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Teen Wolf season 3, episode 6 just finished airing on the East Coast! Come read our recap and discuss “Motel California” with your fellow fans.

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 6 “Motel California” began with a flashback to the 1970s. We see a man enter a hotel room, injured and bitten. He puts a shot gun to his head and pulls the trigger, and afterwards we get a close up of his license and see the name Argent.

Flashing to the present, the cross country bus stops at the same hotel for the night. Lydia feels apprehensive, but doesn’t have much choice. It’s the closest hotel with the most vacancies.

Stiles tells Scott his list of suspects, the main ones being Cora, Deaton, and Lydia. He doesn’t trust the other two, but it’s obvious he doesn’t like suspecting Lydia. However, they can’t deny something strange is going on with her.

Meanwhile, Miss Blake takes Derek to his apartment after he comes to her bleeding and half dead. He seems very touch and go for a while.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Motel California Boyd

Back at the hotel, things start to get strange right off the bat with Boyd acting more stoic than usual (who thought that was possible?), and Scott being a little too forward with Allison. Lydia goes to the front desk to get new towels and sees a number on the wall. The woman tells her the hotel is number one in terms of most guest suicides — 198 and counting.

Back in the hotel room, Lydia hears voices coming from next door. They belong to a young couple, who promptly makes a pact to kill each other. When she and Allison go to investigate, they don’t find anything. The others begin to have their own experiences, with Boyd finding a young girl in the freezer and Isaac thinking he hears his father yelling at him.

When Lydia and Allison go back to the front desk, they notice that the number on the wall has gone from 198 to 201.

Next, Scott gets a call from his mother. She’s outside the hotel room with Deucalion, who proceeds to slash her throat open. It’s another hallucination (thank God), and is followed up with Ethan and Boyd having their own experiences. It seems Ethan has some fears having to do with his brother, and Boyd appears to have witnessed his sister dying.

Lydia is, naturally, upset when Stiles tells her he’s wondering if she’s behind the murders. She walks away, but stops when she hears a baby crying. She says someone is drowning, and as she comes to this conclusion, we see Boyd attempting to kill himself in the bathtub.

Lydia and Stiles break Boyd and Isaac of their trances by putting flames to them. As they leave the hotel room, they come upon Scott holding a flare over a can of spilled gas. Stiles won’t let him go out like that, though, and risks his own life, telling Scott he’ll have to take him out too.

Stiles saves Scott and tosses the flare away, but something blows it toward the gasoline. Lydia knocks them to the ground to save them, but when she looks at the fire, she sees the Darach amongst the flames.

Later, Lydia figures out that the Darach put wolfsbane in the coach’s whistle, and that’s how everyone was poisoned. Ethan, because they saved his life, decides to give them some information. He tells Scott that they think Derek is alive. However, because he killed Ennis, Derek either has to join their pack or they’ll kill him.

At the very end of the episode, we see Chris visiting none other than Gerard, who proceeds to tell him that Deucalion is the Alpha that bit his uncle, the man we saw commit suicide in the beginning of the episode.

Favorite quotes from ‘Motel California’

Lydia: “A lot can happen in one night.”
Miss Blake: “Not exactly how I imagined our first date.”
Allison: “After everything we’ve been through, I believe you.”
Stiles: “Most places leave a mint under the pillow. This one leaves a record of all the horrible things that happened here.”
Miss Blake: “You’re like one giant open wound.”
Scott: “Maybe I should be no one again.”
Stiles: “Scott, just listen to me. You’re not no one. You’re someone. You’re my best friend. I need you. Scott, you’re my brother.”

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 7 “Currents” will air next week, Monday, July 15 at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

How creeped out were you in ‘Teen Wolf’ season 3, episode 6 ‘Motel California’?

  • Von

    A pretty decent, interesting story but the wolfsbane plot didn’t make the other suicides add up so I’m pretty confused. But man that Stiles / Scott interaction towards the end made me cry, that made me sad – so great, first time TW got me emotional like that. I want to know more about their childhood!

