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Teen Wolf season 3, episode 9 just finished airing! Come read our recap and discuss “The Girl Who Knew Too Much” with your fellow fans.

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 9 “The Girl Who Knew Too Much” began with the deputy walking through the school alone because someone called 911. When we hear the creepy chant through her radio, we know that something is wrong.

And it most definitely is. The deputy sees her own dead body before she is strangled from behind by the Darach. Lydia shows up without meaning to and, learning from her past run-in with Stiles, calls him, Allison, and Scott to find the body.

The next day at school Scott and Stiles devise a plan to talk to Ethan. Unfortunately, they have to go through Aiden in order to do that, but Lydia seems to be the perfect distraction. Their time in the closet is cut short, however, when someone draws the spiral of vengeance on the window.

Ethan tells Scott and Stiles that he and Aiden were omegas when Deucalion found them. He taught them how to control their ability, and the twins subsequently killed each member of their pack, including their Alpha. It’s because of this that they owe Deucalion so much and stay loyal to him.

Back in the locker room, we see Cora attacking Aiden. Ethan can feel it, and he, Scott, and Stiles come to Cora’s rescue. Ethan calls Aiden off, but not before Cora gets severely injured.

Teen Wolf Stiles The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Scott sent Isaac to keep an eye on Allison, but she finds him out. Together they look at what Allison’s father has been working on and, underneath the map, they see a Celtic five-fold knot. In each of the circles, we see the groups of sacrifices that the Darach has been killing.

While Jennifer and Derek enjoy a short-lived reunion, Stiles takes Cora home. On his way, Allison tells him that she thinks his father could be in trouble. He agrees to tell his dad, and needs Cora to help him.

Meanwhile, Scott goes to Morrell and flat-out asks her if she’s the killer. She denies it and her steady heartbeat backs up her story. She does have a warning for Scott, though: Deucalion wants a True Alpha in his pack, but if Scott won’t join his pack by choice, he’ll force him to kill.

When another teacher is taken, Lydia stumbles upon the room and, in some sort of trance, writes the number two on the board in the middle of a symbol that mysteriously showed up when he had turned his back. She screams right before it cuts to a commercial.

In the next scene, Stiles tries to convince his father that werewolves exist. After a hilarious scene of him trying to keep all the facts straight (“Deaton is a kanima?”), he tells Stiles to cut it out. As a last ditch effort, Stiles tells Cora to change, but she passes out right before she can.

Teen Wolf Melissa Sheriff The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Allison goes after her father, convinced he’s the one that is killing everyone. Isaac doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but follows her anyway. They see the Darach, and it’s then that her father comes out and shoots at it. But the Darach escapes.

At the rehearsal, Ethan tells Danny that if anything happens, he’s to find him. Lydia tells Scott that she’s going to stop fighting the feeling, and maybe she’ll be able to save someone in time. Meanwhile, Derek is with Cora in the hospital. Something seems to be very wrong with her.

Lydia gets a text from Aiden to meet her, and she leaves reluctantly. However, when she reaches the classroom, Jennifer is there waiting, and hits her over the head.

As Jennifer plans to kill Lydia, Lydia screams, and we finally find out what she is: A banshee.

Back in the concert hall, a piano wire kills a woman and everyone runs screaming. Back in the classroom, the sheriff points his gun at Jennifer, but she throws the knife at him and it lands in his shoulder. Scott shows up to fight Jennifer, but she’s just too strong for him.

As Stiles watches from the other side of the door, Jennifer takes the sheriff away and the episode ends.

‘Teen Wolf’ season 3, episode 9 ‘The Girl Who Knew Too Much’ quotes

Lydia: “You find the dead body from now on.”
Stiles: “So you and your brother were like the bitches of the pack?”
Cora: “I did it for Boyd.”
Morrell: “He wants to make a killer out of you.”
Isaac: “This is so not going to end well.”
Stiles: “Mom would’ve believed me.”
Scott: “You get me the time and I’ll do something about it.”

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 10 “The Overlooked” will air next week, Monday, August 5 at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

Did you know Jennifer was the Darach? Were you certain that Lydia was a banshee?

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    THAT WAS THE BEST EPISODE!! Oh my god. That Darach music was creepier than usual. Lydia is a banshee! So many people predicted that accurately! And no!! Ms. Blake. I didn’t want her to be the Darach. UGH. Poor Derek. AND SHERIFF STILINSKI NOOO :’( If he dies, I’m going to find someone I don’t like and punch them. Hard.

    • Reozen

      Yeah, it was the best episode so far it’s weird how Jennifer is the Darach I wonder how she can transform and be in two places at once. Lydia being a Banshee was more of a confirmation than a reveal. The Sheriff is going to be in 3B so we don’t have to worry about him dying at least but I hope Cora doesn’t die either.

      • MariePearle

        I predict a new werewolf in the 2nd half of the season, and it’s not Danny. Didn’t they say it would be one of the parents?

        • Reozen

          Who said that? I don’t think it’s been confirmed that any of the parents will be turned.

          • MariePearle

            It was on one of the spoiler sites. I forget which one.

        • Adderall Addict

          They need to develop the characters they have, not introduce one or build up a minor character (as Matt was last season) that either doesn’t exist today or hardly exists.

          • MariePearle

            It’s probably going to be one of the parents.

