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With the recent somewhat troubling news that Cory Monteith has checked in to a rehab facility, most Glee fans have now shifted to the inevitable question: what does this mean for Glee? We take a closer look at the hit comedy’s future.

Though it’s good news that Cory Monteith has found the courage to check himself in to rehab and try to make the healthy, responsible decision, most fans of Finn Hudson in season 4 (that would be all of us, right?) are probably going to be left wondering what’s up.

The last we saw of Finn was the epic battle royale with that idiot Brody in the hotel room in New York City. Finn’s “Stay away from my future wife,” left everyone swooning in a knight in shining armor kind of way.

So when will we see Cory/Finn back on ‘Glee’ this season?

According to E! Online, a source close to the cast says Cory was meant to be part of the final two episodes of the season but will no longer be filming. Because of this, the writers are changing the storyline for the final episodes of season 4. E! also points out that this season will end with New Directions at Regionals with filming meant to wrap no later than April 24. We will still see Finn in upcoming episodes as noted in the preview for the final five episodes that aired a few weeks ago right here.

Will Cory/Finn be back for season 5?

If we had to make an estimated guess based on previous interviews and comments, we would say yes with one foot in the “no” category. Though Finn has taken on a somewhat new persona this season (a.k.a. fan favorite), and is much more crucial to the overall plot. Word from spies on set with a history of pin-point accuracy is that Cory had been unhappy on the show since somewhere around mid-season 3. With the latest news, we have to wonder if he’ll even be healthy enough to return to a full-time work environment by the time they film season 5 – presuming it’s happening (no word on season 5 renewal just yet)! Either way, most fans will tell you: we want Cory/Finn back.

What do we know for sure about Cory Monteith?

That he’s awesome. Inspirational. Courageous. Responsible. Regardless of what happens to Finn, fans can all agree that Cory Monteith’s decision to take himself away from his work, family and friends to try and get healthy is a true testament to his character. On behalf of Hypable and all of his fans, we’re wishing him, his family and friends the absolute best.

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    If Cory doesn’t want to come back, then he doesn’t have to. Then, they should write Darren out so he can go back to Starkid. Kurt and Rachel move on and live long happy lives without their first loves and the improbability and reality of actually being with their first loves in the end.

    • http://www.facebook.com/SarahTipton Sarah Tipton

      I hate to say it, but even if they do write Darren out (which is highly unlikely since he is definitely a fan favorite) he probably wouldn’t return to Starkid. He has moved past that chapter of his life and is going on to do bigger things. I know that I’ll support him no matter where his career takes him.

    • Enelya

      If he doesn’t want to go back, he does have to if his contract is for more than 5 seasons unless Fox decides to let him out of his contract.

      • Marie

        Well, if they could figure out how, they could do a what they do with Quinn/Mercedes/Puck/Mike, and just have them sometimes pop in. I’m assuming they had the same type of contract initially, although it may have changed.

  • marie

    i just love him sooo much

  • John

    I will miss Finn/Cory on my screen but his health is more important right now. I wish all the best for him.

  • http://twitter.com/Merina2 Merina

    Poor Cory. I really can’t bring myself to care how his absence will affect Glee, at the moment – I just hope he’s all right, picking himself back up, getting healthy as swiftly as he can. Good luck, Cory.

    …having said all that, I /do/ hope he returns at some point in the future, if at all possible and if its something Cory wants to do – Finn was getting some darn good character development, at last!

  • Tomas

    I hate Finn. His character is boring. They should write him out

    • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

      If we get rid of Blaine I will readily agree.

  • http://www.facebook.com/isak.kohaly Isak Kohaly

    Fan favorite? Since when? :S

    • Kelly

      Since the beginning of the show. Cory has been one of the most popular cast members.

      • http://twitter.com/BilliamSays Bill Anderson

        He may be a popular member of the cast, but the character of finn is definitely not a fan favorite.

      • http://www.facebook.com/isak.kohaly Isak Kohaly

        Cory the actor, sure, but Finn the character has hardly ever been a favorite, especially this season (which is what John seemed to point out)

  • http://twitter.com/BilliamSays Bill Anderson

    I wouldn’t go as far to call Finn a “Fan Favorite”, but he is a main character and I think it would be unlikely for them to write him out and then not bring him back again in Season 5 for at least a 2-3 episode story arc to explain where Finn is at. Maybe they can reduce his role similar to that of Quinn?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=17127641 Laura Jurgensmeyer

    I’m so glad he’s getting help. He’s one of my favorites though, so I hope he makes a full recovery and comes back to Glee! I would be so sad if he left for good.

