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The BBC has struck a deal with its distributors to broadcast the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special around the world in 200 countries simultaneously!

“It’s always been our ambition to work with our broadcast partners so that international Doctor Who fans can enjoy the 50th Anniversary special at the same time as the UK,” said the BBC in a statement. “We’ll have more details soon about our very exciting global plans for November.”

The decision was made in order to avoid spoiling fans who’d have to wait until the later hours of the day after it premieres on the BBC in the United Kingdom.

Currently, new episodes of Doctor Who air on BBC and BBC America on the same day. This is the first time it will air simultaneously, and we hope to see other shows take this route in the future.

The event will air in 3D and is expected to be broadcast to over 100 million people worldwide.

The exact 50th Anniversary date of Doctor Who is November 23, but the specific air date and time for the special broadcast have not been set. As soon as we know it, we’ll share it with you to ensure you take the day off from work or school.

Thanks, Radio Times.

  • RussellTurner

    3D? ughh…

    • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

      Indeed. But keep in mind you don’t HAVE to watch it in 3D.

      • DavidTurnnel

        And eh.. how exactly will we do that?

        • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

          Uh, watch it at home. They can’t air it on tv and make it 3D for everyone because not everyone has 3D tvs at home so obviously it’ll be in 2D. If they do the 3D on tv, it’ll have to be some other way. Or the 3D might only be for the cinemas.

          • WhoKid152

            In my country, if an episode of something was to be broadcast in 3D, it would be advertised on tv and in magazines for a week, telling you you will need the red and blue glasses (also available in tv magazines). Then just one scene will be broadcast in 3D so viewers without the glasses can still enjoy it.

        • Charlie

          In the UK at least, the 3D version of a BBC program is accessed though the red button whilst it airs normally on one of the main channels. (I believe)

  • mtlss

    Wait a sec – will we be able to watch it in 2D?

    • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

      Yes. Not everyone likes 3D, some people can’t watch 3D, and most people don’t have the capabilities to watch 3D in their homes.

  • T

    Copy editing alert: typo in headline…

  • Ellen

    Now Sherlock just needs to jump on this bandwagon!

    • Ellen

      The part about it broadcasting the same as the UK that is, not the 3D.

    • Lauren

      Pun pun punny.

  • PabloRuiz7


  • SherlockUSA

    Why can’t Sherlock do this?!

  • dillonmays

    I don’t mind the 3D.

    • Oh My Rowling!

      I don’t understand what the problems with it are!

      • Lance Keith

        It gives some people headaches, and others simply can’t see it at all. I don’t know the science of it, but I’m sure you could google it.

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    This is so great! :) So how many countries are there? If its being aired in 200 countries that means its almost ALL of them.

    • http://owenharpertorchwood.tumblr.com/ Katie

      I know. Will we get all everything else that the BBC is showing? I sure hope so.

  • Trent Taylor

    The question is, will americans be able to watch it in 3D, at the cinema?

    • http://harrymyland.com/ Harry Myland

      Oh MAN I would love for this to be a Fathom Event or something.

      • Trent Taylor

        I don’t see why it would be Fathom. Maybe under the Fathom name, but Fathom uses that awful projection (Based on my experience seeing Phantom of the Opera, and I suspect they’d play it off the normal projector. It’s not really a live event.

        • http://harrymyland.com/ Harry Myland

          Well, they did the TNG screenings for the BluRay and those were all pretty awesome.

          It doesn’t really have to be Fathom, but I’ve been under the impression they’re the go-to-guys for special events at theaters? Unless there are others, which, I don’t care how it happens I just want IT to happen.

  • Kristin Wilcox

    Really? They haven’t set the air date yet? The 23rd is a Saturday. It usually airs on Saturday. The original aired on Saturday. IT’S SYMBOLIC. Why wouldn’t they just do it on that day?

  • Amir

    Does this mean it’ll be on pbs on the SAME DAY :D… probably not but I REALLY want it to ;’( cause I don’t have bbc or bbc america and I have to go over to my friends house to watch it and I wanna watch it at MY HOUSE D’;

    • Daniel Stuart

      Doctor who doesn’t air on PBS, it hasn’t for years. You have to have BBC America

      • Amir

        No they just showed series 6 in the fall… I would know cause when it came on I watched it with my mom and brother…

      • CyndiLouWho

        In Wisconsin it airs on PBS on some stations though I think they are a year behind in episodes.

  • Glaciusx

    Now they just need to bring it over to the theaters here in the states!

  • Robert Monkman

    Seeing as the 23rd is a Saturday surely they won’t pick any other day.

  • Meghan

    YES!!!!!!!!! I was so disappointed with Sherlock not being released at the same time but, theis is awesome!

  • Ren

    One word: ATMOS.

  • Steelsheen

    how exactly is this gonna get aired in a country that only gets BBC news? you gonna borrow a timeslot for this? why not strike a deal with hbo? it has a farther reach and is more expected of shows like this.

  • Oh My Rowling!

    Wait, is it going to be in Cinemas then? Some people say it is, but will it really be… UGH THE CONFUSION.

    • Ginger Jamie

      they never said it would be christmas? they are doing the usual christmas episode where Matt Smith will regenerate but that is a completely different episode

      • Burpweasel

        Cinemas. Not Christmas.

  • Starbronze175

    I’m pretty sure there is 196 countries, now on top of that there’s 50-60 disputed countries, but I think saying 200 countries is way to high, that’s saying every country in the world has access to cable and watches dr who.

    • Kevin

      It has nothing to do with ‘cable’. Nobodyy in Australia has ‘cable’. Yet everyone in Australia has the ability to watch Doctor Who free of charge.

  • Cawfee Dawg

    So this means that people in california have to watch it at 1pm and new york at 4 pm?

  • Cawfee Dawg


  • Rohit Sen

    I wonder if its gonna be broadcasted in BBC Entertainment in Singapore? Hope it is… Can’t wait!!!

  • Sophie P

    will pbs be playing the 50th anniversary?

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