  • abs


  • Mike

    I have a few more questions about Lydia though. Was she always a Banshee or is what Miss Blake said to Lydia “You a serpent underneath” (Something like that) what caused her to turn into a Banshee when she was bitten. (Like Jackson, when call a cold hearted snake) Also, why is she immune? Why is she able to bring people back from the dead (Peter). Still a lot more questions with her up in the air.

    • Gates

      I think that Peter had a lot to do with his coming back from the dead. Lydia was sort of a pawn in his plan to return. She did what he couldn’t do because…his spirit was contacting her and possessing her? So much to think about!

      • Ted

        What is a banshee

        • Bin Sidhe

          A fairy woman who wails to warn about or mourn the death of someone from Celtic (?) mythology.

    • Nj

      The serpent under neath is a figure of speech

    • Adderall Addict

      Banshee’s, in mythology, have nothing to do with immunity from other supernatural beings. So far, they aren’t showing Lydia as immune, per se, to another form of somewhat supernatural being – a druid, so I have no idea how the writers are going to work this in. Frankly, I would preferred (as they did with the Kanima) that they come up with something almost totally new rather than try to work with an existing mythology.

  • Ted

    I’m confused still about Lydia what is a banshee

  • Gates


  • Zeo

    Wait so what was that bit about when the Sheriff said to Jennifer something like “That body we found in the woods all slashed up, that was you?” What did that mean? I need to watch it again because it whizzed by too quick for me to actually catch it.

    • Gates

      I thought that the picture that Mama McCall showed the sheriff actually looked like Ms Blake. Maybe she was an Emissary that the Alpha Pack tried to kill!

    • nightgale

      I think he was referencing the body of Laura Hale found in Season 1, or maybe it’s a completely different person who was cut in half. I believe they referred to Laura Hale as “Jane Doe” in the hospital records though.

      That really wouldn’t make sense if Laura Hale was Jennifer Blake.

      • Zeo

        Peter killed Laura though, didn’t he? So that couldn’t have been Jennifer.

        We were told that Peter put Paige’s body in the woods though after Derek ended her life. (It was actually even mentioned in the “Previously” bit at the beginning too). Maybe he slashed her up so she wouldn’t be recognised? If you like the theory that Jennifer is Paige, I guess that could work?

        • nightgale

          Peter did kill Laura, but it was her body that Scott and Stiles dug up in season 1. Actually they ended up identifying the body as Laura Hale, which is why Derek was let out of custody. Therefore, I suppose this “Jane Doe” could have been another girl who was cut in half.

          • Joe E Dangerously

            A “Jane Doe” is an unidentified female. It’s a general term. The body was not cut in half. It was slashed beyond recognition. But somehow she managed to survive and we don’t know what happened after that. I assume she disappears. She was one of the druids the Alphas killed.

          • Adderall Addict

            And nightgale, it has nothing to do with being cut in half – just being unidentified and female (males are John Does).

            Joe, remember the part about the birds that Melissa told the Sheriff? I forget the wording, but the implication was that the birds killed themselves so the druid the Alpha’s killed (that particular Jane Doe – the current Darach) would survive.

        • Courtney

          I thought that maybe the Jane Doe girl’s demon took over Jennifer’s body, because in the episode that they were at the motel Lydia saw that demon looking thing in the fire. Maybe that was the Jane Doe girl? Someone needs to clear up the Jennifer/Darach thing to me.

          • Adderall Addict

            Demon thing IS the Darach.

      • Joe E Dangerously

        “Jane Doe” means unidentified female.

        Laura Hale was the body in the pilot. She was positively identified. That’s how Styles got Derek arrested.

        Yes, Blake is one of the emissaries caught in the massacre. She survived. That’s the body they found. They never said there weren’t more so they could have found all of them but she was the only survivor. Now she makes everyone see her as a young pretty teacher.

      • Adderall Addict

        ALL unidentified bodies found anywhere are called “Jane Doe” or “John Doe” for processing of paper work. Laura was ONE Jane Doe, and this was another (the time frames are off by about 9 years – Laura was killed within one year or so of the events of Season 1, certainly of Scott getting killed; the body that is referred to in this episode would be between 8-9, possibly more years of Scott getting the bite).

  • http://rikustark.tumblr.com/ Ashley

    So….Holy crap? I’m not a HUGE fan of Jennifer being the Darach but seeing her actually mean something more to the plot? Heck yes! I need a few things cleared up for me before I can be completely on top of this, but I’m really to like this.

    I loved the Lydia screaming and all of the werewolves hearing her scene. I can’t wait find out more about what being a Banshee really means. Also, the little scene with Lydia and Scott holding hands? I don’t know if that’s suppose to clue us in for something in the future between them, but awwwwwww.

    The whole Stiles, Cora, and Papa Stilinski scene was well done. I was half expecting Papa Stilinski to think Stiles got Cora pregnant. NOTHING better happen to him, or I swear. I mean seriously, Stiles last words to him were “Mom would’ve believed me” NO NO NO.

    The teacher getting killed by the piano string? Wow. I honestly didn’t think it was going to go there.

    Overall, I thought this episode was amazing. My only slight set back is my confusion over this darach business, but I’m sure things will get cleared up now that the darach has a voice in all this.

