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There’s a huge debate about whether or not the fan pairing of Sterek (Stiles Stilinski and Derek Hale) should become canon in the Teen Wolf universe, and we’ve brought you some major reasons why they should be, but also why they shouldn’t.

It’s Teen Wolf Takeover month on Hypable.com, and today’s article discusses the potential romance which is dividing the fandom. Read all of our TWT articles here and submit your own!

This article is written by Tariq Kyle, and is purely speculative for both sides of the debate. The opinions in this piece do not represent Hypable as a whole, and should be read with an open mind. This is meant to give an even argument for both sides of the Sterek controversy, and we ask that all commenters keep that in mind!

Thanks to jboogle on Tumblr for the fantastic fan art displayed above!

Why should Sterek become canon?

It’d bring more diversity to the show.

One of the greatest things about Teen Wolf is that they have a gay character, Danny, whose sole purpose on the show isn’t to be the gay guy; he’s not your stereotypical homosexual with over-the-top clothes, a lisp, and a high voice. He’s just a normal kid on the lacrosse team that happens to be gay, and that’s fantastic!

It would be even better, however, to add a character who’s struggling with their sexuality to the point where they try new things during the show’s run to discover themselves. Heck, let’s add two! Stiles and Derek would be fantastic characters to play around with.

It could be a great story arc for both characters.

We’ve already seen Stiles hint at being bisexual during the past two seasons when he asks Danny if he thinks he’s cute, and then again this past season when Danny offered to stop Stiles from being a virgin as a joke, and Stiles took him seriously. His character is definitely open-minded enough to go down the path of sexual self-discovery, and it’s in no way a far stretch from the current character arc.

Derek, on the other hand, is a different story. His character hasn’t shown too much interest in the same gender, but that can’t stop him from falling for Stiles at some point in the show! Stiles and Derek have already formed a sort of alliance, working together to keep their friends and family safe from the Alpha pack and Peter, so a Castle-styled romantic arc isn’t out of the question.

If you don’t watch Castle, the two main love interests in the show (Kate Beckett and Richard Castle) start off not liking each other in season 1, only to fall for each other and finally getting together in season 5. It was the ship we all hoped for, and something that Sterek can easily follow suit with.

The following is huge.

Let’s face it, if it weren’t for some shipper communities (Klaine, Swan Queen, etc.), the two characters we want to ship the most usually end up not interacting with each other in the show in any other way than what the show runner intended.

Swan Queen shippers have been able to get the show runners to write small nods to them in the show, with a connection happening between Regina and Emma rather than them staying complete archenemies. Klaine shippers can be proud with how loud they’ve been, because they’ve been heard by Ryan Murphy (the show runner for Glee) multiple times, and we’re sure some scenes were thought up because of how loud the fandom has been.

And we’ve gotten small nods to Sterek when Stiles had to save Derek from the drowning in season 2, and them laying on top of another without the ability to move (which probably excited every Sterek shipper in the world), so it’s not hard to imagine Jeff Davis writing more nods to the Sterek fan base and possibly making it canon.

Those are just some reasons we think Sterek should become canon. Continue on to the next page to see why we think they shouldn’t be.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/BlueHuMac BlueHuMac

    “1. We know he’s [Derek] a big fan of the ladies”
    I must have missed an episode or something. The dude is always brooding and lurking in the shadows. The underage “romance” with Kate and the predatory bite of Erica hardly makes him a don juan.

    Also, the awesome thing about the TW world is that homesexuality is not a big deal. Why would Derek struggle with being with a guy?

    • Laura Jurgensmeyer

      For the second part: it’s awesome that the show is open to gay characters and relationships, but that doesn’t mean that each character themselves would be totally accepting of it. It’s completely feasible that they could show a character struggling to accept how he feels.. with the character eventually accepting it and realizing it’s not a big deal.

      • http://tyrionical.tumblr.com/ Kyle

        That’s exactly what I was thinking, Laura!

        @bluehumac:disqus, I can see Derek struggling with it because it’s not something he’s done before (as far as we know) and just because the world around you is accepting of all sexualities doesn’t mean that each individual is going to be okay with new/strange/different feelings arising in themselves about the same gender.

        • http://www.twitter.com/BlueHuMac BlueHuMac

          I get what you say, but I just see it happening on the show. Maybe It’s just my vision of the show.

          • Ixchel Rodriguez

            @bluehumac:disqus @tariqHZ:disqus No, you see, that’s the thing about the show. It has never, in any way shown any of its characters having a hard time accepting sexuality. Jeff has mentioned it before, that this is the way he hopes for the world to be.

            Have you ever struggled because you have feelings for someone of the opposite sex? Has that ever been an issue regarding sexuality? Yeah, that’s exactly it. He aims for a society that is completely accepting (unlike our society) in which the characters can fall in love with other characters for who they are, regardless of their gender.

            Just because someone hasn’t shown interest for a certain type doesn’t mean it cannot happen. It’s on parallel with that thing we say “I would never fall for this person,” but life sometimes takes so many turns that we end up with that exact person we thought we would never love.

  • Lotte

    I am new to Teen Wolf and pretty neutral about Sterek so far. So I don’t mind either way. However, I really hope they don’t unite Sterk just for fan pandering. Glee is a great example how it destroyed the show for me. It needs to fit the story first, then the characters and after that you can consider what the fans may think. But no show should just aim to please a loud fanbase. Especially because a loud fanbase may not actually represent the majority.

    But if done and planned accordingly, why not?! Tumblr would freak out, that is for sure.

    • Marie

      I’ve only seen the first two episodes, so I’m not really qualified to speak about specifics.

      But, if they do do it, I think it needs to do two things. The first would be that it needs to happen organically. The second would serve the overall story in some way. I think when things happen just to make fans happy, that’s when things go downhill.

    • Jonas Grumby

      SO well said. Don’t do it for fan pandering. I used to be a HUGE Glee fan, and giving in to the fans killed it. The fans are not writers. What they want doesn’t always make sense. And, of course, they don’t always want the same things even if they seem to. Just whose version do you “pander” to?

      Having said that, I don’t mind which way it goes as long as it is done well.

  • Emma

    Ok, the line “We know he’s a big fan of the ladies” is just not right.
    As far as we know Derek only had one relationship that ended pretty badly.
    In the first two seasons, Derek had shown no interest whatsoever in starting a relationship.
    Also the way their starting his relationship with the teacher is really OOC so far.
    The two scenes they had make no sense from Derek’s character POV.
    Derek hasn’t shown any interest in anyone since the beginning. So, we never know what his full interests are.

    Even Stiles hasn’t shown a real guy interest (he often jokes) until this season where that one scene with Danny hints that he is Bi.

    • Morgan

      Which scene was that? I think I missed it.

      • Emma

        The last episode Unleashed

  • Ana

    I really don’t see them happening and like some people said if Jeff makes them happen just because of fan pandering I would totally hate it. I believe he likes Sterek and he really enjoys the passion the fans show but I don’t think it’s in his mind to ever make it happen. I don’t think it would fit the story or if it would be relevant to it (apart from just having another gay couple).

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    I love Sterek, its great, but I think I’d much rather have Stiles and Derek becomes really good friends.. Like Stiles could be Derek’s best friend or something. Its obvious they care about one another because they keep saving one another’s lives and they do get along since they have their banter and such.
    I think the main reason I can’t actually see Sterek happening in a romantic sense is that I honestly can’t imagine Dylan and Hoechlin kissing. It would be kinda weird to me.. Dylan and Posey on the other hand? I can see them kissing somehow. xD

    • Lupita

      Yes to everything you just said! :D

    • Aryanna

      Yes. Just yes. I honestly do enjoy the Sterek (i will call them Stiles/Derek though since i feel that Sterek is the ship name) scenes because it is a great dynamic. I mean they are both total opposites and hate each other. I don’t really see it working out as well if they did like each other though because i get such an enjoyment out of them hating each other. But i agree i would fine with them becoming good friends in the end. I just for some reason can’t see them in an actual relationship but then again this is just me.

  • Leila

    I never really understood why people ship Sterek. Am I the only one who ships Scott/Isaac? I see a bigger connection between the two of them, and for some reason I felt they had chemistry ever since their first scenes together. Isaac’s troubled past with his father could even have something to do with his sexuality.

    • Mark Leroy

      I honestly think it is a more of “Sterek came first” thing lol

    • Aryanna

      Totally agree. I might have shipped Sterek a little when i first entered the fandom after season 1 but then it just got to be such a big thing that i was turned off by it. I do love Scisaac though but i do kinda hope that it doesn’t get as big as Sterek because i feel that may take the fun out of it.

    • Tara

      I don’t understand why people can’t ship both? Is it a competition or something?

      • Leila

        Uhh…when did I say you can’t ship both?

        • Tara

          Your entire comment implied it. Comparing their chemistry? How they have a bigger connection? And I say this as someone who ships Scisaac hardcore.

          • Leila

            You better look up what implying means then. You see, I at first mention Sterek since the above article happens to be about Sterek. Then I go on to say that I am not a big fan of Sterek, but I do ship Scott/Isaac. Notice the “I”. The comments are a place to share one’s personal opinion. Because I myself do not ship both does not mean that you cannot ship both or one or three different ships. Heck, ship ten different ships on the show if you want. However, please do not start a competition of your own because I shared my personal opinion. I compared two different ships. I never said that you can’t ship both, and it certainly is not implied. The only one who suggested there was a competition was you.

  • Jake

    I want Sterek to happen. I think it would be healthy for the show and a unique storyline. But I think it would be good for the show if they hold out on that for a while. Like, until the final season.

    • Glaciusx

      Oh my god yes because then Derek could say something like “It’s been you all along” and then Stiles would reply “I know” AND THEN I WOULD MELT.

  • sarahd15

    I’m actually pretty neutral in regards to Sterek. I don’t mind that people really want it and are passionate about it, just as long as they don’t get crazy and annoying about it like the Klaine fandom…most of them are just ridiculous to the point that they want the people who play Kurt and Blaine (Chris & Darren) to get together in real life. Hello, it’s called acting guys!

    But yeah, let’s see where this goes. Just don’t force anything please! More character development, you’re doing great Teen Wolf!

  • KleppMelk

    I have the Sterek shippers to thank for finally deciding to tune into Teen Wolf. It’s slightly silly (the way they run on all four!?!) but the characters are great (Stiles and Lydia are my favourites) But that said, so far I see no development in the relationship between Stiles and Derek justifies this ship becoming canon. They’ll have to do a lot more work for that. I’d welcome it, if it happened thought.:)

  • divya mangath

    Im not going to the next page. #SterekForever

  • marie line

    It’s funny how people accept werewolves, witches and whatever but can’t accept that the hero can be gay or bi.

