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Team StarKid recently announced their next parody musical, Twisted, and last night the creators launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the show,

Twisted is a parody musical in the style of Wicked, the telling of a classic tale from the point of view of the original antagonist – in this case, Jafar, from Disney’s Aladdin. The traditional story of Aladdin is a fairy tale in the public domain, so, unlike the Very Potter shows and Holy Musical B@man!, by making a few tweaks to avoid Disney’s wrath, Team StarKid is legally able to run Twisted in a professional theatre for an extended period of time, and sell tickets for the show – the audiences for B@man were given free tickets won through a ballot system. StarKid has never used a crowd-funding campaign for a musical before, though several individual members have used Kickstarter for personal projects.

The Twisted Kickstarter breaks down the funding Team StarKid will need to put on a four-week run of the show this July in Chicago – many more performances than the four or six nights that their prior theatre shows, Starship and B@man, ran for. The budget for Twisted covers theatre hire, payment for the actors and musicians, travel expenses, sets, props and costumes.

You can watch the Kickstarter video for Twisted below, where the show’s creators discuss how they came up with the concept of Twisted, and hilariously explain their sympathy for Jafar:

In a show of support reminiscent of the Me and My Dick album release – this album from StarKid’s second musical was the first product that the group released for sale, given that all the initial Very Potter content was free, and, when finally given the chance to pay StarKid for their material, fans raised Me and My Dick to number 11 in the Top Cast Albums category on Billboard, making the show the first student musical to ever appear in the Billboard 200 charts – the Kickstarter fundraising goal of $35,000 was met within two hours, and around an hour later the show’s total projected budget was met. At the time of this article’s publication, the figure stands at $61,000.

Hypable spoke to the show’s creators, Nick and Matt Lang, directly after the Kickstarter was launched. They feel slightly uncomfortable about the move to crowd-sourcing, and have been resistant to the idea in the past – “I kind of feel bad about pre-selling a show,” Matt admitted – but Twisted co-creator Eric Kahn Gale, who worked with the Langs on Little White Lie and Me and My Dick, talked them into the idea of a Kickstarter campaign. Nick, Matt and Eric stated that they do not plan to take payment for their work as writers, directors and producers. In fact, they set their Kickstarter goal at $35,000 – $10,000 less than their projected budget, with plans to cover that final amount themselves if the Kickstarter managed to reach the target.

“We don’t feel comfortable setting it any higher,” Matt told us. “This time around, it’s a necessity, because we don’t have the money to do it. We could get away with it if we spent all of our money. All of our life savings.” Due to StarKid’s last two productions being unsellable copyrighted parodies, they did not make a profit and the funding for a new show was limited, Nick described to us. “With this one, if we wanted to be of a good enough calibre, and to pay the actors a fair amount, we’re going to need some outside help.”

StarKid are certainly offering some great rewards for the Kickstarter backers, including many Twisted-related products that fans will rush to buy anyway – the cast recording that will eventually be made, signed posters, t-shirts, and most importantly, tickets to the show. For a $40 pledge, you can secure a ticket to see Twisted some time in its four-week run, an opportunity that many fans are sure to jump on, given how difficult it has been in the past to obtain tickets to the last few live StarKid musicals. There are also meet-and-greet tickets up for grabs, for certain dates of the performance, which will run from July 4 at the Greenhouse Theatre in Chicago. Team StarKid state that if the Kickstarter goes over the projected budget – which it has, of course – that they will use the money to pay the actors a higher wage, create higher quality sets, and, if possible extend the run of the show.

The Langs also revealed to us that this show may be the first StarKid show to not go up on YouTube. “We would like it to be a show that runs,” Nick said. “We’re conceiving the show in a way of – in these other shows, they’re shot like sitcoms, where there are cameras around it, but in Twisted we’re going to stage it differently,” Matt elaborates, explaining that the show may not be practical for filming. They’re also concerned about immediately creating a permanent version of a show that has the potential to develop and change, if it becomes a long-running production. (Fans of Smash will be familiar with just how much content of a musical can change while it is being developed!)

