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Win a copy of the new The Guild companion book, with a foreword by creator and star Felicia Day!

Felicia Day’s cult web series The Guild wrapped up earlier this year after six successful seasons.

Last week, we featured an in-depth interview with The Guild stars Sandeep Parikh, Amy Okuda, Robin Thorsen, and Vince Caso where they discussed the series finale of the show and whether there are any plans for a reunion.

This week, we continue our celebration of The Guild by featuring a book review and giveaway of The Guild: The Official Companion, which was released by Titan Books yesterday.

‘The Guild: The Official Companion’ review

The Guild Official Companion Book cover

“We’ve come a long way, haven’t we?” – Felicia Day, introduction

Companion books are always fun. Full of quotes and glossy pictures, they sort of seem like they should be on the required reading list of the school of fandom.

As pretty as they usually are to look at though, most fans already know that companion books very rarely offer any insight which can’t be gained from a quick Google search. Most of the content will invariably be generic episode summaries and character bios, official promotional stills, and some bland exclusive interviews that can’t possibly offer any new information because hey, it’s in a book, not a newspaper. It’s old news before it’s even printed.

But The Guild: The Official Companion book is different, if for no other reason than because it doesn’t just chronicle the journey of any random TV show, it tells the story of how a web series was born. And that story, whatever the web series, is always going to be interesting.

Because of The Guild‘s cult status, a lot of the background information found in this book is going to be something you won’t find anywhere else. The detailed, in-depth reflections by the cast and crew is unprecedented. The insight into how a web series is created is unique, and invaluable for people who want to know more about that process.

Felicia Day (who contributes much more than just the introduction!) is here allowed to tell her fans, in great depth and detail, about how she actually made this incredible cult series a reality.

Felicia Day The Guild

“Each one of us is finite, and if we can spread ourselves out in a way to inspire and help other people to be all they can be, I think that’s so much more important than one person’s glory.” - Felicia Day, speaking about The Guild fandom (p.152)

What were the obstacles? (There were many.) How did they overcome them? (It was hard work.) What does it feel to have created this trailblazing web series? (Spoiler alert: it feels awesome!) All of those questions and any others you may have are answered in this book.

And as you read about Felicia Day and her team’s on- and off-screen adventures, it doesn’t just feel like rehashed interviews. It feels like you have been invited on a special, intimate tour of the entire experience.

On top of all this great info from the people who made the series, there are cool extras like lyrics to the songs, background info on the music video, costume design sketches, prop explanations, and entire sections devoted to the creation of things like the opening credit sequence and the infamous Cawkes Painting:

Team Cawkes painting Will Wheaton Felicia Day the Guild Cawkes painting

“Will [Wheaton] absolutely flipped out and did that famous Will Wheaton ‘I’m so excited!’ face and he tells everybody that it’s anatomically correct…” – Greg Aronowitz on the Team Cawkes painting (p.112)

The best thing about The Guild: The Official Companion is that it solely consists of the cast and crew’s personal stories. There’s not an empty episode summary in sight, not any fan commentaries or essays about how great the show is.

Cover-to-cover, this is all about the team’s experiences and reflections, their journeys through the six incredible seasons of The Guild, and their goodbyes.

Truly a must-have for any The Guild fan, or anyone curious about the process of creating a web series.

Win a copy of ‘The Guild’ companion book!

Did the review sell you on The Guild: The Official Companion – or do you just love the shiny cover?

Good news: one of these books can be YOURS! Hypable.com has partnered with Titan Books to offer one reader the chance to win a copy.

The more ways you enter, the higher chance you have of winning!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The contest is open worldwide, and closes Sunday, July 22 at 12:01 a.m. eastern.

  • Elina

    Loving the Guild as I do I can’t do anything but wish I win this book. Fingers crossed!

  • Margooww

    the guild is so great, i would love to win this book.

    one of my favourite quotes is: Taste my pirate paddy

  • Ash T

    The Guild is so amazing! I remember seeing it years ago suddenly pop up on my friend’s xbox and I have been hooked since! Felicia is such an inspiration to me!

