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Glee’s season 4 finale was a doozy of an episode and received lots of mixed reactions from fans.

Our season 4 finale begins with Brittany being interviewed in a grand, wood-paneled office at MIT. The professors explain their interest in her, given her terrible grade point average and unusually high test scores, and how, when she took one of MIT’s own math tests, she scored zero on the actual given questions. They tell her that she has a lack of conscious understanding of even basic arithmetic, but it seems that her unconscious mind is a different story – the professors found scribbled patterns of numbers on the back of the paper that turned out to be some of the most complicated codes in mathematical history – numbers Brittany had “swirling around in her head.”

Brittany goes from skeptical to delighted when she realizes they’re not calling her stupid – they’re saying she’s potentially the greatest scientific mind since Einstein. The professors say they’re going to offer her an “unusual proposition,” the details of which we do not hear. I kind of suspect they’re going to pay her lots of money in exchange for doing experiments on her.

We quietly cut to a text graphic screen where Ryder is still worrying about the identity of his Catfish – imagining it as different people – Kitty, Unique, Blaine – and still demanding that “Katie” meet him. In the actual world, Schuester announces to the choir room that Regionals will be held at McKinley this year due to some technicality. He talks a bit about the competition – the Waffletoots – played by the famed a capella choir the Yale Whiffenpoofs, and the Hooiserdaddies, who Schue believes to be their main competition, due to their tiny powerhouse Frida Romero (American Idol’s Jessica Sanchez.) He starts to talk seriously about moments in life, as a performer, which completely define who you are, and how this is one such moment for them. I’m pretty sure it’s not – it’s a regional high school show choir competition – but we cut to someone for whom Mr. Schuester’s statement proves more truthful – Rachel.

She’s waiting for her final Funny Girl callback, and Schue knows this and asks the Glee Club to send her some good vibes. In New York, she demurely enters the audition room, introduces herself, and begins to sing Celine Dion’s “To Love You More,” which sounds incredibly powerful, emotional, and technically precise, but lacks any stage presence whatsoever.

Presumably, she has to do an acting bit as well, because she’s not getting cast in a musical based on that. She’s weeping a little at the end of the song, and the room is silent – some people seem blown away, but the main casting director gives her the standard “we’ll let you know,” and Rachel seems to take that as a negative. That’s the last we see of her this episode, and therefore, this season.

Back at McKinley, it seems Burt Hummel’s sensible logic has had zero effect on Blaine, as he’s still planning to propose to Kurt. He asks Sam for ideas on how to make it special, but Sam is also on Team Blaine Is Deluded. “We’re in high school,” says Sam, who got married in high school. Blaine calls this out, but Sam explains that was because he really thought the world was ending, and that when they’d realized it wasn’t, he’d known they were in trouble.

He also, by mentioning Adam (remember Adam? I miss Adam), comes close to what I feel is a major issue that Blaine’s ignoring – that he and Kurt aren’t actually together. You don’t just go around asking people you’re not going out with to marry you! Is this not something anyone is finding weird? Because Burt didn’t mention it either – surely he should have said something like, “Kurt said he didn’t want to be with you, and you need to respect that. He wants your friendship. Your pursuit of him to this degree is inappropriate.” Anyone? Nope? Okay.

New Directions reconvenes in the choir room to prepare for Regionals. Joe and Sugar are welcomed with mad applause as Schuester counts that they have the standard twelve competition members. Brittany is the last to arrive, and she proceeds to act like a complete psychopath, cutting everyone down.

When Sam tries to tell her she’s out of line, more concerned than anything, she dumps him on the spot – via text. She demands to be given all the solos, walks out of the Glee Club when Schue doesn’t comply, and goes after her next target – Coach Roz. She pulls a Martin Luther – and I don’t mean MLK Jr, I mean 16th century German monk Martin Luther – and nails her Ninety Five Theses – in crayon – to Roz’s door.

Martin Luther’s Theses explained his problems with the current state of the Catholic Church and began the Reformation. Brittany’s explain her reasons for quitting the Cheerios – some of which expose the cruel and unethical practices that Sue was a part of. She also ceremoniously lights her Cheerios uniform on fire in Roz’s trash can.

Her attitude throughout the entire thing with both the Glee Club and Roz is so arrogant, so calculated, and so thorough, that it makes me wonder if she had let MIT do something to her brain – something that healed her inability to make basic connections, and fully able to tap into her mind-power, and that this is her actual personality with the veil of constant confusion taken away.

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  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    I love the fact that Adam was mentioned. Now, Kurt has a bit more wiggle room than just a plot prop for Rachel and Blaine. There’s still some care for Kurt in that writers room. Happy to see Kadam be back for Season five. They’re my OTP.

    • http://twitter.com/cefalexforte yessica

      He was mentioned just to made clear Kurt IS SINGLE. Kadam isn’t back and Adam is no one, get over it.

      • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

        Kadam is back. It’s stated. I’m not trying to start a ship war. Just accept my comment as it is and rant elsewhere.

        • Marie

          It was actually really vague. Sam just said Blaine didn’t know about the status of Kadam until recently. That could mean they’re broken up, or they’re together and Blaine doesn’t care. The writers should’ve been clearer…

          • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

            Well for my argument, it’s clear.

          • Marie

            Huh? I was just talking about the in TV show, it was vague if Adam and Kurt were still together. We didn’t see the break-up scene, although the writers have a habit of saying “BTW, they broke up.” And the fact that people are arguing about whether they’re together or not is bad on the writers’ part. . .

          • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

            I know. So as far as we know, they’re still together.

  • Marie

    Thank you for your thoughts on Jan. I was actually very frustrated with them for not trying to logic with him. I guess it doesn’t work, but also, I’m so over the soulmates thing. Especially when Kurt is soooo over it. I predict it’ll (initially) go worse than the Finchel stuff.

  • Laura Jones

    Is Blake coming back for season 5? Because the whole “i’m quitting glee club” had better not be his out. He’s one of the best things about glee now, and I wold be sad if that was his glee project prize over with.

    • Marie

      I’m not worried about Blake leaving the show. Think of how many people have “quit” the Glee club (Rachel, Mercedes, Santana, Brittany, Quinn). They’re always back after a few (sometimes one) episode. I think he’ll come around.

  • Tara

    i love how logical you are about everything in your recaps i think thats what makes it so funny because Glee is hardly ever that.

    did you know Patty Duke is Sean Austin’s mum? Darren’s tweet to Sean a couple of weeks ago makes so much sense now!

  • jjwalker

    what homo fest!

  • http://twitter.com/plischt plischt

    Great recap, as always!

    I now consider Brittany as a savant and I liked that plot very much. I really hope she comes back in season 5 but I guess that’s up to Heather …

    My problem with the proposal is that Klaine are not actually together. The fact that they are so young is not ideal, but you never know what’s gonna be. I know a couple in real life, they were togehter for 15 years before they married and then … divorce after 10 months! I don’t say it’s a good thing to marry at a young age, but I don’t say it’s a bad thing either. You can tell that only afterwards.
    But again, they are not together and Blaine was ignoring this all the time. Kurt for sure is not going to say ‘yes’, not under those circumstances and I’m really curious how this is going to turn out … not very well for Blaine I guess.

  • http://twitter.com/acjub CK

    I had hoped that this last episode of the season would be my last Glee episode. But they ended it in such a way that I know I will tune in for the next season. Darren, Chris, Kevin and Chord are still in in, and they are my only reason for watching the show I could not care less about any of the new characters. I guess they knew that.

  • http://slasher777.tumblr.com/ Alex

    And that’s a wrap for Glee’s most forgettable season yet.

    • Marie

      I don’t know. Parts of it were so bad, they might be burned in my brain. :-P

  • Tomas

    Just want two thing for season 5

    - Ryder out of the show (he’s useless)
    - Even more focus on Rachel, NYADA and her Funny Girl Broadway show

  • http://twitter.com/Hmarjus2 Martrel A. Howard

    I dont see anything “wrong” with Blaine’s pursuit of his love for Kurt. He’s outwardly expressing what most people internally go through as far as relationships and “the one” soulmates blah blah blah. I’d have an issue if Blaine escalated into stalking Kurt, keeping tabs on him, being a creeper in new york, sabotaging Kurt’s pursuits at new relationships. If Blaine was like that I’d be like ok Glee WTF is up with Blaine. But he’s not that way he’s holding onto the only love he’s ever known and there’s nothing “wrong” with that. In season 5 I do hope that there’s more growth and maturity about how Blaine handles the situation. There needs to be a conversation that goes like, “I understand that at this moment we both need to grow and experience life but just know that I love you. you are my future. when the time is right we can have our happily ever after.” And kurt will melt and swoon as well as the audience but everyone as a whole including Kurt will respect Blaine for that moment of clarity and decisiveness.

    • Me

      the problem is that Kurt is already dating someone,and it just doesn’t make sense. i like adam better than Blaine anyways.

      • http://twitter.com/Hmarjus2 Martrel A. Howard

        How is that a problem exactly? Kurt and Adam were “dating” they weren’t in a relationship. They never established that Kurt and Adam were boyfriends. Nor do we still know that they actually still interact on that level anymore because that story line was pushed to the side.

        • Marie

          Blaine is pushing Kurt harder than he should though. If Kurt wants to come back to Blaine, he’ll come back. If not, he won’t. Since Blaine cheated, it’s up to Kurt to say whether he trusts Blaine enough to re-enter a relationship with him.

