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As the Glee writers begin working out how to deal with the tragic loss of lead actor Cory Monteith, we share our hope that they will find a respectful way to say goodbye to the beloved star.

Cory Monteith’s sudden death this weekend shocked his friends, family, and fans. The autopsy to determine the cause of death is scheduled for today, as Fox and the writers of the hit series Glee meet to decide how to deal with his passing on the show.

Glee season 5 was scheduled to begin filming later this month, and Deadline writes that Monteith’s character Finn was to have played a major role in the first two episodes.

Fox was planning to air the premiere episode early, on September 19, and the scripts for season 5, episodes 1 and 2 had already been written before the summer hiatus.

Glee and Cory Monteith fans are now waiting to see how the show will handle this unexpected tragedy, and hoping that however it’s done, it feels tasteful and appropriate, and respectful to the actor.

Of course you could argue that there is no “good” or “right” way to handle this situation. Right now, in the face of such a devastating tragedy, the future of a TV show seems like the most unimportant thing in the world.

But at the same time, we want Cory Monteith to be remembered. We want his life celebrated. We want Glee to honour both Monteith and his character, because that’s what he deserved.

A lot of fans have already chimed in about how they would prefer that Glee does this, and there seems to be no right answer emerging.

Here we present a few different options, and would love to hear what you all think would be the best way to celebrate Cory Monteith’s life on the show.

Jump 5 years into the future

One way for Glee to help the cast, crew and audience heal might be to put some distance between the loss of Monteith and the show canon.

Considering that the show is already pulling in new high school characters and shifting out old regular characters, if we opened season 5 some years down the line, Glee season 5 could feel like a clean break.

Finn might have moved on, left town, and settled down somewhere else, and the actors would be spared having to explain away his absence. Then the story could move on, taking the characters into a new chapter of their lives.

Never mention Finn again

Some fans love this idea, stating that Monteith’s death should not in any way be connected to Glee, and that the most tasteful thing the show could do is to completely avoid dramatising this tragedy.

Finn was written out of the final few episodes of season 4 due to Monteith checking into rehab; maybe the best cause of action would be to simply move on from there?

However, other fans hate the idea of ignoring the actor’s death, because it might seem like Glee just wants us to forget him and move on.

With nothing but an “In memoriam” title card, Cory Monteith’s importance for Glee would be brushed over, and his life and contribution to the show would not be celebrated at all.

Let Finn pass away

This is another option which has left the fan base torn. On one hand, it could be in very poor taste to take a real person’s tragic death and turn it into a television event (and let’s not forget that the actors would have to react to Finn’s death on screen, too).

On the other hand, this would be the way to celebrate both Finn and Cory Monteith’s lives. There would be musical tributes, pictures, maybe even a “best of Finn” montage of some sort. A bittersweet, cathartic goodbye from the cast and crew, to be shared with the fans around the world.

Give Finn an off-screen happy ending

This would be a less harsh brush-off than simply ignoring Finn’s existence. Making a few mentions about the character’s success and happiness and then letting the characters move on might be the most subtle and pain-free option possible.

Finn Hudson was a great character. Flawed, unsure, and lost in life, but with a big heart and a lot of drive and initiative. Let’s send him off in style – give him the sort of ending which will leave fans smiling.

Maybe he went to Europe to tour as a big name drummer. Maybe he won the lottery. Maybe we just want to know that Finn is out there, happy and safe, before we can allow the other Glee characters to move on.

Break the fourth wall and address the audience directly

Perhaps the most controversial option, this is also this writer’s preferred course of action.

The fact of the matter is, a real human being died. While we know Cory Monteith because of Glee, the sadness for his passing has nothing to do with the TV show.

At the same time, for Glee to ignore this tragedy would be a disservice to the work he put into the show, and the story he helped shape.

There needs to be grief. There needs to be celebration. At the same time, making the actors put on their character voices and pretend to be sad about a character when they’ve all lost a real-life friend seems wrong.

Allowing Monteith’s death to be about him, not Finn Hudson, seems appropriate. Have a few of the actors, or even Ryan Murphy, stand in the choir room and explain to the audience what happened and why Finn will no longer be a part of the show. Follow it with a montage of pictures and video clips.

Celebrate the man, and separate him from the Glee machine. And then move on, as we all must when tragedy strikes.

In your opinion, how should Glee handle Cory Monteith's passing?

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  • S.K.Hansen

    Everytime I see his picture, he looks so alive, it’s like a punch in the gut.

  • Frustrated

    I have faith that the Glee writers will be tasteful. It sad that that it been a couple days since he died and it seems that that all we worry about is the futrue of Glee. It’s just frustrating to see all of this.

  • https://twitter.com/slasher777 Alex

    I think they should give him a closure of some kind and then never mention him ever again.
    I don’t think Lea Michelle should go through again in script what she is going through right now.

  • Lacey DiPietro-Bell

    I’m torn too. I’m selfish though and would like to “attend” Finn’s funeral on the show. Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea for the show to depict such a tragedy – as they DO happen. But I also like the fourth-wall thing. Maybe both. I don’t know, but I trust the writers to address it delicately and tastefully.

  • Maj Elisabeth

    Whatever they end up doing, I hope they work it out with the cast and do it the way they, and Lea in particular, want it to be done. I really just hope they consult them about it.

    • Kait

      I can almost guarantee you they will. Glee has been a collaboration from the beginning.

  • Molly

    Do what they did for when John Ritter passed ,in 8 Simple Rules.

    • Mary

      Sorry, I never watched the show – what did they do? :)

      • Izzy

        Hi – I’ve just commented about this saying I feel they SHOULDN’T do what they did for John Ritter. You can read what they did in my post above and see how you feel.

      • rose

        He died while they were filming, and they took a break, and then his character died unexpectedly in the same way, and then they moved forward with everyone dealing with his death. They shot the next several episodes without a live audience to be respectful of the actors feelings, and gradually the story became less about them dealing with his death and more about the new characters they brought in. Of course, it didn’t do great, and it was cancelled the following year.