  • D-Rex

    Me Blake is Derek’s first love back from the grave to seek vengeance on the alpha pack for her death. That’s why she liked Derek..but why does she wear a mask??

    • Skalik

      Well, Derek’s first love died from a werewolf bite. In this episode they were investigating other wolf pack’s druids. I’m not trying to kill your theory, I’m just adding in my knowledge. I’m not saying I’m 100% accurate either.

      • Jeaven

        But the sherrif said that they found her in the woods years ago with multiple slashes

        • D-Rex

          Exactly she somehow didn’t die ..it probably has to do with the tree Peter buried her by….he knows more the. He says

          • MariePearle

            Peter always knows more than he says.

          • Jeaven

            Wait so you think she is paige or not??

          • Gaby

            Yes! Jennifer is Paige, it all has to do with the tree Peter buried her… same tree Lydia is always drawing

          • MariePearle

            Yes, I think it’s fairly obvious from the hints.

        • Shantal

          Yes and before that Ethan was explaining to Scott and Stiles that they killed all of their emissaries, other than Deucalion’s, when they formed the Alpha pack. I think Jennifer is one of them and she is the person whose files the Sheriff and Melissa were reading. That’s where the Sheriff knew about the state of the person.

        • Adderall Addict

          The ages are wrong. The picture in the chart that Melissa has is of an adult woman. True, that whole medical chart is messed up if you look at it closely in a Gif (for one thing, the year of the chart is wrong).

          Earlier in the episode, it’s stated that the alpha pack members killed all their emissaries – that’s four dead druids. It’s 99% more likely it’s one of those four versus Paige as an adult.

    • Adderall Addict

      It’s not a mask. It’s her true self. Her appearance as the teacher is the mask.

  • AJ

    Does anyone want to explain the kiss with the flashes to the Darach’s face at the end? That really confused me- all of the sudden Jennifer was kissing the Sheriff and making flashes appear on screen of things that happened. Was that in the sheriff’s head? Was she doing something to him? I’m so lost..

    • http://rikustark.tumblr.com/ Ashley

      I think that was Jennifer showing her true face while she was kissing the Sheriff.

      • AJ

        Okay that makes sense. Though it still doesn’t explain why she was kissing the Sheriff in the first place…
        It was an interesting choice of action given the time and place with the werewolf, banshee, and evil gloating. But hey, Linden Ashby is pretty hot for a 53 year old.

        • http://rikustark.tumblr.com/ Ashley

          I have to re-watch this episode again, but I think her kissing him was to represent the virgins she sacrificed? Like when she said warriors she crushed his badge, when she said virgins she kissed him…

          • Joe E Dangerously

            Yes, it was a way to convey a message visually. It’s film language. That’s all.

        • Emma

          How the hell is he in his 50′s at most I thought somewhere in the 40′s. HE DOES NOT LOOK 50

          • MariePearle

            The actor who plays him was born in 1960. But you’re right, he does look young for his age.

    • Jake

      I think it meant that Jennifer was controlling the sheriff to do the things wearing that mask or whatever, which explains Motel California and how the Darach and Jennifer were at different places at once. Maybe that’s crazy, I don’t know.

    • Joe E Dangerously

      That’s what she really looks like. The “Darach” form is her true face but she makes everyone see her as Jennifer Blake. So for some reason he saw beyond her illusion.

    • Adderall Addict


      She’s doing the sacrifices; that part was openly acknowledged when she was going to kill Lydia, it’s just more clearly stated visually various ways (the super strength, healing, and the flash).

      Do NOT understand how people don’t get that she’s the evil druid….

  • sammylovegood


    • http://www.twitter.com/BlueHuMac BlueHuMac

      He can have Stiles. Stiles is not evil.

      (Sorry couldn’t resist)

    • Adderall Addict

      Unfortunately, the writers continue to write him that way – just as they tend not to permanently get rid of villains (so far, Kate and Matt — and Matt, more so because Gerard had to take over the Kanima — have been the only ones to leave the show for good), they don’t seem to want to give certain characters any positive moments.

      Understand that this isn’t a everyday drama thing, where people are going to have normal things in their lives, but they instead of throwing so many characters and convoluted plots at us, they could simplify some of that and get back to some character development, including having some positive things going on in the lives of the citizens of Beacon Hill.

  • pottervfd

    This episode was SOOOO STRESSFUL!! During the last scene where Jennifer was fighting the Sheriff in the classroom, my sister actually came downstairs to talk to me! I had to pause the show (thank God for DVR!) while she told me about this Harry Potter game she and her friends were playing on Google hangout. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice that she thought I would like it and wanted to tell me about it, but she interrupted me at THE MOST STRESSFUL POINT IN THE EPISODE!! I tried my best to be patient, but my heart was pounding and I wanted to get back to watching Teen Wolf! I tried to explain it to her, but she just condescendingly said “Richie, it’s Teen Wolf. Is it better than Harry Potter?” (No, but it’s pretty darn up there! And that’s besides the point!) Anyways, she finished talking to me and went upstairs and I was able to finish this FANTASTIC, AMAZING, HEART-POUNDING EPISODE!!!!

    • pottervfd

      I pretty much figured (along with the rest of the fandom) that Lydia was a banshee. I’m interested to see more of that explored in future episodes. I liked the scene in the classroom between her and Jennifer earlier in the episode:

      Lydia: “I’m psychic.”
      Jennifer: “You’re psychic?”
      Lydia: “…. I’m SOMETHING!!”

