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Lea Michele has given fans a sneak peek into what the cast photos will look like for Glee season 5!

Hot off the heels of the somewhat bad news that Heather Morris, Amber Riley, Dianna Agron, Mark Salling and Harry Shum Jr. will not be returning to Glee season 5 as series regulars, Lea Michele waved a bright shiny object in another direction for Glee fans as she tweeted out pictures taken for the season 5 promos!

The first picture shows the main cast (sans the five actors omitted from next season):

Lea Michele followed that photo up with another “family photo” as she called it, showing most of the originals and Sam:

Glee season 5 will presumably pick up where season 4 left off. The New Directions won Regionals and Blaine was on his way to proposing to Kurt, just to name a couple plot lines.

It looks like we’re going to be seeing the seniors graduate without Brittany, who got early acceptance in to MIT (aka Heather Morris got pregnant).

It may be some time before we start seeing the promotional images for Glee season 5 released by Fox, but it’s great to know that the Glee train is back in service! And in case you missed it, Fox has announced that Glee season 5 will premiere Thursday, September 19th at 9/8c!

Do the photos Lea Michele tweeted from Glee season 5 get you excited for what’s to come this fall?

  • http://xtulika.tumblr.com/ Tulika

    Where is Blaine?

    • Sarah Gilligan

      On tour with Darren Criss

    • Chris C.

      boring people on tour.

    • StephieStrain

      He was on tour; they’ll Photoshop him in.

  • Allison L.

    Finns back!

  • antonia31

    Oh my god that “family photo” makes them look exactly like a Sims family.

  • dillonmays

    I like this look. It looks much more Season 1, but I do miss Puck and Mercedes a lot.

    • StephieStrain

      Same here. And Mike

  • guest02

    LOL family photo cuts out the rest and Tina barely squeezes in lol.

  • Marie

    I know Darren is busy touring, but its weird he’s not in the photo.

    I also love the old v. New characters divide. It’s allowed all the tumblr people to crop in the photos for the old characters. :-p

    • http://hypable.com John Thrasher

      He’ll do the same photos when he’s back and get Photoshopped in, that’s how they do these things it seems.

      • Jeremy

        They did the exact same thing of Diana last year for Season 4.

  • Jake

    This made me happy for some reason. But my main question is how they’re going to split the timeline in this season. Is it going to run just the last semester of the school year? Or will it include summer, or the beginning of the next one? I’m so confused.

    • Plat

      Yea I was wondering that too. Ever since the finale ended in the middle of the school year.

  • Oh My Rowling!

    I like how in the ‘Family Photo’, all the new cast members are cut off lol

  • Lupita

    So based on the pictures I guess Sugar and Joe Hart wont be in the next season? Or I guess they might get photoshopped in later.

    • Plat

      I believe they only had like a certain amount of episodes story arch before they left, wasn’t it?

  • luna97381

    WHERE ARE SUGAR AND JOE sugar had my all-time favourite line this season
    “we should do the artist, that way we don’t have to sing”

  • StephieStrain

    I’ll take the family photo as the series cast any day! THAT would get me excited (instead of quaking with trepidation) about s5. I’ll stay with Glee as long as Kurt (Chris Colfer) is in it, particularly with Rachel (Lea Michele), Santana (Naya Rivera), Artie (Kevin McHale). I like Blaine, Sam and Tina, but Blaine (much as I liked him) needs to chill out a bit. This is Glee, not Blee. This frustrates me most because I respect Darren Criss a great deal; he’s amazingly talented, like Chris Colfer, Lea Michele, Naya Rivera, Kevin McHale, Amber Riley, Heather Morris. But Blaine alone cannot carry the show as it was and should be.
    Glee is no longer about misfits. It’s about the attractive and popular kids and their love lives. Jocks, cheerleaders, student council members/officers… Yes, in s1-2 they had jocks/cheerleaders, but they took grief for being in Glee. For being different, in all their different ways. Now the only ones who take grief are WUnique and Jake and even that’s minimal. Jake’s harassment is a bit forced, but WUnique’s is quite real and a valid storyline, as was the (failed) anorexia and sexual abuse storylines. They dropped the ball badly on the sexual abuse one, in particular. Shooting Star was well done, however.
    The series was at its best when the cast screen and song time were balanced; the older ensembles featured their distinctive voices, vocal styles and personalities and yet blended them to make an exceptional “whole”. Same with the story lines. I respect the new PERFORMERS (and like them), but cannot get engaged by the new CHARACTERS, try as I might. Kurt (and the others) hooked me from the pilot, throwing Kurt-itude by the dumpster…even Rachel, storming out of the choir room every other day… The only one(s) of the new characters that I like are WUnique (Mercedes Jr), with a tiny bit for Jake and maybe Kitty. The others are bland and uninteresting, much like the storylines (though the Mayan end of the world was cute, as was the meteor).
    I wish so much for a spin-off, so I can enjoy my vets’ adventures as they become who they will be and try to achieve their dreams, with perhaps some major character changes in Lima. But it won’t happen. So I’ll wait for RIB to finish killing off Glee by removing the incredibly magical mix of characters and performers they have/had in the original cast/characters.

  • tishy83

    RIP Corey ♥

  • Jenni Lopez

    seeing this, just a few minutes after hearing about Corey Monteith’s death is shocking. RIP Mr Monteith. My heart goes out to the entire GLEE extended universe, but particularly to Ms. Lea Michele

  • RIP Cory

    RIP Cory Monteith =[

  • JT

    What will happen now with the passing of Cory? May he rest in peace

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