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Iron Man 3 was officially a smash hit at the box office after hitting theaters this past weekend, and the film’s creative director, Danny Yount, has released the film’s ending title sequence in HD.

Fans may recall the interesting title sequence seen at the end of Iron Man 3, which featured some great comic book-esq art that was flipped through as the cast and crew’s names were revealed on screen. Art of the Title, the website that sat down with the film’s creative director, released their interview with the man behind the title sequence.

With its “interlocking angled transitions and perfectly timed freeze-frames,” Marvel attempts to bring the film back to its early days of “pages and panels that first spawned [the comics] it.” Along with the title sequence was the song by Brian Tyler’s “Can You Dig It.” Check out the official Iron Man 3 ending title sequence below thanks to Art of the Title:

Also released recently were some additional title sequences that didn’t make the cut in Iron Man 3, check them out below:

While fans have been split on the outcome of Iron Man 3, it definitely had some refreshing new elements like the title sequence above that separates it from previous Marvel films. Iron Man 3 has currently raked in over $700 million internationally so far, and while we imagine it’ll see a slight drop this weekend, it shouldn’t see any major competition until Star Trek Into Darkness hits on May 15, one day earlier than initially planned. The next Marvel film to hit theaters will be Thor: The Dark World, which fans may have caught the official trailer for if they saw Iron Man 3 this weekend. Thor 2′s release date is set for November 8, 2013.

  • Glaciusx

    YES!!! I freakin’ loved that sequence so much. This movie gives me so much life I can’t even explain it.

  • 7Starrchasers

    Awww I liked some of the other ones….Kinda wished they used the themes from the other ones!

  • Harry Potter

    The goofy title credits scene was like Marvel officially going, “Bahahahahaha we trolled you!!!”

    Terrible. Terrible movie. Rarely do I wish regret watching a film. I could care less about the money, I demand 2 hrs of my life back.

    • http://sportingnerds.com Sco Jo

      So, you don’t watch many films?

      • Harry Potter

        HA! Good one! I am a film student living in the entertainment capital of the world. Chances are, people going gaga over this crap piece of “film” haven’t seen very many good films.

  • http://twitter.com/Prixie10 Priscilla

    Loved that they used images from all 3 films!

    • http://www.joesdaily.com/ Joe’s Daily

      Yeah I did too! Pretty sweet way to close out the film.

  • sjispissedoff

    not sure why the director chose this lame ass concept when he was presented with more interesting ideas. pitch animations are far better than the one prologue pooped out of its ass.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aidan.m.green Aidan Myles Green

    To the idiots who disliked the credits they used and “liked the other ones better”: this is why you’re not making movies.

    The end credits they used were brilliant.

    • Harry Potter

      Brilliant? Wow! How so, exactly?

      • RaR

        This sequence is a loving parody/homage to 60′s/70′s TV shows. Shane Black specifically said he was referencing To Catch A Thief:


        Everything about the credits: the goofy freeze frames, the retro version of the movie’s theme and the IRON MAN THREE instead of IRON MAN 3 is the filmmaker’s way of saying, “In case you forgot, we’re all here to have fun.”

        • Harry Potter

          And this has what to do with Iron Man?

          This is precisely my problem with Iron Man 3… IT WASN’T IRON MAN.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aidan.m.green Aidan Myles Green

    Also, the film was terrific. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, this is quality blockbuster entertainment among a sea of shit. Appreciate it and its style – and the fact that it has balls enough to FLAUNT its style. Shane Black is a fantastic filmmaker.

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