  • Marie

    I get the sense that the majority of the cast isn’t that happy working on Glee anymore. I think the only person who is really happy is Lea Michele, and perhaps Chris. I suppose the new kids are probably still into they’re work, they still aren’t particularly well-written, and the attachment to the new characters is still fuzzy for a lot of people. Ideally, I think Glee would end this season since I think a lot of passion is gone for a substantial portion of the cast.

    On that note, there’s going to be a season 5. I’d definitely like Cory back purely to get some closure on his arch. I’m really only a Finn fan when he’s leading the Glee club, so I don’t mind not seeing him often. If Cory doesn’t come back, I think it’ll be great to see Rachel focused on other things. If he does leave, I hope his exit is handled well.

    And finally, Cory, I support you.

    • Suzanne Chaplin

      Lea may only put on a happy face because she would get the most shit if she even tried to shade glee.

      • Marie

        Valid point. I think even if the NYC actors are miserable, they’re doing a better job of hiding it, or good enough that I’m not distracted by how little they care.

    • Lotte

      Chris Colfer got demoted to only exist as Rachels BFF and Blaines ex-boyfriend. Kurt got absolutely no voice during the break-up and it was all about Blaines journey. His love interest gets minimal screen time and everything happens off screen. Kurt fans are livid for a while already, Chris must at least share some sentiments.

      Lea Michele got shortened in her very own pregnancy storyline in extension to the very horrible ‘Stay away from my future wife’ line. Furthermore NYC has has decreased screen and story time compared to MK. Still those are the characters used for all marketing purposes. There is a very clear unbalance of Glee which might very well ruin the show.

      All S1 character, no matter if they are still at MK or not, are in the background supporting S1 and S4 characters. None of them really have any individual storylines at all anymore with the expection of Rachel for a bit. That is ONE character out of all of S! cast (incl. the adults). Those are the ones who created the show and were present at the glorious days of Golden Globe and Emmy wins. RIB makes so questionable decision and it starts to ruin the show.

      The only ones who must love this season must be the Newbies, Darren and Chord. They get all the screentime, ‘development’ and songs. For those not liking the characters (we do exist and not only in small numbers!) it makes me want to stop watching the show. I loved Blaine at the beginning of the season and I am not a mindless hater, but I cannot even watch him anymore. I am just so annoyed with everything related to him. Reading a lot of different blogs and recaps, I notice that my attitude is shared even though Darren has obviously a large fanbase. The over-exposure starts to harm him and Glee isn’t doing him a favor to have him return as human juke box. I still watch but I can feel for having already a completely different perspective and I may very likely really stop caring soon.

      I wish Cory all the best and hope he’ll get well soon. He should put his health first and than his career. Acceptance is such a difficult but important step. On a selfish note, I hope it ends Fichel (maybe they can also add Klaine?) and I will be a VERY happy camper!

      • Marie

        I’m basing my speculations primarily on tweets and interviews I’ve seen of certain cast members. I will not disagree with all the crap they’re doing with certain characters, but Lea is particular puts on a really good “yay, Glee!” face, even if she doesn’t buy into that. If nothing else, the NYC actors are better at seeming to care.

        On Darren: he’s said in several interviews that he doesn’t understand why he gets so many songs, that he thought Tina and Artie should be the focus of season 4, he wanted to stay with the Warblers, and other similar sentiments. It’s pretty apparent to me, at least, that he knows he dominates the show more than he should, and he doesn’t like it. Chord is probably pretty happy, now that I think about it though.

        In conclusion: I have no idea in actuality how any of the actors really feel about the show. It’s all speculation on my part, but I bet some of them are lying about loving the show, and some do genuinely love being there.

        Oh, and yes, I’m ready for Finchel and Klaine to be over, whether they keep these actors on or not.

        • Lotte

          You might be right about Darren. I also have to heavily clarify I have nothing against Darren but I do not like Blaine.

          One could argue that the NYC actors are just the most talented ones. After all those are the ones with awards and critical acclaim ;).

          • Marie

            Yeah, Glee has always struggled balancing its characters, and Blaine is getting overused to the point that I don’t even care as much.

            It’s also entirely possible that the NYC actors are just more talented. But I also think at least 1 of those 3 are most peoples’ favorites, and they can probably walk in a little happier knowing fans are enjoying them, whereas Finn…some people like him, but some really cannot stand him. I guess it depends on which he notices more, I suppose.

