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Karmin’s first single, “Acapella,” off their new album now has an official music video featuring the duo in a variety of bright and bold colors.

You can watch the music video on Cosmopolitan, who had the exclusive world premiere.

The video features their usual quirky sense of fashion and humor, showing them at one point — sans music — pulling a piece of bread out of a toaster with a dollar sign in the middle of it. Nick tosses it to Amy, who then takes a big bite out of it, and the beat comes back as they continue to dance.

This video in particular is a bit of a new experience for Amy and Nick, who started out on YouTube without elaborate sets and backup dancers to go along with their singing.

According to a behind-the-scenes video, it’s something they’ve always wanted to do. In fact, their currently untitled new album, the followup to their EP Hello, will be more risky than their previous one.

In addition, Amy says that their sound has evolved from the last album. Not only that, but Nick will be featured more heavily as a singer with Karmin now as more of a vocal duo, whereas previously Nick contributed a lot of backup harmonies and instrument work.

Longtime fans have certainly been waiting for more Nick in the vocal department, and it looks like we’ll be getting what we asked for!

The song itself, which debuted a few weeks ago, is an interesting mix of mostly human voices. In fact, they were inspired to make the track by Anna Kendrick’s cup routine in Pitch Perfect. They struggled a bit with the lyrics, but once they were down, Karmin indeed had their first single.

The duo draws inspiration from Macklemore and Adele, among other artists, but always aspires to have their own sound and style. And they certainly have bucketloads of both of those in this new music video.

What do you think of Karmin’s music video for ‘Acapella’?

  • Ultron

    It’s not exactly a cappella if a beat is dropping in the background..good try

    • Deon Summerville

      No one said the song was completely a capella. Yes, the song is named Acapella; however, there are some snares, 808s and kick drums in the background with their voices making up the other sounds. Did you even watch the above videos?

    • Alex Smith

      The song is 80% only voices

  • Deon Summerville

    LOVE their new video and the song of course! So happy to see them making more music! And I’m also happy that Hypable is covering them; Karmin news is definitely something I’ve always wanted to see more of here, and my wish looks like it’s coming true THANK YOU @Karen Rought :)

    • Karen Rought

      You’re welcome! I’m a HUGE fan, so I always do my best to try to get us to cover them when I can. This time I was lucky and got to write the article myself. :)

  • Claudia Guinansaca

    YAY. I LOVE Karmin and the new video! Amy looks gorgeous in almost anything.

  • lorepottter


  • Jake

    Isn’t Acapella two words? A Capella?

    • Deon Summerville

      It’s spelled like three different ways haha idk if there’s a general consensus as to which one is correct

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