      I also LOVED Lydia and Scott’s moment before the concert! Lydia being all heroic and saying if she doesn’t fight it, hopefully she can find the next sacrifice before they are killed. :)

      THE MUSIC WAS FANTASTIC!!! MAD PROPS to DINO MENEGHIN for making that chanting so epic and terrifying!

      While I kind of figured that Jennifer was the Darach (due to someone’s analysis of Jennifer/The Darach’s sleeve in the SDCC trailer), I thought this episode did a great job of misleading the audience. There was actually a point where I thought she wasn’t the Darach and was actually gonna be the next victim.

      • Joe E Dangerously

        People don’t give the music guys enough props. They do great work, don’t they?

    • Cunt

      Harry Potter fucking sucks.

      • Adderall Addict

        I’m sure – and even more certain, of course, that millions upon millions of people world wide share your sentiment and express it in the same considerate and intelligent way as you.

  • LLPotter

    This seriously settles it, I feel sorry for Derek. Jeff just love to abused and torture him……. Can’t wait for next week’s episode!

    • Adderall Addict

      Maybe a specific guy in High School or college (that Jeff was majorly into) looked like Derek and Jeff tried to befriend him but never got even the time of day?

  • No-News-Is-Good-News

    another great episode. I was shocked to find out Derek’s love could be the one that is the main killer. at first I thought she was just a regular everyday kind women starting a new job and then she is attacking everyone. what a shock that was. never saw it coming. cant wait for more episodes and seasons… awesome job so far!! styles was funny again…. “you know where I can put the stick!?” lol

    • Adderall Addict

      People thought she was peculiar from the get go. I mean what teacher is in school until almost sun up? She was likely preparing some of her sacrifices even then OR that entire thing was a set up to get to Derek even then. There’s no need for a 3/4 am run for school supplies.

  • Graydon

    So wait is Blake Paige? Or just a psychotic bitch?

    • Joe E Dangerously

      Blake is a druid who was killed in the Alpha Pack’s mini ethnic cleansing where they massacred the betas and emissaries.

    • Adderall Addict

      She’s another psycho bitch (like Kate).

  • von

    I’m both happy and upset about a few things in this episode. When i learned about the Darach I knew it was Ms Blake and I’m not just saying “I knew it ha ha” I really did think it was her and tonight before she showed her true face her acting weird kind of summed it up. I thought this was kind of generic and disappointing to make the brand new character the Darach but it was well written. I loved that Stiles finally told his dad but I was frustrated that his dad didn’t believe him but I sure had lots of feels tonight from when he said “mom would believe me” I hope Sheriff is alive and okay and yeah. I’m loving this season.

  • http://www.twitter.com/BlueHuMac BlueHuMac

    HOLY F***!

    This is what good storytelling looks like!

  • Pendragon

    Awwwesome episode. Never would have thought Jennifer was the Darach. I speculated on everyone from Peter to Chris, but never Jennifer. Derek’s going to be devastated (again). And am I the only one who thinks we could see pairings eventually of Isaac/Allison and Scott/Lydia?

    • kclark

      those parings wont happen..

      • annony mouse

        THANK YOU!!

      • saksak21

        Isaac and Alison will happen

    • Adderall Addict

      If the actors who play Issac and Allison had not broken up AND if it wouldn’t mess up the Issac and Scott werewolf dynamic, you might have a point there. Lydia will need to be coupled with someone – so far, it’s been Aidan. If it ends up that the Twunk werewolves turn on the Demon Wolf and/or Kali to end the Alpha Pack (and they are already committed to being in some episodes in the second half of this season), that relationship should continue. But they are going to lose the twins to their HBO show if TW comes back for Season 4.

  • Jojo_Squires

    Gah, all the pain…. I swear if the Sheriff is dead… *takes deep breath* So, I knew something was off about Ms. Blake. The things that she said sometimes were just….off kilter. Plus, when she walked away after talking to Derek and the wind whipped her hair into her face…it was creepy. I figure there must be something else to it though. Jeff would not make it obvious. There must be some loophole I’m missing. On the other hand, Jeff is used to producing a 13 episode season so it makes sense that all hell would break loose at this point. Hmm……I can’t wait until next week. On a completely unrelated note, concerned big bro Derek sitting at Cora’s bedside and hearing Lydia’s scream…..twas kind of adorkable. Just sayin’.

    • wqdwd

      why didn’t cora hear it?

      • Tina

        I think she was pretty much unconcious due to her injury/illness/whatever and thus wasn’t able to hear it.

      • marz

        I think it’s because of whatever is happening to her since her fight with the twins. she’s losing her werewolf abilities. which would explain why when she attempted to phase she fainted.

    • Adderall Addict

      12 episode.

      He also said that each 12 episodes would have one big bad that would be solved by the end of that series. So hopefully, no more Jennifer after three more episodes.

  • Jake

    I think the kiss at the end and the weird mask meant that the Sheriff was helping her unknowingly. This explains how the Darach was in two places at once, like in Motel California and tonights episode, where Ms. Blake was at the school when the teacher died in that abandoned building.

    But seriously, loving this whole thing. Lydia. Banshee. Called it.

