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Right on schedule, a flood of exciting Pokémon X and Y news has leaked out of Japan.

The magazine CoroCoro is known for having exclusive releases of the Pokémon series. Today’s (expected) leak yielded some awesome information on what generation VI of Pokémon will contain. Thanks to Serebii for the translations and scans.

Gym leaders

The two new gym leaders revealed are Shitoron and Zakuro (note: all names are translated from Japanese, and are not the official English names).

Shitoron is the fellow with Doc Ock-esque robot arms (Electric type leader, perhaps), while Zakuro is the man lying on his side with what appear to be gems in his hair and is “said to be good at sports.” Do his climbing tools and rocky hairstlye suggest that he’s a Rock or Ground-type leader?

Shitoron Pokemon X and Y


Zakuro Pokemon X and Y


Legendary Pokemon types

The legendary Pokémon Xerneas will be a pure fairy type. Fairy is a type of Pokémon that was recently announced for Gen. VI. Xerneas will have a special move called Geo Control, and the ability Fairy Aura, which powers up Fairy-type moves.

The other legendary Pokémon announced so far for Gen. VI, Yveltal, will be Dark/Flying. Yvetal will have the ability Dark Aura, which powers up Dark-type moves, and can learn the special move Death Wing.

Evil team

The evil team of Gen. VI of Pokémon will be Team Flare (translation to English pending). Their one and only purpose is apparently to make money. Take a look at what this fiery gang will look like below.

Team Flare Pokemon X and Y

Team Flare

Pokemon Professor

The professor who will give you your starter Pokémon and Pokédex is named Professor Purataanu. He will battle you once in a while, and has the starting of a five o’clock shadow.

Professor Purataanu

Professor Purataanu

New Gen. VI Pokemon

New creatures from Pokémon X and Y were also announced in today’s gargantuan spill.

An evolution to the previously announced Fighting-type panda bear, Pancham, was revealed to be the beastly Goronda.

Goronda Pokemon X and Y


The two new squids are Maika and Karamanero. Both of these Pokémon are Dark/Psychic-types. Maika can learn the new Dark type move called Turn Over, which reverses stat changes made in battle.

Maika Pokemon X and Y


Karamanero Pokemon X and Y


Shushup the bird Pokémon and Peroppafu the cotton candy Pokémon are both new Fairy types. Shushup is exclusive to Pokémon Y, while Peroppafu is exclusive to Pokémon X.

Shushup Pokemon X and Y


Peroppafu Pokemon X and Y


Listen to Hypable’s Pokémon podcast discuss all of this exciting Gen. VI news!

Which one of these new Pokemon is your favorite?

  • John

    Looking awesome :) can’t wait for gen VI. But I must say.. where are all the new pre or post evolutions for older pokemon??

  • Guitarmansg

    So they’re doing good so far, the only pokemon I have a problem with is Honedge and the cotton candy pokemon, let me be the first person to complain lol

  • Zemmer Galpaz

    I like that Xeranes is Fairy type. That’ll show people who think Fairy type is lame!

  • Sumikara

    Zakuro is not African AMERICAN lol. It’s just best to say they are of Black descent. Other than that this article wasn’t too bad with the information.

  • Gary65

    That Poké Professor is way too pretty boy for my taste :/

    • Eva Amore

      A pretty boy? Look at is hair. He looks like one of those scientists that doesn’t get out of the house very often.

      • Gary65

        I dunno. He seems handsome & his Yu-gi-oh hair is quite distracting. They might prove me wrong in-game but, right now, I am not a fan.

        • Eva Amore

          Hes not handsome. He doesn’t comb his hair. XD

          • Gary65

            So? If Patrick Dempsey stopped combing his hair, he’d still be handsome

  • Mehhhh

    Zakuro appears to be rock climbing or abseiling… Rock type leader Mebbie

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    I definitely didn’t see Xerneas being pure Fairy-type.Its changed my opinion on the type. I hadn’t really supported the addition of the Fairy-type that much only because most of them are too cutesy for my taste. I love that Yveltal is Dark/Flying :) The new gym leaders look good. I’m not a fan of the look of the villainous team. I might overlook it once we find out their motives, but for now, eww, orange suits? Pancham’s evolution looks AMAZING. :) Also, Dark/Psychic types? That should be interesting. I hope the release something on the starter evolutions soon.

    • Liz Rae

      i knew it be fairy but i was thinking more fairy grass

  • Jon Comeau

    The second gym leader’s hair looks like a rock formation, there’s the gems in it as well, his pose, and the clip he has on his necklace which is commonly used for harnesses and what not for rock climbing. Definitely a Rock-type gym leader.

  • Lyndsey Salisbury

    I’m liking the new pokemon and gym leaders but not the villians as much as I would have liked to. I’m theorizing that Shitoron could be an Ground of Rock type gym leader because, and correct me if I’m wrong, the thing around his neck is a carabiner. A carabiner is a piece of mountain climbing equitment used as “a connector and to hold a freely running rope” It would make perfect sense for him to have one if he is a ground or rock type trainer. He could even be a flying type trainer who wants to be close to the action

    • David Basile

      Also his hair looks like a rock. Amiright?

  • Glaciusx

    Um, the boy and girl of Team Flare look like the children of Carmen Sandiego.

  • Joanna Boese

    Purataanu-san looks a little like Tommy WIseau…


  • Pipwig

    Shoot, I’m gonna have to buy a 3DS for this….

  • Jay Dee

    Does anyone other than myself see that Zakuro (probably Zach/Zak) will be a Rock-type leader? He has gems in his hair and he has rock climbing gear on his person. His hair looks like a stalagmite. Someone has to be athletic to climb mountains.

  • Liz Rae

    i think that zakruo is a rock type gymleader cause he wears rock climbing gear but he could be dark type who knows an the other a steel type or electric type

  • Melanie G.

    I see what they did there:
    SHItoROn -> shiro = white
    ZaKURO -> kuro = black

    Shitoron means citron (Asian lemon) and Zakuro means pomegranate.

    Professor Purataanu will probably be Professor Platurn or something like that in english.

  • Kittycocoalove

    DANG IT! I was hoping for Yveltal, would be PURE DARK so that it would be an epic battle of Fairy vs dark.

  • Iftekhar Ahmed

    Really? Another Rock Gym Leader? man, I wanted a Rock elite 4 member…

    Aside that: I’m more than satisfied with the news coming so far.

  • LBoy31MA

    I already know what ill nickname my Shushup, Shutup!

  • Leopard101

    It is looking like Fennekin might be crushed by the Kalos Region Gym Leaders

  • ryan

    i got it!! among the gym leaders here are some of my observations.. so viola is a bug type, grant is rock type, clemont is electric type, and korrina is fighting type! i mean just look at these pictures.. i think those are the badges.. right?

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