    And not one gay couple is not enough, what the hell is this reaction, nobody said “there are enough heteros couples”.

    Some British shows turn with 2/3 gays couple for exemple and nobody raise an eyebrow.

    Sterek can happen but not out of the blue, Derek must heal first, i’m not against a female love interest from him and Stiles but yes i have to be honest, i want them together, but with a plot and a smart construction of their arc.

    • jeff

      I agree. Derek’s awkward love interest dies, he’s mourning, seeks that in stiles or stiles “conveniently” is there to help him mourn or just starts noticing stiles as an attraction more then an annoyance

  • Anna

    I still think it’s like Tyler Hoechlin said (who knows if he was serious or not but I am); it’s 50/50. A person (character in this case) can discover at any given time that they are gay or bisexual. And there are other story lines being focused on right now so it wouldn’t be something they’d keep hinting at for Derek (have you seen the Alpha pack and oh the long lost not so dead sister?). And I wasn’t aware that there could ever be ‘enough’ gay/bi/lesbian representation in a show. I was under the impression that people (characters again in this case) were who they are and loved who they loved. So concluding that I can see it happening at some point, but I also can see it not happening. Nothing has really steered it more one way than the other.

  • Lurking Panda

    I ship Sterek but I don’t really care if it happens in the show or not as long as they keep having funny interesting scenes and good character development.
    I love both characters so it’s more important to me that they stay true to them than that they get together.

  • Brittany

    I don’t think it should ever happen. First of all, yes Stiles has shown interest in guys (or at least in knowing if they find him attractive), but Derek has not. We know that he was in a sexual relationship with Kate when he was younger. He was very seductive towards Erica when offering her the bite and later kisses her back when she jumps on him. And now, of course, we have Ms. Blake. They’re definitely setting her and Derek up as love interests, regardless of how long it lasts.

    Derek has never shown interest in men, and while the Teen Wolf world exists without homophobia, the real world unfortunately does not. It might take a lot of people time to get used to the idea of Stiles being bisexual, should he ever come out and say he is. I just can’t see Jeff writing a “Stiles-coming-out-of-the-bisexual-closet” storyline, turning around and doing the same for Derek, and then SURPRISE! The two bisexuals fall in love? Talk about forced!

    Not to mention the huge age difference and the fact that Derek and Stiles are still only tolerating each other. Stiles is a 16-year-old kid and Derek is presumably in his mid-twenties. Currently being in MY mid-twenties, I would not date a 16-year-old, no matter how mature they might be. And no, they don’t love each other. They currently don’t even like each other. They’re allies when it’s useful, but Scott is the only reason they ever interact. They don’t spend time together alone, they’re not friends, they don’t “hang out”. Now this could certainly change one day, but I personally don’t see it happening anytime soon. As several people have said, this is one relationship that would require LOTS of build-up and so far this season, Derek & Stiles seem to be going in opposite directions. They have their own storylines and probably won’t be spending much time together.

    • Morgan

      Ok, as a gay man myself, I had three major hetro relationships myself before I even began to think and accept being gay. Sometimes it takes longer for a person to realize they are gay and they don’t fully except it until there twenties. Heck, I know people who were married for ten years before coming out, and yes, they had hetro sexual relationships in that time.

      In my mind it is perfectly plausible that Derek could be written as yes having these relationships, but more because that is the social convention. He tried to have a meaningful relationship, but it never seemed to click. Then if written properly, this anger and dilike towards stiles could turn into genuine caring relationship.

      I think that it is perfectly plausible and not forced if written properly. As for the age difference, yeah it’s a bit weird, but honestly I’ve seen a lot worse on both TV and in real life.

  • ST

    I’m neutral to whether Sterek should or should not happen. If it is done
    properly and in a way that is convincing and not out of character for both characters,
    I think I might even like it. But if it never happens, I think I will be
    equally OK with it. I do think Derek and Stiles interactions are really funny
    and bring a lot to the show and I would be really disappointed if that ever

  • popprincess5678

    I don’t want it to happen purely because it would really feel like Jeff pandering to the fans and I never really like that. Although they have their cute little interactions I just don’t buy into the whole Sterek ship at all.

  • Starkiller

    I think this idea of sterek going canon as ‘pandering to the audience’ to be really problematic and slightly ridiculous. I’ve always believed Sterek has the potential to be a naturally developing pairing with the same intensity and chemistry that Buffy and Spike had in BtVS. Heck, that’s what attracted me to this fan-pairing in the first place – I see Sterek and pairings like Buffy/Spike as being remarkably similar (unfortunately fans of the former going canon are too often labelled delusional or treated as a joke, which raises heteronormative/homophobia flags for me, as said comments ultimately argue that we can read the chemistry of a het pairing as romantic, but not a slash pairing). The reasons I and many others so thoroughly enjoyed the Buffy/Spike storyline was precisely because the writers recognised that the audience was reacting positively to the characters’ chemistry and potential story. It was a “break out” pairing in that it was never intended to happen when Spike was first introduced to the show (he was supposed to be bumped off), but fans went crazy for them. I think Buffy/Spike’s success as an iconic tv pairing is partly because there was no megaphone announcing its coming the way we are spoonfed so many other romances. Audiences were able to see the characters change and develop both separately and together. That was a real treat for me because 9 times out of 10 I can tell immediately if two characters are going to hook up. I find the majority of romance narratives in tv to be disappointingly predictable and boring that way. There was an immense fandom support for Buffy/Spike pre-their canon, so were the writers pandering to their audiences by making them canon? Personally, I don’t think so. I think pandering is throwing a popular fan-pairing together in a messy and rushed way with little thought to the characters, or giving patronising little winks to the audience. Taking that definition of pandering, I’d never want the writers of Teen Wolf to do that with Sterek. But if they were to follow a similar route with Sterek as the BtVS handled Buffy/Spike, with a carefully thought out story that makes sense for Stiles and Derek, then I absolutely believe we’d have another iconic tv pairing to enjoy.

    As for the “There’s already enough male homosexuality” point, I think that’s a very problematic argument and I’d like to hope that most people would agree, because there isn’t/shouldn’t be a quota to fill. Do we need other representation e.g. lesbian characters/couples and more pocs? Absolutely. But as it stands, the one gay character we do have (and one of the few pocs) is a minor character, and I feel like people are going crazy for the fact that we have a gay character who flies in the face of stereotypes (which yes amazing), while conveniently ignoring his disappointingly small role in the series. I love that Danny is getting a little more limelight this season – but it’s about time and maybe too little too late. While there are a lot of positives about Danny, he remains a minor character on par with Coach Finstock. I really enjoy his scenes, but I sincerely doubt he will ever become as important in the series as Derek, Isaac or even Mama McCall. If I’m wrong, fantastic! But as much as I’m looking forwards to Danny and Ethan’s story arc playing out this season and its positive representation, I’m not kidding myself. Thus far most of Danny/Ethan’s interaction appears to have happened offscreen. I’ve heard spoilers that we’re going to get a Danny/Ethan sex scene, but what about all the other stuff that all our Teen Wolf het pairings have had so far e.g. getting to know the characters well as individuals, getting the romantic build up, seeing them MEET properly (with actual dialogue) etc. I think there’s this big misunderstanding that Sterek fans don’t support Danny because they put their slash ship first, but I think that’s an unfair accusation/assumption. I think Sterek fans do support Danny. I for one certainly want to see more of Danny, but I will always love and support the idea of Sterek going canon, because this is the pairing I’m emotionally invested in – the pairing I see great storytelling potential – and I strongly believe LGBT pairings should have the same fluid, naturally occurring and carefully thought out storylines that heterosexual couples get.

  • Shaft Almasy

    I don’t think Sterek should become canon because it is clear to me that Stiles will only ever love Lydia and that they should perhaps become a couple next season. Also if you were to ask me who Stiles has real chemistry with then it is clearly Scott those two have more chemistry than Clark and Lex did on Smallville and that is saying something. I think (just my opinion) that people see the low level conflict between Stiles and Derek and assume there is possibly some sexual tension there when in reality it is just tension because of the dozens of times that Derek has thrown Scott under the bus for his own plans and Stiles is obviously very protective of his best friend.

    • guest

      I agree with this completely. Stiles and Derek really only ever interact because of Scott. Stiles’s main priority is looking out for Scott, Lydia, and his father. Although he and Derek have great scenes together every once in a while, I can’t see Stiles putting Derek ahead of those three people in his life at any point in the near future (if ever).

  • Ashley

    I have a love-hate relationship with Sterek. This comment might be a little long because I’ve never shared my thoughts about this before, and I don’t mean to offend anybody, but this is just what I think about it.

    This ship is one of the reasons that made me originally gravitate towards watching Teen Wolf because of its following in the battleship tournament awhile back. Now that I’ve seen the show I can see why people ship it, but I personally can’t get into it. I really enjoy their scenes together, but I can’t see them in a relationship.

    I know a lot people say that if it is drawn out and done right while not completely fan pandering that it will be great, but I can’t see it that way. I would have to leave my judgment for if Jeff does go down that road to see what I truly think of it, but I think in my mind I’ll always just think that he’s catering to fan service, and it’s hard for me to get that thought out of my head.

    The Sterek fans are truly a creative bunch. I have caught myself awing over the fan art that I see on dA and liking some very well done Sterek graphics on tumblr, but where you have a big ship you have some fans that aren’t the nicest to non-shippers.

    I’ve had bad experiences with ships that have had a huge following like this, so this is where my reservation comes from. I know only a small amount of fans do this, but I don’t like seeing unreasonable character hate towards characters who could be a potential romantic interest in one of the characters in the ship, like Ms. Blake (because I have, unfortunately, seen it), and the ship superiority that comes with it. I hope I’m making myself clear because I’ve never put this in words before.

    However, out of all of the big shipping communities where the ship has not become canon like Swan Queen, Destiel, and Johnlock , I feel that Sterek has the best chance at becoming canon someday.

    This is my last little comment because I have been typing for far too long. A funny story, I told my mom about Sterek, and she started laughing about it and stated “but they hate each other!” By the end of our conversation she decided to start shipping it she found it so funny.

    • Weasley-Detectives

      The issue with calling the possibility of canon!Sterek fan-pandering is that you then have to call a great deal of other popular het ships fan-pandering by extension. Spike/Buffy of BtVS comes to mind, as do Castle/Becket, Mulder/Scully, Pacey/Joey – each one is an iconic TV pairing praised for their strong development and each one had enormous fan support long before they became canon. Referring to a possible canon result for Sterek as fan-pandering not only shows a lack of faith in the writers (and I very much doubt Jeff Davis is the sort to write something like Sterek purely for the fans), but it also raises the question: why do people call the possibility of a slash pairing becoming canon “pandering to the fans”, but not a het pairing?