  • Lulu

    Great episode Teen wolf never let’s me down !! I would love 2 c Issac/Allison Lydia/Scott pair up its gonna happen bt ultimately we all kno that Scott &Allison is gonna find their way bak into each others arms

  • shotgun12

    This season has been boring lydia screams every episode, scott and stiles create a new plan every episode it fails, where are the hunters even at no random werewolves being attacked its turned in to a freaking high school musical show aimed towards girls every character walking around shirtless and then they just get companies to advertise on the show (reeses, and ice breakers) director drove this season into the shit hole no action all drama

    • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

      Okay, I think you should go back and rewatch this season again. Lydia does NOT scream in every episode. Actually, we haven’t heard her scream in several episodes. I think the last one was episode 4. Where do you get a ‘high school musical’ comparison? No one has walked around shirtless for the last two episodes. And even if they did walk around shirtless all the time, what’s to complain about? They’re all nice to look at.. I don’t know why you’d bitch about the product placement. Its not like its relevant.. And, um, ‘no action?’ Seriously? There’s been plenty of action.

      • Reozen

        If this is no action I can’t wait to see Teen Wolf when they do show action.

    • Von

      I’ll agree that the product placement is obnoxious and it is more obvious than ever which makes me sad that Teen Wolf doesn’t have the budget to get away with you know NOT doing that. A bigger budget would also enable them to beef up the action scenes which I’ll admit are pretty boring. I’m really tired of the “I’m Scott / Derek and I’m here to beat you up only to seem the be completely pulverized.”

      The slow-mo is gross and WAY WAY WAY overused and they need to stop it, I’d kill for a fact action claw to claw fight. That said I don’t think Lydia has screamed every episode and there certainly isn’t just boys walking around shirtless all the time but they DO play up their demographic and as a young adult male who watches the show I wish they wouldn’t cater it to JUST teenage females. It makes me angry because the mythology and the drama and the character arcs are all very interesting this season but for every good thing you get a cliche plot point here and a cringe worth product placement there – this show could be great and while I love MTV for supporting it I just wish another network would’ve picked it up that wasn’t “teen friendly”

      It doesn’t help that the fanbase that MTV sees is 98% girls, the males need to become more vocal and stand out.

      • Adderall Addict

        The product placement has been bad since Season 1. Teen Wolf Wikia kinda of makes fun of it in their recaps by pointing out the really blatant ones. Most of the time, they don’t bother me (if Pepsi gave them money for the cans by the dresser when Scott and Issac fell asleep protecting Melissa a few eps ago, that’s OK by me; the Reeses cup in the flashback was kinda of clever with Flashback Peter’s talk about ‘perfect combinations’ and having the Guidance Counselor drink Aquafina in this episode, does anyone really notice some of these?).

        This is the most expensive show on MTV and MTV could make more money with another crappy reality tv show, so I’m fine with cutting the show a break – if they would actually develop the existing characters, close up some open ended loop holes and story lines and just generally work on what already exists, I’d even sign a petition to MTV to give them more money – but not until they actually kill some villains off and explain plot holes going back to Season 1!

    • Jonas Grumby


  • shotgun12

    i was praying lydia would die just screaming every episode gets old and i love how in the first season there were tons of wild werewolves and it had been like that for decades but now all of sudden we have narrowed it down to ten give or take and they all can control themselves perfectly the last episodes better step up with action and violence or this season was a bust whether you want to admit it or not

    • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

      Once again, I’ve got to say, go and rewatch. There were only three werewolves in season one. Scott, Derek, and Peter. I don’t know where you get ‘tons of wild werewolves’ from. Please take your hate somewhere else. We don’t want it here.

      • http://rikustark.tumblr.com/ Ashley

        Preach it!

  • Jolly Bee

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  • Harrison

    I called it, the girl Derek was in love with at a young age is the teacher “Darach” because obviously it’s close to Derek and I noticed that they looked similar and it’s really weird….

    • Samantha

      OMG MINDBLOWIN! I noticed that too, but didn’t think much of it, but now ahhhhg it all makes sense.

    • Adderall Addict

      That’s not confirmed at all and even implied not to be the case….

  • SmartBlack

    Does Ms.Blake have superpowers? What is she? *HELP!*

    • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

      …She’s the Darach.

    • Adderall Addict

      It appears that she has the powers she’s TAKEN by killing the people she has – for example, by killing healers, it has given her the ability to heal herself. Druids are the same as priests for Christians. They were pagans that pre-date the Roman conquest of Great Britain and they didn’t leave records of themselves. In mythology, there is no belief that they had any powers — much less supernatural ones — other than those of a current religious cleric (absolution, for example).

      • SmartBlack


  • http://tyrionical.tumblr.com/ Kyle


    • Mitchel Clow

      Yeah, you’re telling me! I was so anxious about Lydia’s fate at the end that I had to wrap my arms around myself to stop from shaking!!

      • Adderall Addict

        Never watch an episode of Teen Wold by your lonesome.

  • Tom

    I don’t think that is stile’s dad…what if the dad is just a “virgin guardian” and stiles is adopted or something…

  • Leah

    I’m still very confused about things. I still feel like we’re missing out on a lot of information that would make some things actually make sense, so I can only hope that we get more answers from the rest of this season, and not just a huge battle lol. I have faith in the writers etc but I’m starting to get tired of being confused. Still a huge fan of the show though! The Stilinski family feels killed me this episode.

