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Game of Thrones book fans have been waiting three years to share the Red Wedding shocker with the unspoiled audience members, and “The Rains of Castamere” didn’t disappoint.

Readers of the A Song of Ice and Fire saga by George R.R. Martin knew that the events that took place in tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones were as shocking and upsetting as Ned Stark’s death in the first novel.

Just as Robb Stark was beginning to plan an attack on the Lannisters which actually seemed like it might work – and just as it looked like Arya would finally be reunited with her family – it all fell to pieces (quite literally. Wait, too soon?).

Robb thought that marrying his uncle Edmure off to a Frey daughter would settle his score with Walder Frey, but sadly Walder had other plans. At the infamous Red Wedding, Frey arranged for Robb and his men to be assassinated – and not only that, but poor Catelyn had to suffer the loss of her son, only to be murdered herself.

In the novel A Storm of Swords, this moment is particularly harrowing because we experience it through Catelyn’s perspective. We went into her mind as she lost it, going mad as her entire world crumbled around her.

Read the heartbreaking, terrifying moment from the novel, and compare it to what we ended up seeing on screen:

It hurts so much, she thought. Our children, Ned, all our sweet babes. Rickon, Bran, Arya, Sansa, Robb… Robb… please, Ned, please, make it stop, make it stop hurting…

The white tears and the red ones ran together until her face was torn and tattered, the face that Ned had loved. Catelyn Stark raised her hands and watched the blood run down her long fingers, over her wrists, beneath the sleeves of her gown. Slow red worms crawled along her arms and under her clothes. It tickles. That made her laugh until she screamed.

“Mad,” someone said, “she’s lost her wits,” and someone else said, “Make an end,” and a hand grabbed her scalp just as she’d done with Jinglebell, and she thought, No, don’t, don’t cut my hair, Ned loves my hair. Then the steel was at her throat, and its bite was red and cold.

Do you think HBO’s Game of Thrones TV series did this moment justice?

While TV show fans are most likely very upset by the loss of not just Robb, but Catelyn too, we have to assume you’re all just a little bit relieved that you finally know what all that “Red Wedding” business was about.

Hopefully you also now understand why this particular secret was very hard for ASOIAF readers to keep!

But whether you’d read the books before seeing the episode, or managed to remain unsullied about the major character deaths, we’re sure you have a lot of feelings!

Were you shocked? Upset? Angry? Or perhaps underwhelmed, after all the buildup to this episode?

And now that Cat and Robb are gone, where will the story go from here? At the beginning of the story, the Starks were without question the central family in the story, but now? We had two almost-reunions this week, but both were ripped away from us.

Bran and Rickon almost met Jon, but that was not to be. Now, Bran, Jojen, Meera and Hodor are going beyond the Wall, while Rickon and Osha move south. Meanwhile, Sansa is still trapped at King’s Landing. Jon is running from the Wildlings. And who knows what’ll happen to poor Arya?

We have a feeling that next season’s promotional strategy is going to be very interesting. Will they begin to feature the Lannisters as the leading family? Or perhaps another family is going to be making a play for the Iron Throne?

Watch the promo for the Game of Thrones season 3 finale “Mhysa” (which very appropriately means “mother”) below:

What did you think about ‘Game of Thrones’ season 3, episode 9?

Game of Thrones season 3, episode 10 “Mhysa” airs next Sunday at 9/8c on HBO.

  • Joely


  • http://twitter.com/RikuStark Ashley

    I’m avoiding this episode like the plague. I don’t wanna see my Starks in pain. AGAIN.

  • entropicrose

    I was actually kinda underwhelmed.

    • http://tyrionical.tumblr.com/ Kyle


      • entropicrose

        I wanted to cry! Maybe I was just wanting to much.

      • Gary65

        WHAT!?! Why? How?

  • Kate

    The tears. I was not prepared. As soon as Rains of Castamere started being played I was hiding behind my fingers. I do think the book version of the Red Wedding was better, though…

  • Amanda M

    Chilling! I have been waiting for this episode all season, and it did not disappoint! Having that horrible end for Talisa made it even worse… They did a wonderful job adapting this horribly devastating scene. Can’t wait to hear the reaction from the non-readers who just had to witness that! :(

  • http://twitter.com/HADSTERIFIC HBT

    I think they should have included the extra thing that happened to Rob. (don’t want to spoil) Sure they’ll show it next week and Lady Stoneheart right?

    • Kate

      I really hope they show what else happens…And I want Lady Stoneheart to end the episode.

      • http://twitter.com/HADSTERIFIC HBT

        Love that idea. Then it’ll be kind of like season one’s ending.

      • Nova

        The interviews that have been posted online so far are making me scared for lady stoneheart. They all make it sound like Michelle fairley isn’t coming back and it’s making me nervous!

        • Kate

          That would make me very, very unhappy…

    • http://hypable.com Selina

      I’m sure that’ll be in next week’s ep.