If they do put it online, it may not be after the show’s initial run, if the show finds itself able to run again, incorporating re-writes and improvements. “We feel like it has the potential to be really good, so at this point, I don’t know if I can confirm it going on Youtube, because we would like it to be the kind of show that runs for longer and that everyone gets a chance to see it live.” So if you’re keen to see Twisted, we encourage you to use the Kickstarter to purchase tickets and find a way to make it out to Chicago this summer!

Keep an eye on Hypable for our feature interview with Nick and Matt Lang, where they will discuss more details about Twisted and, of course, look back at A Very Potter Senior Year.

How do you feel about Team StarKid launching a Kickstarter to fund Twisted? Will you be backing it and grabbing a ticket to go and see the show?

  • http://www.facebook.com/erin.yanas Erin Yanas

    I can’t go to Chicago!I live in Texas! Texas! South Texas! Run it for as long as you want. But then I want that thing on youtube!

    • NatalieFisher

      You may be underage and therefore without income/freedom, but, if not – people will come from all over the world to see this, no question. Texas is like a nothing commute, I know people planning to go from the UK, Sweden possibly, South America, Australia. I’ll probably go. If you are an adult and you have an income, it really is just all a matter of what you prioritize and how much you want it.

      And, as usual, my general response to people complaining about not being able to attend an event that isn’t taking place on their front door step: John Green. http://youtu.be/KY8lxvBEsXA “sometimes you’ve gotta meet us halfway. Don’t ask, “Why aren’t you
      coming to Washington, D.C.?,” ask “What can I do to get to
      Charlottesville, Virginia?””

      In this case, replace “Washington D.C.” with “the internet” and Charlotsville with Chicago.

      • http://twitter.com/Jess_B95 Jessica Brown

        I can understand where you are coming from but even with people who have income, it’s so expensive to get out to America. My parents would happily take me to see Starkid in America if it didn’t cost so much. It costs a lot more to travel to America than it is to the Philippines and where I live, it’s midway between the two countries.
        Starkid is based on the internet and, yes, people shouldn’t generally be complaining, but some people who live outside of the US will also be donating and not have the chance to see it which isn’t entirely fair in it’s own right.

        • http://www.facebook.com/MyEgyptianLover Hanada Ghazala

          I totally understand what you mean, I would be really stoked if they had a DVD to buy or something

      • claystripe6514

        I get where you’re coming from, Natalie, but when it’s concerning a company like StarKid, who would never in a million years have become as popular as they are without the global voice the Internet provides, it does seem confusing as to why they wouldn’t put up the show online. Everyone from those nations that you’re citing that are sacrificing time and money to see the team would never have done so without StarKid coming to them first. I understand that StarKid needs to make money, but I still don’t think it’s fair to say that people who might have numerous other obligations or who lack the resources to do so just can’t prioritize or don’t want to see the show enough. Because in this instance they can’t meet the StarKids halfway, they have to go to their front door step in Chicago.

        That said, it’s certainly not StarKid’s fault that they can’t stage the show in everyone’s hometown, and if there is a reason why the show can’t be put online due to staging (though I can’t picture why that would be), people shouldn’t be complaining about it. I trust StarKid.

        • NatalieFisher

          In regards to staging – this will be in the full interview – but they mentioned the theatre being different and people entering from the audience, back of the room etc, which often happens in straight-up theatre.

          I would also call this meeting them half-way given the huge amounts of free content they have provided over the past four years. Starkid did come to them first, and now they’re doing something a bit different.

      • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

        It is NOT that easy. Some of us can’t magically whip out hundreds or thousands of dollars as easily as others. Simple as that. No
        You should be able to’ about it. A LOT of Starkid fans are students.

        • NatalieFisher

          It isn’t a luxury. It is prioritization. That is all. It isn’t magic. People who travel don’t magically have money – they give up other things to do it. People who can’t travel because of being a student are prioritizing their focus on their studies – that’s all. And that’s fine. But it IS literally all a matter of prioritization, because I, for example, know people who have deferred uni in order to take trips, or quit jobs because they weren’t allowed the time off. I know a lot of people who have done that. It genuinely all is a matter of the choices that you make and how important something is to you. For Twisted, for the fans who seeing the show live is more important to them than other things in their life, they’ll make it out there, and it will be because they have sacrificed other things.