    One of my favorite quotes is from the song “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar” the lyric being, “you’ll touch my plus 5 to dexterity vest”. I can’t help but laugh EVERY time I hear it. NERD CULTURE FTW! :D

  • Thistle

    It’s not the most exciting quote but I say “Sad Clara is sad” ALL THE TIME!

  • Guest

    I can’t wait for season 7.

  • Jennifer Hatcher

    The Guild is awesome! I love the song “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar” and my husband always laughs at “how ‘bot a little tank and spank.”

  • Kris Nilsen

    Fav quote: “But I will honor your wishes and leave this quest line
    unfinished. I guess my princess is in another castle…”

  • Amy

    If I could quote all of Season 5 of The Guild, I would.

  • jennity

    I will seriously freak out the second i get this tome in my hands. Favorite quote? Jeez louise, i dunno how i could decide. Possibly… “Worst. L00t. Ever.” Orrrr maybe “Plus five to sexterity. It’s like…dexterity…but with sex…. i’m kindof a linguist.” … “It wasn’t til she got her hand like…way… up my leg, that i realized something was up…i should’ve shaved.”; “Hey bladezz. This making out with ‘actual humans’ is unbelieveable…” “Watch your wallet.”; “Hey ex-girlfriend… i need some quick advice. when you’re usin’ handcuffs while foolin’ around… you’re not supposed to leave the person tied up outside all night, right? pretty sure that’s not cool sextiquette…” “uhm, other than some racey vampire literature i’ve read….no?”; “I played pong as a kid… this is in color i see!” …”what’s pong?”; “I believe my favorite part of the evening was after the second margarita when you said ‘come back to my place and take my armor off.’” “Wow…drunk me is really forward.”; “There is DEFINITELY something here or i wouldn’t have let you plug into my port.” I seriously can’t rewatch enough. I love the cast & crew and everything they’re doing, and i’ll always love the Guild :) <3

    (not that you'd really be reading this comment if you haven't watched, but seriously, go watch right now if you haven't seen this show. It is hilarious and awesome and all of the good things. Do it. Go. Now.)

  • Guest

    Yay for The Guild :)

  • http://homeiswheneveriamwithyou.blogspot.com/ Tyler Johnson

    “I’ve never really felt like I had any control over my life. I think that’s why I like video games. It’s so much easier to measure life in experience points.” – Codex

  • Taurin

    This is awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Bikil

    “Oh, I hate poo.” Clara, about Zaboo, haha!

  • Maya Zach

    After defeating Zaboo’s mom:

    Bladezz: Too bad she didn’t drop any loot.
    Zaboo: She dropped some loot for Codex.

  • The UAG

    You left your kids in the car?
    What? I cracked the windows!

  • Jason Faulhefer

    Vork says to Codex, “why are you dressed like a harlet?”

  • Rose Elizabeth

    “Taste my pirate patty!”
    I crack up whenever I think of that scene. :B

  • Dr. Horrible

    Vork: Women. Can’t live with them, they will not go out with me.

  • Wm Fields

    Looking forward to reading this.

  • Anastasia

    “Grandma was right. Guys think a woman is just a life-support system for a vagina. ” :D

  • Maya

    Honestly, I just started watching :D My best friend got me into the series :) No favorite quote yet, but I am really enjoying the show!

  • Beth Parker

    “Nice dress. Go die in it!”

  • Matt

    When we saw that the server was going down, there has never been a man in history so eager to escape a girl’s bedroom.

  • Anaestazia

    In Season 5, Episode 3:

    Codex: “Haven’t you ever been in love? It’s more than just genome!”
    Vork: “No. Love is nothing more than bastardized biology. Haven’t you seen march of the penguins?”

    This kills me *every* time.

  • Cassy

    It’s been a while since I’ve watched. This one made me chuckle “Women. Can’t live with them, they will not go out with me.”

  • Camryn

    “It’s so much easier to measure life in experience points.”

  • Rose

    Women. Can’t live with them, they will not go out with me

  • Darren Chadwick-Hussein

    “Sounds like a woodpecker. Oh, I said wood! And pecker!”

  • Laura Hattaway

    Don’t corpse camp that idea, it’ll never rez.

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