  • Ashley

    Just leave me to lay in my puddle of tears.

    I don’t even know how to articulate what I want to say about this episode. The Scott/Stiles scene was brilliant. I’m so curious about Lydia now, more than I was at least. Boyd. Boyd’s sister. ISAAC. Gerard’s appearance. I can’t be the only one who wasn’t expecting his reappearance this soon?

    • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

      They even had Michael Hogan’s name at the beginning of the episode. I just didn’t pay attention. I’m glad I didn’t because it made Gerard’s appearance a total surprise! I wasn’t expecting it at all.

  • landrycole

    The way i cried over scott and stiles in that episode was like deja vu for me as after that scene it reminded me of xander and dark evil veiny willow and the yellow crayon speech.
    I am up to my ears in tears and feels right now.
    can somebody please send be a care package that includes ice cream, a bottle of wine and a onesie.

  • Josh Kent

    Lydia heard things no one else could hear she seen darach no one else did she is something we just dont know yet

  • BruvsXV

    Does it ever show how the wolfsbane got in the coaches whistle?

    • Karen Rought

      I think the only thing that was mentioned was that the Darach did it. Otherwise, no, I don’t think so.

      • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

        Obviously Coach Finstock is the Darach. xD I’m just joking. He’s definitely not on the list of potential candidates.

        • Karen Rought

          That would be a twist, though!!!

        • Ashley

          Or maybe it’s Greenberg…..

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    I’M DONE! Oh my god, I’m an emotional wreck right now. The scene with Scott and Stiles… just. DYING. I was freaking out during the whole episode.. AND EWW GERARD! Gross. I hate him so much.

  • Guest

    I still haven’t recovered from the Scott/Stiles scene. It was beautiful, definitely reminiscent of Xander and Willow, as someone mentioned below. And not only did Tyler and Dylan blow that scene away, but Dylan actually co-wrote it? That kid is going places.

    • Guest

      Correction: That wasn’t the scene Dylan co-wrote. But my comment still stands.

  • pottervfd

    OMG!!! That episode was tense, creepy, terrifying, funny, sexy, and awesome.

    I LOVED how much Lydia we got in this episode! She was definitely a major player this week, and I’m glad we got to see more of her “abilities” in action. Clearly, she’s able to sense people who have died (or are about to die). Theories have been put out there that she could be a banshee or a necromancer, but I think she might be some kind of combination of the two? The show has done variations on mythological creatures/beings before (the kanima), so perhaps they’re doing something similar with Lydia? She’s not one specific thing; they take certain elements of mythology and blend them together to create something new.

    I really liked the backstory/additional info we got for Boyd and Isaac, granted they were both heartbreaking. :(

    DETHAN!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!! While I was only the *tiniest bit* disappointed, (because I was under the impression that it would be an actual sex scene, and not just making out), I still really enjoyed and appreciated it! ;) I liked the story about Danny’s scars (although I really couldn’t hear it clearly because of the music) and Ethan indirectly asking him if he would want The Bite. And Ethan hopes that Danny is “a survivor”! 8D I’m counting this as proof that he really cares about Danny, and no one can convince me otherwise.

    Ok, last but not least… GERARD!!!!!! EFFING GERARD IS ALIVE AND BACK!!!! ASHFKJDSHGDLSJALD!!!!!!!!! I *may* have yelled at the TV when he appeared onscreen. I KNEW he would be back sometime this season! With the way they left it kind of open-ended at the end of season 2, and not really mentioning him at all yet in season 3, I just KNEW he would be back at some point! I’m REALLY interested to see how he’ll play into the story! Even though he’s in a wheelchair (and still oozing black goo), I think he could still be behind the Darach killings.

  • Wolffan

    Anyone else notice the frequency of numbers present in the episode? I’ve seen it before, like the countdown in how I met your mother…. I can’t find anything that tells the significance…. There were a LOT of numbers prominently displayed throughout the episode.

    • Sarah

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Not only were there lots of numbers, but the camera focused in on a lot of numbers. Not sure if they have any significance, but knowing Jeff, it’s highly possible.