      In regards to the Ms Blake hate, I have seen some unfortunately, but very little. But while we’re pointing that out, it’s also important to note that there is a lot of anti-Sterek too, far more than I’ve seen Ms Blake hate (and some pretty vile stuff), but I never see people bringing that up in comments sections like this and I think that’s very telling of people’s attitude towards slash pairings.

      • Ashley

        You’re right with your first point. When I was typing this up I did think of other ships that could be considered fan service. When I started to watch Buffy I never considered Buffy/Spike as fan pandering because the show was already completed, and I never got the opportunity to follow it while it was airing to see what the fans were thinking at the time. Knowing myself, if I had never watched TW before, Sterek became a thing, and the show was completed, I would probably start shipping it (IF it was done right). I know that sounds really screwy, but I always take better to certain things when I’m not exposed to the fandom.

        You’ve been more lucky than me. One night, I went on the Teen Wolf tag on tumblr and literally came across 3 posts of Ms. Blake hate in less than 5 minutes. Maybe I just went on at a bad time…

        I’ve honestly never run across anti-Sterek hate, but I think that’s because most of the people I follow on tumblr are either pretty mellow Sterek shippers or Isaac/Everything shippers.

        • Tara

          I wish I had your dashboard! I see anti-Sterek hate every other day. They tend to invade the Sterek tag too.

          I am even seeing the odd post of Sterek hate in the Scisaac tag lately.

          • Ashley

            I don’t know if this will help you but this is how I try to keep the hate or negative comments away on tumblr:

            -Block/ignore users who post hate.

            -If your scrolling your dashboard and you see a post that is anti, negative, or anything that upsets you, unfollow the poster/reblogger.

            -If you don’t want to unfollow them, ask them kindly to tag their posts, so you can blacklist the tag. (I don’t personally do this, but I’ve seen this method work for other people).

            I can’t keep you out of the tags, but I tend to avoid them and stick to my dashboard because I usually don’t see the hate on my dashboard (mostly because I follow my first point religiously), but I see it in the tags. Hate on anything in a fandom usually shies me away from it. Luckily, I haven’t been exposed to too much hate in the TW fandom.

      • Aryanna

        I have actually seen quite a bit of Ms. Blake hate but then again a lot of it is from going into tags and idk if it is because of Sterek or not. There are just so many problematic things in the Teen Wolf fandom period. I’m not a Sterek shipper so i tend not to follow a lot of Sterek blogs but i do follow some and they are actually pretty mellow so that’s nice. I mean there are some issues i have had with the Sterek fandom here and there with some demanding Sterek be made canon. But i have also checked out the “lol Sterek” tag which is pretty much the anti-sterek tag on tumblr. While i don’t ship Sterek i’m not going to complain about it or hate on anyone that does ship it. Sure i may get annoyed with some of it here and there but i don’t even see that much anymore since i ts’d Sterek a couple weeks ago. The hate does go both ways though as well as there Scott fans sending hate to people that don’t love Scott. The hate just has to end. While i don’t ship Sterek i won’t hate on anyone that does. You can always ignore stuff instead of trying to start a fight. Also sorry this got to be so long.

  • kate277

    I am anti basically because of the total character change that would be for Derek. Not only does he just put up with Stiles because he is Scott’s best friend he clearly is hetero. I think the point of sexuality in this show is that it really is no big deal and kind of inconsequential. Love and romance are the more important issue and the issue of family. I think the best relationship to explore a homosexual relationship is how Danny turns Ethan into a good guy who fights with our heroes. I also have gotten the impression that Jeff Davis wants Caitlyn to maybe return basically because after the initial grief she might be wtf but they need to figure out how to get a girl who I took to be in college into our world (I might suggest she works at wherever Melissa makes Isaac get a job if he is going to stay at the Mccall house).

  • DT

    Reading this was in some ways similar to watching a Republican party debate, which is not a knock at the writers’ politics but an example or watching/reading something that has such a diametrically opposite viewpoint from mine. Derek Hale is a big fan of the ladies? Ladies of Perpetual Sorrow and Constant Angst perhaps, otherwise not so much. Yes, he has a history with Kate Argent and it looks like a (probably short) future with Ms Blake, but the only characters with defined sexuality on Teen Wolf are Danny and Scott, and while I would typically agree with you for any other show that the common heteronormative assumption of straightness apply, I’m not so sure I would apply that to Teen Wolf. Similarly, there isn’t actually a gay quota or glass ceiling for number of non-het relationships on any TV show. So, Danny&Ethan, Derek&Stiles, Lydia&new sheriff’s deputy – sure why not all of them? Sadly, Danny&Ethan barely count given Danny is definitely a side character whose role has been (not even maybe) expanded because he’s the love interest/target of a new sinister side character’s storyline. Which brings me to the main point I do agree on – it would be a very interesting storyline for Davis to write 2 characters who were not introduced right from the start as gay stumbling their way into a relationship that started as barely tolerating each other and has morphed into multiple incidences of saving the other’s life at risk of his own and an almost teasing banter. It shouldn’t be done just because Sterek has a huge following, but similar to Mulder&Scully on X-Files or Spike/Buffy or the 2 main characters on Castle – this kind of relationship gets a huge following because it works for a lot of people and the storyline can be done in a really interesting way (X-Files didn’t do it well, in my opinion although I was thrilled they got together, but the other two shows have done a better job of it). Sterek would make a great storyline and at the same time it would represent/acknowledge the fluidity of sexuality (given neither character was introduced as gay) to a young audience for whom that message could be literally life saving. Davis said recently that Hollywood isn’t lacking in creativity, just courage and I’d challenge him to stand out and do the courageous thing by writing a true romantic storyline for 2 same sex characters who have great chemistry together.

    • http://www.twitter.com/BlueHuMac BlueHuMac


    • Shantal

      Yep, agree with this 110%.

    • Starkiller

      Very well said, thank you. :)

    • Anthony Ashcraft

      I love how you say Danny and Ethan barely count.

  • Shantal

    I’m going to start with the arguments “against”:

    1. If Miss
    Kyle labels a Derek a “a big fan of the ladies” based on the fact that
    he had sex with Kate Argent when he was young and got kissed by Erica
    and responded for less than a second before throwing her down and saying
    no, then I and she clearly understand that phrase very different. There
    is no canon evidence of ant sort for now to support that view of Derek
    at all. Besides, the bisexual option would not be in any way against
    even your very wrapped sense of “ladies man” of Derek. Strike one
    against the “should not section”.

    2. I don’t know Miss Kyle’s
    knowledge of any other medium, be it literature, TV or movies, but I
    have to inform her that characters who do not like each other in the
    beginning or middle of the story could actually get together. Even
    Shakespeare has one such very famous couple, Benedict and Beatrice from
    Much Ado about Nothing which knew each other for years before their
    friends decided to prank them and get the together. There are countless
    such examples, of course in the heterosexual variety, as this has been
    the dominant and in many cases only sexuality showcased in mass media.
    As long as such a development is believable written, it would not be an
    180º change. The fact that we know so little about Derek’s personal life is
    actually a big plus for such a storyline and when I say personal, I mean
    what does he like, dislike or enjoy. We have almost zero info on that
    front. So no, again, it would not be such a change from what we have
    seen on screen, but it would be a big change for what our perception of
    similar characters is in terms of sexuality.

    3. Since when does
    a current potential love-interest mean no chance for a couple? Have you
    watched any current TV shows? Why haven’t new potential love interest
    meant the final nail in the coffin for Beckett/Castle, Ziva/Tony or any
    other popular will the or won’t they do it. And taking Ziva/Tony into
    account, the first couple of seasons (40+ episodes, compared to less
    than 30 for Teen Wolf) after her introduction they could not stand each
    other, but people we not told not to ship them, because they are trained
    that when a female and male character act on screen negatively towards
    each other, it could be seen as a potential “love” connection. And let
    me not start on Spike/Buffy, where they spend 30+ episodes trying to
    kill each other. Considering that she had a stable love interest in
    Riley for Season 4.

    4. How did you calculate that there is
    enough male homosexuality? And why should diversification be the sole
    reason for Sterek? The reason they will (if they happen) be important is
    that it could open the door for previously assumed straight characters
    from the audience to actually be portrayed as bi, which would diversify
    the LGBTQ by actually showcasing characters that are not defined just by
    their sexuality. While including lesbian characters would diversify,
    can you tell me the numbers of major bi-characters on TV? I don’t know
    the exact number for lesbian ones, but if I had time I can prove to you
    without a doubt that they are more than bisexual ones (even if their
    (lesbian) number is still way too low in the big picture). You address a
    little bit of this plus in your first argument for Sterek, but a
    character struggling with their sexuality we have seen, not as often as
    it could be, but still. A major plot influencing male bi-character on a
    popular show I can not think of at all.

    So while I
    wholeheartedly embrace a difference in opinion, I do so when the those
    opinions are backed by sound arguments, which unfortunately I fail to
    see here.

    • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

      ‘Miss Kyle?’ You are aware that Kyle is a guy right?

      • Shantal

        I’m sorry, I assumed Tariq was the first name and
        it sounded female to me. I don’t know the staffers here, so it’s a
        normal mistake to be made. Unfortunately there is no edit button that I
        can see to fix it.

    • popoK

      I’m sorry and I do mean this jokingly and with a light heart but it was very hard to take this seriously when you referred to Kyle as “Miss Kyle” lol

  • chasingshadows

    So this article left me raging. I didn’t read the reasons why Sterek “should” become canon because, well, I know why I think they will. Character chemistry and story should be the only things taken into account and I think both lead pretty awesomely toward the pairing.

    But the “should not” section is beyond ridiculous. It would be nice if they could come up with legitimate, non-heteronormative, non-oppressive reasons. But they can’t. All they can say is that characters should be considered straight until proven otherwise (but we know Derek likes girls, so he can’t like guys!), Derek already has a canon love interest (because of course characters can only have ONE on a show) and, wait for it, THERE’S *ENOUGH* MALE HOMOSEXUALITY. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Because there’s Danny and Ethan, there’s ENOUGH??? Well, we’ve had Scott/Allison, Allison/Matt, Lydia/Jackson, Chris/Victoria, Derek/Kate, Sheriff/Stiles’ mom, Peter/Melissa, Lydia/random guy, Lydia/Aiden, Stiles/Heather, and Jackson/Allison. I guess we have enough heterosexuality too. Should we just have only lesbians and poly relationships on the show from now on? Because we’ve had enough of everything else it seems.

