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At Comic-Con this past Thursday, Veronica Roth revealed that Allegiant is from Tris and Four’s point of view. Now she’s explaining why.

“I tried repeatedly to write Allegiant in just Tris’s voice, but it didn’t work; her perspective, her way of seeing things, was a little too limited for the story I needed to tell,” explained Roth on her Tumblr. “I wanted to do two things with it: A. let two characters experience different things, and B. let them react differently to the same things, so that I (and eventually, the reader) would get a better sense of the whole story, the whole picture.”

She continued, “I’ve said before that I’ve always seen Four (increasingly, as the series goes on) as a plot-mover alongside Tris, so he was the obvious choice for the second POV (though not the only one I tried). Exploring him and his choices and his assumptions about the world was incredibly interesting to me.”

Roth says she’s “confident” in the final product which hits store shelves October 22. It is the final book in the Divergent trilogy but not the last from the dystopian world. Roth will also publish several Four short stories.

The initial announcement was made during the Divergent panel at San Diego Comic-Con where the film’s stars including Shailene Woodley and Theo James shared the first footage from the film.

We’re looking forward to the expanded point of view, and we’re still impressed by how Roth kept it a secret for so long.

  • bethanny23

    But since the story has always been told in her point of view, so unless it was in a separate book or short stories like shes already doing, I don’t necessarily care about Fours POV. I just want her POV since thats the way the story has been told in the first two books.
    I can’t judge a book I’ve never read, but Im kinda disappointed by this..

    • Dlmarvin05

      I hate using this as an example since I’m really not a fan (no offense), but Stephanie Meyer made this move in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Jacob had a few bits in his POV even though most of the other stuff was from Bella’s. Obviously, people ate this up. So as long as Veronica writes it well, I don’t see why it would be a bad move, especially if it expands the story. A little more unrelated, but still related, the Hunger Games movies are using this method. Though the books are all from Katniss’s POV, the movies are using other characters to help expand the world.

      • Elyse

        It’s been a long time since I’ve read THG, but I could have sworn the 3rd book was from both Katniss & Peeta’s POV. Regardless, you bring up a great comparison w/ Twilight. I sort of dislike that this is being done because it is an unoriginal concept, in what I believe is a very original story. However, just because it’s not original, doesn’t mean it won’t be good. I’ll hold off judgement until I’ve read the book.

  • Lois

    The problem with this is…I don’t really like four. I know others love him, so obviously it was a good choice made by Roth to include his POV, but I’ve always found him quite dull.

    • Jen

      Not dull but I would call him a manipulated and bossy boyfriend. I liked him in divergent but in insurgent he was so irrational and judgmental towards tris. Hopefully he will be redeemed in allegiant or tris is going to fall for some else.

      • Dallas Dorsey

        The only reason Four acted the way he did was because Tris is the one thing he has to hold onto in their world, as far as we know, and when she was “avenging” her parents, she was also putting herself at stake. It is similar to “New Moon” in the way that the female leads are doing dangerous things for no sensible way and the males would rather not live without them.

    • William

      I feel the same way sometimes authors start to ruin the book with TOO much romance. I liked a book series like the hunger games because the romance wasn’t too extreme.

  • Jen

    The new guy tat will be in this new book will end up being named Gale Hawthorne a very handsome and noble man!

  • patsy

    i think it will be exciting to see what tobias (four) thinks. i think it was a great idea roth.

  • reader123

    I love the idea of putting Four’s POV in the book. In Insurgent, when Four and Tris constantly argued about why they should do “this” instead of “that” when confronting the war, i wished I could hear what was going through Four’s head. I would have enjoyed insurgent even more if it had had Four’s point of view in it.

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