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Remember when people would call the MTV Movie Awards the Twilight Awards because of the 15 wins? That certainly won’t be the case this year despite the fact that Breaking Dawn – Part 2 hit theaters this past November.

Twilight fans were up in arms when nominations were announced and the final film in The Twilight Saga was only nominated for one award: Best Shirtless Performance (Taylor Lautner). Arguably, it was one of the best films in the franchise and deserved a farewell from the award show that has put it in the spotlight in recent years.

TwiHards have decided to organize a boycott of the event to protest MTV’s decision, reports International Business Times. Instead of the Movie Awards, they’ll be watching Breaking Dawn – Part 2 that night and tweeting about it using the hashtag #BreakingDawnPart2Night.

MTV decided to install a more serious voting academy last year which likely led to the Twilight snubs. Nonetheless, the series of five films has been an important part of the Movie Awards voting audience and shouldn’t have been looked over.

We’re interested in seeing the changes at this year’s Movie Awards. One particular highlight will be the debut of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire trailer.

Will you be tuning into the Movie Awards or will you be a part of the boycott? We’ll be covering this Sunday’s event to track winners!

  • Bee

    What? All those years of The MTV Twilight Awards was not enough?

  • http://twitter.com/leviosa96 Lovisa Andersson

    I used to watch the MTV movie awards but I won’t this year. Not because of Twilight, but because the change with nominations took away everything fun with it. Everything interesting will show up on my Tumblr as gifs.

  • Divya

    The sky will fall because Twilight fans have decided to boycott watching the MTV Movie awards. Yep, definite end-of-the-world scenario.

    • Patti

      at least we don’t have to see these two Twatlighters try to kiss ..what a bunch of losers

  • xcAM

    I am most definitely not watching! I’ve seen reports that the first year twilight was nominated it boosted the award show’s viewership 90%!! And for them to snub the final movie like this is UNBELIEVABLE and I am SO upset. I hope the show TANKS this year and doesn’t ever come the fuck back! I’m so upset really because I was SOO looking forward to seeing the trio and the rest of the cast together one last time, but now thats probably not going to fucking happen! UGH! IM GETTING EVEN MORE PISSED OFF WRITING THIS!! FUCK MTV!! IM SO FUCKING MAD OMG :P

    • SpiritWitch120

      So many other BETTER films were snubbed in the past recent years but no, the Twihards seem to think that it’s unfair that they have been snubbed just once. Get over yourself. They weren’t exactly deserving of their spots before so why should they deserve them now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Eric-Faulkner/100000675410575 Eric Faulkner

    They are probably the same people who are voting against Bilbo for Best hero. I know K Stew is in second place so far, but I think she should be lower.

    • Patti

      right here you can see how stupid Twatlight fans are , they vote for an emotionless untalented Tramp

      • d3erudite

        Shut up. Would you like it if we took shots at Emma Watson?

        • nathanb648

          Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart honestly can’t be compared. They are COMPLETELY different. Emma Watson is beautiful and has talent while Kristen Stewart is….Kristen Stewart.

        • morsmordre79

          One doesn’t have to be a fan of Emma Watson to not like Kristen Stewart, you know. For all you know, Patti may not really care much for Emma, either. That was a pretty pointless reply, IMO.

      • anonymous

        This strain of comments is unnecessarily mean. It makes me sad to see people say such hurtful things to each other on such a positive site.

      • http://twitter.com/AntaraC Antara Chowdhury

        I hate seeing vicious comments like this. If you don’t like Kristen Stewart as an actress, then fine, but why are you calling her a tramp? People are ALWAYS more vicious towards females than males, and it’s sad how in 2013 this trend is still continuing. Also, fyi, Kristen Stewart has been acting since she was a child, and she’s been praised over and over again by amazing actors and directors. You don’t have to like her acting, but to completely discredit her and call her names is just cruel.

      • bby

        Hi if shes tramp but shes THE MOST RICHEST TRAMP IN THE WORL… but you are THE POOR WHORE IN THE WORLD!!! Suck it cougar woman.

  • Ellen M

    I’ll be watching, but just to see the Catching Fire trailer.