  • http://www.twitter.com/clonedmemories Rosie

    A few years ago, Laura Sadler died. She was an actress, at the time filming as part of Holby City, and what the writers did was to consult her family for her exit storyline. In the end, her character’s roommate woke up one morning to find a note saying she had won the lottery and emigrated to Australia to join a friend who had left the show previously.

    Therefore, I think what the best thing to do is to consult Cory’s family and friends in order to find the most fitting exit for the character. I’m somewhat hesitant about having Finn die, as it would most likely force the actors to relieve their own personal grief on stage. However, if that’s the way all people involved collectively choose to handle things, then so be it. Ignoring him, however, is something I feel would be disrespectful to both Finn as part of the core cast, and to Cory and his impact on the show and on fans.

    • plischt

      I totally agree! They should ask his family and the cast, especially Lea. Mourning Corys death in the series could be absolutely brutal or kind of a healing process, I don’t know. I think it should be down to them to decide.

  • Lotte

    I want him to have an off-screen happy ending. I want Finn to live the life that was stolen from Cory.
    However, I also want to have a tribute. I want him to be rememberd. However I don’t want the cast who are also his close friends to also live through Finn’s death.
    Summary: no idea. Nothing will feel right. This is just sad.

  • thischarmingmuggle

    Personally, I think that they could potentially do something similar to what The West Wing did post-9/11. They did a non-canon episode of the show at the very beginning of the season that addressed what had happened and the impact that it would have had on that world, with a message of integration and staying strong. Perhaps by opening with an episode that either addressed Finn or Cory, with the entire cast in the Choir room paying their own personal tributes, some musical, some not, they could then address that this had happened before continuing with the show under a premise that either Finn just won’t be in it anymore or giving him an off screen happy ending. This could also be a mixture of being both in and out of character. I think that way, a full tribute can be payed in a way that isn’t crass or forced in to existing storylines. As far as the Finchel storyline goes- it needs for that to now be removed with no looking back, pining or what ifs. I do agree with Lotte, perhaps consulting with Cory’s family and friends is really the way forward.

    • alexacadia

      i think this is an amazing idea! they could have a special of sorts, right before the season, where they give a full tribute and then still try and continue the season as regularly as possible. it would be a good way for his castmates to work through the grief and reminisce; big fans of the show and of cory would appreciate the moment, and his family or other friends could even participate. that might be an excellent idea even now, even separated from glee.

    • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

      The most respectful idea I’ve heard so far. It goes in line with breaking the fourth wall and addressing the audience directly, but it also has a lot of spirit of Glee tied into it. Fantastic post, thischarmingismuggle.

    • Isak

      I respectfully disagree. On paper it is a great idea, but you have to think that maybe not all of the cast members would like to address so directly the death of their friend on prime time, for everyone to see. I can imagine that doing something so direct would be only very painful and it would feel a bit more exploitative than other options. I think that just handling his death within the show’s plot will be enough…

      • MissSuicidalApples .

        I wanted to respond by saying while this isn’t the same thing as a television show, when Jonathan Larson, the creator of Rent died the night before the show was going to open, the cast decided to meet anyway and do a low key performance of the show because they felt the best way to honor and respect the memory of their best friend was to do what he loved and would have wanted them to do.

        Maybe for some cast and crew members, they will feel like addressing the issue and their feelings to the audience would be wrong and against what they believe, but at the same time there may be quite a few of them who feel Cory would have wanted to be remembered on the show and have the cast be able to connect with the audience on an event that has mutually effected them.

        Don’t always think that the cast addressing the death on the show by breaking the fourth wall or having finn die would necessarily be seen as disrespectful toward the cast.

        I think whatever decision is made will be the right one because it will be made by people who knew and loved Cory Monteith. I don’t think any friend or family member would ever choose to do something that disrespected the memory of their loved one.

        • Isak

          The Rent example, as you said, isn’t the same thing. It wasn’t the same thing because in theatre the connection with the audience is direct, that’s why it worked. Also, consider that Larson was the creator of the musical, not an actor, and that goes back to the very root of the show, since it’s his creation, his work, his everything. Makes only sense that the cast wanted to pay tribute to that, and doing that through a low key performance is – I agree with you – an INCREDIBLE idea.

          With Glee, I think it’s a different matter. Cory first of all, was a very important piece of the puzzle, but was a piece of the puzzle nonetheless. If it had been – say – Ryan Murphy who had died (shelo nedà – which is a hebrew expression that means basically “may it not happen”), the mind behind the whole machine, the tribute show breaking the fourth wall would have been a fitting idea probably.

          I feel that fans are confusing Cory the actor vs Cory the person, which is the main issue. Fans of the show are incredibly supportive and they feel that they know the cast members because they see them on tv every week, they look at pics of them on the internet and so forth, but they don’t actually KNOW them.

          You shouldn’t read into what I have written as “Fans shouldn’t be allowed to mourn or be sad because they were only fans of an actor they didn’t actually know”. I am not saying this, at all.
          What I am saying is: do cast members of Glee actually WANT to connect so directly with the audience by breaking the fourth wall? Why would they think it’s appropriate, assuming they did? I try to put myself in their shoes: if I had lost a colleague, and I presume a friend, someone even very close to me and my heart (which is the case of course with Lea Michele), I’m not sure I would want to “share” my sorrow with fans of the show. The cast and crew has indeed lost a person in their life, someone they saw every day, someone close to them. Fans have lost FIRST the character on the show and then the ACTOR they have come to know and love. But I don’t think those two feelings of sadness and despair can compare to one another. They can be both 100% justifiable and real, but they are not the same.
          That’s why I’m saying that the idea of a tribute would be hard for the cast. Not only because it would be diving into something very private and putting it out there for the world to see, but because it would be sharing something that we can’t actually know they would WANT to share in the first place.
          Us fans assume the tribute would give closure to the cast, but we say that because we can’t divide Cory the person from Cory the actor. We shouldn’t forget that the person comes first, and Glee comes second. That’s why a full-on tribute to me feels like a very wrong idea.

          • MissSuicidalApples .

            I understand and I hope you don’t feel my reply was meant to be combative or disrespectful to what you had written. I thought your first comment was respectful to the fans and to those who had commented previously. Please don’t read my response as anything but an expression of an opinion trying to be done in a respectful manner. I am glad to be able to discuss this matter with you through this medium.