    • Shelby Walker

      As horrifying as those things are, I seriously hope they include what happens to Robb. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they stay away from that… I mean, killing Talisa was shocking enough. Adding the other elements of the aftermath might be a bit too much.

      Oh wait. This is HBO. “Too much” doesn’t exist for them.

      • humanbeing

        That extra “thing” that happens to Robb would probably have more impact if they had included a certain vision of Daenerys’ from the books when she went to the House of the Undying in Season Two; then again, showing that vision probably would have spoiled the upcoming events of the Red Wedding, for any viewers clever enough to suss out its meaning. If they don’t show the “thing” directly, I’m sure we’ll hear about it through other characters on the show (much like how it is revealed in the book).

        • Shelby Walker

          I’d be disappointed if they simply mention it like it is in the book. It wouldn’t be as powerful.

    • pve

      No. Dont want to see the other thing that happens to Robb. But I hope LS makes her appearance.

  • http://twitter.com/HADSTERIFIC HBT

    Catelyn was such a bamf too and her face was incredibly grief stricken. It was so painful to watch.

  • cherbell

    All I can say is damn, damn, damn!

  • Arielle

    Just as horrifying as I thought it would be. I mean, the book scene is still more disturbing by virtue of it being the source material, but I really think the show did it justice. The tone through out the show was spot on. You got a sense of just how nice everything could have been, which just makes it all the worse when it’s taken away (I think that comes off better here than in the book Like, the book does have Edmure fawning over Rosalind, but Cat senses something is up early on, where as here it’s less obvious initially). I loved the use of “Rains of Castamere” in the hall, and Cat seeing the bit of chain mail on Roose Bolton. That Lady Talisa was an interesting element, but it just made it all the worse because they had JUST finished being adorable and talking about the baby and the life that will never be. I think the episode handled the all those infuriating almost-Stark-reuniting moments so well (though I wish Jon had seen Summer?). The Red Wedding is such a pivotal moment in SOIAF, and I’m so glad that they got it right.

  • PabloRuiz7

    The silent credits were a masterstroke. I couldn’t utter a single word.

  • Gary65

    I can sum up my feels thusly


    • http://www.eigakanthemovietheater.blogspot.com Jenny Leigh


  • Drew Navarre

    As someone who’s had the current books down for years, I love watching the internet for moments like these….hehehehehe

    • Melanie Jarrett

      me too!! I was waiting for the RW for like 2 years and I hope those who hadn’t read the books, didn’t go searching for GOT info, or get into any spoilers…I kind of wish I hadn’t read the books because I would have been crushed…and although it hurts I like tv that makes me feel…something…99% of the shows out there I couldn’t care less who lives or dies, this was truly awesome tv…EMMYS

  • john

    Valar Morghulis …… all men must die.

  • Michael

    I couldn’t breathe! I was so shocked I was not expecting this to happen at all whatsoever. I’ve never felt this shocked watching a t.v. show. I’ve never felt that way before in my life. I was completely at a loss for words. I can’t believe this happened! Everything was to be going so well and then this happened and ugh!!!!

  • lilyannerose

    I new what was coming but a couple of minutes into it I had to leave the room which speaks to how well done it was.

  • Ali

    OMG that was crazy. Unfortunately I accidentally was spoiled on Robb’s death thru the Game of Thrones FB page like a year ago, but I had know idea how the circumstances would be and that we would lose Catelyn as well.

  • TheDarkLord

    This is so much crap!! I’m sick an tired of the Starks getting killed!! The entire family is almost gone ! No Mama Stark no Papa Stark! Big Bro Robb is gone! Now Sansa, Arya, Bran and Reckon are orphans!! Great! Jon still doesn’t know who his mommy is! I am utterly disgusted!! Even Tony Stark got his house blown up! Why are the Starks targeted!! I hate the Boltons, Freys and Lannister! Ugh! I can only root for the remaining Starks and Dani! I hope the North remembers forever! But I can’t wait until next week!

    • http://twitter.com/HADSTERIFIC HBT

      Tony Stark :)

    • Null

      Lmao: “Even Tony Stark got his house blown up!”

    • Tmami

      Funniest. Post. Ever!

  • Kate

    I can’t wait for Eric’s and Zack’s reactions on GOO. I have a hard time not feeling a little gleeful about it xD

    • shelly

      me too!!! hahahah

  • misha

    Well, that escalated quickly. LOL

    • Samma

      BAHAHA busted out laughing at that one.

  • grapes9h5

    It was the most horrifically perfect mind f-ing episode ever. That last shot especially, but the whole scene really, was almost EXACTLY (in the visual sense) how I saw it in my head from reading the book. I was so nerve wrecked going into this episode, and through out it, because I did know what was coming. Even knowing though, at the end I felt just as much pain, it was just pain of dread, as opposed to pain of shock.

