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The Legend of Korra season 2, episode 1 will premiere at Friday’s San Diego Comic-Con 2013 panel.

UPDATE: The episode premiered on Friday and you can read our season 2, episode 1 recap now!

Nickelodeon Animation Studios has reported that the long-anticipated The Legend of Korra season 2 premiere will first air at the show’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday.

The exciting news comes along with this stunning piece of new art from The Legend of Korra co-creator Bryan Konietzko. Click on the image below to view it in HD:

The Legend of Korra season 2 episode 1 image HD

The panel in question will take place at 11:15 on Friday, in the certain-to-be-packed Ballroom 20. The Legend of Korra season 2 premiere has been highly anticipated by fans of the show since ‘Book 1: Air’ concluded last June.

“We can’t wait to show you guys [the episode,]” co-creator Mike DiMartino wrote on his Tumblr page. DiMartino also noted that Konietzko’s artwork was inspired by Korra’s “battle with a dark spirit” in the episode.

“I guess the meltdown gets to start early!” joked The Legend of Korra martial arts coordinator Bill Rinaldi.

The premiere will be only the second time that official footage has been revealed from The Legend of Korra season 2 premiere. (Fans recently learned that the premiere episode is titled “Rebel Spirit.”) The first official footage from the episode was revealed a few weeks ago in a Nickelodeon promo piece, and features Korra battling a slew of angry, glowing spirits – to little effect.

Hypable will be covering everything Korra coming at San Diego Comic-Con, so stay tuned to the site for all of the latest news!

What do you think of the reveal of ‘The Legend of Korra’ season 2 premiere?

  • Sarah Gilligan

    Woah woah woah. Majorly unfair! Will they be putting it online after the SDCC showing?

    • gcw07

      I’d be shocked if they put this online. Now it might popup from someone video taping it, but doubt anything official until the new season begins.

    • Maria Wang

      well in the in season 1, 2 episodes leaked early so cross your fingers

  • Doctorseaweed

    I’m confused. Will it be shown on TV this Saturday or will we have to wait?

    • gcw07

      You will have to wait until it premieres. This is just for those attending the Comic Con panel.

      • guest

        That seems very unfair.

  • Kendra Baird

    SOMEONE PLEASE RECORD IT AND PUT IT ONLINE!!! Ugh I have never wished I could afford to go to SDCC so much in my life….

    • Veronica

      I wish I could have gone this year too, but I really hope it doesn’t get recorded and leaked online. They have put so much effort, time, and money in to making this show for us and I really dislike when people cheapen it by leaking it. I trust that the show will be well worth the wait when it airs (and in much better quality than someone’s camera).

      • Kevin

        So it’s totally fair that those fortunate enough to have to money/time to go to Comic Con get to watch it, but the rest of us don’t? And we’ll probably have to wait for weeks to finally watch it? No…

        • Veronica

          By that reasoning the whole con itself would then be unfair. It is full of special promotional items and sneak peaks for things to come. There is even certain items that can only be bought at Comic-con. This is one way for them to advertise and generate interest in those franchises. Last time they tried to do a favor for the fans and let them unlock the first episode before it was set to air, it was ruined by people who leaked it early online. We were getting access to it early and it still wasn’t enough for some fans. So yes, I do get annoyed by people leaking it because I find it disrespectful to all the people who put in their hard work to make it.

          • annoyedaustralian2

            I am all for you waiting for the episode to air (Im still angry i dont get to see it with everyone else and comic con) but i live in Australia. The new season wont premiere until next year in australia. I am going to download it. Im not waiting for a year to see this season while all you americans get to watch it straight away, as soon as it comes out. Thats unfair. People seeing it at comic con is perfectly fair. Waiting a year till the season comes out is ridiculous and you people complaining that you have to wait is a joke. They posted the first 2 episodes early at the start of book 1. They are going to do the same now that people are seeing it anyway. Stop crying and just be glad the amazing people at nickelodeon have ordered 2 more books after this one. rant over.