  • Marie

    I find the bit about Cory being unhappy with Glee particularly interesting. I get the sense that most of the original cast (I’m counting everyone pre-season 3) isn’t really happy working on the show anymore. I think the people in New York are the most satisfied, even if Naya is missing the Lima people. This is my main concern with them keeping the show in Lima: I think all the passion in that half of the show isn’t there. I wish the unhappy cast members could leave after this season is through. That said, Cory’s character is in a bit of an awkward place, and I’d like a good conclusion of his arch if he was to leave the show permenately. I think it would be near impossible to do that in season 4, so I do hope he makes a return for season 5, regardless of how frequently he’s on.

    All that said, I do support Cory returning to rehab, regardless of where his career goes from here.

    • Marie

      PS, this is not the same Marie that loves him. I don’t really like Finn 90% of the time, but I know he’s important to the show.

  • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

    Putting him in jail for assaulting Brody for the rest of the season?

  • Sarah

    Thank you for this interesting article and for your words of support for Cory. Finn is a fan favourite even if subjected to the most hate. I hope he can get off the show. Glee is a mess and his storyline is going nowhere.

  • Sage

    I don’t know exactly how I feel about this. Yes, it’s very courageous that Cory can be responsible and strong enough to seek help. I can’t say that I know of many addicts that make the effort to help themselves. It’s very difficult to seek help and I find it admirable that he is doing so and wish him the best of luck. I have a lot of respect for Cory Monteith as a person.
    That being said…does anyone else feel a little bit offended that he is unhappy with the show? I mean, being on Glee is a dream job. You get paid millions of dollars to make goo-goo eyes at and make out with your real life girlfriend (Lea Michele), sing songs written by other people, and work for the creative genius that is Ryan Murphy. Does anyone else here feel like trading places with Cory Monteith for a day? Yes, I can hear you all saying “you can’t really know what problems are happening in someone’s life” but seriously, this is glee. It’s not exactly coal mining. I understand if you want to branch out and do other things but Darren Criss does that (movies, musical performances, and broadway) and you don’t see him making comments that he is unhappy. In fact, didn’t he publish a little blog saying how much he appreciates what glee has done for him? It’s nothing against Cory Monteith. I think this about a lot of celebrities that complain that they are unhappy. He is the leading male face of this franchise. If you’re unhappy with the writing, that’s one thing and that I can understand. Cory Monteith really got the short end of the stick this season in the way of plot lines, though I have been enjoying his character development. Either way, I really hope Cory comes back for season 5 (if they don’t renew it I will be genuinely surprised) and maybe have a better attitude about it. It’s not like he can really escape glee. He is still dating the main character. I also want to send my love out to those Finchel fans. Now you know what it feels like to be a Brittana fan! I hope that your OTP is reunited soon (whether it be Finchel or Monchele). ^_^

    • Melissa

      Do I feel offended? No. Nor do I think Ryan Murphy is a “creative genius” or that working on Glee would be a dream job. Maybe I don’t have the intense love for Glee like you do or something, but I can fully understand why he would be unhappy. I mean, he is a 30 year old man playing a teenager for one. Plus, he clearly has other issues in his life to deal with. If he wants to “escape glee” and leave the show, he’ll be free to do so. Its not prison. Geez.

    • Suzanne Chaplin

      Please just cause you read it on the internet doesn’t mean it is true. And even if he was unhappy doesn’t mean he is ungrateful or that he is still unhappy. Every job has it cons.

    • Marie

      Ok, I imagine Glee is a very high-pressure job. You’ve got fans, you’ve got people that hate your character, you have long working hours, you have things (who knows what) going on in your personal life. Maybe he doesn’t like his character, and maybe he doesn’t. We honestly have no idea why Cory checked back into rehab, and it’s none of our business. Although I personally dislike Finn, I do understand why he should stay on the show. However, if him being on the show is going to lead to problems, I’d rather have him off. I think one thing everyone can agree on is that we’d rather have Finn off the show than Cory go into a downward spiral, and possibly go to jail, have declining health, die, or any number of negative consequences that can happen with drug or alcohol addiction.

      Also, I think a behind-the-scenes person was repeating Cory’s thoughts that were said in an intentionally private setting. I don’t think he’s been going to the tabloids talking about how miserable he is on Glee. As for Darren, even though he’s not saying anything, I think he’s over Glee as well.

    • howie

      Cory has NEVER made public comments that he was unhappy. This article is just speculation. You cannot base anything on that.