  • Peggy Ruiz

    That was a very good episode. Stark-centric as it rightfully should have been. My only disappointment is that I was hoping to see a certain person “sewn” together as the final shot. But I liked it overall.

  • JCman7

    Worst death of the night….Grey Wind :( Wow what a shocking episode!! GRRM sure knows how to write!

  • Caroline J.

    well i was not at all expecting that. so much for house stark. and tully for that matter. i’m still processing my feelings about it all. ALL the props to michelle fairley for a heart and gut wrenching final performance.

  • Gary65

    I know this is wildly off topic but can someone please get that look on Osha’s face on a gif xD Priceless.

    • RabbitRabbit

      I’m not good with the names on GOT, but even I know which look youre talking about lol

      • Gary65

        LOL Brilliant

  • Jcrewedup

    I’ve been trying for 47 minutes to get over this episode and I cannot shake it.

    Just…brutal….and brilliant.

    & the silent credits…just wow.

  • gues

    sorry but GOT is very depresing to watch. definitely will loose thousands of fans who do not read books. Robb Stark dead? no justice at all.

    • Oj Doc

      i don’t think it will lose thousans of fans, mostly because after the death of ned stark no one left also that being said when ned stark died it kinda showed that not everything is going to go the way we think it will.

    • pinto123

      shittttt, i think that’ll bring in more people to watch GOT. and from what i’ve been reading (from comments), there’s hints of some justice that might happen. even though rob stark will remain dead.. one of my favorite characters. and what about his hot wife?!?

    • Shelby Walker

      I don’t know. I think fans will keep watching so they can finally see justice (if it comes). The wait for justice is reason enough to watch at this point.

  • http://www.eigakanthemovietheater.blogspot.com Jenny Leigh

    I knew what was going to happen (Jon leaving Ygritte, Red Wedding, Arya just barely making it), but for some reason the tears couldn’t stop flowing. It’s funny. In the books it all happens so fast and it’s so shocking I didn’t even cry. But knowing what was about to happen made me so sad I couldn’t handle it.

    The baby Ned Stark was an awful touch. I just lost it.

  • guest

    sorry but GOT is very depresing to watch. definitely will loose thousands of fans who do not read books. Robb Stark dead? no justice at all.

    • humanbeing

      Well, they thought the same thing when Ned died. Didn’t really happen. If anything, there was a temporary backlash while people went through the various stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance), then a growing (if grudging) admiration that the story had been gutsy enough to kill off its main character in such an ignoble way before the first season had even ended. I remember getting a little worried way back in the first three episodes of the first season, when people were having conniption fits about the death of Lady, talking about how horrible and dark this show was, how it couldn’t possibly get any worse, and how they were quitting the show right now. And I remember book fans just metaphorically shaking their collective heads and going, “Folks, maybe you should check out of this show while you can. These are the GOOD times.” If people have stuck with the show this far, I’m hoping they can stomach the horrible events of tonight and realize its all part of a greater story, something which adds to the epic drama of the show instead of detracting from it.

    • Jim Haynes

      I disagree. I think that folks, once they get over the shock, will look back with amazement at how wrapped up they were in the episode, and how much shock it could create in them. I think the books, and of course then the show, displays how much balls it has (George has) consistently….no one is “sacred” in this show, no one is too important to be spared. When you watch most action movies or shows, yes…you feel the excitement that the director builds…but in the back of your head, there’s always that tiny little voice that knows that the lead character simply CANNOT die. Not so with GOT. I think this will draw quite a bit of new fans in, actually….and the ones who leave weren’t really all that “in” to the show to begin with, IMO…….

  • Brittany

    Michelle Fairley…that was beautiful. That scene was done very well…although I wanted her craziness to be more pronounced (like the talking to Ned in the book) I’m just hoping for Lady Stoneheart to make her appearance next week! That would be a finale to remember…they can’t leave that until next season right?…right??

    • Gary65

      Do you know what would have made it perfect? If we’d seen Ned again. Just in those last few seconds. He could have said “Cat”(which would explain her silent stare into the distance) and then she dies. Would have been perfect. But still, what we got would have been as close to perfect as we were ever gonna get.

      • RabbitRabbit

        or if she said his name, or anything to bring it back to her lost love

    • Mrs_Badcrumble

      Yeah, I did miss that madness of Catelyn in the series. It was very emotional, don’t take me wrong, but in the book we do witness this strong woman totally losing her sanity in those final moments. That was heartbreaking…

  • humanbeing

    I thought the last 20 minutes or so of this episode were about as perfect as Game of Thrones gets. Yeah, some of the book purists will whine and moan about what was left out, what was added, who said what or did what to who…but I felt it was about as masterful an adaptation as could have been done. It didn’t even feel like a TV show, it felt like exactly what we would have gotten if Game of Thrones was a multi-million dollar film. The tension that builds from that point when Cat watches the doors being shut…man, oh man. And it might have been my imagination, but seconds after that moment the room seemed to darken, the torches seemed to burn a little brighter, the room itself seemed a little more “red”. Talisa’s death was particularly shocking; as with Ros, this is one reason I don’t mind the writers adding characters who weren’t in the books, because it allows for surprises that even long-time book readers aren’t expecting. I don’t know how non-book readers who somehow managed to avoid getting spoiled for three years will take the whole thing; I’m sure they’ll be outraged, or horrified, or depressed; but will they feel let down? I don’t feel let down, but I can see some newbies having built up this strange “Red Wedding” thing that everyone has been talking about for YEARS now, and now sort of saying…”THAT was what they were referring to?” It’ll be very interesting to see the myriad reactions now, from book fans and non-book fans alike. Whew.