  • http://www.facebook.com/patrick.fincutter Patrick Fincutter

    This just shows how much more mature the Harry Potter fans are than the Twilight fans. Harry Potter was snubbed from basically everything the majority of the 10 years and we didn’t do anything like that.

    • Enelya

      No all you did was bitch about it insteading of voting

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Noelle-Braaten/1368928376 Noelle Braaten

        We don’t get a vote at the Oscars.

        • thatonegirl

          OH SNAP.

      • http://www.facebook.com/patrick.fincutter Patrick Fincutter

        I vote every time. Yes we don’t get a vote for the Oscars and all the others but as an actor I look at the actual quality of the films. So for voting for the MTV stuff you have all these girls who spend their lives voting as much as they can instead of once like you should. Also the twilight films are utter crap when it comes to acting talent. Yes the beginning HP films weren’t the best for the children actors but they gradually progressed into it and did wonderfully. Then you have Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner and many others who…well lets just say aren’t the best by a long shot. Harry Potter taught its fans actual life lessons and what it means to have a fair shot at life which its fans took away in life. Whereas Twilight taught us that a woman cant function in life without a man, and that its its ok for someone super old to be in a relationship with a minor. I read HP and I am obsessively in love with the story because JK Rowling is a brilliant author and they did a very good job adapting the books to the films near the end. I also read the Twilight series and I did enjoy it but it pales in comparison to HP. You just have the 13 year old girls who have nothing better to do in their lives, obsessing over something that they can only understand because its written below their reading level.

    • cllgegurl21

      Because Harry potter wasn’t snubbed hence the problem.. and you know what it was that big of a problem don’t do it when the series is nearly finished it makes MTV look like a bigger joke than they already are.

    • http://twitter.com/lebutzki Christopher Lebutzki

      The last Harry Potter got no love, why should the final Twilight?

      • LALaLand

        THIS ^

  • Laura Jones

    Well that was silly on their part.

  • http://gingersletters.tumblr.com/ Ginger Bennet

    I use to be a major Twilight fan and would love the MTV movie awards for one thing: Best Kiss and how Rob and Kristen would always be an awkward display of just…awkwardness, and that was my favorite part. But, i am glad that they werent nominated because it honestly became a joke and i’m glad that they switched it up! Good for them and it might be good for ratings!!

  • Gary65

    Considering the fact they’ve practically held the ceremony hostage for the past 4 years, good riddance to them.

  • zara

    why are the twilight fans so entitled?

  • Cynthia

    Yea i wont be watching…

  • Van

    Wow, they should boycott things that are important not for something irrelevant. Put all that energy into protesting against school budget cuts and the unemployment in the U.S.

  • Elena

    Don’t they get it? MTV doesn’t need them anymore they have The Hunger Games now and after that Divergent or whatever else comes along. Twihards should be happy, for years all the awards went to their films instead more deserving ones.

  • Matthew

    This generation of people are so stupid it’s ridiculous! I truly fear the future. I’m ashamed to be associated with such idiotic people.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

    Twilight snubbed byMTV. Harry Potter? the flipping OSCARS!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

    The only shame is that BD Part 2 was better than most of the previous once.

  • http://twitter.com/akacj7 Caroline J.

    no skin off my back.

  • http://twitter.com/Merina2 Merina

    Disappointed they didn’t receive any nominations this year, but hey, they’ve received plenty of wins in recent years!

  • http://twitter.com/madge_witt Madge Witt

    As a former Twilight fan who was driven out by the crazy, I can say that organizing a boycott is absolutely and completely RIDICULOUS. I am one of the people who has voted for Harry Potter every time it’s been up for an award show like this and it’s always been disappointing to see Twilight win because, I, personally, see Harry Potter as a better film franchise and fandom. Now BD pt. 2 was a good film. It was. But really best shirtless performance is all they need–after all that’s all that matters to SOME (not all, just some) of the fans. And shall we overlook how many awards they’ve earned in the face of better films? NO. Sometimes the Twilight fans are like screaming, spoiled children.