          And anyway, Blaine needs to get a life outside of Kurt. We kind of got it this season with him befriending Sam and Tina, but I have this theory that Blaine has really low self-esteem in regards to his love life, and he generally speaks in cliches about his love for Kurt. I feel like it’s more about the need to never be single than Kurt specifically. I really wish we could’ve seen him date someone else, so I could have a point of comparison.

          • http://twitter.com/Hmarjus2 Martrel A. Howard

            I don’t see it as “pushing” because Kurt isn’t giving into Blaine’s wants. Also wasn’t it established already that Kurt forgave Blaine and let the cheating issue go after him and Isabelle had one of their “many” convos… Blaine does have issues everyone has issues Tina still wants to vapo rape Blaine and Blaine still wants to screw Sam, Blaine is still in love with Kurt. When you put everything in perspective every single person in the glee club has/had self esteem issues. Thats a general thing that all people go through. Glee is choosing to focus on this obsession for Blaine. It’s like they backed him into a corner that they dont really know how to get out of. When Kurt began to grow, Blaine became stagnant it would have almost been better to have Blaine regress if only to have him be an individual again so that Kurt can see why he fell for Blaine in the first place. As far as End game as far as representation of gay couples within the main cast Klaine is where its at considering I dont think they’ll further the Unique , Ryder transgender love story thing that they could do… IDK I just think people are harping on Blaine sooo much because its the only steady relationship issue thats been presented upclose the entire season. If only theyd showed more of Blaine’s family life and history we could actually understand his way of thinking. This is high school people make mistakes, grow and learn…High Schoolers are rarely of rational and sound mind and clarity and I see that as Blaine choosing to live with rose colored glasses on.


            This would also be a great way to introduce the heavy topic of STD’s/STI’s. What if Blaine’s cheating resulted in him contracting HIV and fear is driving his obssesion about kurt. The fear of no one ever loving him again. The notion of being internally alone. They could totally spin that web if they so choose.

          • Marie

            Well, Kurt hasn’t given in, but Kurt has already said “No, we’re not dating”, and he keeps trying to pursue him. That’s being pushy to me. After Kurt says no once, he should really let it go for a while (and I think in Glee world it’s been like a month or a month and a half?). And I know Kurt has forgiven Blaine, but not enough to re-enter a relationship with him. If he was totally over it, wouldn’t he want to date him again? Or is there another reason he’s not going back to Blaine? I’m assuming he still really cares about Blaine, but doesn’t want to put himself in a position in which he can be hurt that badly again.

            I guess my issue is that Blaine speaks in cliches when he talks about loving Kurt, and I just think “Well, you could say that stuff about any guy, really. What makes Kurt special for you, other than he’s the only boyfriend you had?” I don’t like Finchel, but it does feel more specific to them, at least, which I think is because the writers actually planned that relationship. They say more about each other than “we’re soulmates”, anyway. I mean, I just don’t want Klaine to get back together because I do feel like Kurt is far more mature than Blaine this season, and I don’t want Klaine to be together for the sake of “yay, cute gay guys!”, or “OMG SOULMATES!” I want there to be something real and specific to them, which the writers really haven’t given me. I need to see what they provide each other in a relationship that they couldn’t get from another cute gay guy. I’ve also been doing a series re-watch, and their getting together was kind of random (although that kiss was still amazing, and the only time I really sensed chemistry between the actors). If they can convince me that Blaine actually loves something SPECIFIC about Kurt, and the same for Kurt as well, I can be on board. But right now it feels very Twilight. And in this scenario, Adam is Jacob Black. And I remember when I hate-watched the movies, I was thinking JACOB IS THE OBVIOUS CHOICE! HE HAS OTHER INTERESTS THAN THE OBJECT OF HIS AFFECTION!

            On your theory: That would be a really fascinating plot line, but I seriously doubt they would ever go there with Blaine. Maybe they’d bring in a random person with HIV, or maybe he’d be afraid of having contracted HIV, but I don’t think they’d give a really popular character something that could (and probably eventually would) kill him.

          • http://twitter.com/Hmarjus2 Martrel A. Howard

            I totally agree with you on there needs to be stated what about Kurt makes Blaine love him to make it clear that its not just infatuation and fear.

            Um Kurts dad has/had Cancer… HIV is something any and everyone can live with for a full life with medication use. We’re all gonna die one day anyway…

            All and all Blaine needs something to happen to start his growth process. He’s stuck in the fairytale vision of “Happily Ever After …”

          • Marie

            Oh, I totally know that people can live for years relatively healthy with HIV. What I mean is, fans would freak out, in a really negative way. Also, I think the writers are a little too in love with Blaine to do that to him. I’m not saying they’d never touch it, ever. I just don’t think Blaine would be the character to do it with (although I would definitely be interested, although super-sad).

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