  • Ailbhe

    I 100% support Cory and hope that he gets himself to a healthy and happy place, but I honestly couldn’t care less about where Finn’ll be. He’s tied for my least favourite character on the show (along with Will) thanks to the plethora of shitty things he’s done: using words like f** and r*****, outing Santana publicly [and then being /thanked/ for it, or held up as a great human being and a team player, gross], assaulting Brody and not allowing Rachel to make any decisions by herself. All of those problems stem from the writers, so as I say – I have no problem with Cory and wish him the very best. Just… write off Finn again or get new writers who don’t make me want to throw a brick through the screen each week with their consistent character assassination.

    • Jay

      This is your perspective but it’s not a perspective shared by a lot of the general audience. If you read the Glee Facebook about the Finn/Brody scene, almost all of the comments were positive for Finn.

      • Marie

        I think the general consensus is pretty spilt on a lot of the things Finn has done, actually. The only times I’ve ever really liked him were as the Glee club leader. But, regardless, he is one of the bigger characters.

      • andy

        Which is really really sad that people, especially young girls, think that that is romantic. Speaks to our culture at the moments right now though

  • Lisa

    I cannot with some of the comments on this article. How can you assume anything about Cory at this point? Do you have 100% confirmation that he was unhappy with the show? And please don’t project your own character bias on what is happening with this person. NO ONE KNOWS, so don’t assume anything.

  • Kelly

    Glee is over! I gave up on Glee a few episodes ago because I just couldn’t stomach it anymore. This season has been a complete train wreck with terrible story lines and even more terrible song selections. I tried to care about the new kids but with the old cast being shoved down our throats it makes it difficult. Glee was fantastic (especially during seasons 1 and 2) but season 3 was a step down and now season 4 has fallen off a cliff. Stop beating a dead horse and let the train wreck that Glee has become go.

  • Peg

    First and foremost, I wish Cory all the best in his recovery and respect him for his decision to seek help.

    All that aside, I hate Finn’s character and have since Season 2. I hate his hero complex and I hate Finchel. More importantly, I hate Rachel when she interacts with Finn romantically, and I hate the way the Finchel storyline takes up precious episode time. But, then again, I say all of this as a die hard Santana fan and lesbian. I will forever hate Finn for outing Santana, then continuing to force her to come out before she was ready, then acting like a hero for his efforts.

    Okay, enough with my hate-filled rant. I respect everyone’s feelings and favorites regarding the show. I just wanted to air out some personal frustration. All done.

    • Peg

      Oh, wait. I did have a point, but in all of my blind ranting, I forgot to mention it:

      …So I’m glad that the character of Finn will no longer be taking up screen time.

      (Though I sincerely wish it occurred under different circumstances.)

    • Marie

      Peg FTW. Every lesbian ever feels that way about Finn Hudson (well, every lesbian that has seen Glee, or at least all the ones I’ve heard talk about it).

  • Miranda

    I love how the fandom has been wishing Cory well, even though many, many can not stand Finn, they are putting the character aside, which is so amazing to see!

  • chelsea

    well, he left to go to school to become a teacher, right? so technically they can just have updates about him due to him texting kurt or something…it’s not exactly that hard to write him out for the rest of the season

  • Bruce

    So many commenters seem to claim they have inside knowledge about how the cast members feel inside themselves–that they’re all basically miserable and want out of Glee. I not only question this reckless conjecture, but point out that a well-paying job on a prime time show is rare among the thousands of members of the Screen Actors Guild, most of whom have no such choice, and it makes little sense to assume that an entire cast wants out of a show which, for some, if not many, may be their biggest gig ever. Quit worrying about what the Glee cast may or may not be feeling toward the show, and view it as what it is: a damn good job that’s been very, very good to them.

  • RussellTurner

    Ahh. that sucks. Hope he recovers! :-/

  • Jen

    Had to stop reading when you said that Finn had become a fan favourite. No, just… no. Regardless of that, I’m almost certain Cory won’t be coming back.

  • Juliette

    Swooning? That was creepy and possessive. He had no right to interfere without Rachel’s knowledge or consent. They are not together any more. I was extremely disappointed in the writers for playing that as romantic and having Rachel not read him the riot act.

  • tate Watson

    let cory and finn come back from glee season 5 put Brody in jail he is no good for Rachel with no goodbyes walking out on her life this is good for finn and cory defined Rachel

  • mckayla McAwsomeness


  • Jenny

    Poor Cory,RIP:(

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