      • Von

        Room 217 is a nod to The Shinning (the book by Stephen King and not the more famous movie, the hotel made him change it to 237 in the movie)

        198 I have no clue on, can’t think of any references this could link back to so I’m guessing its a random number. Obviously the 201 comes from the four suicides that were planned to happen but didn’t happen … although a quick Wikipedia search on 198 brings up talk about a Greek manuscript containing the four gospels, doubt it has ANYTHING to do with that but four werewolves … not sure, grasping on straws there.

  • Kristen Kranz

    So, I know that we are probably supposed to think this (and that usually means its not the answer), but I’m seriously starting to think that Ms. Morell might be our Darach, or at least working for him/her. 1. She has access to the school, and therefore to Coach and his equipment, 2. She knows all about wolfsbane, 3. She has a mysterious connection to Deaton, who we also still don’t know things about, 4. She was present at the bank and is helping the Alphas for who knows what reason, and 5. Stiles isn’t even considering her as a suspect, which usually means that its definitely a chance she could be the guilty party. She has also had access to each of our main characters one on one in the first few seasons, (ie counseling Stiles and Lydia, translating with Alison, etc) which means that she is knowledgeable about Beacon Hills and our gang, and she has still chosen to help the Alphas… All of this just makes her too fishy of a character to ignore.

    • Ashley

      This makes a lot of sense, but what was with the creepy hooded face in the flames?

      • Kristen Kranz

        That is an excellent question. I assume its some sort of embodiment of the darach or maybe some sort of evil spirit servant or something, but who knows…

        • Lurking Panda

          Maybe it’s the Darach’s “true form” or something that Mrs Morell takes when she commits one of her sacrifices. I have another theory (following one that I have heard on NATWP) that it could be a manifestation of Death itself and that Lydia saw it because she’s a necromancer. It seems to me that the episode hinted a lot to her being something like that with all the hearing dead people and stuff.

  • Kavitha

    dhewurhioew this episode was too much.

    Okay, are we to assume that the Alpha pack doesn’t know that Deucalion killed Ennis? Ethan said that Derek killed him so…does this mean that that’s the generally accepted truth of that pack?

    • Rebecca

      I’d assume so, or else that the pack is too afraid of Deucalion to challenge his word on this, or maybe they blame Derek for making Ennis vulnerable enough that Deucalion hardly had to do anything to kill him? If Kali or Aiden saw the body, probably the second or the third possibility, but if they didn’t see Ennis’s body, they might be taking it on blind faith.

    • Nena

      Yes, and I bet Duke is going to use it in his plan for Derek.

    • Vanessa

      im almost positive they didn’t see the body since ennis got covered up

  • Rebecca

    I’m still geeking out over the Danthan kiss (sorry, Danthan is a better ship name than Dethan :p), and considering that Ethan’s first impulse when he started tripping was to get away from Danny, I think he’s a good candidate to split from the pack if given the order to kill Danny… and now I want to see what happens if Ethan gets the kill order for Lydia and Aiden gets the kill order for Danny. I don’t want it to be canon, I just wonder “what would happen if…”

    • Lurking Panda

      He seemed to care about Danny so much, and really want to protect him! That go to me. It would definitely be interesting to see something like that happen :)

      • Rebecca

        Part of it is probably the whole “I’m a teenager, I like people who like me and want to get off with me” thing all teens have (don’t lie, I remember my teen years very well, thanks), but this is DavisWorld, where Lydia can have a hookup on a school night and not freak out or be shamed, and where Danny can make a locker room joke about devirginizing Stiles and it’s ironic-predatory, not canon-predatory.

        The twins are supposed to be antagonists or antagonist-adjacent, but they still follow the same consent rules as all the good guys (Aiden, Lydia and the placing of hands; Ethan, Danny, and the thinly veiled Bite talk; Scott’s unwelcome staring at the motel being a sign of Something Wrong, not Scott being an awkward teen ex-boyfriend). I don’t think it’s an accident, and I don’t think it’s something put on to fool Lydia and Danny. That’s why I think the contrast between “hi, I’m boyfriend material”, and “oh, yeah, you’re Hale pack adjacent, we have to do seething to get a reaction from Hale or McCall” is so interesting.