    If these are meant to be “crack” reasons (which they really are), they maybe shouldn’t be portrayed as legitimate, understandable reasons. In attempting to bridge the gap between these two sides, all you’ve really done is send us back 10 years for queer representation in media.

    So thank you for making me (hi, bi person here) feel like I “shouldn’t” exist.

    • Weasley-Detectives

      Yes, completely agree. I absolutely embrace differences of opinion and if Sterek just isn’t someone’s cup of tea, then that’s great. To each their own. But the anti-arguments I’m reading in the article AND comments aren’t just poorly thought out – they’re really quite offensive. The moment I read a comment that says “such and such is clearly heterosexual”, I think “Do you actually live in the real world?” There are so many reasons I love Sterek (mainly story and character related), but when I read these anti arguments, I want Sterek to become canon even more just to disprove this ridiculous myth that a character is “clearly heterosexual”, despite this not being stated within the narrative.

    • Lana

      Really good comment! Very valid points. I felt really uncomfortable reading the ‘should not’ section and you’ve written out exactly why.

  • Glaciusx

    YES! It’s the only reason I care about this damn show!

  • Lana

    On the Danny/Ethan thing… We have barely been seen anything of them at all so far. I wouldn’t consider them to be much to get excited about at this point. I have seen many shows where there has been a side character who is gay. They don’t get many scenes and you don’t get to see much of their storyline that doesn’t have to do with their sexuality.

    What I want is to see two core main characters of the same sex to fall in love. You will only rarely see that happen. For example, we have Pretty Little Liars, where Emily is a lesbian but she will never be with one of the other straight main characters. So we only see snippets of her romance.
    But then see Skins – where two of the main lineup got together (Emily and Naomi). It was FANTASTIC. Seeing two characters you become attached to from the start develop a romance feels so good. Instead of having a token gay person and bringing in a random same sex character to pair them up with.

    I feel like if Stiles and Derek got together it could rival Scott and Allison in terms of screentime/romance/their journey. They have incredible chemistry and have shown that they DO care about each other, by saving each others lives multiple times.

    It would be groundbreaking and inspiring to see something like this happen on this TV show.

    I feel like if Jeff Davis decided to go for it, it would be unforgettable. I know myself, as a lesbian, would feel so validated seeing two MAIN characters get together. Seeing a gay romance that isn’t pushed to the side, only being brought up in ‘very special episodes’.

    These are just my thoughts, and I know not everyone will agree. I hope that someday we will see Stiles and Derek become canon.

  • njandro625

    I have a hard time taking the Sterek thing seriously. Part of the reason is because people tend to pick two guys in a show/movie who have some chemistry, and they automatically think that chemistry has to be sexual. The second reason is because many of the comments I see in favor of the ship goes something like, “I LOVE STEREK BECAUSE OF REASONS!” Not the strongest of arguments.

    • Weasley-Detectives

      Personally I’ve read some excellent and very well thought out arguments pro-Sterek (there are a couple here I’d suggest reading that are a far cry from the comments you seem to be referring to). If it doesn’t interest you or you’re not won over by the pairing then that’s fine, to each their own. You absolutely don’t have to like it. But I do find the “not taking Sterek seriously” argument to be quite offensive. You criticise people for reading chemistry between two characters of the same sex as romantic/sexual and I ask why shouldn’t they? Particularly when it’s often the case that similar scenes between a male/female characters are read as romantic/sexual and no one has a problem with that due to society’s heteronormative predisposition. The vast majority of pairings in media are het and it’s extremely rare that LGBT pairings are shown to develop naturally onscreen in the same way that straight pairings do – even more rare between two main characters that people are heavily invested in – so of course people support pairings like Sterek because they view that as a romance following similar complex het romantic storylines.

      I think it’s really sad that it’s 2013 and we’re still reducing these possible stories to fandom and fans of slash are labelled as “delusional” or not taken seriously. Personally, I support Sterek for many reasons. I love their chemistry and potential for great storytelling (for me, that’s what any pairing should be about first and foremost), but I also know that for a great many people this kind of representation is crucial, affects them on a deeply personal level and therefore shouldn’t be mocked or taken lightly.

  • high on hypable

    Words cannot express how hilarious I am finding it that one of Hypable’s gay male staffers has completely infuriated the gay community with this article. Bravo, Kyle. I don’t even watch Teen Wolf and even I agree with most of the commenters that this is pretty weird and uninformed of you.

    • http://tyrionical.tumblr.com/ Kyle

      Im actually on the Sterek side of the argument, I was just writing for both sides with reasons I’ve seen people express before

      I even wrote at the top that these aren’t all of my opinions so I’d appreciate people reading everything and not assuming that I support every argument in this article. Thanks.

    • http://www.twitter.com/BlueHuMac BlueHuMac

      Calm down, gurl.

      We know Kyle is just doing his job and writing an impartial article. He was not kicked out of the “club” because of this. :P

  • Jenny

    Quite frankly, I get annoyed with how pervasive Sterek is in the Teen Wolf fandom. This show is not about Stiles and Derek and their (nonexistent) epic love. This is Scott McCall’s journey. He is the “Teen Wolf”. Stiles and Derek would not know each other or help each other if it were not for Scott. Ship them all you want, but I feel bad for you if the fleeting moments between them are your only reasons for watching the show.

    • Jacob

      People can enjoy a show however they want/for whatever reasons they want. Don’t ‘feel bad for them’. I get more enjoyment out of TW because of Stiles and Derek, I’m not going to lie.
      If they removed one of their characters I’d never feel the same love for the show that I do now. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion.

      There’s no ‘right or wrong’ way to enjoy a TV show…

    • Shantal

      And I get annoyed at the number of pressed people that try to police how
      and why others should enjoy a show. Is somebody telling YOU to watch it
      for other reasons than those you like? Probably no, so please do the
      same for others and stop trying to preach the “right” way to watch a

      • Jenny

        I wasn’t implying that there is a “right” or a “wrong” way to enjoy a show. I was merely stating my opinion that the sheer amount of Sterek in the fandom can be overwhelming, especially for those of us that don’t ship it. And sorry, but I do think that watching a show for no other reason than a ship that barely interacts is kind of a waste of time. We all have things that we enjoy more than others, but if you’re only watching the show for the Stiles & Derek interaction, I can’t help but feel like you’re missing out. This show is amazing and there are so many great characters, storylines, relationships, etc.

    • Jonas Grumby

      I pretty much agree though, ultimately, I don’t care where it goes. But, so far, there is ZERO in the show that even hints at a relationship between Stiles and Derek. If you’re gonna ultimately do it, I mean you gotta take the time to get there.

  • Rachel

    Something to keep in mind in regards to Sterek is that many people assume that both characters are going to be around until the very end and that the relationship will have time to develop. But with Dylan O’Brien’s career taking off, Stiles dying or more likely leaving Beacon Hills, is a very real possibility. And with Derek set up as the anti-hero and the martyr, I would not be surprised if Derek’s story doesn’t end with him sacrificing himself. We all know Ms. Blake probably won’t stick around for long, Isaac’s loyalties are clearly shifting to Scott, Boyd doesn’t seem to care about Derek or being part of his pack, Adelaide Kane has a new show so Cora will most likely die or leave. Who does this leave Derek with? Peter? What exactly will Derek’s place in the show be after this season?

  • siny

    I’m not even going to comment on how bad the title “There’s enough male homosexuality” is, because I’m sure that has already been pointed out. And seriously? The tittle makes me want to not even waste my time on commenting such an invalid reason. What century are we living again? Anyway…

    About Derek’s sexuality. Although some of your text indicates that you haven’t been paying much attention to the show, it seems that you are aware of Kate Argent. Kate is a trauma in Derek’s life, it will always be a trauma. Derek Hale was away from Beacon Hills for six years. Jeff Davis, mentioned on a Q&A how he and Laura would visit a gay bar in NYC (which I don’t recall the name). But even if we scratch this piece of information, we see a confident Derek when it comes to seduction during Season 2 (with Erica and the police officer). That seductive side of him is something he clearly learned with Kate, that’s how she managed to get what she wanted. But Derek was apparently just a teenager when he was with Kate, 15 or 16. Do you really think that Derek would be comfortable enough with seducing someone after such a trauma? No, he surely had his fun while he was away. Also, in episode 1×09 at Stiles’ room, he doesn’t feel disgusted or anything with Stiles using him as a bait for Danny. He plays along. Yes, he’s furious. Stiles is using his body to achieve something, gay or not, anyone would be pissed. But it’s not on the same level as the tittle “There’s enough male homosexuality”.

    And let’s not talk about his love interest this season. I like the character Jennifer Blake, I really do. She’s funny, she babbles, she’s easily scared by a lurking werewolf, she’s smart. Wait, am I describing someone familiar here? Anyway, this love interest is clearly being shoved down our throats. Even non-Sterek shippers have been commenting on how OOC Derek feels with her. From the way how a teacher is doing extra hours on the first days of school, on how the supply room is in the boiler room, how Derek lets the sister he thought was dead being taken away from him again, how Derek looks like an empty shell with his world is falling apart, how Derek goes to check on someone he doesn’t know when he never did that with any of Scott’s friends by the way, because Derek cares, yes he does, but caring about strangers it’s Scott’s job, how Derek acts like he’s too carefree with this stranger but too cold with his sister… I could go on. And I’m sure it will be even worse from now on. The piano music playing on the back, is another way of selling this ship and it’s not working. It would work if Derek hadn’t found his sister, if an alpha pack wasn’t trying to kill his pack and probably him too, if the beta he spent four months looking for wasn’t dead, if his other beta hadn’t turn his back on him for the second time. So no, Derek doesn’t have the mind or heart for a romance.

    But let’s talk about Derek and Stiles. Derek doesn’t think Stiles as an idiot. Where would you even get that? I’m just going to pin point two situations here. The first one, on episode 1×09 where Derek, of all the places, chooses to go to the Sheriff’s house while he’s being hunted by the police. Derek and Stiles spend that afternoon and night together solving the big “who’s the alpha” mystery. If Derek thought that Stiles was an idiot, he wouldn’t look for his help or even accept it. The second situation, on episode 2×10 when Matt finally spills out to Scott what he’s really looking for. Derek Hale turns to look at Stiles, Stiles looks back. This shows how much they’re on the same page. Derek doesn’t look at Matt, he looks at Stiles, the person he thinks might know why the hell Matt wants the bestiary.

