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Effy’s story concluded last night with the second and last episode of Skins: Fire.

Following last week’s intense first episode, where Emily was diagnosed with cancer and Effy had made 1.5 million pounds through insider trading, we were all waiting to find out what happened to all our favourite characters.

After her first success using Dominic, an awkward strategic analyst, to steal classified information about a stock to make a lot of money for her company, Effy was asked to do that again from her boss, with whom she has an affair. So Effy, once again toys with the emotions of Dom and manipulates him into stealing priceless information for her.

Meanwhile, Naomi’s health quickly deteriorates and soon we found out that she is in fact, terminal. This is probably where the internet exploded. Just check out the #Naomily on Twitter.

Emily, who had no idea about her girlfriend’s cancer, comes back to London from New York, where she was for her photography internship. The last scene between Naomi and Emily in the hospital was heartbreaking, to say the least.

Effy has her own problems. When the Financial Services Authority found out about her fraud, it didn’t take long to find evidence against her. Evidence that could destroy her reputation and even put her in jail. Jake left her alone to take all the blame, but Effy made a deal and testified against him.

There was absolutely no closure. Effy was going to prison and Naomi was going to die. We don’t know what happened. Maybe Effy had a plan to escape. Maybe they gave Naomi a miraculous experimental drug, like Phalanxifor from The Fault in Our Stars, which gave her a few more years. The point is, the writers wanted us to just imagine what would happen, on our own.

“In my world, Emily and Naomi live forever in Mexico with Ponchos and fake moustaches.”

That was a tweet I read, after last night’s finale and I have to agree with it. Completely.

Next week, it’s all about Cassie. You can watch the official trailer for Skins: Pure (Cassie’s Story) below.

Skins airs Mondays at 10 on E4.

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  • Glaciusx

    Skins Fire was truly deplorable. The ending was absolutely terrible! I dislike what they’ve done to Effy and especially Naomi. Poor girl. I hate how everything on Skins has to be sad and messed up. Why couldn’t they just bring them back and let it be something good?! Ugh, whatever. I just hope they don’t mess up Cassie. I don’t want her to get violently murdered by a stalker.

    • TehWinner

      I disliked the ending as well. However we shouldn’t forget that it’s all about a DRAMA series. Bad things will hapen.


    Skins Fire was an abomination. It shouldn’t even be associated with the greatness that was the rest of Skins. Everyone was out of character and frankly it just came across as bad, depressing Skins fanfiction.

    The writing was awful! Acting and directing was good though.
    For me, those characters ended in series 4 in Freddies shed. DONE. HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

  • Veronica Steffarud

    “Following last week’s intense first episode, where Emily was diagnosed with cancer and Effy..”

    Naomi was diagnosed with cancer, not Emily :)

  • Julia

    I’m going to ignore this hideous story. At least the acting and cinematography were still A+.

  • Alex

    It’s all about the real world….. Skins was always so unique because it taught us about real life! It would be wrong to have a Disney happy ending! This story was about effy, and it ended with her facing up to her demons and doing the right thing by reuniting naomily and handing herself into prison ready to start the next new chapter of her life. That smile in the taxi at the end capped it all off. She finally understood the right thing to do.

    • RabbitRabbit

      I can’t agree with this more. She finally grew up from her highschool mess up self. I thought it was an amazing end to effy’s story.

      I do however wish they had reversed the order of the episodes in that Cooks is first, then Cassie, then Effy so that it goes from my least fav characters to my favourites.


      Real life??? Everyone Effy knows either ends up run over by a bus or dead!! How is that the real world? You would have to have the luck of Edgar Allen Poe! It was bad and the way Jess Brittain wrote Effy was really out of character.

      Plus killing off Naomi with cancer was just cliche and badly written. THE MOST OVERUSED DRAMA PLOT LINE EVER.

  • tykerl

    I get why some people might not like the ending, but I don’t understand how it can be described as having ”no closure” – seemed pretty final to me.

  • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

    I have never been able to stand Effy, unlike everyone else apparently. This only reinforced my belief that she is a terrible person who simply steps over others and ruins their lives to get what she wants. She is the worst. Did I miss something because someone in the comments seems to think she is turning herself in? I thought she is turning on the other guy to save her own behind?

  • Beth Grim

    I loved it. To start, I loved what they did for Effy’s job. I mean think about it. She was always the mysterious, gorgeous, unobtainable girl and she grew up and got a mundane job like everyone else where she wasn’t the center of attention. I just thought that was a mad good bit. I love Effy, but there were times where I’d wished she’d get knocked down a few pegs, and this was perfect.
    Naomi’s death was tragic, and I don’t see how anyone could be angry that this was written in. Sad, yes, but to be angry about it is stupid. Naomi made her peace. We see that when Effy lies in bed with her and asks what they’re going to do now. Naomi says, point blank, “I’m going to die, what are you going to do?”. All she needed was Emily. Yes, I’m sure she did die. I don’t see her pulling through and making some sort of miraculous recovery. Things don’t always turn out perfect, people don’t always live happily ever after, because that’s not real, is it?
    Effy going to prison, no, Effy turning herself in and making SURE Dom wouldn’t be ruined by any of it, was spectacular. Effy grew up. I’m not saying she was ever immature, but she did hurt people because of the things she did, and choices she made. It was selfless, and it made me love her even more. She did something wrong, and she owned up to it. It was perfect.
    Sure, we’re left with questions. What happened to Emily? Was she okay after? What about Effy? When will she be out if prison? What happens to her boss? I don’t think we should bitch about this. That’s fucking life. Things go wrong, people die, you mess up, you get hurt. There will always be questions. You learn to live with it.
    That last scene, the one with her in the back of the police car… It was one of the best Skins moments. That last Effy Stonem smile.

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