    • pinto123

      i felt the same way! before the suspension was noticeable there was some awry feeling that you felt subtly, i cant point it out but the way they did it was amazing

    • CliveRogan

      I’m reading the books but I’m behind the series.having managed to have zero spoilers other than hearing word of an upcoming “Red Wedding.”

      And yeah, horrified and depressed pretty much sums it up. I’d seen it coming, I’d heard that Tywin Lannister was responsible for the Red Wedding. I predicted rightly that this would be the wedding and thought Rob might die as it fits what Tywin would like and would end the northern rebellion which didn’t seem to have legs anyway.

      I’d hoped everyone else would be spared though, but I’ve just read the part of the book where Arya sees a dwarf woman who makes a bunch of predictions, one about a dead fish woman who’s bleeding from the eyes. It was horribly clear what that was coming.

      It didn’t make it any less horrible to watch though, the whole episode, once it was clear the wedding was coming now it was constant hoping against hope that at least someone would make it out alive. I guess we have to be thankful Arya didn’t arrive a few hours earlier.

  • Sarbay
  • Sarbay
  • Annie Downey

    I cant breathe…I want to cuss, cry, scream, rock back and forth, and punch something all at the same time! There is no way I am going to be able to calm down enough to sleep tonight!

    • Maricel Acebron

      Me too, still shocked!!!

    • pitno123

      i should be asleep right now, but i just had to come on here to rant and rave (witch i have never done). i feel your pain

      • Andrew Jones

        HBO: creating constant conflict and pain in your life, every Sunday, in preparation for the work week because who couldn’t use more drama and reminders that the world is a cold and often terrible place? Other fun examples (I swore off Sunday-sadness shows after these two before getting sucked into GoT): The Sopranos, Six Feet Under. I watched this with my wife on a projector which we used for the first time in this context and it was bad-ass, though I had the colors off a bit and the blood seemed surreal. As soon as Talisa was stabbed my brain went into “f*** this mode” and I took it all flippantly like I didn’t care, joking with my wife about it, like the story just has to change and so what of it. But in my heart, I am sort of sad. But not that much.

        • Andrew Jones

          I saw it as a hand-off to the youngest generation in the Stark household with every other demographic slaughtered, as what happened with the mad king…

  • http://tyrionical.tumblr.com/ Kyle

    I think I’m the only person on this earth who thought the episode was great but not fantastic. Awesome yet not epic. Like…I don’t know why but it was just sorta meh for me! I loved the progress in the plot that was made but I don’t know. I’m just not sitting here with my jaw dropped like it seems the rest of the fandom is.

    • entropicrose

      Yea, I’m feeling the same way. I liked it, but I was just not left awe struck. I think I was exceeding a bit more build up in the music, more paranoia from Cat. Just something was missing.

      • pinto123

        i’m guessing you two have read the books then? because i havne’t read the books and that was totally insane without expecting it

        • http://tyrionical.tumblr.com/ Kyle

          I haven’t, actually! But I saw a spoilery thing on tumblr a few weeks ago and thought maybe he’d die and bam he did. didn’t expect catelyn to though

    • RealHoopyFrood

      I was very underwhelmed by the Red Wedding scene. It was MUCH better in the book.

    • Neigette

      No, I definitely agree with you. The book had a lot more impact on me.

    • http://purplehairedwonder.tumblr.com/ Caitlin Kelly

      I was less emotional than I was expecting to be… until Cat started screaming at Walder Frey. That’s when I lost it.

      • http://hypable.com Selina

        While the book was a lot more shocking and heartbreaking (cause it was Cat’s perspective, I mean come on), what worked for me in this ep was how slowly it built up. We talked about this on GOO too, how in “Baelor” they were basically pretending it was just another random episode and then boom! Beheaddard. But here, it actually helped that I knew what was coming, because everything was so damn ominous. The lack of music, the subtle hints that the writers dropped… when Walder said “red wine will flow” I actually gasped. So maybe if you weren’t looking for those clues it was less impactful, but for me it was perfect. The happy celebrations perfectly juxtaposed the final moments, when (like Caitlin said) Cat begins to slowly realise what’s happening and then just loses her mind right there in front of us. Even though we weren’t in her head, we could SEE it happen. Michelle Fairley, all the awards.

