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Monsters University opened in theaters this past Friday, and those who are Pixar fanatics know that they needed to keep a close eye out for Easter eggs.

Every Pixar film has a slew of Easter eggs – from ones that appear in nearly ever Pixar movie (A113, the Luxor Ball, the Pizza Planet truck) to ones that are more rare like a character from A Bug’s Life appearing in a Toy Story movie.

Monsters University’s Easter eggs are just as clever, hidden, and a joy to catch. Below are the ones we’ve found.

- A113: You’ll see the infamous classroom number on Professor Love’s lecture hall door when Sulley first enters. A113 is a reference to a classroom at CalArts where Pixar’s Chief Creative Executive Officer John Lasseter and director Brad Bird went to school.

Click for full size!

'Monsters University' A113 Easter Egg

- The Pizza Planet Truck: Catch the truck during Mike and Sulley’s big chase right after they run through a house to catch Sulley’s pet. The truck made its debut in Toy Story, the studio’s very first feature length film.

Click for full size!

'Monsters University' Pizza Planet Easter Egg

- The Good Dinosaur: In each Pixar movie, the studio always inserts an egg that relates to their next film. In Monsters University’s case, their next film is The Good Dinosaur. To see the Easter egg, look at the collection of toys on the floor during The Scare Games’ final round where the monsters have to enter a bedroom simulation and scare a robotic child. You’ll be able to catch sight of stuffed animal dinosaurs. A couple of them are probably characters that are important to the plot of The Good Dinosaur.

To better explain the above egg, check out this egg in Brave where we can see Monsters University‘s Sulley:

'Monsters University' easter egg in 'Brave'

Here’s another example, where Toy Story 3′s Lotso appears during Up. He looked so friendly and innocent back then…

'Toy Story 3's' Lotso in 'Up'

- The Luxo Ball: The classic yellow, red, and blue Pixar ball can be seen drawn on a wall when Mike and Sulley learn how dangerous children are.

Click for full size!

'Monsters University' Luxor Ball Easter Egg

- John Ratzenberg: The actor’s voice appears in every Pixar movie. In both Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University he plays the Abominable Snowman. In University, he’s referred to as The Snowman (presumably because this is before the public perceived him as being “abominable”).

- After credits scene: If you stick around after Monsters University‘s credits, you’ll see a bonus scene.

Last year Pixar released high-res photos from Brave showing off a few of the Easter eggs (like the one pictured above). We hope they’ll do the same this year after a couple more weeks pass.

Have you found a Monsters University Easter egg that we didn’t list above? Hit the comments to share!

  • morsmordre79

    I only got a quick glimpse, but I’m pretty sure the tires on the bus toward the end of the movie were the Lightyear brand.

    • GOParty

      Cool, just like in Cars, where Lightning McQueen rode on Lightyear Tires(at least until he met Luigi). And ever notice, in Toy Story 1, that Dinoco was the gas station where Andy’s Mom drove off without Woody & Buzz? BLESS YOU, PIZZA PLANET DUDE!

  • Rob Kempton

    One of my favorites Easter eggs was above Randall’s bed there is a motivational poster that says “The winds of change.” This was one of the first lines he spoke in the first Monsters movie regarding the scare record. Very hilarious, very, subtle, and very Pixar.

    • Ellie

      And underneath: “Shh, do you hear them?”

      • Rob Kempton

        That’s what it said! I knew there was something else but I had forgotten. Thanks! And yes, completely brilliant! May we all be so lucky to work at a place like Pixar.

      • J

        is that what it said? I only saw “Shh do you hear”

  • jackie whitus

    Agh, I knew my friend and I should have stuck around after the credits. We even contemplated it but our ride was already there.

  • kelsey0403

    Also, during the end credits, it shows Mike and Sully’s rise through Monster’s Inc., starting in the mail room, going to janitorial, to the lunchroom, and so forth. This mirrors Finch’s rise though the company in “How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying”

    • lena

      which could be a reference to monster´s inc. original script where sully was supposed to be a janitor

    • Syd

      Also in their locker, there was a phone number with a kiss on it and the first couple letters of “Celia” were visible

  • ErrantVenture

    You missed my favorite one. When they are in the cabin at the end of the movie, they set up a huge scare for the police. One of the things they do is make a doll walk slowly by. When it does, it makes the same “Mama, mama,” sound as the creepy doll spider thing from Toy Story.