  • shadyob023yar

    Aww they’re so cute… MTV doesn’t need them to watch anymore, they have the Hunger Game fans now… lol Doesn’t matter MTV is still Summit/Lionsgate’s bitch #Ratings!!

  • cllgegurl21

    and also I am sorry but They have the Hunger games, the mortal instruments as well.. so um… snubbing twilight is not going to change that.

  • sylar

    Its a miracle. I wasnt gonna watch it. Now I am. And is it true cedric diggory jates twilight?

  • Josue Martinez

    LOL! To the Twihards who actually are going to boycott, do us all a favor and go fug off.

  • Angela

    It’s sad how pathetic Twihards are willing to be just to get a bunch of nominations from a show that doesn’t even have any real credibility. And five years of winning every award on a show like this and never being nominated for anything that’s not voted for by fans, surely they’ve realised how realistically bad their movies are to people other than themselves? I mean, come on, if that’s not clue enough, isn’t MTV “installing a more serious voting academy” and not nominating their film for anything (other than an award for being shirtless for god’s sake) tell them something? Or are they so blindly narcissistic that they don’t see anything outside of their own fandom? This is why Twilight is an unhealthy fandom. Other fandoms see the mistakes and flaws and they learn to accept and love them as they are, and they know if an award is well-deserved or not. The Twilight fandom (or at least the ones that make themselves heard because I am aware that there are reasonable Twilight fans out there) sees nothing but perfection even though it’s far from it. Seriously.

  • Tomas

    I’m a huge Twihard, but this is ridiculous. I won’t watch the show, because Twilight isn’t nominated, but I wouldn’t do anything childish like this.

    BD Part 2 DID deserve to get nominated in several categories though, it was absolutely amazing.

  • LilyLuna

    Wait you mean I can actually watch this year?

    Sorry, not sorry. All those years, better films were snubbed in favor of Twilight, it’s about time that trend ended.

  • SARA

    THANK GOD! THANK YOU MTV FOR SNUBBING TWILIGHT! THE MOVIES ARE AWFUL! IT SHOULD NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER GET AWARDED ANYTHING…EVER…EVER. go ahead vote this comment down, i stand by that opinion whole heartedly, these are some of the WORST example of movie making and you know what? THE CRITICS AGREE! THANK YOU MTV FOR FINALLY TAKING A STAND AGAINST CRAP!

    • Tomas

      Twilight isn’t crap. It’s amazing and I’ll keep reading the books and watching the movies

    • bby

      Hahahaha you are THE CRAP!!!

    • http://twitter.com/ladylycanthrope Amber Angeldust

      Eclipse was the only semi-decent Twilight film, the others sucked hard. Especially the last two.

  • Emily


  • Sia

    MTV is a network that isn’t taken seriously and the award show is for fans. Why change it ? They want to be taken more seriously really ? Jersey Shore ? Teen Moms ? Even if they didn’t want it as a Twilight show why take out a huge portion of their viewership ? You can have both !

  • http://twitter.com/Super_Lulu1 Lupita

    I wont be watching the awards ……………………. because I don’t have MTV lol! Honestly guys a boycott will not earn twilight a nomination or award + MTV has a freaking Hunger Games Catching fire preview! If you enjoy Twilight thats great! It’s not like the MTV movie awards are the most respected award in the world.

  • BT

    To hell with twilight

  • http://twitter.com/Siriusnerd007 Kristen Keys

    Ill record it so I can skip ahead for the Catching Fire trailer!

  • Glaciusx

    Brats…..if ANYONE has been snubbed for the past few years, it was Harry Potter. Get off your high horses, Twihards.

  • Anon

    Finally! I’m just disappointed that this new ‘more serious voting academy’ wasn’t around for things like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Looks like Twilight’s moving into it’s twilight years so to speak…..

  • bby

    BOYCOTT MTV F@CK YOU AWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The hunger games … wasnt all that really. Go hard Twilight fans. Im disappointed there were no grammys for twilight or any other awards. Twilight took box office to the hilt … or doesnt that count. I think its because romantics are limited in this day and age sad really.. I loved the whole twilight series.

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