        • Kate

          Beheaddard. I just died; that is the best.

        • http://purplehairedwonder.tumblr.com/ Caitlin Kelly

          I had a sick feeling in my stomach during the build-up, knowing they were playing off the “Oh, everything is going to turn out okay after all” thing, and even moreso when the door shut and the song started playing, but once the bloodshed started, I guess I was expecting to be a bit more horrified than I was (but I didn’t have the shock factor either after having read the books). But then Cat took the Frey girl hostage and it was like all the emotion I’d been missing flooded in at once.

    • RabbitRabbit

      Maybe it was built up too much. All Ive been hearing about was RW since before this season started and i had guessed there would be a shitton of bloodshed. I think if we saw more hysteria it would have been more epic.. or if there were more animals. Animals dying are teh worst

      • CliveRogan

        A pregnant woman was repeatedly stabbed in the stomach, blood spurting everywhere and you found it underwhelming because only one animal died? That’s more disturbing than the episode itself.

        • RabbitRabbit

          You misunderstood what I was saying, about the build up and such. But your interpretation is pretty humourous

        • RabbitRabbit

          Also in all fairness I read this ten mins before I watched the episode:

          tracylynn324@yahoo.com• a day ago
          Robb dies
          So does his wife & mom

          therefore only Arya and the wolf broke my heart

  • Sarbay

    Watch Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 9 – The Rains of Castamere @ http://tiny.cc/GameofThronesSe3Ep9

  • brittany

    The worst thing about tonights episode was that i knew it was going to happen and then seeing just made me cry harder

  • RP

    what is GOO

    • humanbeing

      GOO is short for “Game of Owns”, a podcast about, you guessed it, Game of Thrones.

  • Sarbay
  • Arielle

    On the bright side, at least this was HBO. If GoT were property of the BBC, this would have been the Christmas special… :-)

    • http://hypable.com Selina

      Hahahaha nice one.

  • bmastaz

    This is crazy they were my true hero’s who the hekc do i root for now?? and what the heck how jon just gon leave his boo like that??

  • Gary65

    Am I the only one pissed about Talisa? Why did they swap them? Was it just so they could kill her or what?

    • kara

      You’re not the only one! I had assumed the reason they changed her character was because they planned to DO something with her….

      • Samma

        My guess is they changed her so they could kill her off, so it would be a surprise to those who had read the book (though really, it wasn’t that surprising…)

    • Shelby Walker

      I’m just angry that they killed her off. Who freaking cares if they changed the character a tad. But her being ALIVE is the important thing. The fact that she’s dead is not okay with me.

      • Gary65

        A tad? She’s a whole new character. I still don’t understand why they were swapped though? Does this mean Jeyne serves no purpose in the books at all?

        • Shelby Walker

          Her purpose was still the same. And they were still quite similar. The main difference besides name and back story was that she didn’t nurse Robb back to health. But she wasn’t all that different. That’s what I meant by a “tad”. Her character had been serving the same purpose as Jeyne did in the books.

  • Destiny Jacobson

    Yup, I was shocked. As someone who hasn’t made it to the books yet and never heard any spoilers, I was very surprised at this turn of events. Though I have known not to get too attached to any characters. And while I had no idea this was coming, it didn’t affect me quite as bad as the killing off of other TV characters. It was a good episode that left you wanting more. And the dead silence at the credits… chilling.

  • PrincipeAzzurro

    This was BY FAR the most intense, emotional and surprising episode of television I have seen in years. Last time I was so shocked was when commander Adama was shot on board of Battlestar Galactica at the end of the second season (or was it the first…). But this here tops it. There were moments in this episode when you could smell the fear and the blood and the gore. Masterful, up to the silent credits. My utmost respects.

  • Elliott

    I am stunned, hurting, and extremely pissed off. The only good people in this mess of a show, all get killed. What is the point of watching this show anymore. The only person with a good heart left is jon snow and he has no power.

    • humanbeing

      There are very few characters on this show who are either completely good or completely bad; most are grey, and it’s my opinion that even Robb and Catelyn were grey. They had good qualities and bad qualities. I don’t agree with your statement that no one else on the show has “a good heart”; I believe Arya, Sansa, Bran, Tyrion, Brienne, and many others are shown to have sympathy and empathy for others, have had moments when they have shown kindness or pity (Arya had one in this very episode). Even characters who many people swore were absolute villains who had to be put down like dogs (Jaime Lannister, anyone?) showed that they had redeeming aspects and were human beings in the end, like everyone else. Yes, “good” people get killed in this story, but so do “bad” people, and also plenty of innocents who want nothing to do with the whole “Game of Thrones”. I don’t mean to sound too harsh by replying to you, though; I understand how you feel, and if someone would have recorded my thoughts right after I read this event many years ago, I probably would have said much the same thing. I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard about fans literally flinging their books across a room in disgust (mostly at the moment Ned died and the Red Wedding); but most of those same stories end with the reader eventually walking over, picking up the book, dusting it off, and finishing it :)

  • Sonja

    My favorite book and, though I hate it, one of my favorite chapters. I didn’t think they would be able to do it justice on screen but instead they proved me wrong. I fell in love (or hatred) all over again. The emotion it can evoke is pure genius, in both the literary and television form.