    Derek values Stiles. He doesn’t see him as a liability or he wouldn’t rely so much on him. I know that on episode 2×04 Derek says he doesn’t trust Stiles. Stiles looks offended, but we know how much of a broken record Derek Hale is when it comes to trust. We also know that from episode 2×08 until now, there’s a clear change between them. They do trust each other. The words are not out there, yet, but I’m sure the love that Jeff has with parallels will bring us one day the opposite of that speech on episode 2×04.

    I will say I’m sorry, if by idiot you meant “that boy who gets under my skin”. Did you ever watched How I Met Your Mother? There’s a cute scene of how Ted explains to Barney that if Robin ever calls him an idiot, then it’s because she likes him. I’m not saying that Derek likes Stiles, that’s far from being canon. But he does like Stiles unromantically, he cares and he trusts Stiles. People have been comparing Scisaac with Sterek, they need to understand that those four characters are completely different. Isaac is completely alone and he’s a follower. Scott is honest and kind, the person you would want to be if the world was filled with rainbows and colored in pink (it’s not). Derek was a follower and is now a leader, while Isaac carries trauma, Derek carries guilt and trauma. Stiles, just like Scott will do anything to protect those in his circle of trust, but unlike Scott he will do literally anything. He will lie, he will be mean and he will even want to kill. They all have distinctive personalities.

    I think that when you write an article like this, you should at least read about Sterek if you can’t really rewatch the episodes. The thing about any other ship than Scallison, is that a lot of things happen on the background. Derek and Stiles have spent a lot of their time together during both previous seasons. And you could also rewind a bit to previous seasons to see how different they are around each other this season. From “I’m not afraid of you, okay, maybe I am” to winks from Stiles and smiles from both. It’s actually so natural how closer they got, that most theories about Season 3 when it comes to Sterek talk about how it’s possible that they’ve been working together during all summer. Theories that Jeff didn’t deny, because, you see, it’s very interesting how the only character we don’t know what he was doing during the summer is Stiles. It would also explain how he could have told Derek about Erica and Boyd and how unsurprised and even guilty he looked when Scott found out about the alpha pack.

    Also, may I point out how our very talented Dylan O’Brien suggested to Jeff Davis that Stiles should say “I missed you” to Derek, when they got together this season again? Clearly, we won’t see a Sterek scene until 3×07 or even further, because they’re going on a school trip. And this was Dylan’s suggestion. Dylan knows Stiles better than anyone. If he thought for even a second, that Stiles would feel too OOC for saying this, he wouldn’t have suggested it.

    And since we’re talking about the cast, don’t forget how Hoechlin himself mentioned the “50%-50%” chance of Sterek happening. If Derek was indeed very much straight and into ladies, the actor playing it wouldn’t even consider it.

    I hope that all of these comments can help you to understand better the characters and the ship. There may be disadvantages to Sterek becoming canon, but those are not it.

    • phoebe

      i love you.

    • Romina

      Can I marry you? You pointed out all the little things so well! And is there any interview or something, where Dylan suggested the “I missed you” line to jeff? I did not know that but that’s awesome :D

  • Ashley

    (^ I literally just posted that on Tumblr.)

    The only thing setting Sterek from happening IS that it will be a homosexual relationship. Really, the whole Sterek ship is great, they give awesome points and EXTREMELY AMAZING character/plot development. WTF is with the “too many homosexual relationships” thing. That’s like saying there’s “too many heterosexual relationships” on the show.

    THE WRITERS TOTALLY DON’T NEED TO SHOW THE CHARACTERS KISSING OR HUGGING OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT. (even if the actors are okay with that) Just the hint of it would be awesome. No, not like what we’ve been getting. I mean, a look over, or a wink, or just Stiles saying something like, “Guess it’s just you and I,” while seeing everyone else be in a relationship, and Derek could say something as simple as, “It’s not too bad” while giving Stiles some sort of look that suggest Sterek, and Stiles would just be gaping like he couldn’t believe it, and just smile all goofy and say something witty or dumb and Derek could walk away with an eye roll and Stiles would follow happily. (And the show could end there. A thirty second scene that could solve everything. Even Sterek-flamers would just be like, “They didn’t mean it like that! Derek was kidding!” and Sterek-shippers would be happy to say they did. THE WRITERS DON’T EVEN NEED TO CONFIRM IT, EITHER. It’s a good sort of “open-ending.”

    While, yes, “Teen Wolf” has yet to show a lesbian/gay relationship, that will automatically make it seem like they’re trying to shove every single controversial issue in one show. (i.e. “Glee,” which we should really stop comparing every show to, but can’t because Glee adds any issue they can into the show, while other shows do broadcast that issue, but not nearly as many as Glee does) Yes, maybe they could add a lesbian couple with one being a trans to show both issues, but it’s not really needed.

    Sterek, however, is something an INSANE MAJORITY of the fandom want. While some may disagree with it, doesn’t mean you have to thrash the mere idea of it away. Open-endings are great for this type of issue. (just leaning SLIGHTLY more to the Sterek way of it is even better, to be honest.)

  • http://tyrionical.tumblr.com/ Kyle

    Just for clarification: I’m most definitely a Sterek shipper and the non-Sterek arguments are ones I’ve seen on the Internet before and thought would make an interesting article to debate with.

    So keep that in mind when commenting. :)

    • Lana

      I loved your ‘for’ arguments, and I’m glad you don’t (?) agree with the ‘against’ side :)
      Would love to see this ship become canon, it would be the most interesting thing I would have ever seen on a TV show!

  • popoK

    lol poor Kyle. One sentence and suddenly the fandom is at your neck. I found this article neither offensive nor rage inducing. I actually enjoyed it, while I love Sterek and was the reason I started watching the show, I neither care nor expect it to become a reality. I don’t think Jeff is going to go down that route, and if he did well it would require seasons and seasons and seasons of work to do. Anywho, hope the rage monsters aren’t bringing you down Kyle (though really, you must have seen that coming when touching on the precious gem that is the Sterek fandom lol)

  • Ruby

    This argument is flawed at it’s core… and really 1 gay couple is enough? Derek was burned BAD by a woman and even if that did effect him romantic choices, WILLOW from Buffy is a perfect example of straight gone bi. This as was said on the previous page the story arc would make it or break it. it couldn’t be out of the blue. Stiles is bi it would be great for him to show that by dating a male character.

    Sterek will not happen in a season and the only way it will is though a slow build from reluctant allies to friends to best friends to slow realization of codependency. It could even be cookie in the final episode for the final season.

  • katmit

    Yes i would be interested in the story and the funny moments they could create.

  • The Sterek Sourwolf

    Pretty much my opinions wrapped up at the moment.

  • Amalia

    I only just started watching TW, and I’m still on the first season. So far, I think it would be wonderful if they wrote a storyline where Stiles discovers that he is bi. It would be perfect for his character. Already, at episode 1×10, there are lots of moments that could point towards it. I’m actually surprised to hear it hasn’t happened by season 3.

    As for Derek, I really don’t know yet. Right now I don’t see him having a healthy relationship with anyone, male or female. That guy seems to need a whole lot of therapy. We’ll see how I feel about it when I’m caught up….

  • Amalia

    Just out of curiosity, how old is the Sterek ship? When did it get such a huge following? Did it start right from season one, or did it come later?

    • Roy Karlo Nuyda

      There was a huge swell in S2 after SDCC 12′, but the subtext has been visible since 1.04.

      • Amalia

        Thanks! Now that I think of it, I could actually see some chemistry in the Magic Bullet episode.

  • Roy Karlo Nuyda

    So about Sterek…if the pairing fits into the show, then why not? I do think, however, that Derek and Stiles are set up perfectly for each other. It makes sense that the main pairings in the opening credits were aligned together (Scott / Allison, Derek / Stiles, Lydia / Jackson). The framework and the plot of the show is something to pay attention to…everything is constructed so neatly! It is highly likely that the female love interest is only here to ramp up the tension for a Sterek storyline. Davis already knows that the fans are invested in this couple, and he knows how to twist a knife into a heart.

    Teen Wolf fans were promised that season three would hurt. For Sterek shippers, that hurt is in the form of Ms. Blake.

  • tsarina

    Before I comment, I’d like to say sorry for my english. It’s not my native tongue but I’ll try to explain my thoughts as best as I can.

    Ok, first of all, where exactly did the author see that Derek “is a big fan of the ladies”?
    His only canon relationship so far has been with Kate and we all know why she she seduced him. Him and Ms. Blake is very new and we don’t know how it will turn out but that will be only the second “love interest” in canon that we know of. Does the author have any inside info from Jeff Davis about when Derek was in New York? Did JD tell him that Derek was a ladies man there?

    About Derek thinking that Stiles is an idiot: That made me wonder if we’re watching a different show. I’d like to tell the author to go back and watch the Derek & Stiles scene from 1×02. It’s very early in the series, it was the first conversation they had and if you watch it again you’ll see that Derek doesn’t make fun of Stiles, he listens to what he has to say. Stiles tells him about how Laura is a different wolf than him and Scott and that showed Derek that Stiles has a fast mind (is that an actual English expression? idk how else to translate it from Greek), he can put 2+2 together so he then tells Stiles to help Scott. He could’ve told him to get lost or just keep staring at him but didn’t. I doubt Derek would hide to Stiles’s bedroom if he thought he was an idiot. Derek knows Stiles is smart and we’ve seen proof of it in the show.

    “There’s enough male homosexuality”
    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that, honestly! That part of the article left me wondering how can someone write it and NOT see how problematic it is.
    The media are full with token stereotypical gay couples and when we want something different than that suddenly it’s “too many gays in the show!”?! Why are we counting them? Nobody says there are too many straight couples so why is it different for the homosexual ones? They COULD have lesbian couples and sterek, you know, it’s not a competition for who gets more representation.

    I was excited when I saw there was an article about the pros and cons of Sterek canon but I ended up disappointed. Next time there is an article like this one, I hope it has valid ‘con’ points.

