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We’re only a few short weeks away from the season finale of Glee, and today we’re getting our first look at Blaine in the episode titled “All Or Nothing.” (Some spoilers about the season finale ahead)

In the photo, released exclusively on EW.com, Blaine is seen checking out potential engagement rings with upcoming guest star Patty Duke.

Glee(season finale - Season 4)Darren Criss and Patty Duke

Patty Duke’s character is in a long-term lesbian relationship with Family Ties star Meredith Baxter when she is introduced later this season.

Who knows what the situation between Kurt and Blaine will be by the season finale, but it looks like Blaine may be jumping a little too far ahead with potentially getting married, right? Could it be that by the end of season 4 of Glee, we’ll have seen Kurt and Blaine together, broken up, interested in other guys, back together, and then possibly engaged? Something tells us Kurt won’t take the bait and will be the more emotionally aware person of the two of them. Or maybe he won’t?

By the way, say these two do get married: will one of them take the other’s last name? Will we see Kurt Anderson or Blaine Hummel in the near future!? Are we really discussing this right now on Hypable!?

What are your thoughts about Kurt and Blaine potentially being engaged? Will Glee season 5 be all about their tumultuous engagement?

  • http://twitter.com/HungerSlytherin Jeremy

    I have this weird feeling Blaine is going to rush into this cause something is going to happen to Burt. I also hope if he does propose Kurt says No. He wasn’t the biggest supporter of Rachel and Finn getting married that young so I don’t think he will say yes.

    • sam

      i was thinking the exact same thing. good thing i read the comments first

    • Tim

      just because he wasnt a supporter of them getting married doesnt mean he will say no i mean they were going to get married in High school but some engagements can take years before they get married so maybe he’ll say yes but they wont get married for a few years

    • sarahd15

      My main thoughts as to why he will say yes is that Ryan Murphy has repeatedly said that Kurt will be married by 21, so I assume he will say yes at some point, he’s not too far from 21. And we all know that Ryan is going to suck as much money as he can from Blaine, so it will mostly likely be Blaine & Kurt in the end. Or all hell will break loose…

    • Niamh

      In a deleted scene from Extraordinary Merry Christmas Blaine gives Kurt a box and Kurt says, “If this is an engagement ring, yes! What’s better than Christmas in New York? Eloping and getting married in Central Park, on Christmas!” I think that if they get back together then Kurt most likely will way yes, or tell Blaine that he wants to marry him someday, but not right then.

  • http://www.facebook.com/amber.carney3 Amber Carney

    this is so going to be the cliffhanger. No doubt about it.

  • http://twitter.com/w_lowry Will Lowry

    You might want to change the article image because it’s very clearly Blaine in a jewellery store, and that, paired with the article’s title, makes it pretty clear that he’s going to propose to Kurt.

  • http://twitter.com/Merina2 Merina

    I just…what…even…is…please, no…!

    • Marie

      Not as unpopular as you’d think.

  • Mike

    The same Blaine who has been obsessed with Trouty Mouth for the Season, who we have not seen with Kurt since their hook up on Valentine’s Day, when Kurt could not even say “I Love You” back? The same Blaine who, after pretty much outing Kurt’s cheating to the Glee Club with Whitney Houston, went on and cheated on Kurt anyways?
    Yeah. This relationship is destined to work.

    • http://twitter.com/IrishMike15 Mike

      This guy!

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    Klaine should not reunite. Blaine should not propose. Kurt should move on and date Adam or whatever guy comes along and be happy, not chased me a pathetic puppy who cheated on him.

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    I will stop watching Glee if they use Burt dying or being sick to reunite Klaine.

    • Marie

      Yes. Obviously, one of these things is more important than the other. And despite what shippers think, it’s actually not Klaine.

  • Marie

    I hope Patty Duke tells him how effing crazy he is, and that he’s making a stupid decision.

    If that doesn’t happen, I hope Kurt says no.

    If they get engaged, and it’s happy flowers and rainbows, I’m done. I’ve been sitting through a ton of crap this season, and this might be the final straw. Glee has never been realistic about facts and details, but they did have emotional truth. A happy engagement for these two is not realistic at all, and it ruins both of them for me.

  • http://hypable.com John Thrasher

    “Kurt, you move me. Will you marry me?” asks Blaine.

    Kurt wide eyed and shocked.

    Cut to black. The end of season 4.

    • Marie

      Opening scene of season 5: Kurt: Are you drunk?

    • Marie

      Season 5 opener, same scene:

      Kurt: Blaine, are you drunk?

  • Lily B

    photo is major poller

  • http://twitter.com/Hmarjus2 Martrel A. Howard

    This will only work if there is a 2 year time jump into the future in my opinion. Like start off season 5 where season 4 ended and slowing fast forward in time thru the season and then we realize that the season was being retold as a story while Rachel is giving her Tony speech lol.. Crackpot theory but hey its GLEE!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=772259655 Deborah Hardy

      I’ve totally had this same thought. I wouldn’t mind it actually. I’d like to see where the original cast goes in life, get some closure.

  • Lotte

    If Blaine proposes and Kurt agrees… I will destroy my laptop. Seriously.

  • Laura

    They may be in a jewellery store but that does not look like rings on the counter to me. The body language of im leaning over the counter like that looks to me more like hes there asking for advice.

  • Mary

    How about Glee bring back Blaine from Season 2? You know the guy who was older, more mature than Kurt, and had his stuff together? Yeah, I liked that Blaine better.

  • Mariah Morales

    thats so cute that season 5 is going to be about them

    • xoxoKellyLee

      How do we know that season five is going to be about them?

  • Aaron James William

    I think both of them need to be together and I do not want kurt to say no, he will say yes believe me he will not let him go they made out and I want them to work on it

  • http://twitter.com/alexacadia alex

    i just feel like maybe blaine will get the ring and then not show it to kurt, just have it just in case because he always knew but is waiting for the perfect moment
    ****wishful delusion****

  • http://www.facebook.com/ronnyangel88 Veronica Romano

    i loved it in that episode when Rachel told Kurt and Mercedes about her engagement ring and Kurt said “I am going home to hell at Finn cause this is insane.” and then Rachel says “That’s not fair because what if Blaine proposed to you today,” and then Kurt just goes all quite. I wonder if in his head he would have been saying YES. I hope he does.

  • lovebug

    if it was up to me i hope they get married did u no that in season 2,3 and 4 there is more klaine fans than finchel brittana and bram kurt and blaine went thro so much y throw it a way they r soulmates and all of u no it break them up its like breaking up the unholy trinity. they r perfect together and rumor has it that he will buy rings but dont purpose it might take a trajety for them to relize they r ment for each others if any of you guys reading this if you have an instagram look up #klaine s over 100.000 pic of klaine they r ment for each other so if blaine purposes kurt bette say yes because that ould be our first glee wedding and ean my best friend are planing to crash that wedding we allready got ticets so u peoplesain that they r rushng they r not ther r on the right track

  • Zara

    OMG and in the wonder-ful episode Blaine actually says to Burt that he wants to marry Kurt, I mean but this is like so estrange! they haven’t talk since they hooked up on the “I Do” episode, I really don’t know what to think! everything could happen, but honestly I don’t think it would be any wedding bells on this season, maybe it could be a topic to think about on the beginning of the 5th season. I’m so excited to watch the upcoming episode this thursday

  • David

    I think that Blaine will propose it to Kurt, but telling him that it’s a promise for the future. Maybe that could solve the problem I don’t know.
    (And sorry for my horrible english ^^)

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