  • Sarah

    Warning book spoilers:

    Does anyone know if they’ve confirmed Michelle for next season? They aren’t going to cut out the Lady Stoneheart storyline, right?

    • BrandiMarie88

      I have kept my ear to the ground on this one. She is actually important to the storyline so I’m assuming that they will keep her in. It may not be NEXT season because there is so much that happens between this episode and when we learn of LAdy Stoneheart but I’d put money on Michelle returning.

      • luckyleo

        The interviews coming out now seem to point to her possibly not coming back, but one reporter asked her point blank if she would be returning because of what happens in the books and she gave a ‘I guess you’ll have to just watch and see’ kind of answer.

        • Sarah

          Yeah, I’ve been reading interviews with similar info about her probably not coming back. I just think it wouldn’t make sense because it is such an important part of her story, and I don’t know why the writers would cut that out :/

          • BrandiMarie88

            Because of her she kills off certain people and it is like a domino effect so I agree with you… I sure hope they don’t cut her out but typically when the actor eludes to “you’ll just have to wait and see” that means they’ll be back.

  • chuck foreman

    I liked the dark tragic disastrous turn of events. Like a horror movie you sort of expect it but not when it suddenly happens. Still, I thought it could have been done better. The story didn’t add up that both Catelyn and Robb would be that naive and so off guard.

  • http://xtulika.tumblr.com/ Tulika

    I was like shocked with horror when all this happened and then in the last 2 seconds when catelyn and the wife’s throats get sliced open im sorry but i had to laugh it was just kinda funny

  • Eantus

    Talissa should not have been there, aweful deviation from book.

  • DarrlynM87

    Having read the books, it would be cool if next week’s episode ended with a cliffhanger…the one in the epilogue in a Storm of Swords

  • Shadowstare

    All I know is that by the end of A Song of Ice and Fire, Walder Frey, the lot of his darn sons and Roose Bolton better be dead. No excuses, no deals, no exile to the wall, no crossing the narrow seas, heads on pikes.

    • humanbeing

      People were saying the same thing about Jaime Lannister after he pushed Bran out the tower window; but now that he’s lost a hand and is jumping into bear pits to save maidens, people seem to have refined their take on him. However, I have to agree with you on this one; Walder Frey needs to die in a big way.

  • BrandiMarie88

    I’m a huge fan of George R. R. Martin… even though you do a lot of waiting for his books.. and I have to say the sick and twisted side of me really enjoys the fact that he is most certainly not afraid to kill off characters no matter how “important” or “favorited” they may be. It is definitely a break from most books where the “good guys” win and the bad guys lose. I think Cat was portrayed beautifully at the end where you could literally see her die on the inside once Robb was killed, her last living child. She truly thought Sansa was lost forever, Rickon and Bran killed, and Arya not to be found and more than likely killed as well. Despite her throat being cut, even before that, you could see the life drain from her body. They just did her a favor by slitting her throat (at least that is what I got from her POV in the book). “Ned, please, make it stop, make it stop hurting…”

  • Laurel Tepper

    Seriously that’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen on TV. I feel as if my guts were pulled out.

  • theaterboy1

    Well I have to agree with my fellow Game of Thrones fans…that was THE SADDEST episode of any TV show I have ever seen!!! I…wow! Still in shock!

  • Tandrews0009

    So sad the author makes everyone root for the Starks of Winterfell just to kill them all off. what sucks even more is in dance with dragons he kills off Jon Snow to betrayel as well. Why make us love the Starks just to rip them away and leave us with the terrible characters.

    • Melanie Jarrett

      why does everyone keep saying Jon is dead, we don’t know that for sure, stabbed yes, dead, I don’t think so

    • humanbeing

      Guys, we don’t have to jump that far ahead in the books. There are some people here who haven’t read that far (or read any of the books at all). Be careful about what you say.

    • jenna

      SPOILERS much?!?! Ugh. thanks.

    • Donald Griffith

      That was a pretty shitty thing to do there even though we don’t know for sure that he’s dead.

  • ladybirds

    Even though I am a book reader first, and have been waiting for this episode for so long, it made cry cry cry and cry a lot. I knew what was going to happen but I was still in shock watching it. Great episode. Agree about silent episode, it was great.

  • Petrichor

    I genuinely feel physically ill because of this episode. Even though I KNEW it was coming, I have no words. I am still in shock. Wow.