    That is all and sorry again for my messed up thoughts and english…

  • Joji387

    As much as i agree with some people here, DT or Starkiller to quote two, and their comparing of the Derek/Stiles relationship to the Buffy/Spike one i wanna add a small clear example that, just because a character was introduced at heterosexual, it doesn’t mean that it will stay like that forever, that sexuality can’t change.
    In the BBC show’s Torchwood there was a character called Ianto Jones, one that was openly introduced as heterosexual and of which we even met the ex girlfriend in one of the first episodes. Except that during the course of 3 seasons he started a relationship with another character called Jack, a male one! You would say, “OMG, HOW?! he isn’t gay!” and is true, he isn’t gay, but growing up and discovering more of the world made his sexuallity not so definite as it was, as could happen to anyone of us. When asked by his sister about the relationship with the man, and the fact the she knew he had girlfriends in the past, he answered like this: “It’s weird, it’s different. It’s not men. It’s.. It’s just him. it’s only him.” Because you fall in love with the person, not their bodyparts. And, IMO, if sterek would gradually develop and become canon, that quote is something that could we could easily apply to Derek…

    PS: I don’t call “charming a girl to get what i want/need” being “a ladies man”. If a gay man had something he needed, i bet Derek would charm the pants off of him as well..

  • Verich

    “There’s enough male homosexuality”.

    Did you actually just….oh, I think you did.

    Have you ever heard someone saying “There’s enough heterosexuality”?
    Really? Do I need to explain further how everything in this argument is invalid.

    Oh, God forbid if there are as many gay couples as heterosexual ones!

    Give me all the lesbians and give me all the gay couples. One does not rule out all the possible others.

    Repeat with me. One does not rule out the others.

    About the character change… yes, that’s right. No one wants a sudden change for Derek and his dynamic with Stiles. We want to see him change little by little with every episode. We want a “slow-build” story and “character development.” And yes, it comes with time.

    The fact is…everyone is so eager to play the “too much change for Derek’s character” card, but only when Sterek is the topic.

    No one seem to want to talk about the incredibly out of character behaviour and surreal change for such a short time, that Derek had in the scenes with his “love interest”.

    No one seem to want to talk about the sudden googly eyes of a person so emotionally and physically scarred that is neck-deep full of trust issues and that is in no way ready to be in a romantic relationship.

    No one seem to want to talk about how a person that hasn’t treated anyone gently, is being gentle to a stranger, but not to the little SISTER he thought dead.

    I swear the scene in 3×03 was like someone took a megaphone and screamed ” Oh hey, love interest! Here have a love interest! Be invested in them even if we didn’t even give you the time to get to know and like Ms.Blake individually. Who cares about underdevolped female characters used only for being the romantic object of one the main characters?

    Also, sorry that we didn’t give time to Derek to recover from his traumatic near-death experience and take care of his sister instead. But hear, we have romantic background music!!11!!!111!!!!”

    Mh, how about no?

    Is the direction of this story really that better? Isn’t this a 180% character change for the worse. Oh, but if it’s a hetero couple it’s all good,right?

    Boy meets girl. Romantic background music, smooch. true love 5ever.
    Do the viewers really want to see that?

    And then people have the courage to argue with those people that hope for Sterek, but only after Derek has resolved his trust issues and is finally well ?

    What I get from a lot of arguments is that it’s ok if it’s a hetero couple to magically fall in love after a scene even if two characters don’t even share a word, but no, if it’s a gay couple then no, you will have to bear ridiculous arguments like “too much homosexuality already”.

    Double standarts much?

  • Suaine

    Once again the question of Sterek in canon has been raised and once again I feel like we’re kind of missing the point. This conversation is not new, it’s been had for a year, ever since the possibility appeared for real when Jeff Davis said it might be possible.

    When I watched the first season, I was convinced that I was watching a canon pairing. You know, your typical will they/won’t they romance that takes a long time to slowly grow together, build trust, and awkwardly find that they are better together than they’re apart.

    A lot of people have objected to Sterek in canon because they say that these boys are not ready. It’s funny because I agree completely – they are not currently ready to have a healthy and wholesome relationship with each other, or anyone, really. But that’s not really what we’re asking for, now is it?

    “Make Sterek canon” is not a call to give them a pasted on romance that twists their characters. It’s not something nice or easy. No one really wants nice and easy.

    What I need from the show is a story and not a premature happy ending. Stiles and Derek have a bunch of obstacles that make it difficult to just be together. Those obstacles make for a great story. Because of course Derek Hale would think of his history with Kate. Because of course he would be reluctant to open up. Because of course there’s been violence and death threats between them. Because of course they’re both little shits who delight in annoying each other.

    What I need for the show is to make the commitment to explore that possibility.

    I don’t want Derek and Stiles to get the sweeping music treatment. They don’t need it.

    I want to see them fight for this. I want to see them drawn to each other despite their own better judgment. I want to see them bleed for this. I want tooth and claw and tears and miscommunication.

    Getting Stiles and Derek to their happy ending should take a long time. It should be hard. It should be a difficult road with a lot of pitfalls.

    Who wants easy? Easy and sweet is for people like Scott and Allison. Derek and Stiles are different. Their jagged edges are what makes them so good, what makes this so interesting.

    What “making it canon” means to me is, at first, nothing more than the show acknowledging in some way that they are in fact interested in each other. I don’t need them to kiss right now, I don’t need to see any kind of sex scene or cuddling or romantic walks through the woods. Talk about missing the point. I have no doubt that one day, after working through everything, they will be physical and even affectionate, and maybe even have ironic romantic dates where they mock everything, but that’s not what I need from the show and certainly not without that fight I mentioned.

    Something like Derek and Stiles is a story about overcoming adversity. It’s about how love, like weeds, can grow in unlikely places. It’s the anti-thesis to sweet and easy. It takes a long time and a commitment by the writers to go there. If they want to make it work, they have to start now because the road is long and complicated. And maybe they won’t ever get to anything like a happy ending. You know, that’s okay, too.

    But right now real people are attacked and ridiculed for believing that this is a story worth telling and that is not okay. Of course Derek and Stiles aren’t secretly lovers. This pairing is all about delicious potential. Hilarity and angst and somewhere in between the spark of something that can last. I want the show to leave us with metaphorical blue balls and tears and make us writhe with how much we want them to get together. Not just us fans, but everyone. I want to see Derek and Stiles steep in unresolved sexual tension until they, and we, can’t take it anymore. And I want them to be the same sarcastic assholes they’ve always been.

    But what I need, what I really need, is for all of that to be undeniably real. I need the show to have at least that much courage. Even if they never get to the physical part, I need the show to make it explicit that they want to.

    “Making it canon” is the journey, not the destination. “Making it canon” is not about a static couple, it’s about a living, breathing story. “Making it canon” is not easy. But that journey, that struggle, makes it all the more satisfying in the end.

    • Amalia

      What a well-written comment! I wasn’t really a Sterek shipper a minute ago, but I’m starting to see it :)

    • Adderall Addict

      This /

    • kathy

      This is a really well written comment and so true. Derek and Stiles have too many obstacles to cross to make Sterek ‘right now’ but I want to see them on the path to ‘getting there’.

    • William

      OMG. Beautiful. Beautiful! Finally someone else who sees what I see xD

  • Gary65

    *sole purpose

    TBH I don’t find any of the reasons to make Sterek canon compelling. The show has plenty of diversity as it is. They don’t need more. Plus, one of the things I love about Teen Wolf is how it strikes out on its own and tries new things. It doesn’t need a stereotypical struggling-with-their-sexuality character, least of all Derek &/or Stiles. And if Glee has taught us anything, it’s that designing plot to service the fans is a bad idea. Jeff should, and hopefully will, stick to the image he has for the show.

  • Mel

    So, I am a Sterek shipper, and others have made better posts than I will, but I mostly wanted to comment on the reasons against Sterek becoming canon.

    “Derek’s a big fan of the ladies”

    Really?! What show have you been watching, because clearly it’s not the same show I’ve been watching. The one and only romantic relationship Derek’s had that we’re aware of is with Kate Argent, who seduced him when he was a teenager and then burned his entire family to the ground. Erica kissed him early in season 2 and he put an immediate stop to that. Yes, there’s the whole Ms. Blake thing going on now, but that hasn’t moved beyond swelling music and looks at each other. However, even if it DOES go that direction (which seems quite possible, as incredibly OOC and unrealistic as I personally find the whole set-up thus far), it doesn’t mean that: a) Derek couldn’t be (or hasn’t been) interested in men; b) it automatically rules out the possibility for Sterek in the future.

    Honestly, your last point is incredibly insulting for about a million reasons that I don’t have the time or energy to even comment on. Others have done it better than I could anyway. I just hope you consider how ridiculous this is as a legitimate argument. And just to comment on the Danny/Ethan aspect of things… we haven’t even really SEEN them together yet, other than fleeting moments in the background. Danny is still a side character, and while I love him and am thrilled that he’s getting more screen time this season, he will always be a side character. Whatever we do end up seeing of that couple will likely only be in small bursts and it won’t ever have a spotlight on it for long. You will NEVER see a show where they say, “Oh, well we’ve already got 4 heterosexual couples, we can’t do another one, because that’d be TOO MUCH!” So why would that ridiculous argument apply to homosexual relationships? And it’d be equally ridiculous to write in extra characters who are lesbian/trans JUST for the sole purpose of diversifying the LGBT presence on the show. Fans are working with what we have and what we see, and Derek and Stiles as a pairing WOULD make sense and it WOULD be an awesome thing, especially between two main characters.

    I don’t want something that panders to the fans, and I don’t believe Jeff would ever do that anyway. I want something real, something that develops slowly and believably, until we’re literally on the edge of our seats, DYING for these two characters to hook up. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen, and I will be fine if it doesn’t. But the reasons you’ve suggested here as to why they shouldn’t are completely irrelevant and, frankly, downright insulting.

    I have confidence Jeff will do what he feels is best for these characters.

  • Von

    This is a touchy subject. I wouldn’t classify Derek Hale as a ladies man, I’d say he has the potential for a lot of ladies in his future life (if you know … he is alive) but right now I wouldn’t really consider him having all too much luck in that department. I see him as the alpha male type (heh no pun intended) and the leap to get him with Stiles is pretty far in my mind.

    Stiles … Stiles Stiles Stiles, you beautiful son of a gun. I believe Stiles is bisexual, now this could be my deep, deep desires coming out or Jeff toying with us but he, had Danny not been joking, probably would have gone through with it – was he that desperate to lose his virginity that he’d ignore his sexuality and go with a guy? unlikely but you never know, this show has werewolves and people coming back from the dead, so its not entirely on the straight and narrow.

    I can’t see Sterek ever being more than just a fan thing, I like their interaction as friends and I wish there was much more of it (Derek kind of being an older brother to Stiles) I’d like to see more same-sex relationships as the series progresses, but really I’d kill for bad ass homo to wreck shit up, the Alpha twin doesn’t’ count, I want somebody on team human to do it.