  • Britt

    I don’t know if this counts, but they always have the Pixar Ball in the movies. It’s one of the toys painted on the wall during the first scare games challenge.

    • http://www.hypable.com/ Andrew Sims

      We mentioned that! It’s called the Luxor Ball

      • Joshua Fish

        I thought it was the Luxo Ball?

  • Slade

    I thought I saw Nemo on Mike’s briefcase.

  • Todd

    At the end of the movie, after Mike and Sully get expelled and are waiting for the bus, when it pulls up, the headlights look just like Wall-E’s eyes.

  • Mikew

    There was a dinosaur walking with a cane in front of their frat house, thought that was the easter egg for The Good Dinosaur….

  • Ted

    Perhaps I’m wrong, but the tapping of the statue on their way into Scare Hall mirrored the way people tap the bat stanchions in the Haunted Mansion.

    • Jance

      I think that is more of a reflection of college students having different ways of honoring a statue on campus.

  • Gmg114

    In the scene where young Mike sneaks into the door, you can see an Airplane in the room..for their new movie, Planes

    • samba85 L

      that’s not a Pixar film

      • Chris

        Shared universe.

  • Olivia

    In the maze one of the teen girl’s says “Daddy I love him!” which is a quote from The Little Mermaid. Also, Mike’s room number is 319, which made me think of “We have a 2319!” from Monsters Inc.

    • Liam

      You’re right, but missing just one digit. Room 319 is on the 2nd floor, making the room 2 319 :)

  • Dreamer

    I don’t know of anyone else saw this, but Francis from A Bug’s Life is the lady bug the Oozma Kappa guy wish on

  • jams james jimmy jerb

    when the dude makes a wish because he caught a lady bug, the lady bug was the one in bugs life

  • GOParty

    A carving in BRAVE that looks like Sulley? Very cool. Sadly though, you couldn’t possibly find a Pizza Planet truck in Medieval Scotland. But just in case, I’d give the witch’s woodcarvings another look!

    • Jance

      The Pizza Planet truck is on the wood carver’s table when she keeps saying she’s a wood carver, not a witch.

  • Jared Markowitz

    How come no one ever gets my favorite one?!:

    Towards the end, you see the address of Monsters University: 1313. At Disney California Adventure Park, on the Monsters Inc. ride, toqards the end and on the right, you see a few lockers, one of which is locker # 13⅓.

    What’s the 1313? It’s Disneyland’s address! As in 1313 South Harbour Boulevard. Cool, right?

    Ready for the kicker? The thirteenth letter of the alphabet is M. That means 13 13 stands for M M. Recognize those initials? Best hidden Mickey ever.

    • MarvelWatch

      Triple meaning: “1313″ also happens to be the house number of TV’s monster-themed sitcom family, the Munsters.

  • Hannah Esson

    When sully stops the bus at the end, the brand logo of the bus the silver and red cars/planes logo for the movies :)

  • Johnny

    Mike’s room was “319″, paying homage to the running gag in Monsters Inc., “we got a 2319″. :)

  • Tracy

    In the maze challenge with “But Daddy I love him ” the boy the girl loves, is I think supposed to be a teenage Sid look at his shirt. Also in the final challenge when its Mikes turn if you look at the simulator floor there’s a suba diver from Nemo.

  • Lotso

    The picture with Lotso also the Luxo [pixar] ball..

  • Courtney Mest

    Did no one see the Instagram reference on the camera at the big party when ROR pours paint on oozma kappa? When the crab takes a picture.

  • FormerBu

    The abominable snowman foreshadows his banishment when he says that tampering with the mail is punishable by banishment.

  • jenny

    I got one that i am sure nobody noticed…when mike and sully first enter the OK house the grandfather clock behind the couch has the openning credits monster (which is a long dragon like creature that comes in and out of the doors). The monster hidden as the pendelum.

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