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At the Divergent panel at San Diego Comic-Con today, author Veronica Roth announced that the third and final book in her trilogy will be from the perspectives of Tris and Four.

The news is significant in that the first two books, Divergent and Insurgent, were both only from the perspective of Tris. This is the first time Roth has unveiled the secret despite the book having been in the works for the past year.

Last month Roth announced that she would be publishing four short stories centered around the lead male character. They will each be published several weeks apart from one another. After they’re all released, they’ll be packaged up with the already-released Four short story, Free Four, and physical copies will be sold.

Check out our Divergent panel live blog to stay up to date on each moment from the cast and crew. Shailene Woodley, Theo James, and other cast members are speaking with diehard fans.

Allegiant hits book store shelves on October 22.

  • http://www.twitter.com/starlysh Lysh

    My immediate thought was “oh no,” but I know I’ll be reading it anyways. In the past, other series have changed POVs in their later books and it’s always hit or miss, so hopefully this will be good.

  • Aaliyah

    Four looks like 30 not 18

    • http://www.twitter.com/starlysh Lysh

      I think exactly this every time I see him.

    • Banshee

      He’s 28! A terrible choice! And he doesnt have dark blue eyes, nor is he handsome as four should be!

      • Jen

        During comic con San Diego Shaliene Woodley let it slip in an interview that four age will be changed to 25. She also said they will not mention Tris’s age. I guess it will be assumed that she is older. This explains a lot with nearly the entire cast looking older than their book characterization. Theo also mentioned the movie is more adult like.

  • Malea

    Haha Andrew, “several weeks apartment from one another”
    Totally stuck out to me :)

  • Gary65

    Will the Twilight similarities never end?

    • Waitingfor my Doctor

      A. Is NOT a dystopian novel.
      Twilight is set in the mid two-thousands as the Divergent is set in an unknown time at least past our time. The technology is wore advanced than our time as we are just on the verge of discovering how the brain works, but have yet to find a way to control it. Also, for the Divergents to have evolved to the point of immunity that Tris has it would have to allow several generations of evolution/
      B. Has no strong female charactors.
      Bella, for one is not and never will be a strong female charactor. She shows that a woman must always have a man inside of her life or else that will fall into a pit of helpless dispare and eventually atempt to commit suicide in one of the most mundane of ways. A cliff? Really Bella?
      Tris, on the other hand, has many qualities that show her mental, and physical, striength, along with her ability to be human. She had a choice to stay with or leave her family and she showed her streingth by doing what was best for her even though she was expected to do much differently. She was attacked by several men but didn’t let that shut her down. She was never a coward and never did she completely rely on her boyfriend like Bella. Tris was never relyant on Tobias so much that he was the only thing that mattered. She had priorities and she stuck with them.
      C. Lacks a strong goal for the series as a whole.
      The main goal for twilight was that Bella wanted to be a vampire and have sex with Edward before she became a vampire. Enough said.
      The main goal in Divergent was that Tris wanted to survive the war and save her people. She also aimed to discover what information was being hidden from the factions.

      • Gary65

        On the other hand, Tris/Four is like Bella/Edward 2.0. Seeing as that relationship is one of the mainstays of the whole story, it has to be considered. I wrote a whole article for NBY on how Divergent is a GH/Twilight lovechild if you want to read it. I’m not typing it all here again.

        • andy

          Please gary65 don’ t come pair two different couple
          if you still think they are alike , you don’t read divergent or twilight at all.

          • Gary65

            A) It’s spelled “compare”

            B) Yes, I have read both. Tris/Four is clearly inspired by Bella/Edward. Just like Bella/Edward is clearly inspired by Elizabeth/Darcy. Any idiot can see it if they really look.

          • Truthspoken

            @Gary65 Tris/Tobias – Bella/Edward are not alike in any way. I’ve also read both series and saying there are the same is like comparing fire to water. Tris is a strong character and has to fight, while Bella does not do anything. In Twilight the main purpose is for the Bella and Edward to end up together. The main purpose in Divergent is the fight against Erudite. The romance is just a great add on- to an already AMAZING book. You are honestly the most idiotic person I have seen on this site. And you clearly don’t really know literature.

          • Gary65


            I think you’re the one who has problems understanding literature. There’s a big difference between character dynamics, character development and character plot. I would have thought basic High School English would have taught you that. While all 3 are informed by each other. They are clearly not the same. While there is little to no similarity between Bella & Tris in terms of character development & plot, her character dynamic with Four is blatantly similar to Bella’s character dynamic with Edward. I have discussed this time and again and am not going to type it out all over again now.

  • sarahd15

    I’m going to stayed as open minded about this as I can. I read the knife throwing scene that was written in Four’s POV, and I actually enjoyed it, but it was only one scene. So, let’s see how this goes!

  • bethanny23

    This news is disappointing. Im not a huge fan of books with different POVs. And the fact that this series first two books are written with 1 POV the third won’t have the same flow as the others. It will seem very disjointed.
    I obviously haven’t read the third book yet so I cant judge for sure, but Im not exactly excited for a change in writing style between books.

  • Jen

    This scares me because it leaves me with the idea that one of them may die (Tris) so having Fours’s POV would solve the problem it coming from Tris’s POV if she killed off. This makes me fear this because Veronica Roth has said in interviews that Harry Potter should have died in the end. Lord please let me WRONG!

  • Truthspoken

    I get what you are trying to say, for all of the major fans of divergent we just see this as an insult. Twilight and divergent are COMPLETELY different books though. Bella/ Edward are very different from Tris/Four, even though thier character dynamic might be similar, the fans that really love the books, think they are not. I did not mean to offend anyone, I do get a little too defensive about books. I hope you learn to see the differences between the series!

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