          • Kait

            Why don’t we let the cast decide if a full-on tribute feels right or wrong to them? If some or all of them don’t want to do it, then of course they shouldn’t. I’m just not sure why you’re so adamant about them not wanting to. No one is going to pressure the cast to do anything inappropriate or disrespectful.

          • Isak

            I’m not adamant on them not doing it.
            I’m just saying the opposite of you are saying.
            Many fans are PRESUMING they DO want to do it, and they shouldn’t.

  • Tomas

    I think they should let Finn pass away. They should do an episode dedicated to him, and maybe have all the original Glee kids come for his funeral. I think that would be the best ending

  • Matilda

    I’d love to see him have a happy ending off-screen. Remove the character from the show, but then end the series finale with a mention that Rachel has been in touch with him, and is moving to be with him in the end.

  • xoxoKellyLee

    I think they should just address Cory’s passing head on. It is a tragedy that shouldn’t just be glossed over with a song. If they start the season with RM addressing the audience and what telling them what happened, it might save the rest of the cast (especially Lea) the pain of having to say goodbye to both Finn Hudson and their friend Cory Monteith.

  • Marie

    I personally don’t like a fourth-wall idea. I’d like if they released something like that online. But the fact is, we already know Cory is gone (even people who didn’t watch Glee texted me about it), and it’d be strange to do that, on Glee, I think.

    I’m leaning towards Finn dying. I think it would be good catharsis for everyone, and the only appropriate way we could close out the character’s arc, given the circumstances.

    Ultimately though, I want the cast, writers, etc. to work out something tasteful that would honor Cory.

  • http://www.twitter.com/starlysh Lysh

    I could see Glee opening in on a sad song, like I Will Remember You, and maybe a Finn montage. I don’t know where Finn was in the show – I didn’t watch the last few episodes – but I don’t want him to die in the show. I like the idea of him going off and being successful somewhere. Maybe leaving a note thanking Mr Shue for making him join Glee.
    Reminds me of when Phil Hartman died and they had him die on News Radio. It’s just a lot of sad.

  • Jen

    As much as the ‘happy ending’ idea seems nice, it’s out of character for Finn to just pack up and go, you know? He LOVED everyone in New Directions. He wanted to become a teacher and was going to achieve that. For him to just up and leave and never come back is pretty out of character. I think letting Finn pass away is the best option. I feel like he should die ‘honorably’. So maybe he would die to save someone else or something. So it honors the character. But if the writers come up with something more tastefully I’m all for it.

    • awkwardjenny

      I heard the “hero’s death” option mentioned before, and if Finn must pass away I think it really should be something like that- it would be a fitting tribute to Finn since he never got to be the hero he wanted to be when he joined the army to make up for his father’s failures. It would be so fitting for him to do something like that. Of course, I’m very torn over having the rest of the cast have to relive the event on screen. Perhaps it could skip ahead a bit so we don’t get some heartbreaking scene where they come to Rachel and Kurt’s door and tell them on screen. I couldn’t handle it and I would hope to God they wouldn’t put Lea through it either…

  • alexacadia

    i think they absolutely need to address the audience and break the fourth wall, even if it is in conjunction with a different storyline… they need to consult the family and lea before turning it into a message, but i think it could absolutely be very powerful to have “finn” die from using drugs/alcohol poisoning etc. just in means of what his character was doing at the last episode. ryan murphy could turn it into a warning of college partying or something along those lines and easily make something positive of it… but, of course, that would limit the plot forever and potentially be damaging. i think they need to get family approval before they do anything, and then lea’s approval before they make it a central plot point, because not only does it suck that she has to live through this, but she shouldn’t have to act through it for the next three years as well.
    at any rate, though, i think it would be absolutely inappropriate to not begin the season with a direct acknowledgement and perhaps the cast singing a song for cory? at the very least, a montage and in memoriam card. i think everyone needs that, regardless of what plot they go to.

  • Bertha

    Whatever they do, I hope they have the taste to consult his family and the rest of the cast before making the decision. As an actor, I think it would be horrible and leave me feeling far too vulnerable to have to replay a loved one’s death like that but it could also be a way to start healing, provided the episode wasn’t heavily scripted and came from a very raw place. Regardless, Lea and, especially, the original cast members need to be okay with the decision or the future of the entire show is in jeopardy.

  • dillonmays

    This happens all the time, and sadly, the show must go on. Let him die in the show in a decent way. Don’t turn it into a PSA. Give everyone a chance to say a goodbye on the show and bring in real life emotions. Do not use it to fuel other ships to get together. Use it to make characters think of where the want their life to go.

  • Bruce

    Since Finn never can appear again (unless the role is recast, which is not going to happen), Finn should be written out via death, because that’s the only way he’d never appear again for so many people in the series who are close to the character. You can’t credibly write him out any other way. I also think Glee can’t open its season with a funeral. My advice to the writers would be to open the season AFTER the funeral, then reference what happened and the reactions, while finding a way to move on, as Glee must. The show is running at least two more years, and without Finn and Cory. To go on without him, it must acknowledge Cory’s passing by letting Finn pass too–and then move on. This is no disrespect to Cory. Glee simply has no other choice given the circumstances his sudden death imposes.

  • Megan Slife

    Killing off the character off Finn would be too tough for the cast I feel… Making them relive that pain again, especially Lea, is just too harsh.

  • Lilly-Rose Chevalier

    I think the worst thing to do is to let Finn pas away. The cast would have to react to Finn’s death and it could be very difficult for some of them.
    Maybe the producers can make an tribute episode to him with a montage or some sorts and after that the series would continue. To explain the depart of Finn, they could give him an screen-off happy ending.
    The best thing to do is to ask his family and the cast because they would know how to honor his life in Glee better than anyone here.

  • SueSueShelby

    Several years ago, John Ritter a well respected comedic actor in the US died suddenly on the set of his TV show 8 Simple Rules. While his death was written into the show, it was handled sensitively. Additionally his wife and family had input into how his death should be handled by the writers. Glee could jump 1 – 2 months ahead allowing for the character’s death to be handled ‘off screen’, and the show to focus more on how the other characters are moving on, and dealing with their grief. If anything, the writers and producers should take into account how Cory’s family, and Lea would like the show to address this tragedy. While the fans are important it is his immediate family, and friends – those that knew him best – whose feelings and opinions should be considered.