          • Brennan McCabe

            I agree if I lived in Australia I wouldn’t want to wait. Unfortunately even the American fans have to wait until September, well over a month after it premiered at Comic-Con. Basically the Comic-Con people are being treated like royalty and we’re all just second rate scum………

        • Guest

          It’s not about what’s fair. Comic-Con is a paid event for fans. If you really want to see what’s exclusive to Comic-Con, then pay to go to Comic-Con like everyone else does who goes. That’s fair.

          • jojo

            a sneak peak is no big deal,
            the first five minutes, hell, the first ten, and nobody would be too upset, that’s just a cool sneak preview, but the whole first episode, after all of the silence that they’ve held up just isn’t cool to fans, why not advertise this a month ago, or just keep it a secret until you show it.
            the whole way they did that just isn’t cool to fans, I mean at this point, even if you were a local fan and had the time/money, you couldn’t even scalp a ticket in time,
            after all, with all of the disappointing silence they’ve kept so far, why would we expect anything other than an animatic unless they made an announcement? if they had said this, say, a few weeks ago, fans would have at least tried to see if they could make it, now it’s just whatever fans happen to be there.
            and those who missed out basically get more of nothing from nick. at least post it on your website, or free on itunes or something to show appreciation to all of the fans. it’s their show to do with as they wish, but that doesn’t mean they should just forget about the rest of their fans.

          • Veronica

            The problem with this is that you’d still have pissed off fans that would not be able to get tickets. All of Comic-con’s tickets sell out pretty much as soon as they get released (exaggeration, but I heard the new lottery type system they had this year was really annoying and you weren’t guaranteed tickets).

            Given how early they go on sale, would also mean that they would have to know wayyyyy in advance that they are going to do this and announce it before tickets go on sale.

            I’m not saying that I don’t agree, it sucks that fans were teased about this, knowing that the episode would show and not being able to see it. But it still kinda goes back to the whole point of Comic-con is getting to see and do this kind of stuff. The first time I went we got to see a table reading for Teen Titans (all but Robin were there), and they showed us an episode from the Finale. The second time I was lucky enough to go I got to see the first episode of the new Thundercats before it aired with some of the cast. So this kind of thing isn’t new to the con.

          • Brennan McCabe

            What’s considered ‘fair’ is subjective. Personally I think it would be fair for the entire premiere to be shown at Comic-Con IF the 95% of us didn’t have to wait another month and a half on top of the already 15 month wait.

        • Bob Bobberton

          Umm, are you seven years old? Stop talking like an idiot. Of course it is fair because the people who worked heard to earn money and buy tickets, sacrifice their time time to attend comic con get to see it early. And since you admittedly have no time nor the money to attend comic con do not get to see early.

          By your logic, you can say “oh why do people with money get to drive Bentlys? that’s not fair!” Of course its fair.

          And by the way I have never been to comic con but i hope someday i have the money and time to do so.

          • Brennan McCabe

            First of all there are many people in this world who work harder than others but make less money. Second, Korra fans who live in San Diego had a huge advantage. Do you have any idea how expensive flying is these days?

  • caelumxcv

    Why they would choose to only air the entire debut episode to fancy pantsers with comic con passes is beyond me. The most hardcore LoK fans don’t all live in San Diego, aren’t in high places, and deserve way more than the slim chance that someone gets away with recording

    • no1d

      It’s called a perk for going to the Convention, quit your crying.

      • Azula

        roast in eternal hell hate spreading mongol

        • caelumxcv

          With a name like “Azula”, I’m not even going to respond to that baseless comment and assume that you’re referring to yourself.

      • chie

        Actually, it’s called “comic con passes sold out in 90 minutes in January and it’s dumb to only show the episode to about .1% of the fanbase”

      • caelumxcv

        No one’s crying here-excluding my younger brother who was close-to-tears upset when he heard that somewhere in America, people have seen the new episode of LoK. A “perk” that is fair to all and still gives a little something something to the Convention attendees is a sneak peak, first 15-mins, new character reveal-NOT an entire episode

        • no1d

          Yeh I understand the frustration guess it is pretty lame to show an entire episode. Can’t you guys find it online to get back at them? Eitherway Comic-Con is getting way bigger than it used to be so I guess they have to increase the perks.

