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The Divergent movie only started shooting in early April, but already we’re learning that the studio is prepping its sequel Insurgent.

Summit has assigned Brian Duffield to pen the Insurgent movie script. His big writing credit right now is Jane Got a Gun, which has faced several production hurdles as of late. Most recently, Ewan McGregor replaced Bradley Cooper as the lead star.

The studio used their official Divergent account to confirm the news:

Word of a script in development is great news even though Insurgent hasn’t been officially green lit for production (as far as we know). We assume that Summit will want to get filming underway for Insurgent later this year or early next consider the script is already being prepared. We’d expect the Insurgent movie will open in theaters in spring or summer 2015.

If Divergent ends up not doing as well as Summit hopes, plans for the film could be scrapped.

The Divergent movie stars Shailene Woodley as Tris, Theo James as Four, and Kate Winslet as Jeanine.

Divergent is based on the book by Veronica Roth, who is in the midst of finishing the third book in the trilogy entitled Allegiant. The final book hits bookstore shelves on October 22. The cover is set to be unveiled this Thursday on NBC’s Today Show.

We’ll have more about the Divergent movie and the Allegiant book later this week.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Noelle-Braaten/1368928376 Noelle Braaten

    Pretty early considering we haven’t seen much (more than one still) of the first one…

    Not that I’m not excited, but adaptations have been known to flop.

  • Glaciusx


  • zara

    don’t they have to see how divergent performs financially before working on the sequel? summit really seems to be championing this hard

    • http://www.youtube.com/mapthestars Mapthestars

      Studios predict box office revenue in advance, and you’ll be surprised how accurate they can be. An example: I heard the expectations from the studio for opening weekend of “Oz: the great and powerful” was 80 million and the film pulled in 79.2 million. And that wasn’t a fluke, Studios are very good at predicting the box office for each of their movies. Most likely Summit did the maths and saw a box office number they were confident enough in to start working on the script for the 2nd film. And this isn’t the first major book series to have done this. Harry Potter had a similar approach, where the script to CoS was completed before Sorcerers Stone even came out.

    • http://twitter.com/akacj7 Caroline J.

      summit seems to be championing ALL of its YA novel-based films hard. they have developed a formula and they clearly intend to stick with it until it fails.

    • http://twitter.com/AntaraC Antara Chowdhury

      It’s not unusual. It was just announced that the second Mortal Instruments movie will be going into production, and the first one hasn’t come out yet. And that’s a completely different studio and YA series.

    • Ben Rubin

      All they are doing is writing a script, and as the article says, the movie has not yet been green lit. While, yes, it will cost some money to write the script, it has a ton of potential benefits since they can jump right into Insurgent right after Divergent gets released, if they like the numbers.

  • Colin

    Divergent is the new “fetch”.

  • lorepottter


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1045615098 Riana-Tiana Menezes

    I really didn’t like the book so. . . .no

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1045615098 Riana-Tiana Menezes

      Dont get me wrong. I loved Divergent but Insurgent was just really poorly written with an all over the place story line.

      • Colin

        Funny, I found Insurgent to be far superior. In fact, were it the first in a trilogy, I could almost understand the (forced) hype surrounding this series. Almost. Alas…

        • Tessa

          Really? I’ve got to be honest I loved Insurgent and I totally disagree that it is poorly written but I much prefered Divergent as a book. I think there is a very different feel to the two books though I guess its all about preference.

          • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

            I’m right there with you.

        • Danny Ruiz

          Same here, Insurgent, to me, was way better! I enjoyed its pace much more. The thing I’ve said from the start is, You can’t be as excited for the film Divergent if you haven’t read Insurgent.

      • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

        I prefer Divergent to Insurgent –mostly because of Tris state of mind on the second book and, at times, the PDA-ing got kind of annoying and felt out of place– but in the end, I liked the Tris that came out of it and I think it set the story up for an awesome third book.

      • Ann Grace

        I think she was very successful with Insurgent. She made me want to find out “what happens next”. The one thing all authors should try and aim for with their audience. And the ending really brought up discussion and many excitement for the last book. I finished Insurgent the same day I got it and I finished Divergent in 3 days. Insurgent definitely has a lot of battle scenes, which you can’t really have in the same setting so it has to take place in different areas. I guess if you don’t like the war-type of books then Insurgent wouldn’t really appeal to you, but it definitely kept me on my toes and wanting more.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1045615098 Riana-Tiana Menezes

          I understand what you are saying, and I totally dig war-type books. But I think for me, the main character Tris got really annoying. Roaming wherever she wants to, making out with Tobias after every half hour, I get that it has to do with PTSD but it was poorly addressed in my opinion.

          • Ann Grace

            Yeah, she did get annoying, but it’s what created the story. Like if she didn’t start wandering around and being “stupid” then she wouldn’t have saved everyone and discovered the secret.

  • hpboy13

    Summit is smart – they realize Divergent isn’t Harry Potter, and they need to strike while the iron is hot. I’m guessing they want to have Divergent movies be their annual March release and HG as their annual November release. Good for them, I hope it works!

  • Ann Grace

    they should get the movie out soon while everyone is all hyped up about the books…I need to re-read all the books in order to keep the Divergent thrill alive…and how long can that last? The last book though is coming out on October 22, so I don’t have to re-read too much. But it’s definitely more thrilling than Hunger Games, in my opinion. I really hope the trilogy becomes a success, and I think Veronica Roth should also write a new trilogy. She knows how to keep her readers attached.

  • anon123

    If they intend for the movie to be released in 2015, I hope they release it before March ’15. Otherwise, they should just postpone the movie until 2016, since there’ll be so much competition (THG3, Avengers, MOI2, Star Wars…)

  • Heidi

    I want to WATCH Insurgent & Allegiant SO badly.

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