  • RedDeadCoquette

    I’ve read both series, and I gotta say that Alanna/George is definitely better. I like them more not only because their relationship is healthy, but it is unique. Twilight is just another vampire romance series, of which I’ve read several. It is seriously a cliché with a Mary Sue on top. The only books that I’ve read that are even close to being similar to the Song of the Lioness quartet are the other series also written by Tamora Pierce.

  • Melissa H

    Alanna/George because it’s an actual healthy relationship based on love and trust and not creepy stalking and emotional abuse.

    Just sayin.

  • Nina

    Bella and Edward are the best by far !!

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