    • Izzy

      I don’t know – If I was Lea, I would in no way want to project how I or my character is moving on after something like this. It’s deeply personal, and Finn isn’t Cory, so I think they should give him a positive write off, off screen.

      • Smithaj

        I think that is something you risk falling in love with a co-star. As sad as that may be.

  • Frank

    Well, Jumping 5 yrs into the future wouldn’t seem very preferred by the audience. Due to the upcoming wedding of on-screen Will Shuester and Emma Pillsbury, and a possibly few other events that viewers are also very anxious to see. It would be a shame to see the show gone to waste following the untimely, and saddening of the lead of Finn Hudson [Cory Montieth].

    My Condolences to the family and friends of Cory Montieth, I understand that many lost not only an actor, but a friend, a son, and a general loved one.

  • Martim Borges

    I find it very hard to choose among these options because there are some great ideas. I feel a little selfish thinking about the show, right now. I’m feeling so bad with the whole situation so I can’t even imagine how Lea and the rest of the cast and the crew must be feeling. I think Lea could easily quit and break her contract with Fox, due what happened, personally the show will never be the same and some part of me wants it to be over.
    As a big Monchele fan, i’m also a huge Finchel shipper and whether we did or did not like it, Finchel since the Pilot is the biggest deal of the show and it’s been like that until Rachel’s To Love You More audition, which naturally reminds me of Finn. So his absence for the past three episode gave enough space for a fresh start with his character for season 5, maybe with Rachel in New York, I have no idea.
    But what I’m trying to say is that, I don’t think Finn should die. There are lot of moments who made me really sad during the show, episodes like Funeral, On May Way, Choke, Goodbye or The Break-Up and how they say, Glee is about opening ourselves to joy, so why are we going to put such a tragic event on Finn’s storyline. Finn can go somewhere else on Earth, following his dreams, the fresh start that I was talking about earlier could lead into 1000 options! And the whole team wouldn’t have to suffer all over again, even tho that’s inevitably to happen!
    I like the idea of jumping 5 years into the future, because the fact that they “splitted” this school year instead of the graduation year, on season 3, can’t get out of my head. We could see every old and new Glee’s member living their lives and still talking to each other. Honestly I don’t like the idea of Quinn, Puck, Mercedes and Mike not being regulars, also Heather, they were part of the team and let’s face it, in some part, the golden age of Glee is kinda over and I’m not talking just about Cory’s death but the fact that Glee is successfull enough to make it at least 6 seasons, but also it can be so much better!!
    I don’t think Finn should be forgotten, everyone could have solos or group songs honouring Finn’s AND Cory’s life, through the show, i’m just not talking about one or two episodes, even tho, I know it must be hard to accomplish that. So it’s kinda of mix, between some great ideas, you guys had. Celebrating Cory’s life, celebrating Finn’s dreams and his future and I still believe Finchel could have their happy ending like Rachel going after him on the very last episode of Glee.
    The possibilities are endless at this point, but I really hope they don’t forget Finn, we all have to deal with such a tragic event, the least we could do was giving Finn an happy ending and I really hope they don’t forget Finchel, even tho must be extremely hard for Lea to deal with that situation.

  • Stevie

    Break the fourth wall so that both Glee cast and fans can grieve and celebrate together. I also think a storyline should be dedicated to Cory’s battle with drugs and alcohol. He fought hard with strength and above all honesty – telling legions of fans of his addictions was an incredibly brave thing to do. He couldn’t win the fight in the end but perhaps he could help others through a storyline of a Glee character who puts in a dazzling and perfect front while masking the demons of drug addiction.

  • Wise Witch

    I do think that Glee ought to kill Finn’s character, but, of course, I worry about the cast’s ability to handle a story like that. So I agree with what everyone has said about the writers consulting the cast and crew and being sensitive to their needs as they work through the grieving process. But, as nice as it might be to give Finn a happy ending off screen, I agree with what a few other posters have said, it wouldn’t fit his character. His passion was (and now) will always be the Glee club. At the end of season four he was on his way to becoming a teacher, and he was still very much in love with Rachel. The show shouldn’t ignore those two passions that drove Finn as a character. So here’s what I think needs to happen.

    Finn needs to die. I like one idea that I read here about him dying as some sort of hero. He could stop and help someone stranded on the side of the road and be hit by a car. Or maybe there could be a fire in his dorm and he gets caught in it trying to make sure everyone gets out okay. Whatever the writers choose, his death should be sudden but also honorable. Then I think the episode should include either his funeral or some other sort of memorial. The originals need to spend the episode together sharing memories and a few songs. The newbies should be together but maybe in a different classroom so they can share memories of Finn as their teacher. Then as the season progresses, we should see how the characters deal with Finn’s death. In particular, Kurt (as his brother), Puck (as his best friend), and Rachel (as the love of his life). I’d include Quinn but I know Diana’s off the show so we won’t get to see that.

    It might also be a good idea to start the episode by breaking the fourth wall so that the audience can mourn Cory separately from Finn. I suspect that many Gleeks will want to deal with those dual losses separately. So, that’s what I think the writers should do.

  • Kiersten

    I think that they should have a funeral on glee for ‘finn’ so its like a real funeral and over the season rachel and other characters breakdown over his death. “the young and the restless” one character died and they had a whole hour/show talking about her finest moments. About her offstage and onstage. Making sure she was remembered.

  • anonymous

    Maybe you could devote an episode to him with all the cast saying goodbye to him (in real life) and on the t.v screen as maybe he could have got a big job in another country (England maybe) and have to leave because this could be his ‘big break’ xx

  • jozefd14

    I said it once already in a previous Hypable article and I will repost it again with a few more thoughts added:

    “Even though at the moment, it seems cruel to have the character die unexpectedly, but I think later on when everyone has done their grieving it would be an appropriate farewell to not only Finn the character but also Cory the actor. It would be the most emotional episode Glee will have ever written/filmed that it would bring together the old cast and possibly some past guest stars.