        • Brennan McCabe

          I would be fine with them showing the entire thing to the Comic-Con people, if they weren’t making the rest of us wait until f*cking September to see it!! That’s just a huge middle finger to 99% of all Legend of Korra fans.

    • Lulu

      Well it’s an American show you didn’t really think they’d put a comic con in some foreign country did you?

      • caelumxcv

        No…I don’t think anyone was thinking that. I think what the discontent on this comment board is revolving around-if you would have read my comment more accurately-is that it’s unfair that only a handful of people get to watch the entire first episode of the new season while 95% of LoK fans have to wait for a leak

  • Tyler

    It would be awesome if it premiered on Friday at Comic-Con, and then was on TV the day after. Then the next episode next Saturday, and so on…thus beginning book two of LOK! Most likely, that isn’t the case.

  • falconflyer

    looking forward to season 2 and while i can’t attend the convention, hopefully the episode will air on cable shortly afterwards for the fans who couldn’t attend comic con or they will at least finally give a release date for it, additionally i don’t quite get why they waited so long to announce this, there’s no way something this was a last min decision and if they had announced it earlier they probably could have gotten more fans to attend the convention, and they could have placated a lot of fans who were getting frustrated at the lack of updates on season 2 myself included.

  • annoyedaustralian

    this entire thing is a major middle finger to the fans. Dont give us a release date or any scrap of news for a year and then tell us a day before comic-con that your premiering the new season to only a handful of fans and then dont give any word to people who in live overseas of the release date anyway. Cheer nickelodeon.

    • no1d

      Deal with it, they always release new and exclusive stuff at Comic-Con and have been for a long time. Basically too bad crybaby

      • Dlmarvin05

        woah there, you need to relax. I agree it’s unfair; a whole episode? Without a scrap of news for the rest of us until then? Also, calling someone a crybaby is just rude. You are obviously just being a troll. GO away

        • no1d

          hahaha okay I understand, If i was such a huge fan i’d be pissed too. But i’m sure you can find it online or will see it soon. I know Comic-Con is supposed to be all Hype’d up so emotions run high lol.

          • Heart Notes

            what is it with all these SHITTY OPINIONS

        • Heart Notes


      • Amon

        i hope u simmer in hell as a pack of ferocious hamsters eat away at your flesh while roaches devour your soul scumbag.

    • fanman

      They told us Steven Yeun Is playing the first avatar, this news is good.. walking dead is by far my favorite show, and Steven Yeun is the shit therefor all arguments are invalid

    • Korra

      You need to calm the hell down. The episode will also be shown to the rest of us. Chillout, bro.

    • Nyarlathotep

      I saw it, you mad?

    • Heart Notes

      Oh, you asshole.

    • Heart Notes

      I will personally end you, fucker.

  • Gary65

    Is this a joke? If the ep is ready for public viewing, then SHOW IT TO THE PUBLIC ALREADY!!!!!! What is wrong with these people?

  • Kyle Edgecomb

    Dammit ill have to wait until the airdate….wish i was going to comic con

  • Intro to Geek

    You guys are acting like this is a new thing. People see early screenings of movies and television shows all the time. SDCC is first and foremost a big *promotional* event, just like E3. Of course it’s fair. Those who get to see it first can lend their reactions to the rest of us and renew our excitement for the upcoming premiere.

  • Kristina Heman-Ackah

    It doesn’t matter if you go to Comic Con or not. Last year I was able to watch the whole Comic Con on Youtube within 24 hours. They’ll have the episode, guys.

  • Slytherinhero01

    I assure you, this will likely be leaked. Just like episode 1 of season 1 was leaked way before it was scheduled to come on television. Give it a day or two and either someone will record it, or the full HD version will be leaked somewhere very soon.

  • Azazel

    So they won`t be running this on TV

  • Dumbasses all of you

    I can’t believe there are this many people that don’t understand what the point of Comic Con is. This isn’t some rinky-dink convention; it is a paid event and has been around for decades. It is for promotional purposes and new material being shown there is what it’s for. Advance screenings of movies, episodes, etc are a part of Comic Con, and if you’re lucky enough to live in the area and PAY to go, then kudos to you. It isn’t “pay for tickets and get nothing in return” Con.