  • BritBrat

    Jeff Davis is the George R.R. Martin of Teen Wolf.


  • Lotte


  • Kaystroh

    where can i watch this video online?

    • Amy

      You can watch it on MTV’s site if you in the US. If not you could always check out projectfree tv they usually have the newest episodes :)

  • Amy

    Just rewatched the episode and even though a lot of things happened at once the episode was awesome. Jennifer being the Darach didn’t come as a big surprise to me due to her lack of reaction to all the crazy shit happening and some very observant people on tumblr noticing her sleeves matching the person strangling Lydia in the promo from SDCC. I kind of like her even more though know even if she is evil, she’s still and evil BAMF. Really looking forward to getting to know more about the Banshee lore in the realm om Teen Wolf.

    Poor Derek not looking forward to him finding out about Jennifer though. He really knows how to pick them. And Stiles saying that his mother would have believed him just broke my already bleeding heart. Uncalled for Jeff and that just happened to be the last thing he said to the Sheriff before he was taken. Feel all over the place.

    Still wondering if Jennifer could be Paige and if Cora dies I might just have to kill someone.

    • Adderall Addict

      Aren’t you getting the feeling that there’s never going to be a positive plot through line for Derek – at least not from THESE writers?

      • Amy

        I kind of feel like they written themselves into a corner with Derek. They just added to much hurt and pain to both his backstory and current timeline that it’s hard to justify how the guy could ever be happy.

        Then again I’m still not convinced that Jennifer didn’t actually care for Derek deep down and that she on some sick level thought she was helping both her and him by doing what she did. Of course, it’s still pretty impossible to gloss over the fact that she killed 12 (?) people so I doubt their storyline is gonna have an happy ending.

        • Adderall Addict

          I wish they had gotten there with the “true Alpha” and the “pack of Alphas.” Would really have preferred that they invent something totally new (aka Kanima) and used that as the big bad.

  • jorgeee

    I think two of the 3 deaths we were promised before season3a ended are gona be cora and jennifer aka darach it just makes sense she said in the preview when derek says who r u she said the only one who can save your sister I believe episode 12 towards the end that deucalion kills darach out of no where thus killing cora I also believe gerard will die possibly by deucalion as well thus prepping us for a vengence seeking derek going after deucalion in season 3b

    • Adderall Addict

      This show doesn’t have a track record of getting rid of bad guys – Matt had to die so Gramps could become the Kanima master, so other than Kate, they haven’t really permanently gotten rid of a big bad. So while it would be annoying as all Eff if they didn’t get rid of Demon Wolf by the end of these 12 episodes (and Jeff Davis said they would be wrapped up by then), it wouldn’t be shocking given the history of villains on TW.


    Please someone tell me this. How did Sheriff stellinski find the girl(DARACH) once in the woods. And what season and episode?

    • Jennifer Stabler

      They never actually show anyone finding the girl in the woods. He asked Melissa to help him track down files from mysterious cases, she explained to him what happened (the birds, etc), and when he found Jennifer in the classroom he deduced that she was the woman from the woods.

  • Jennifer Stabler

    I pegged Jennifer as evil from the beginning because we all know Derek Hale isn’t allowed nice things. I am actually excited, though, because Haley Webb is awesome, and her character is finally interesting! She’s been great, but the Jennifer character wasn’t well developed, IMO. Last night as the first time that I was excited to see her on screen.

  • Jackie111709

    Great Episode….. I think this whole thing with Jennifer will change Derek but I also think Jennifer is not as bad as we think. I think she is being threatened and is being forced to do those things by someone else or at least I’m hoping that’s the case so Derek isn’t always getting screwed over.

    As for Cora, I usually am totally wrong but I think Cora may be pregnant from Boyd. Random thought I guess but I think she will become another version of her mom, IDK just saying.

    Stiles father lives because they showed him in upcoming previews. We just don’t know if she changes him or not. Also can someone please explain whats a Banshee?? Jennifer said she and Lydia were one in the same but why is Jennifer so powerful and Lydia isn’t? Maybe I just misunderstood that whole scene.

    This season is one of my favorite’s so far. What will become of Scott? Does anyone else think Deucalion will befriend Scott and they will join forces in killing the other wolf pack Jennifer is speaking of? Also, does anyone else think that crazy wolf (the female that always beats Derek’s butt) will turn on Deucalion when she finds out that he killed the other Alpha at the animal hospital?

  • Patty

    I had guessed both that Jennifer was the Darach and that Lydia was a banshee. It was nice to finally get confirmation. Now, I don’t thing we have nearly the whole story on either. Much like the misdirect with Chris Argent, I think we have tons more to know about Jennifer and why she showed up NOW and what she is making sacrifices. What’s her endgame? I truly think she is doing this all FOR Derek. Because, well, I think Jennifer is Paige. We will see. Also, what are Peter and Gramps up to? Because I know there are shenanigans there too.

    As for Lydia being a banshee. Love. But what is Danny? Because he is something! The twins targeted both Lydia and Danny. Why Danny? Why????

