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Pottermore has announced an entirely new design for the home page that you’ll see after you log in.

For example, a new map shows you “all the locations and activities from Hogwarts and beyond that you currently enjoy as part of your own journey. To access them you’ll simply need to click on your desired location on the Map,” writes Pottermore. A preview can be seen in the image below:

There’s also a new menu bar at the top and a side bar. The side bar will include “updates and information so you don’t miss out on anything new. When you’re exploring a Moment from Harry’s story the Side Bar will house the ‘Read About’ content as well as a new ‘Related Moments’ feature, which will showcase thumbnails of Moments that include similar characters, locations or themes to the Moment you are currently exploring,” writes Pottermore. “Combined with the new commenting features, this will provide you with even more opportunity to locate and discuss your favourite things about the Harry Potter series.”

An example of the new sidebar is below:

It’s hard for us to fully understand how helpful (or not helpful) these new features are until we play with them ourselves. They’ll be arriving with the final Prisoner of Azkaban chapters sometime in the next few weeks.

In addition to these features, Pottermore announced a new story navigator earlier this month. All of these changes are being made in an effort to overhaul the site to appeal to a wider group of users.

We’re glad to see that the previous home page will be disappearing. The long line of dots that lets you select a chapter quickly grew outdated looking.

  • PabloRuiz7

    It’s a safe bet to say it will be better than the current site. They need an extreme makeover.

  • rh1127

    This is the first Pottermore update in the history of Pottermore that has made me go “yay!”

  • Matt

    An i still don’t care. I haven’t been on Pottermore in 2 years.

  • Esmeblabbed

    I was so excited when I got into the early access Pottermore and then I was disappointed with the way the site was and now I wait for something good to happen again…

    • Esmeblabbed

      Also does anyone know what that locked thing is at the top right corner of the Pottermore page?

      • xiku

        They said, a long time ago, that it would be for games/interactions with other electronic devices, I think…. But then they never said anything about it again, so… But, from this picture, it looks like they’re removing it….

      • Mary B

        I say it’s for Knockturn Alley, notice that when you go to Diagon Alley the entrance to K. Alley is still locked. Guess they’re still working on it (the site is fairly new)

        Disappointingly enough they got rid of the would-be Knockturn Alley. Now where am I going to buy all my dark arts items from?!

  • Slytherinhero01

    I still find that my care factor is still extremely low despite this news. A makeover cannot substitute for lack of anything interesting to do on the site. I still don’t understand. This site is ran by Sony with J.K’s full blessing. They could have done 10 times better than this. When Pottermore becomes more interactive (maybe turning itself into an MMORPG like it should have done in the first place) then I might actually care.

    • Plat

      It’s an experience for the fans of the books, and made to go along with the chapters in general. Maybe J.K. Rowling didn’t want an mmorpg, ever think of that? This was her gift to us and her idea. In this age of complicated digital games and software, why would it not be a gift to get something more relaxing, simple, and closely connected to the books we fell in love with?

      • HpFan

        This was A Companion to the Books- the way the videogames were a companion to the movies.

        Which is Why Rowling didn’t did it with WB and instead went with someone else. For it to be focused on expanding the BOOKS.

        (also why people whinning about a Harry Potter MMORPG? when Playstation HAS one- as a COMPANION to Pottermore.

        so guys? you Already have a MMORPG!! go buy a playstation link it to pottermore and DONE.


        • HarryHungerAvatar12

          Thank you! I hate how people trash talk it when it is freaking free

      • El

        Yeah, she said this was a gift to us… then they made the site to attract people who haven’t even read HP yet. I find it ridiculous.

        • Kody

          I’m so happy that these comments exist–all the ridiculous complaints and hate directed towards Pottermore by Harry Potter “fans” is really discouraging after a while. The Harry Potter series is completed; JK Rowling has created this site out of her own free will, with no pressing reason or benefit from doing it rather than as a gift to the fans who have followed her books for years.

          We should be grateful to have any form of continuation within the Potterverse, especially where she is so busy writing other works and increasing her breadth as an author. And quite frankly, all the complaining and disrespect for what she has done for us all is embarrassing.

          • Samantha

            I love JKR and absolutely adore her work, but don’t be fooled, if she is partnering with Sony, there is some type of business benefit to this. Maybe not as much as a full book would, but this is not charitable work.

    • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

      I would legitimately die if someone ever made a Harry Potter MMORPG. It would be the most amazing thing ever.

      • Plat

        There are plenty of unofficial ones out there, just Google it.

      • Mary B

        Well there is the new playstation game, it makes me wanna throw my xbox out the window and buy a ps3. I think it’s called Wonderbook Book of Spells. But still it’s not the same as MMORPG.

  • Winkyxx

    Watch it all glitch.
    However, I hope this will work!

  • Me

    I have never thought of a Marauder’s Map feature…

  • Nicki

    I love the artwork and the moments – just they weren’t enjoyable on the current interface. Hopefully this will make it a nice, light experience that’s easy to drop in and out of. And as I’m currently going through the books again, I might actually use it as a companion!

  • Ula

    I HATE the new design, it looks aweful. the current design is much more harry potter esque, and much easier on the eyes. this looks all crammed and i bet its going to glitch loads just like the current one did in the beta period.

    • HarryHungerAvatar12

      Idiot you really think all of this is going to cramp into one page well… NO! And you think they will not realize about the glitching! It has been 2 years since the current design I pretty sure technology improved itself

      • Ula

        Who knows? maybe it will look better when its up and running. it just looks from the pictures like it is all going to be on one page. please dont call me an idiot.

        • HarryHungerAvatar12

          sorry! Just been grumpy but ya hopefully fingers crossed this will be much better.

          • Ula

            Yeah i know what you mean, i do think it will look better once we see the full image, the little snippets that they have posted look a bit clumsy, but it might not actually be like that.

  • Meghan

    Will we never know what that extra locked circle at the top is?????

  • Marie

    I don’t know if my computer is too old or something, but I’m having a difficulty navigating the new pottermore. Like, I try to move forward and it takes me backwards? I have to manually type in the moments/chapters in order to get to the point I want to go to. :-(

  • Mary B

    I HATE the new look. I hate the silly bar at the bottom, makes me have to scroll to get a view of things that before fit my screen just fine. And I miss the old lines look, also the top bar was a lot more useful before than it is now. Not to mention how they got rid of the would-be Knockturn Alley. I know it’s free and I love PM to death, but this “upgrade” was just a downgrade for me.

  • shadoefax

    absolutely hated the new update. the bar down the bottom for “easy access” was horrible looking and was a huge distractions when looking at the general screen. i also have no idea why they changed the duelling system and the spell dots layout. completely unexpected and even more glitchy. the new layout is too modern and unspohisticated, and the worst possible thing they could have done was ruin the fun in duelling. -_-

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