  • Melanie Jarrett

    Maybe its because I have read the books, but I felt they should have had 10 min more or so of the red wedding, more impact, like Grey Wind getting some revenge, and the scene where she is talking to Ned, or Rob saying ‘mother Grey Wind” he completely neglected Grey Wind this entire season, and what tv writers need to remember, it is the ANIMALS DYING that kills most people!!! It was good don’t get me wrong, it just missed a lot, even Freys daughter while getting married could not stop crying in the book, in the show she is laughing, did she not know what was about to happen? Robb’s wife was gut wrenching, I watched the whole RW the first time muted, then with volume because I knew it would be a shit show. I cried so hard and patted my own wolves, they didn’t seem to care…:) I PRAY LS makes a return, I think she will they did so much with the ‘without banners’ fellas, showing us one can return “lord of light” style…why would they show all that…anyway it was pretty awesome, and I have read so many message boards, I cannot believe a tv show can cause this sort of a reaction, GRRM must be thrilled.

  • Kristi

    Can I just say bravo to all of the people who have read the books and knew this was going to happen (props especially to Game of Owns podcast)? I don’t know how you could keep something like this a secret.

  • Georgina

    Watched it with non book readers…I couldn’t stop laughing, they had no idea and several swore off ever watching/reading. STUPID MUGGLES.

  • hpboy13

    I’m really bummed about Catelyn! She was one of my favorite characters! Happy that at least the Stark storyline is temporarily done now; it was getting very tedious. Now if they could just eliminate the rest of the Starks – Bran and his infernal raven, and Jon Snow. I’d love a show of just the Lannisters and Tyrrells (and Sansa) at King’s Landing, and Dany being a badass.

    • humanbeing

      You seem to forget that there are still other Starks out there, not just Bran and Jon. And why would you assume that this was done just to clear the way for focusing on other families? If George R.R. Martin was willing to do this to his favorite family in the series, why do you think the Lannisters, or the Tyrells, or the Targaryens are any more invulnerable? Winter is Coming…for everyone.

      • hpboy13

        When did I say anyone was invulnerable? I said I WANT a show focusing on the Lannisters/Tyrrells/Dany. I’m well aware that, sadly, we’ll likely be wasting a lot more time on Bran and Jon. I don’t mind Arya much, she’s feisty.

  • Holly499

    This episode makes me want to stop watching GoT, why would I want to watch so much death? It really put me off, this was such a crap episode

    • pepperandice

      look at it from the point of view that feudal worlds of the past were just like this, lives were brief and cruel, there were no sweeping concepts of humanity and justice,its an honest(more than usual at least) depiction of life in those eras, its not the romanticised hollywoodized world where those who are ‘good’ and right’ always triumph at the end of the 90 minutes, if you get what i mean

  • IlseG

    Spoilers ahead! Be carefull! I just read something I didn’t want to know!!! :(

  • flyhwn

    They better cast The Viper correctly cause that’ll be the guy to promote the hell out of

  • Johnson Sarin

    Lady Catelyn was the best MILF in Westeros. </3

  • NineFour

    Am I the only one who isnt realy impressed? //SPOILER// The scene in the Book was that much better. I wanted to see the “Great Jon” Umber fighting and Sandor Clegan kill some Freys, but they showed nothing of it. And why the heck was the Blackfish there, he should have stayed in Riverrun. And what stupid idea was it, to bring Robbs wife to the wedding? It wasnt that way in the books. Sure the scene was very well made, but the throat slit scenes were a bit cheap and I missed a few little details from the book.

    • luckyleo

      I think they put Talisa at the wedding to give a stop.end to the Robb storyline for the t.v. show. Once we found out she was pregnant I knew she was a goner.

  • Gary Vasut

    As a book reader I thought I was prepared for this episode, and I was able to stay calm for the large part of the RW sequence… Until we got to the Grey Wind scene… Book readers did not see Grey Wind’s death directly, so actually seeing this was heartwrenching. When Arya made eye contact with the dying direwolf is where I lost it.

  • Mercenary

    I never thought the Starks were going to be the ultimate winners, but this was just too cruel. Though it does make the plot very realistic in my opinion.

  • brenda fuller

    My bf has read the books so i knew what was going to happen. It was still shocking tho and so sad cause u want things to go right for the starks for once.the credits were genious and will be intersting to see what happends

  • Asheton Prewitt

    I have read the books so I knew this was coming, but it didn’t stop me from cringing throughout the whole wedding scene. Out of everything that happens in all of the books so far this Red Wedding part still stands out in my mind as one of the best/worst parts of the series. The show did a pretty good job of it, but as always it can’t hold a candle to the book. Go read this part in the book. Heart wrenching.

  • Guest


    Right after I finished reading about the Red Wedding in ASOS I was so upset (thinking at that point that Robb, Catelynn, and Arya were all dead) that I put the book down and didn’t read it again for a month!

    • Angie

      I had to wait 7…

  • Angie

    Hey asshats, don’t spoil book 4 and 5 for people without a warning first! This is a discussion about the show not the books!