    I think this because of Glee, there came Cory Monteith. If there was no Glee, I think Cory would not have had the same exposure/fame/fan base as he has right now even after his passing.”

    After reading this article I think it rather cruel to not even mention Finn at all. No matter what from the very first airing of the pilot episode of season 1, Finn/Cory made his mark into the life and soul of the show and continued it on through season 4. They have already made tributes for past singers who are not with us like MJ and Whitney Houston. A Cory/Finn farewell tribute episode is what I believe is needed not only for the fans all over the world but to also the cast/crew/writers/showrunners to send off the character Finn and the legacy that Cory was able to portray on the small screen.

    As I said it would be the most emotional episode Glee will have ever written/filmed that for the first time we would see the cast have such a massive, strong, and raw connection to an episode that they don’t even need to act. Not only would they portray how their character would react but also for themselves as co-actors with someone who they have filmed with day in and day out to let out their grieving. The cast have had such a great time with each other that at the end of filming the pilot and so forth, they have gained not only the fame/exposure but the tight family/friendship relationship I believe is the biggest fortune for an actor/actress/crew to have ever developed while filming a television show.

  • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

    From my perspective, I think the best way to tackle the tragedy might be to break the fourth wall and address the audience directly.

    My problem with writing Cory’s death into a storyline (consider it’s GLEE we are talking about) is that I think it will inevitably cheapen it. I know actors are professionals and that’s there’s that whole “show must go on” saying linked to the entertainment business but there’s definitely lines I wouldn’t cross. For one, Finn’s death would impact the rest of the characters infinitely –especially Rachel’s– and for more than an episode length (possibly the entirety of Season 5, no doubt). Now, let’s step back for a second and consider that, along with the pain and grief of the cast and crew, is Lea, his on-and-off screen girlfriend. It’s just too close for comfort, I think…to REAL for comfort. I wouldn’t wish that one anyone for the sake of a storyline. That’s not what I call “entertainment”.

    • jozefd14

      They have so much time in changing the first 2 episodes of the 5th season that if they keep their heart in mind, I don’t think they would cheapen it if Finn too dies. They won’t cheapen it because he was one of their own and because of that reason, the chances for them to cheapen the plot of Finn dying I do not see that all. He was one of the original members of New Directions and to the show as a whole that if they were to go that route, I have confidence that they will make it do justice for not only Cory but to Finn the character and to the many fans Glee gained from the pilot. At the end of the day, without the fans, Fox would have never considered renewing the show for 2 seasons securely aside from the usual 1 season renewal.

      • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

        That’s not where I’m coming from. I think the realistic impact of Finn’s death –if they decided to include it in the storyline– would be automatically cheapened if they don’t address it for more than just one episode… I was just factoring in the emotional toll that having to that might take on the cast itself, especially Lea, as people. I’m just not comfortable with that.

        I’m not saying forget about Finn because death IS life altering. I’m don’t think that making Finn’s death in storyline is the most sensible or sensitive way to go about it. Like you, I hope that they find the perfect way to both honor and remember Cory and Finn while taking into consideration the feelings of everyone involved.

  • Traci

    Addressing the audience directly would be a good idea. That way it’s kind of like a memorial. I was thinking that maybe Finn should pass away, but seeing this other option seems like a great way to go. He definitely can’t just be written off the show and never mentioned again. Maybe they can have Finn pass away and then also address the audience because that way Finn doesn’t just randomly disappear. Having him pass away on the show and having the cast grieve in that sense could also help a little. I think it would also give the characters a deeper storyline and help people who have lost someone close to them watch the grieving process.

    Glee has always done real events, no matter how hard or sad they were. I recently lost my grandpa and I think Finn needs some type of reason why he isn’t there, and this could add to the story, the characters, and also help someone who may need help with their own personal grieving in real life.

    This is about Cory, so I think addressing the audience is a great idea and dedicating an episode to him would be amazing. However, it may sound crazy but I do feel that Finn also needs an end to his story. It wouldn’t be fair to have his story just end without any explanation. Anything Ryan and the rest of the cast and crew choose to do I will support. Cory was an amazing actor and an even better person. He will greatly missed and always remembered. We love you Cory <3

  • Martha

    My immediate thoughts on how the writers will handle this on the show, were the cases of others shows in the past: the actor that played Dawson´s dad (Dawson´s Creek) they had the character die in the series too. Recently with the new Dallas, Larry Hagman passed and they killed off J.R…. being a Glee fan, I´m devastated with the news. But I´m confident that the writers will know what to do and keep it professional.

  • Glee Fan

    I think they should do something similar to what the young and the restless cast did for Jeanne Cooper….Have the cast gather together in the choir room and discuss their favorite memories and favorite cory/finn moments since season 1 and close the show with a montage of “the best of cory monteith”. It will celebrate cory’s life as well as give the cast the opportunity to reflect on how much of an impact he had on the show and all of them.

  • jenny

    I don’t think they should carry on with the show. It’ll be too hard to film and too hard to watch. I have sincerely loved Glee since episode one, but I don’t think i’ll watch again if it comes back on tv. Besides, many of the cast may not want to carry on with the show.

  • Anonymous

    I think they should break the fourth-wall and address the audience, and then give Finn an off-screen happy life. Although seeing Finn’s funeral would give some closure for many fans, I personally think it wouldn’t be fair to the actors to make them go through the tragedy again. Plus, Glee has a way of moving on quickly from one point to the next, and the affect Finn’s death would have on all of the characters (esp. Rachel and Kurt, as his ex-fiancee and stepbrother respectively) I think would be out of the grasp of what Glee can handle. Let Finn realize over the summer that life is short, and he should enjoy it while he can, and decide to go travel the world. Or, maybe Finn got into a teaching program over the summer with a scholarship and took off for college, ready to live the rest of his life. Maybe Finn can go to LA with Mercedes and Mike, as neither are season regulars next year. Let Finn live a long and happy life, as a tribute to Cory.