  • Nena

    After the whole thing with Jackson/Kanima and the explanation of how messed up people don’t always turn into a werewolf when bit, I’ve been waiting- Ever since Gerard disappeared at the end of season 2 , just waiting… he was soooo evil I knew he would have to turn into something totally crazy and EVIL!!! They wheelchair means NUTHIN! We all know that from season 1! ; )

  • Cynthia Perkins

    Omg, Derek is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love to watch an hour of just Derek….and maybe Stiles too:)

  • Michael

    Alot of numbers in tonight episode but only found one set to significant…

    Boyd with the alarm clock at 12:46

    From the Bible “Luke 12:46″

    “The master of that servant will come on a day when he does not expect him and at an hour he is not aware of. He will cut him to pieces and assign him a place with the unbelievers.”

    seems kinda fitting for Teen Wolf ehh?

    • Von

      oooo well then 198 for the suicides would add up biblically as I posted, man maybe there is more depth here than we think!

  • dillonmays

    This was the best episode ever. I love that Stiles gets to interact more with Lydia in this one. This is just all around perfection.

  • Emma

    If Deucalion bit Alexander Argent in 1977, then how old must he be now? Does being a werewolf slow the aging process? Is this connected to Jeff’s comment that Derek is older than we think? Could Derek have been college age at the time of the fire? Or is Jeff just hopeless at timelines?

    • Rebecca

      Good questions! I just thought the Argent timeline was 1977 because of an Eagles reference to “Hotel California”, what with “you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave” being an appropriate reference for both the suicides and the wereboys’ trips. I also think the question is “How old were Duecalion and Chris in 1977?” If Uncle Argent took on Deuc’s family when the Alpha was 10, the same age Cora was at the time of the fire, the bite could have been in self-defense and Deucalion would still be in his mid-40s, an appropriate age for someone appearing to be teenagers’ father. (I think that’s E and A’s cover story for why they live with 3 (now 2) adults.)

  • Mike

    Still saying the Darach is Laura Hale.

  • Laura Jones

    holy crap that was good! Dylan and Tyler in that scene! :O so many tears! When Stiles took a step into the gasoline…

    Also what scene was it that Dylan co-wrote?

    • Rebecca

      He wrote the “who’s the killer?” Conversation.

      • Laura Jones

        ah okay, thought so! Thanks!

  • june

    Most intense teen wolf episode. I’m glad scott didn’t die!!!!

  • Ness

    Seeing as the werewolf sacrifices didn’t happen does that mean the Darach will be trying again?? Surely it still needs to sacrifice three wolves? All I can say is, it better meander on over to the Alpha pack and choose 3 of them!

  • Joe E Dangerously

    What I want to know is why Isaac was only hiding under the bed instead of trying to kill himself somehow. There were four werewolves there. The other three were trying to off themselves but not Isaac. Why were only three more deaths marked? Three sacrifices, four werewolves. Was it luck of the draw or is there something else going on? Was Isaac meant to live?

    By the way, one of the Matt Damon twins would have offed himself if not for the interference so I suspect the Darach is trying to gather the power to take out Deucalion and his crew. (Why is he called Deucalion? Is that significant? Why would he call himself after the son of Prometheus? I wonder if it’s his real name or a moniker…)

    Oh, and one more thing. Somehow the Darach was able to influence the werewolves’ behavior. The wolfsbane made them vulnerable to it but then what? Is there some magic spell or something? Or since we’ve seen that Scott seems to have some kind of spider-sense is there another way to do it? Are werewolves psychic? I kinda like how the werewolves’ abilities are a little vague but I’d like to know a little more about that part of it. Mainly I want to see what they can do.

  • Sunny

    I guess Sterek isn’t going to happen :(

  • stephl

    what was the ink oil type thing coming from gerards mouth?!

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