    • Adderall Addict

      The twins said one would be important to Scott; that still has not made sense. They indirectly targeted Allison by living in the same building, but obviously (probably from having captured Boyd and Erica earlier) knew that Scott and Allison were broken up and were on/off and on/off fairly regularly. So really, the more important (obviously) person to target would have been Stiles.

      The show has not written that the Alpha Pack through Danny or Lydia was supernatural special – just that one was important enough to Scott as a means of GETTING to Scott – to exert pressure, etc.

      In this very episode, Aidan makes clear that they know Danny isn’t anything special – not special to Scott and not supernatural special, which is why Aidan is trying to get Ethan off from staying involved with Danny.

      Don’t get me wrong; would love for the show to give Danny more screen time and more to do, just wanted to point out that canon-wise, to what has happened so far on screen, you’re way off the mark.

  • Crazy-EIght23

    Is anyone else alarmed by the blatant Allison and Isaac moments, as well as the Scott and Lydia moments?!

    • Adderall Addict

      The Scott and Lydia moment is just a nice expression between two people who haven’t really been allies, even when Scott was trying to protect her in Season 2; the only thing they shared in S1 was that weird make out session when Scott essentially back stabbed Stiles with Lydia and Lydia has her own “mean-girl” get back at Jackson or control things moment.

      Now that they aren’t just using Lydia (well, other than for her body to get to Aidan), they seem to be writing her more maturely and as a better person. Maybe this is a change in her character, but the hand clasps with Scott just meant support/allies/giving each other strength. Don’t read more into it than that.

  • Nj

    Jennifer is Paige papa stylinski said that before she kissed him

    • Cassandra

      The photo in the hospital file was not Paige – I went back & looked – altho how they had a photo for a Jane Doe is a mystery.

    • Adderall Addict

      He did NOT say that – he said she was the body of the female found in the woods, the one the birds sacrificed themselves for to keep her alive (thus a druid); it’s pretty clear they mean her to be one of the four emissaries from the Alpha Pack members.

      Plus the ages are wrong; the photo in the file Mellisa showed the Sheriff is not Paige, and the file would have named Paige, not ‘Jane Doe.’

  • Michael

    That was an awesome episode!! Loved every second of it!! So much happened! We’ve finally learned what Lydia is and that Ms. Blake is the Darach! I cant wait to see what happens next! And its so crazy that were still not even half way through the season! 15 more episodes left!

  • YΛSMIN ✗♥O

    Jennifer said (to Lydia): “But you don’t know the alpha’s like I do.”
    sherrif stilinski said: “there was a girl year’s ago, I found her in the woods, her face and body slashed apart. That was you wasn’t it.”

    But didn’t the alpha’s see her when they killed boyd?

    I don’t get it anymore. I think I gotta watch all the episodes again.

    Loved this episode tho. Bummed that Lydia isn’t an emissary to Scott :(

    • YΛSMIN ✗♥O

      *after reading the comments* so jennifer is paige! WAIT SO She is doing this for DEREK??? But what kind of sacrifices are they, and what will it help against the alpha’s? :s

      Yow I’m even more confused now after reading the comments. Still gotta watch last season again…

    • Adderall Addict

      The burned, damaged face that we’ve seen on the Darach all season long is presumably her true face/appearance. Jennifer is the disguise, so she can travel amongst people and accomplish her evil deeds.

      If it’s the woman in the woods, Melissa and the Sheriff were looking at a file with a photo of a woman well older than a teen, possibly even middle-aged. If it was Paige’s body, it wouldn’t have been a “jane doe” and it would have been a photo of Paige.

  • shewolf2913

    Ok shes not wearing a mask did ny of you of you pay attention. When stiles dad sayed your the girl who was burned in the fire. That is her real face as it was burned. Sheis a druid but her scared mangled flesh turned her heart black there for she became a derach. Loved this episode. Cant wait to fiure more out about lydia being a banshee.

  • theaterboy1

    Loved the episode!! I knew Lydia would turn out to be a banshee, but I never expected Jennifer to be the Darach! Wow!! Can’t wait to see the next episode!

  • teenwolfgurl13

    Well it was obvious that Lydia was a banshee especially by the way she screamed. I knew because I read a lot of greek mytholighy

    • reallydemonic

      a banshee is in celtic mythology not greek, but i can understand the confusion because of how they emphasized the gods turning men into wolves thing.

      • Adderall Addict

        Banshee is mostly Irish, and conceptually also considered part of the Fae. You are right, there is a Celtic variant/component.

        TeenWolfGurl might be thinking of Sirens, which do exist in Greek mythology, but have at best passing similarities with Banshees.

        However, in either Celtic or Irish myths, Banshee’s are not immune to supernatural acts, such as werewolf bites, so that’s something either the TW writers Effed Up, and are going to drop and ignore from now on — or they will create their own made up powers and characteristics for Lydia (in addition to the Banshee being able to foretell death – which is in the myths).

  • Guest

    Has anyone noticed the hint at Isaac and Alison this episode? I never saw it till this episode but now I think I quite like the idea, to be honest, even though I adore Scott.

    • Adderall Addict

      They dated in real life (they have since broken up), that’s probably what you felt. It’s unlikely they will write the show that way – it Effs Up the werewolf relationship between Scott and Issac too much and THAT is something they’ve been stressing since the end of Season 2.

      • Quest

        Oh that explains it, there was just tto much chemistry!