  • Sydne

    I haven’t watched Glee the past few seasons, but I was a big fan of Finn. I think that on the show, Finn has to pass away. Mostly I think this because this is the best way for the characters to say goodbye and make sure that Cory is remembered, and also a great chance for a memorial. However, I also recognize the fact that it could be very cruel to ask the cast to relive this — I guess it just depends on what they feel comfortable with. Breaking the fourth wall is another very viable option in my opinion because it still allows for the memorial, and it is clear why Finn is gone, which I think is the problem with the other options. Regardless, this is one of those situations that is near impossible. My prayers go out to Cory’s family and friends.

  • Megan

    I think at this point, realism is irrelevant. We all lost an important cast member and for us to put the plot of a fictional show above the emotions of the actors is a poor choice.

    • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan


  • Jinx

    I think they should let the cast heal after this tragedy. Even people who don’t like glee reacted to this and felt sad. Imagine how the cast is feeling right now? We’re not even sure if most of the cast will have the strength to go on after this, specially Lea. I’m sorry if I’m wrong on this, but you have to consider how everyone close to him is coping with this.

  • ladysugarquill

    To me the best way would be to let Finn die too (everything else seems lie brushing off the issue), but in the end I think the choice should be Lea’s. Her character is the only one who HAS to react to whatever happens to Finn, since she’s his love interest, so in the end it should be whatever she’s most comfortable with.

    • Emily

      Totally agree… It is just so difficult even imagining her having to go back to this show… The set, the studio and /singing/… Urgh…

  • Emily

    To me, they just can’t give Finn a happy ending without Rachel… It just wouldn’t happen. And Rachel wouldn’t be able to deal or recover from Finn’s death properly to remain the main character, so I just don’t know…

  • jen

    In all honesty I feel that it will be very difficult for Lea to return to Glee. I would love to see Finchel live happily ever after. if Lea does not return they can write in how they ended up together and moved away to enjoy their life together. this way Finchel gets the happy ending they deserve. the ending Cory and Lea should have had. the ending all Glee fans knew would come. they were meant to be together.

  • Amber Carney

    If they decide to have Finn pass away there’s a way I think would make it have a sort of “happy” ending for him too. If Finn somehow gets back into the army he could be away at basic training and then end up deployed to Afghanistan. At some point they can mention that he did get his dads discharge changed to honorable. Then here’s the sad part: Finn has to die, but it could be a hero’s death.
    I know it’d be hard to do this all without the actor but it could be drawn out awhile to give the cast time to sort out their emotions and could give a proper send off to Finn. I don’t know if it would work, but it was the best idea I had.

  • Klaine Is On Fire ♥

    I’m torn between having Finn pass away and breaking down the fourth wall. I would want them to have an episode dedicated to Cory in some way. A funeral would be very hard for the cast but they also wouldn’t need to act to show their true emotions. I do NOT think we should all forget about Finn or say he’s off to college and never hear anything ever again. They need to wrap up his character even if means death. I also never considered breaking down the fourth wall. Maybe they could do that with 10 minutes of an episode.. Maybe at the very beginning of the new season. They need an episode dedicated soley to him though!

  • Klaine Is On Fire ♥

    I also think they need to bring back the old cast if they decide to do a tribute episode.. afterall they knew him better!

  • Not Glee Fan

    i think they should just say he moved or something

  • Emma

    glee ended, there’s no more glee, continuing the series would be starting a whole new show. there is no glee without cory monteith.

  • Mary

    My opinion is that there is no right or wrong answer. How can one know what to do in this situation?
    Cory’s family, Lea and all the cast need to be consulted – how heartbreaking would it be for them to have to do a Finn died scene, knowing that Cory played Finn and he’s no longer there. He hasn’t left the show the do bigger and better things – his life ended.
    An episode where Finn is killed would certainly be an emotional one – not just for fans to watch but for fellow cast members, who were also like family to Cory, would just be too crushing. It would certainly allow fans to maybe grieve and not brush over the fact that Cory is no longer there, thus no Finn, but way too emotional to put the cast through.
    Re-cast a new Finn? Maybe a solution – many fans wouldn’t be happy, but how do the cast go calling a new guy Finn knowing that they should be speaking to Cory? How do they not break down every time they’re speaking to Finn?
    I like the idea of the tribute – especially the West Wing post 9/11 episode kind of theme. There again, how would the cast handle talking about Cory and all their memories? Would that not be putting them through just as much hell as hearing the news that Cory died?
    I’d love Finn to have a happy ending. Ideally, I’d love for Finchel to be together eventually if the directors could work that in somehow. They’re just one of those couples you can’t imagine not being together. I hope that happy ending for Finn and Rachel gets worked in somehow. But I guess it’s up to those consulted as to the direction forward and which way next.
    There’s no easy way, at all. Every way will be wrong because Cory should be here.
    Glossing over his death and ignoring Finn completely from the script would not honour the hard work Cory put into building the character. Replacing him would be death for the show and hard for the actors, as would acting out a scene where Finn tragically dies. And Finchel fans would be left gutted if Finn ended up somewhere and Rachel wasn’t with him in the future. So what is one to do?

    • Mary

      Of course though, Finchel scenes where Rachel has to pretend she’s talking to Finn over the phone and happy would just be crushing, so Finchel continuing is not really fair either. But how do the hardcore Finchel fans accept that Rachel and Finn just aren’t meant to be together.
      That’s if the cast decide they can handle going back. It may just be too painful for them, especially Lea.

      • Mary

        Not to mention that killing off Finn is a bit disrespectful to Cory and the hard work he put into building the character.
        I guess, in the end, I’m leaning towards a happy ending for Finn – the one that Cory didn’t get to have – as a tribute to him.
        I have faith in the directors and think they’ll handle the situation tastefully. Not everyone will be happy – there will be some against whatever the directors decide to do – but what else can they do?
        Let’s not forget though, in amongst this discussion about the future of Glee, that a real person – the heart of our favourite show, a beautiful human being – tragically passed away. No matter what happens, Gleeks unit and let’s keep him in our hearts always.

        • Anna

          Maybe a happy ending for him – where it explains his absence before Rachel joins him at the end of the show/ when she decides to leave (maybe a scholarship or joining others in LA, as others have suggested), and end the episode with a montage (so it would be an extended episode) in remembrance of Cory – goofy outtakes, behind the scenes stuff focused on Cory. Then, in true Glee fashion, the story goes on.

