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On the heels of Sony announcing The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and 4 are a go, we’re now learning that Shailene Woodley’s Mary Jane Watson has been cut from 2.

Woodley filmed several scenes for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 this past March in New York City alongside Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.

News of Woodley’s Mary Jane plot line being pushed to a future Amazing Spider-Man movie first surfaced in Entertainment Weekly’s cover story on Divergent Wednesday morning. A scan from the interview with the actress, which hits newsstands Friday, revealed the news.

Woodley was understandably disappointed by the decision, telling EW via e-mail, “Of course I’m bummed. But I am a firm believer in everything happening for a specific reason… based on the proposed plot, I completely understand the need for holding off on introducing [Mary Jane] until the next film.”

Presumably when the time came to decide on future Amazing Spider-Man movies, Sony and producers looked at what stories they can tell in 3 and 4 and wanted to introduce Mary Jane at a later time to focus more on her.

We presume they’ll be asking Woodley to come back for at least one of the future movies so that they can shoot additional scenes.

But what if Woodley is unavailable because of filming future Divergent movies and/or other projects? We could imagine Mary Jane Watson being recast with a new actress if Woodley’s schedule doesn’t allow for more filming.

In the original Spider-Man trilogy in which Kirsten Dunst played Mary Jane, we watched as she and Peter Parker attempted to forge a relationship. In Spider-Man 3, their relationship reaches the point where Peter decides he wants to propose to her.

Considering the first movie trilogy had a 3-movie arc for Mary Jane, perhaps Amazing Spider-Man 3 and 4 will compress that plot line into a 2-movie arc (or stretch to a potential Amazing Spider-Man 5).

Update: Director Marc Webb has released a statement which explains the reasons behind Shailene Woodley’s character being cut: “I made a creative decision to streamline the story and focus on Peter and Gwen and their relationship. Shailene is an incredibly talented actress and while we only shot a few scenes with Mary Jane, we all love working with her.”

Could this mean that Shailene Woodley won’t be returning for The Amazing Spider-Man 3? We’re not sure, but director Marc Webb’s final words sounded like somewhat of a send off.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 release date is set for April 17, 2014.

  • Michael

    This really sucks! I was really excited to see her play Mary Jane in this film. I really hope that she is available for the future movies because I think she would’ve done a great job.

  • Phoebe

    I know it sucks for her but I am super glad as this means we will (possibly) see more Emma Stone!

    • Sam

      Considering Gwen dies in TAS2, I don’t think we will be seeing Emma in 3 and 4.Unless it is like a flashback.

      • Megan

        Spoiler Alert?

        • Tony

          You need a spoiler alert for a 40 year old comic story?

          • Glaciusx


          • Megan

            I wouldn’t have said anything, however, it’s not like it’s a big plot line like Star Wars, Planet of the Apes, etc. It’s not that well known.

          • alazear2

            Its actually one of the Biggest plot lines in all of Spiderman’s history (and possibly in marvel history). That being said if you weren’t a comic fan then not knowing would be understandable. these movies aren’t like LOTR or Harry Potter where everyone on earth is familiar with the source material. There are over 50 years of spiderman story so not knowing all of them is understandable.

        • Liderc

          No one knows that Gwen will be killed at all in Webb’s Spider-Man franchise, he’s just assuming. It’s possible that Emma Stone’s popularity may warrant including her in all of the films. While I agree it’s a spoiler, it’s more of a comic book spoiler, as the film isn’t based directly on any comic.

    • Kit

      I think the reason they are holding off Mary Jane is because I think they’re planning on killing off Gwen and while Peter is mourning her falls in love with MJ.

  • Emily Bryan

    such an odd time to do that. :/

  • Samma

    Wait when did Shailene Woodley become part of every single movie being made?

    • Maria Wang

      Since April 1, 2013

    • Glaciusx

      Since the ritual sacrifice.

  • Karen

    I really hope they recast.

  • https://twitter.com/slasher777 Alex

    Anyone realized that today there were news about 3 of Shailene Woodley’s movies(Divergent, Spiderman, The Spectacular Now)?

  • Taylor Kirby

    Dear Sony: maybe, instead of repeating Spider-Man 3′s failures, you should pick ONE villain and actually flesh him out so you can introduce Mary Jane early on and make her a character instead of a plot device/mere romantic interest. But that’s just me. Or maybe it’s a hell of a lot of other people–either way, you’re not going to pay attention.

    • guest

      I don’t have a problem with all the villains, especially since it seems like they’re setting up the Sinister Six. If they can pace the introductions properly now that they have three more films instead of two, that could be seriously awesome.
      Also hoping that they recast. Shailene’s a great actress, but I never thought she fit the role of MJ.

  • Caroline J.

    i love the picture you chose for this article LOL.

    • Liderc

      lol it looks like she’s just found out she got cut from the movie.

  • Jeremy

    I think this works for the story. It will make Mary Jane “the Light at the end of the tunnel” with what happens in AS2

  • Glaciusx

    THANK GOD. I didn’t really want to see her in the movie anyway….hopefully within that time they recast her with someone else. Also, LOL at that picture. It totally makes the article a million times better.

  • disqus_GXOrcGzYYX

    Yeah this pretty much confirms that Gwen will die in The Amazing Spiderman 2

  • zara

    lol why so much dislike for shailene woodley? I know her stint at secret life was awful but she seems to have gotten better with “the spectacular now” and “the descendants”

  • Winkyxx

    aww, sorry not sorry. Didn’t care for her much.

  • Septima

    I hope that either 1) Mary Jane comes into the 3rd one, Gwen dies at the end of the 3rd movie and then Mary Jane has to help Peter deal with it.
    Or 2) Mary Jane comes into play during the 3rd one but dies either in the 3rd or 4th movie, leaving Gwen as Peter’s only love interest. I would fine with a change from the comics like this, because Mary Jane was only ever meant to be a hot distraction from Gwen. Gwen’s death was the result of the writer misunderstanding the creator (or something like that, it was a silly case of mis-hearing) so I would be kinda happy if Gwen go to live. PLUS Emma Stone is exactly like Mary Jane, like her personality is perfect for Mary Jane so we kinda get the best of both worlds

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