  • Rachel

    I like to think of sexuality as being on the Kinsey scale. Just because Derek has had one known relationship with a female does not mean he can not feel anything for men. And since we really know nothing about Derek this could be the case. I’m a huge supporter of sterek and would love to see a surprise relationship pop up between two main male characters(just as it often happens for het characters). I also find Dereks new relationship both out of character and rather forced.

  • Elma

    Hey yall

    If you think that Sterek shouldn’t happen due to derek never showing an interest in men then I woild like to direct you to the story of John Paul and Craig from the British soap opera Hollyoaks., this may be a little longwinded but it is a great example of two characters who in a way remind me A LOT of Stiles (JP) and Derek (craig).

    It started off in the typical struggle storyline, John Paul was a boy in his late teens struggling with his sexuality and his attraction towards his bestfriend Craig.

    Now Craig identified with being straight, he had been in the show a number of years and never at any point shown any interest in men what so ever, even previously having his heart broken by his ex who slept with his step brother (not really relevant the point is he likes girls).

    Craig also has a girlfriend called Sarah, who is not a bitch like often the girls invovled in these storylines.

    Anyhow this goes on for a little while, we see them interacting as friends for a few months and it is also important to note that Craig doesn’t have many friends prior to john paul (sound familiar?!)

    ANYWAY then some drama happens with Craig and his girlfriend as it ends with Craig finding out about John Pauls attraction to him.

    Things are a little awkward afterward then at the prom Craig and John Paul are drunk and Craig tells John Paul that hes never had a friend like him and they KISS.

    Hannah sees, Craig is insistant JP kissed him (he didn’t but he was very very drunk and arguably doesn’t remember)

    They falls out, Craigs an ass, JP starts dating a guy. Craig become very jelous.

    Its now the time of final exams and so this has been a very slow build,

    Craig cannot concentrate, he is very confused moody with his family, obviously struggling with his attraction to him

    Craig then walks out of one of his exams goes to see JP they sleep together

    Continues for a while…


    During this whole time craig is insistent that he is not gay, throughout the entire year his sexuality is never once labelled. The ideas behind it is that he just fell in love with his best friend. He continously claims that he also loves sarah and refuses to tell anyone about him a JPs relationship.

    Anyway it gets out, his family and sarah know he is seeing a guy, he stays with JP and still HIS SEXUALITY IS NOT LABELLED, insisting to his own brother that he his still not gay its ‘only john paul’

    BUT Craig is still uncomfortable with PDA because he doesn’t understand how he can be straight and in love with JP

    So they break up, its very sad.

    1 year later craig has had some breathing space, he comes back comfortable with who he is within himself (HIS SEXUALITY STILL NOT LABELLED)

    He says ‘I love you John Paul Mcqueen’ then JP says ‘why wouldn’t ya’ they ride off into the sunset.


    So there is a successful, slow build love story between two men, that doesn’t need to label one characters sexuality!!!!

    Also even better with Sterek is that these characters were never intended to fall in love, their chemistry just speaks for themselves, and alike with JP and Craig this demonstrates that you don’t pick who you fall in love with it just happens. and this is why i shall forever ship Sterek!

    • http://www.twitter.com/BlueHuMac BlueHuMac

      Maybe I should watch that soap.

  • Randy

    Would anyone be nice enough to explain to me how many queer characters on a tv show make a dangerous amount of homosexuality for Hollywood to handle? It’s not like we want the heterosexual audience to naturally combust and die of too much queer exposition. But I guess it is a thing. It must be a brand new law of physics or of tv that I’ve missed. It’s not like I pay a lot of attention to new-medieval discussions. My bad.

  • Daphne

    Some points of the second page of this article enraged me so much I don’t even feel like expressing my pro-canon Sterek opinion from a detailed point of view.

    It would be useless at this point because I, we, have done it so many times and so eloquently that who wanted to at least see what we mean, saw it.
    Who’s in charge of the show understood what’s behind ‘Sterek’ (watching two characters that click together thanks to their background fall in love, not just two random hot guys having sex) and that is the only thing I care about.
    Maybe one day they’ll go there, maybe not. Maybe for their vision of their show, they hate the idea but have to put up with this part of the fandom just because we’re numerous. Who knows. We gotta live to find out.

    The fact that you can write an article dismissing Sterek with those weak points though, makes me think that all the time people spent writing insightful pages about why it would be great wasn’t worth it. Because there are people on tumblr that have analyzed the matter in every possible way: essays, metas, researches, lists of countless of reasons why these two characters would make sense together in canon development and based on canon facts and I haven’t seen the people against it even come close to produce a brilliantly written opinion about it. It’s just the truth. And I’m tired. Because I’ve been fed so many heterosexual relationships that made little sense (I’m talking about tv in general, not Teen Wolf) and yet we still need to ‘debate’ the possibility of this one happening, because, big news, they’re two dudes and they are main characters. The idea of discussing things like ‘Maybe they shouldn’t happen, because there’s already enough male homosexuality on that show’ makes me angry.

    All I want to say right now is that I want to see Stiles and Derek fall in love because it is right to me and that is all, and enough. It has to be enough, because after two years I’m simply done explaining and giving an elaborate reasoning. Since the other ‘side’ still has to come up with a detailed one that doesn’t sound ridiculous.

  • CV

    I’m not sure I agree that one disastrous relationship (Kate) and one possible, future relationship (Ms. Blake) constitute an iron-clad proof of ones sexuality. Also, I don’t think Derek thinks Stiles is an idiot. He doesn’t trust Stiles and he certainly doesn’t love him, but I don’t think he dislikes him either.

    I think Derek would have a hard time forming any kind of relationship (not to mention a romantic one), what with his profound trust issues. He needs to learn to trust first and I think that, out of all the characters, Stiles has made the most progress on his way to gaining Derek’s trust, so far. Think about it: how many times did he save Derek’s life? And how many times did he betray and/or hurt him?


    All that aside, how about going another step out of the Hollywood comfort zone and introduce a functional, long-term menage-a-trois? You know, one where it’s not about sex, but about love and support? I’d love to see a Stiles-Derek-Jennifer story-line. It would work in the sense of the wolf-pack mentality, where the alpha is the one who can pick and choose a mate from among all the others at will. But that’d take 2-3 seasons to get down realistically. I mean, first Stiles would have to get over Lydia, then Stiles AND Derek would’ve to get over their mutual misconceptions, all of them would have to come to terms for having feelings for each other and, finally, they’d have to work out the inner workings of such a relationship. So I don’t really see this happening. It would have been GLORIOUS, though.


    PS. Sorry for the third paragraph – I’m new to the show. Watched season 1-2 and the first three episodes of season 3 in two nights and then episode 4 was just three days after that, so my head is buzzing with ideas/theories/plot bunnies and I’m generally over-excited. =}

  • Lily Ann

    Oh, the following is not really a comment, more some thought about the Sterek issue and the relationships on the show in general.

    I think Jeff Davis made some terrible decisions in Season 3. The worst decision: separating Stiles from the werwolf storyline. That means a) no interactions with Derik which is the worst decision ever because I’m sure everyone (shippers and no-shippers) enjoy the scenes between them and b) also less interactions with Scott etc. I like Stiles/Scott friendship a lot. But I was never a fan of Lydia/Stiles because seriously… he is in love with her and she doesn’t even like him (compared to Derek/Stiles there is NO chemistry between Lydia/Sitles). If Lydia/Stiles will ever become canon there is a lot of work to do!

    Next terrible decision: the new love interest for Derek. Like many pointed out: it seems very forced and out of character. I was constantly thinking “Who is this man?” Derek never behaved like that before. He never showed much interest in woman. Now suddenly… and with the teacher? What is so special about her? What’s so interesting? Don’t get me wrong: I enjoyed the scenes with her a lot and I even think they would make a pretty nice pair, but… it’s so completly out of the blue.

    Well, to make things clear: I would call myself a Sterek shipper but at the same time I have absolutly no problem seeing them in other relationsships. I enjoyed Stiles/Heather a lot eventhough they only had how much screen time? 50 seconds?

    And then the next terrible decision: the Danny/Ethan story that we hear so much about it. I’m not interested, seriously. I don’t know anything about Danny besides he is a) gay and b) was Jacksons best friend. That’s not much information after two seasons. And what about the twins? After four episodes they didn’t even speak a word or did they? I don’t feel like they would get a lot of character development in the future.

    Well, so it seems that Jeff will please the audience with some homosexual content (this show is supposed to be “gay friendly”) and that means to show a lesbian couple get killed after two minutes screen time and a gay relationsship between two side characters we don’t know much about them (and probably will never know). That’s… cheap.

    So… Sterek. Should it be canon? No. Why? Because I think Jeff Davis is completly unable to write such a complicated, thrilling and unconventional love story. Look at Allison/Scott! That must be the most boring Romeo/Juliet love story I ever came across on any TV show! And then.. Stiles who is in love with Lydia for years without any hope! Then Lydia and Jackson… until the very end I didn’t get what it was they liked about each other… or if they even liked each other. You can say what you want, but Jeff clearly has NO talent for writing about relationships (best example the Derek/teacher storyline which is just… lame).

    So, dear Sterek-fans: it should be best for Sterek to never happen. Amen.


  • Jonas Grumby

    Actually, whatever is written well, I don’t care which way it goes. Just tell me a damn good story. And . . . so far so good.

  • DerekHaleWolf

    I don’t really want Sterek to happen. That’s just my honest opinion. I love the fanfics and fanart of it, but I just don’t see it happening in the show, at least not for now. Right now, Derek is straight. If he does become bi it would take time for it to happen. In other words, If it ever happens, it won’t be for at least another season.

  • AW

    I dearly hope that Sterek becomes canon, because I think it’d be one of the most exciting, tension-filled romances I’d ever have the pleasure to see develop. I’m basically in agreement with most commenters here in that I’d want it done smartly & thoroughly, with plenty of character story & build-up. From what I’ve seen, that actually seems to be a point of consensus rather than contention among Sterek shippers, though opponents like to pretend rabid shippers only *want what they want when they want it* and have no patience or appreciation for Jeff’s vision. I’ve seen such sustained postivity from the fandom in the midst of the testing & nearly unbearably heightening demand for suspension of disbelief from season 3 as to denounce that notion.

    I also agree with commenters here that this article could have been executed much better, in both pro & con sections but especially the latter in the way of more rational anti-Sterek arguments like age difference & possible personality incompatibility. You seem to have provoked a lot of backlash for writing that “there’s enough male homosexuality” on the show. As laughable as it is, however, I’ve seen this argument made pretty often but stated differently, usually in the red herring/diversionary claim that shippers are wasting their time hoping for this story: “if you actually care about LGBT representation, you should be interested in seeing Danny get more screentime. He’s the ACTUAL gay character on the show!” This is pervasive yet fairly easy to counteract by returning to the issue at hand, namely the merits of Sterek canonity, which are in no way incompatible with the development of a different gay character. The potential story should be deliberated as such, with representation & visibility as a bonus.