  • Yuli Bear

    This Episode was freaken OFF THE HOOK as they say… I am so INLOVE with Derek & seeing him with Jennifer, I thought oh WOW, Super Nice… and I thought, OH NO she is the next victim… and then BAM!!!… she is the freaken Darach… what a mind f*cking twist… I didn’t see that one coming… but seriously guys!!! excellent job done by the writers…
    I love Allison’s Dad!!!
    The most funniest part was where Stiles tells his Dad the truth, LOL… Stiles is most likely the best character out of the whole cast…
    Honestly this is a series worth watching… BRILLIANT…

  • Zac

    They said in ep 8 that they had to take dereks gal to the woods and make it look like another beacon hills animal attack after her body rejected the wolf bite. In this episode stiles explained to his dad that jackson turned into the kenima as his body took the different form. It could be likely that dereks first love didn’t actually die that night and became a druid. I personally don’t think that they would have placed emphasis on explaining the different transformations of a bite if they weren’t gonna make something of it within the upcoming plot. Leaves the whole idea that Ms Blake is actually dereks long lost love back from almost death

    • Adderall Addict

      They haven’t said that Deaton or Morrell need to be survive a bite or some other supernatural transformation to become druids or become emissaries. Druids are actually religious figures, just like a monk or a priest or a nun. It doesn’t require anything supernatural, just a belief, study, practice, application, etc.

  • Alexandra Butiri Buty

    DOES ANYONE PLEASE know the soundtrack at the end of this episode? Yes the tribe like music. I LOVE IT! But i can’t find it :(…

  • nindystark

    i dont think jennifer is paige. jennifer real name is Jane Doe, remember the files that melissa gave to papa stilinski at the hospital? it shows that her name was Jane Doe

    • Amy

      Actually Jane Doe just means unidentified female. It’s used in reports when one does not know who the person is.

    • Antara Chowdhury

      John Doe and Jane Doe are names given to unidentified males and females, or just Doe sometimes if they need to be non-gender-specific. They’re just placeholders for the real names.

    • Adderall Addict

      The more pertinent thing is that the age is wrong. The person in the picture of that file is an older woman, possibly middle aged; certainly older than Jennifer looks today. And it’s obvious that the Darach, burned and disfigured, is the true appearance of that entity and that Jennifer’s appearance is a disguise (even though, if accurate, Jennifer would still possibly be a bit younger than the correct age Paige might be).

  • Andy Garcia

    And don’t forget that the Darach was a girl that they found in the woods with her face torn up. But that confuses me, considering that IF that WAS Paige, how did Derek have the blue eyes, because he would have only gotten them for KILLING an innocent person. ?????????????????????????????

    • Adderall Addict

      Because the Darach is one of the four druids/emissaries of the four Alphas that make up the ‘beta alphas’ of the Demon Wolf’s pack. They killed them and apparently one of them didn’t die.

  • jade

    i’m really pissed off that jennifer is evil!i mean 4 gudnes sake,can’t derek be spared the heartache?!jeez!

    • Adderall Addict

      Not if you leave it up to these writers….

  • fulton

    poor stiles, he must be crushed! the poor guy can’t loose both parents, after all he was just trying to keep his dad safe :(

  • Adderall Addict

    I’m not sure any part of Morrell’s line can be considered quotable.

    She. Just. Dragged. Every. Word. Out.

    The one extremely frustrating thing about this episode was the entire thing with Aidan’s cell phone at the recital. OK, so the Darach has supernatural powers: she can teleport from Beacon Hills to the parking lot in Motel California, she can use moths to teleport healers from inside a running car to where ever it is she wants to sacrifice them, and she can teleport herself from where she was killing the history teacher (when Allison/Issac and Mr. Argent came up to her) to instantly be at the recital before they can get there in a car. So her powers now include the ability to pick pocket a cell phone AND that’s the plot device the writers use to get Lydia from the recital to an empty, dark classroom?

    Let’s get to this another way: 1. Scott’s concerned for Lydia, so even though it’s a public place with plenty of people, he still asks her what she’s doing at the recital. 2. Lydia is standing next to Scott at said recital. 3. Aidan is seated in front of Lydia at the recital and supposedly sends a text that they need to talk. 4. Rather than wait for Aidan to get up and come and get her to have this private talk or wait for him to get up first and leave the recital, Lydia LEAVES BY HERSELF. 5. Scott doesn’t notice OR all of a sudden doesn’t care about Lydia wondering off by herself. 6. Lydia not only doesn’t wait for the guy a few rows in front of her, but wonders down a dark hallway and even more PLAUSIBLE, enters a dark, empty classroom by herself.

    Yeah, right. Guess they didn’t have money for CGI moths to wisk Lydia into danger for this episode.

  • MlpDarkestNight

    Omg Derek needs to ditch dating these wacko women before he ends more damage

  • marz

    Hey, omg that episode was amazing, but I’m confused about a few aspects of the show. First, what exactly is a banshee/the wailing women? Also have they reveled/explained what the guidance counselor is and what’s her role in the whole werewolf battle? Was the teacher the final sacrifice or does the druid still need to kill the guardians? What happens when the druid finishes the kills? and what god/person is it for? Ahhh sorry for the endless questions

  • Adderall Addict

    Wow – 150 plus comments!

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