  • Gavin Walsh

    one problem with the episode i had was how the Yunkai storyline was dampened

  • Mac

    I’ve got to be honest, as a book reader I’ve been really disappointed by this whole season. Storm of Swords is undoubtedly the best book in the series thus far and I can’t help feel that season three has been the worst. My biggest problem is with the approach to the red wedding, clearly HBO decided to go with shock value rather than build up the tension and spend an acceptable amount of time on Robb and Catelyn’s story. Also, this is relatively minor but has pissed me off to no end all season WTF? Why did HBO completely eliminate the autumn storms?!!

    That being said about the season, I also have concerns about the episode. First off, I have to imagine that every reader was pissed off by this; why the hell was no one singing The Rains of Castamer? Seriously that was the key to the scene– yes they played it (well, most of it, apparently HBO blew their budget for complete songs, singers, and drum sets on The Bear and The Maiden Fair) but it’s not the same. You need the lyrics, you need the message of the song, I’ll bet there are viewers who don’t even remember the words to the song. Furthermore I don’t understand why they decided to cut to black in silence without resuming the song, that too, would have been very effective and might even have made up for the words absence in the episode. Another serious problem was that there was not the sense of chaos that there was in the book. Whenever I think back to the red wedding I remember it abruptly switching perspectives with rain and fire, death and blood all around. HBO gave us too much time to think about it rather than feel it.

    Secondly there was simply too much time spent on other peoples stories, I was convinced it would flash between Robb and the Lannisters and no one else with the exclusion, of course of Arya. This has been bugging me throughout the season, there seems to have been focus primarily on everyone except Robb, particularly Danyres. Now don’t get me wrong it’s not that I don’t like Dany but this is not her season, the northern rebbellion is the driving force through (most of) this book. But fine, she’s important, so is Jon (although why they decided they’d eliminate his relationship with Mance Raider baffles me), and so is Bran, and Sam but this was not their episode. but Fine, you want to have the Starks in this because this effects them most of all, but why Danyres? I have no answer, especially since they’re way further than they should be in her story and I have no idea how they plan to stretch the rest across two more seasons (I’ve read books four and five will be one season).

    Next, okay why the hell was the Blackfish there and where was The Greatjon? Seriously the Blackfish needs to be in Riverrun and the Greatjon deffending Robb to his last breath was so heart-wrenching and I think was a great foil to fucking Walder Frey#DieAlreadyYouMotherFucker!.

    Third where were the collapsible tents? that actually is pretty much it for the tents, I mean other than the fact that the T.V. audiences might think that the northern army is still around.

    Next; why didn’t Robb name Jon as heir to the north when he was talking with Catelyn, that is soooo important to Jon’s story later on (I won’t say why though)!

    Another complaint I have (sorry about this, it’s been building all season.) is I felt the atmosphere was completely wrong. One thing, as I mentioned before was the lack of rain. For non-book readers at this point in the series, in fact in all of book three the autumn storms have begun; torrential down-pours, high winds, the Trident is nearly impossible for Arya and the Hound to cross. I’ve been able to deal with the lack of these storms throughout the entire season but the red wedding needed it! the contrast between the rain and the fire is ineradicable and adds to the sense of chaos (You wouldn’t have known there was chaos if you just watched the show). And of course the fact that it’s raining while The Rains of Castamere is playing is perfect.

    Finally of course –THIS MAY STILL HAPPEN SO BOOK READERS ONLY– where was wolf-head Robb. Since I first read the read wedding I have been sure the last shot of this episode would be Robb Wind pinned over Walder Frey’s throne with King In The North carved into his chest while the Rains of Castamere plays.

    So I would like to assure all of you that I am a fan and will hope for improvement next season. I’m sure part of my disappointment is a result of the anticipation building to this season and then the unrealistically high expectations I’m sure we all had.

  • Mac

    Oh also why didn’t Catelyn claw her face out?

  • Toonstar

    The biggest thing that was a let down for me was how wrong they got the bride. She was completely emotionless in these scenes for me. In the book she was crying the entire time. She knew there was going to be slaughter on her wedding day.

  • Gracie

    Utterly speechless! It’s the first tie that i’ve atually gasped out llud in a long while.
    Talisa’s death really got to me, it was so cruel!

  • Mark Brack

    I am reading all these posts from 9 months ago – full disclosure – got hooked two weeks ago on Game of Thrones – thank you HBO for the free weekend of Season 1. Immediately rented Season 2 and have ONLY Episode 10 left to watch of Season 3. I watched episode 9 yesterday of Season Three – and I just can’t get over what has happened. Props to the author of the books and to the screen writers – I AM DEVESTATED! I just could not fathom that old man doing what he did to Robb, his wife and his mother! I should have know something was up since that excellent old actor who played that bastard Walder Frey – is always cast in movies as an evil man – well I should have see this comging. I have never cried so hard over characters from the imagination of someone’s mind. I truly loved these people and I STILL CAN’T get over their demise………..Argh!

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