  • Matthew Howland

    Personally, I think Finn should die in the show, they could do a tribute episode with a funeral and have a montage of his screen time to the song “Not The End” since that was never aired, plus it’s fitting. I feel like something like that would give both the fans, and the show itself the form of closure it needs. Any other way doesn’t seem fitting. In the direction that Cory and Lea’s relationship was heading at the end of season 4 it wouldn’t seem likely for him to find some other sort of happily ever after, and breaking the fourth wall seems a bit TOO much, I’m afraid it might be uncomfortable and awkward even. Jumping to the future means that we’d miss everything with all the characters we spent so much time getting to know last season and never mentioning Finn again would be disrespectful to his memory. I say, wait to give the show a winter premiere and do a tripwire episode for Finn.

  • Izzy

    Back when John Ritter died during filming of 8 Simple Rules, they chose to write this into the show. The family, including Kaley Cuoco who played one of his daughters, received a phone call saying Paul, Ritter’s character, had died in an accident while going to the grocery store. They then did the whole grief thing on TV which, though completely tasteful and respectful, must have been super hard for the cast, and I imagine the tears were real. Also, it ultimately led to the demise of the series as it kind of left a shadow hanging over the show and couldn’t quite return to it’s comedy roots – they even shortened the title, as the original meaning and premise sadly died with John. Obviously they couldn’t just write him out either – however I think an off screen happy ending would be best for Finn. After all, I’m sure we’d all rather believe Cory is in a better place now, and the thought of his character living on, smiling, being happy, is a great comfort for all and a great way to celebrate such a bright young star.

  • Izzy

    In regard to a comment referring to the West Wing and 9/11, Sex and the City went the more off screen happy ending way with this issue, with the episode ‘I <3 NY'. A simple, heartfelt tribute to their city and the people who live and die there, without ever mentioning the tragedy that occurred on that day. Something the Glee writer's could consider – a simple, positive tribute to Cory and Finn, less the tragedy.

  • Ryan Floyd

    I hate how everyone is assuming that Lea wouldn’t want to relive his death on screen. Yes, this is a unique situation, however if actors always refused to do scenes because they hit too close to home, there would be very few genuine performances out there. Lea is an actress, this is what she does. If she feels comfortable with having Finn die on the show, by all means let it happen. I just don’t think it’s our place to assume that she will never want to relive it on screen. Everyone grieves differently, and for all we know that could be exactly what she needs.

  • Shawn Sauve

    Recast the role soaps do it all the time

  • Sarah

    I feel like if they didn’t kill Finn off, it would be so weird to watch Rachel continue on as if Finn never entered her life and to believe that Finn was okay with leaving. I mean, before Cory went to rehab, Finn was calling Rachel his future wife and they both seemed like they were heading back towards each other. I know that they’re just fictional characters, but I feel like it would be unfair to the two characters and their relationship that the show has spent 4 seasons developing and that we’ve truly felt a connection towards. If they killed Cory off, it’d probably be difficult for the cast, but at least it would seem plausible that Rachel can (eventually) move on.

    That’s why I think they should just break the fourth wall. Celebrate Cory’s life and tell us that it’s going to be understood among the characters that Finn has passed away. Maybe then do a time jump so that it can seem realistic that they’ve all moved on. Or they could occasionally mention Finn’s death in passing. Either one.

  • Rs Vivs Laliberte

    Congrats on being quoted by CNN, too bad it was for such a sad subject, but kudos to Selina and Hypable

  • yourlinksdontwork

    CANCEL THE SHOW. Don’t disregard his legacy by continuing without one of the main characters.

  • Amanda Krenicki

    I think breaking the fourth wall would be the most respectful thing for Cory and his other friends/castmates who really do have to cope with his death as well as hias loss on the show. To add anything else to Finn’s storyline might be too hurtful. Explaining about Cory’s death seems like the best option so no one feels he’s being used as a plot-device
    or taken for granted.

    • RIPCory

      I completely agree with you. It is the most respectful thing they could do for him. This could also show that there is more to Cory Monteith than Finn Hudson from Glee. He is a talented actor.

  • Stephen Marks

    i personally think…and im probably alone in this…that they should recast. Finn is just a character on a tv show. Keep Finn and his story lines, but recast the character. They do it all the time in movies and such.

  • Jaymie Cybulski

    I agree about consulting his family and lea what they should do. Even though as fans we feel a huge loss, His family and the cast and crew are feeling worse. Whatever they decide to do I will respect. I wish his family and the cast and crew the best. RIP Cory.

  • Edwin Garcia

    By the time the show is back on Fox almost two months of healing would have gone by regarding Cory. I think it would be hurtful having to relive the pain involved in Cory’s passing. Interview his family and ask for their input and any ideas they may have. May God continue being the comfort that Cory’s family, Lea, friends, cast and fans have in this stars passing.
    Cory will be missed, thank you for showing us humility, laughter, courage and your heart.

  • Dave

    You pride yourself with writing about true kid issues. DRUGS at 13 which leads to death. You need to address this with truth! You will give him much more honor by sharing his struggles.

  • Nicole

    I think right now, it shouldn’t even matter because he just passed away and Glee really isn’t a priority at this point too be quite honest.

  • gleek11

    Consult with Cory’s family and lea and decide from there

  • Anon.

    Or they could just admit that Glee is going downhill to places beyond repair and choose to end the show now.

  • joe

    show must go on!!! cory would like that idea. there was a sopera called “nada personal” where the main actress just left the team. next day the director just Break the fourth wall and address the audience directly, He changed the actress and the sopera continued the way it was. SHOW MUST GO ON!!! FiNN HUDSON IS ALIVE !!! . CORY MONTEITH WILL LIVE IN OUR HEARTS ALWAYS

  • Kait

    I really wish people in these comments would stop saying things like, “kill Finn off.” Could we find a more sensitive way to phrase it right now?

  • Sylvie

    I suggest a mix between let Finn pass away and have the actors + show runner shortly address this in the first episode of season 5.