    • S.K.Hansen

      Most of us get what CC is, of course they show special stuff, everyone knows that. But this is the biggest news story about LOK in a long time and We are frustrated by the lack of information about season 2 from nick. We don’t even have a release date yet! It is frustrating that some fans get to watch the first episode, when we don’t even know when the first episode will air for the rest of us.

      • Dumbasses all of you

        September 7, 14, 21, or 28. There ya go. We’ve been waiting a year already, another month and a half isn’t the end of the world. Find a crappy link to a crappy quality recording of the episode if you’re so bummed. They’ll be online soon enough. I don’t mind waiting, and understanding how things work at Comic Con means I’m not going to piss and moan about it either.

  • mattcanters

    If they announce a release date tomorrow, that will make me happy. It’s too bad those of us not at Comic-Con won’t get to see it tomorrow, but I’m more disappointed in the lack of a release date. Even if they said it wouldn’t be until the fall, that would be better than the “soon” we keep hearing.

  • BeckoningCat

    Best animated show on television. Shame they will ignore the millions of fans who could not get tickets to Comic-Con. :(

  • Jaeger

    i hope it leaks online

  • Crazy-Eight23

    They could at least air it on Korra Nation.

  • Inga

    Umm .. everyone chill out already, please?! :D

    Sooo they will show the 1st ep to those few lucky people who live in the US and have enough time & money to go to San Diego. That’s no big news, everybody, they’ve done it before in other show’s panels. The avatards attending this years’ panel payed quite a bunch of money for their tickets, hotels, travels etc, so in my eyes it’s just fair that they get something that is friggin worth all of that trouble and money. Heck, if I’d live anywhere near that city, or at least on the same continent, I’d probably go there as well.

    OF COURSE, as a European avatard I’m a nervous wreck right about now, as it’s always harder to get information on Korra outside the U.S. – and there’s going to be a lot of dang awesome new info in the next few hours – but cheer up, people, for god’s sake, it’s not like there weren’t going to be any live coverages.

    And even IF we don’t get to see the 1st ep the very minute it’s being premiered – do you honestly believe there won’t be a single person in that ballroom that manages to tape it for the sorry rest of us?! Don’t know about you, but I’ll be searching for every whatever-bad-quality video, even if it costs me all night and I’ll be a drooling zombie purely being kept alive by caffeine by tomorrow when my sociology exam is ’bout to take place!

    so heads up, people, stay fixed on attending avatard’s twitters and tumblrs and whatever else there is – they won’t forget about the sorry rest of us (I hope..).

    Here we go, this night is promising to bring a lot of nerdy fun :D

  • Natotater

    Sheesh people, calm down… I’d rather wait and see it when it airs so that I don’t have to wait extra-long for the other episodes to release. Just wait to see it on TV, it’ll be the same episode, just… later. Besides, they probably didn’t know if it was going to be ready in time for Comic-Con, so they waited to announce it. Either way, chill, people. Or, as Meelo would say (whilst wiggling his arms strangely): “Be the leaf!”

  • Andrea Martinez

    i think i need to be there

  • LoK

    well I think it is unfair to me because I live in Germany and there is no way that i am going to the Comic con in san diego .

  • Millind Verma

    on the net where can i find the first episode ??

  • Brennan McCabe

    I hate to be the guy that complains, but honestly……….This is a bit
    of a douche move by the Legend of Korra creators. We’ve been waiting
    for a year since Season 1, and there were numerous false hints that
    Season 2 would come out as early as May. But I’m not mad about that,
    because I know they’ve been working hard and animation takes a long
    time. What I’m mad about is that after all the waiting, they have the
    nerve to release the premiere to only the 1% of Legend of Korra fans who
    could go to Comic-Con, and leave the 99% of us, who don’t live in San
    Diego or have the time and money to go fly Comic-Con, completely in the
    dark until September. If they had released it to the public a day, or
    even a week after Comic-Con, I would have been fine with that. But
    making 99% of your fan base wait another month, theoretically two, to
    see the premiere when its completely ready and released? That’s just not

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