  • Stiles Stilinski

    I don’t want Sterek to become canon, and really don’t think it should, because I just don’t see it. I personally would find it very unrealistic and downright weird. While I do see Stiles as bisexual (and hope that this is explored in canon), I see more potentially romantic chemistry him and many of the other main characters (especially Danny, but also Lydia, Scott etc) than there is between him and Derek. Frankly, Sterek would be completely out of the blue and pretty OOC. I like the Derek/Jennifer relationship and am interested in how it’s going to develop. And personally, I don’t think that Stiles should really have a long-term, complicated relationship at the moment. The Sterek fandom is pretty much clutching at straws if you look at the tags on tumblr. It’s getting embarrassing.

  • E

    The only thing that I had a problem with, was, “there’s enough homosexuality”. Well then, one hetrosexual couple is enough. You shouldn’t put a quoto on any type of character or couple.

  • Katerina

    To be honest, I think that Jeff Davis is being underestimated – the storyline for every. single. episode. has to be passed through an entire group of writers. If fans are calling the romance between Derek and Jennifer “OOC”, then the writers are probably able to see that too. I don’t think Jeff Davis is meaning for this relationship to be taken at face value, and that if he were to introduce a romantic relationship for a character as twisted/hurt/complex as Derek, he wouldn’t have done it so quickly. Honestly it feels a little suspicious. – how well written were the scenes between Lydia and Jackson? He handled their relationship very carefully, they didn’t reconcile in a way that felt rushed, it had a nice momentum.

    That being said, I really like the Sterek pairing. Maybe my perspective is biased, but Jennifer’s character feels like little more than a plot-device, or a character that could potentially be much more significant than what has been shown.

    There was also a really really well done video made that highlights that paralleled dynamics between Dennifer and Sterek. Please watch it if you haven’t seen it – what’s interesting is that most, if not all, of the comparisons really don’t look like the video’s creator was scrabbling for some kind of similar scene; they just seem to be kind of there. I hope it means something: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=hl27DEU7X2M

    Also, personally I didn’t find the “should not” section of this article to be offensive. They were reasons that non-shippers of Sterek believe to be legitimate, which is fine. The article’s author didn’t necessarily say he came up with them. Like a lot of the commenters on here sourced their own arguments from others. Even I know reading the comments of Sterek supporters made me extremely. happy. because they gave me even more reason to hope that the pairing will come into existence.

  • Riez

    It annoys me a lot that people keep on assuming some of us want Sterek just to have a “gay” couple on the show. No. I don’t want Sterek for that. Hell, we have Dethan now and, honestly… I don’t even like it. My love for the relationship has nothing to with the gender the characters have. If Stiles (or Derek) were female (and their personalityand interaction remained the same), I’d still want Sterek to happen, anyway!

    What I like is the chemistry. What I like are two characters, no matter the gender, that have something between them that could actually work, with enough time and (good) development. They are a promissing duo and I really would love to see their relationship grow.

    There are quite a lot of LGBT characters in media, my problem is that I tend to dislike them all! The relationships feels fake, they feel rushed or poorly developped or the characters are extremely clichéd. Why can’t two perfectly normal, manly, strong guys (in their own way, one more physical the other more “mental”) be happy,

    I find it very sad (though I am very thankful for it) that it has to be a show mostly filled with gore with head and limbs and who knows what else flying around, with quite a strong story that is, unfortunately, not for all audiences or tastes, that actually made the first real, well written and developped same-gender couple on TV ever– Spartacus. And guess what? The writter isn’t even gay!

    So no, you don’t have to be male, female, gay or straight or whatever to write good relationships. Relationships are between people not between genders. They are about chemistry, they are about who one is, not the body one has.

    And this is why I want Sterek. Because it could actually work.

    Just as long as it was well developped and written, from here on out (hopefully with a LOT of input from Dylan, that boy knows what he’s doing).

    If it’s to be rushed, though, like this whole Jennifer thing (wth?) better they don’t do it and spoil it for us.

  • Cody

    Ok I am a huge teen wolf fan and im sorry to say this because it may offend some people but the show may display homosexuality as not mattering at all in the Teen Wolf World, but in the real world, most of the audience is going to be straight. I for one will stop watching this show if they make stiles bisexual. He needs to end up with a fine woman, like Lydia or Cora. He is one of my favorite characters! One gay couple is enough. I have no problem with that, but the gay scene with Ethan and Danny was just too much! We don’t live in a world where that is openly acceptable enough yet. If they want the opinion of “ahh that show is gay!” then that’s what will happen if you turn stiles bisexual. And i think at least a fourth of the audience will be lost if that happens. And lastly, if somehow they can make derek bisexual to where there is a “Sterek” then that will completely ruin the show in my opinion. I hope i didn’t offend anybody but that’s my take on it and i think there is a lot of people on my side.

  • Anonymouses

    Personally I would like Sterek to become canon, although honestly for me it’s more about their relationship and the bickering than it is about them actually getting together. I would be almost as happy (almost) if they become all but brothers, so much so that if one was injured the other would be as distraught as if it were Scott and Stiles. All I really want is to see more of their interaction, more of the snarkiness and sarcasm and name calling, and for them to become friends, which honestly I don’t think would be out of character or too much of a long shot for the show. And hey, if they end up falling in love on the way, brilliant.

  • Lala

    I don’t know you guys but… Tyler Hoechlin ships it, Dylan ships it, EVEN MTV ships it, Jeff Davis maybe too?, Crystal Reed, Colton too and more… and As you can see Jenniffer is the Darach so… yeah…

    EVRYONE SHIPS IT http://saucery.livejournal.com/96343.html

  • Saskia

    Season 3 episode 10 = Derek chasing after Stiles to protect him = already existing Sterek friendship and loyalty = very possible future Sterek romance = the end of this discussion!

    This is a response to :

    - Derek and Stiles are not friends.
    - Derek thinks Stiles is an idiot.
    - Derek and Stiles hate each other.
    - …

    Watch season 3 episode 10 and suck it!

  • TeenWolfFan90

    I personally love the love/hate relationship Derek and Stiles have at the moment. To see it grow into an actual relationship I think would be unfaithful to the established characters as they are at the moment.
    Derek appears to be nothing but straight, even though he has shown little interest in potentially having a long-lasting relationship with a woman until this season (3), and despite Stiles quirks and homo-erotic humour, he’s still nothing but a straight teenager pining after Lydia. I’d love their relationship to stay exactly as it is because its fun: homo-erotic subtext laced with humour.
    I personally am satisfied with a canon gay relationship between Danny and Ethan (who can kiss, show affection, have an evolving relationship and display sexual tension), while also having the subtext of sexual tension between Derek and Stiles.

  • R

    Derek and stiles should not be together and they never will be! It’s so stupid! They hate each other and I thought that was totally obvious this whole made up realationship makes me mad, stiles is in love with Lydia and not Derek so people should just forget about that stupid relationship!

  • Skye

    I want Sterek to be endgame.

    I’m not patient by nature, at all, but if they give us Sterek I don’t want it to be just handed to us right away. Derek has a lot of issues and any relationship they shove him in won’t work out in the long run. I want to see their story line played out the way it should and the way the fandom deserves.

    Sterek shippers are without a doubt one of the reasons why the show does as well as it is. I’m not saying that the show isn’t good in it’s own right I’m just saying that we are always ready to give support. We are insane about these two guys and we aren’t afraid to show it and I hope the writers seriously consider it because it’s not like they stand to lose fans.

    The way I think it should be played out is that their relationship should become more involved. I’d like to see them work together a lot more and have them become a lot closer. I want to see them find out things about each other. Stiles goes up against Derek and I think that’s a really good thing. They think two different ways and I’d like to see them influence each other in that regard. But I’d honestly like to see them get closer and not just because of Scott being the link between them. I want to see them genuinely care about the other’s safety and maybe even have Derek realise how important Stiles is by him possibly getting hurt. Stiles is human and doesn’t have any intention of changing that so it would be nice for Derek to realise the possibility of losing him because he is fragile in a way.

    Although this being said, there are also a lot of reasons why they won’t become canon. At least not unless anything changes character development wise. But if Sterek doesn’t become canon and they writers have no intention of it I want them to say it point blank. Don’t tease us and be vague about it. They can bait us and make jokes if it might happen but we deserve the right to know if they won’t ever happen because every time they need support they come to us because we are the biggest ship. We support Teen Wolf and if they have no intention of bringing our ship into the show then they should just say it. It’s going to make us more pissed off if they use us and then lead us on.

    I’m not blind and I won’t go out there and say it’s going to happen because it might not. There is a real chance it won’t and we have to accept that possibility.

    But I will say one thing I disagree with in this post: there isn’t enough homosexual relationships. Danny and Ethan won’t appease Sterek shippers because it’s not Derek and Stiles. I love Danny he’s just amazing and I’m glad he’s gay but don’t make them a token pairing. It’s kind of insulting. If it’s not an issue for characters to be gay then why stop at one? I’d be happy if Stiles explored his sexuality even. Seriously though, having a token gay character have a token gay relationship is lame. If it’s not an issue they should go crazy with it if it fits in with certain characters personalities.

  • Carol

    No, I definitely don’t think it’s a good idea. I’d rather see Stiles with Lydia and Derek might be with a new character:)

  • Anna

    I really don’t understand Sterek :/ I watched the whole show and never even had a single thought of “oh maybe Stiles is bisexual” or “oh Stiles and Derek have chemistry” or “Maybe Derek is gay” I never ever had a single thought along those lines. Then I went online and saw someone mention Sterek and I was so confused I didn’t even know how to react. The cast themselves, including Jeff, have made it clear that Sterek is not an option, Dylan O’Brien himself has made it clear that Stiles is in no way gay/bisexual. I think it’s been made such a big deal when in reality it shouldn’t be this big of a deal. I mean I ship Stydia and that’s just my personal opinion, everyone has their own opinion. But if they don’t make Stiles bisexual, it’s not the end of the world, and it doesn’t make the writers “afraid” or “homophobic”. At this point, they’ve made it so clear that Sterek isn’t an option, that if they did make it happen, it would feel soooooo forced and inorganic. They would be doing it just to make all of the extremely vocal Sterek shippers happy, which would just be an awful move for the show to make. Somebody has to say it. I know I’m going to get a ton of hate replies, but I’ve prepared myself, so bring it on haha.

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