    I agree more on making Finn pass away because Finn plays a big role in Glee alongside Rachel and Kurt (lets admit that those three have the biggest fanbase and those three are, indeed, Glee in essence). I mean, if Finn just goes away on a lottery or something, it would be so weird to the story line and Rachel’s state, because it was greatly expected that he would return to Rachel – no matter how they will address this.

  • Ifigenia

    I think it should be an ending somewhat mysterious and poetic. Maybe Fin decides to get on a train goin far far away leaving behind him letters addressed to his loved ones. His death inthe series would be a terrible thing for Lea to go through and ignoring him would be disrespect. Everything should be done after consulting Lea, the one person that stood by his side through everything

  • Pao

    I think they should ask Lea to see if she will be able to finished Rachel and Finn storyline by recasting Finn.

  • Candice Simmons Perkins

    I think they should ask corys family and lea what they think. I remember when john ritter died, in 8 simple rules they put his death in the show i think if the glee cast does something like that it may be a good send off if its tastefully done , but my other option could be that finn just leaves the town to move on and the whole episode could just be a clip show or memories with him in the glee club.

  • Andrew Falcao

    I think that they should have a sad and tragic death of Finn so the show could move on and then before the actual end of the episode do a tribute to Cory himself as the person. I know it seems weird that they should dramtize the death of a character but that is the only actual way to deal with it in my eyes.

  • Flitzy

    They could always go the same route that Newsradio did when Phil Hartmann died. They essentially just started the series coming back from a funeral for the character and the rest of the show dealt with how the characters (and cast) reacted to it. The only problem is that is was very hard on the cast, understandably, and they had to stop and restart the filming many times.

    But I’m also not sure I want Finn, the character, to die. He should get a happy ending. Cory deserves it. :’(

    Nevertheless, I voted for the fourth wall scenario. It won’t make watching any easier, though. :(

  • Siberianne

    I think there’s a Glee plot line about Finn which can be used to be respectful and touching both of character and Mr. Monteith: Cory’s dad, a hero who developed a drug addiction and died unsung and vilified. If Finn dies a hero off-screen (because we can’t have Mr. Monteith playing the part, of course), he echoes his Glee father’s fate and the unstated recognition that the man’s addiction did not detract from his heroicism. I would be touched if the first mention of Finn’s death came in the form of Burt showing up at the NY loft to break the news to Rachel and Kurt that Finn had saved a child’s life at the cost of his own, in some kind of dreadful accident which rendered a closed casket service the only choice. That would celebrate Finn’s being, and we celebrate Finn to mirror our celebration of his actor, Cory Monteith. I would actually like to see an immediate official recognition of Finn’s heroicism with an award of some kind of medal from some unexpectedly high level of U.S. government (and I’m almost down with it being presidential, though that’s a little reaching). Who could swing such a thing? Not Burt; he’s in family-crisis-mode with his wife and son mourning their son-stepson-stepbrother’s loss, he’s not going to be writing the President to glorify his personal tragedy. But the person who could do it, the person who is so unexpectedly connected at every point of the compass in both personal and official life, is Sue Sylvester. And I think it would be just like her to think about Finn, letting us revisit his life by montage, and get open and honestly generous about Kurt’s loss of his brother (as Kurt and Finn had been generous about her own sister’s loss) by pulling strings she shouldn’t have but always does, and getting the medal pushed forward and awarded instantaneously as a comfort to the Hummels and Rachel and us viewers. It goes to Burt, who hands it to Carol, who hands it to Kurt, who gives it to Rachel. That would be the best possible scenario I can think of. I hope at least some of it is used by the show.

  • Siberianne

    Oh, and I’d like to hear Kurt sing ‘My Buddy’– the Frank Sinatra version — at whatever service they have for Finn’s passing or even in private, because it’s so simple and touching and loving, so right for the loss of a true brother, and it’s secular, and Kurt, the atheist, singing a hymn doesn’t fit the situation and shouldn’t be a detraction from the real issues of the episode. Kurt is already singing ‘My Buddy’ in my personal interior ‘Glee’ world. And I’d like someone to go back to quote Lillian Adler’s definition of ‘glee’: Glee is about opening yourself up to joy. Yeah. The show is not about a club at McKinley. It’s about reaching for the stars and maybe catching them, in Ohio or NY or anywhere else the spirit of mankind stretches. Reference the quote and apply it to Finn’s almost always sunny disposition and his willingness to be Frankenteen and the butt of jokes and special booty camp coaching as he went forward in joy to find his star.

  • Rolando Rmn

    I think his character should pass away also. As sad and cruel as it sounds, it could actually help develop certain characters who seem to have devolved rather than grow. Rachel’s character needs a huge reality check and Puck could use it too. Perhaps Fynn’s passing could be the key for Puck to realize he’s wasting his time, maybe even go to college and HONOR his friend by achieving that which he could not.

    I don’t know, that’s just my thinking and you guys may disagree…

  • Roxy

    Coronation Street handle an actor’s death perfectly fine each and every time. They die off screen somehow, the characters find out, they react, and there’s a lovely funeral. It normally happens months after the actors death, due to how far in advance they are with filming for the soap. Betty’s was a particular moving memorial episode, and they’ve hung a picture of her in the Rover’s Return. They then had a tribute show for the actress airing directly after the episode. I always find it to be a lovely celebration of the person’s time on and off the show, and their life, with their family and friends getting the chance to tell the fans what the person was like. I’d like them to place a picture of Finn on the choir room wall, and as sad as it is, Finn is such a pillar of a character that to just write him into a happy ending elsewhere seems like a betrayal to the character, the actor, and the show as a whole. It looked like Rachel and Finn were going to get back together from what I saw. Is she just supposed to forget that happened and be glad he’s found that desert island, and run off by himself skipping in the sunset?

  • Bryan Broyles

    Tragic loss? He was a junkie who OD’ed. How about doing a story line that shows that his selfish, entitled behavior killed him?

  • Mercedes Lee

    I think that u should do something special like go to his funeral and and sing songs to him since it is a glee club. And by the way put glee seson 5 on Netflix cause I like to watch glee on Netflix cause tv has camushal s

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