          • Marie

            If you’re able to make seeing a live starkid show a priority, that’s great. However, in some circumstances, it would be really stupid to prioritize Starkid over other things (very ill family members who can’t exactly travel far away, paying for your education, housing, really wanting to keep whatever job you have, etc.). One of the great things about Starkid was that they were able to get such a wide-spread fanbase, and you know, I don’t think it’s unfair to be disappointed. We should be excited that they’ll be making more money and becoming more successful. However, this could be the beginning of a new era of Starkid, and we can still be disappointed that what once was was ending, while still be excited about them getting bigger and better.

          • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

            Yeah…. I could drop out of uni and get a full time job right now and still not have the money for the trip I want to do for a longggg while. I KNOW people that travel don’t magically have money, that doesn’t mean people that WANT to travel can magically earn/gather it with their incomes. Good for the people that can get it, just because they can doesn’t mean others can too. For some people these trips are luxuries.

          • Guest

            You seriously sound like a dick. Full stop.

          • frezb

            Woah, I sense some level of hostility here. :/ I’ve already backed the project and can’t wait to receive my reward. Having said that, I would be lying if I say I’m not disappointed that there is a very real chance that the show would not end up on youtube but I can understand the reason behind that decision. I am a little taken aback by your comment regarding prioritization though. As a few other people have pointed out there are many other factors involved that may prevent most people from being able to make a trip out to see them live. For some of us, the ability to have the choice you mention is a luxury. I can get where you are coming from, but the way you put it across did sound a little insensitive.

          • KT

            I find Natalie Fisher to be incredibly rude. I hold nothing against Starkid for not posting Twisted on YouTube, but it is disappointing that I and other fans may never get to see Twisted. I don’t think we have the right to demand that they post it, but we do have a right to be sad. How dare you act like we have no right be upset. Believe it or not, travel isn’t always possible, no matter how well you “prioritize.” Stop whining about all the disappointed fans.

          • NatalieFisher

            I don’t think you have no right to be upset. I think if you want to see it badly enough, you’ll make it there. But what I find terrible is the sense of entitlement displayed in the comments below – the people that are “demanding” or saying that it’s owed. Disappointment isn’t my issue, people’s enraged, spoiled, demanding entitlement is.

          • Nina

            Every post from you on this page is an attack or an accusation. I can’t believe whoever runs this site is ok with “hypable staff” being attached to all of your comments.

          • Guest

            I like you, Natalie.

          • claystripe6514

            I like Natalie, too. She speaks with a bluntness and honesty that is appreciated on the Internet. Also, I’ve never met her. Thus, I have no right to directly call her rude, regardless of whether or not I disagree with her or feel like she’s said something in an offensive way unless she’s insanely over the top about it, which she certainly isn’t being here. Seriously, guys, show a little respect and courtesy.

          • Nina

            to say she can’t be called rude because you haven’t met her is ridiculous. she’s being rude. she is showing neither respect nor courtesy. most people in these comments are being at least a little rude in some way or another but she’s the only one with “hypable staff” next to her name.

          • http://www.facebook.com/MyEgyptianLover Hanada Ghazala

            I’m starting to think Natalie Fisher is trying to troll us.

          • Anonymous

            I like you, Natalie.

    • Lizzy Webber

      Try living in England :/

    • http://www.facebook.com/evangeline.alphonse Evangeline Alphonse

      At least you’re in the US…I’m in freaking AUSTRALIA!!! I wants to see too!!! I don’t mind how long they take – please just eventually put it on youtube…pleassseee!!!

      • Nina

        according to Natalie Fisher, if you wanted it bad enough you’d just prioritize and get to chicago.

        • http://www.facebook.com/evangeline.alphonse Evangeline Alphonse

          according to Natalie Fisher, she can read our minds and sees that all of believe Starkid owes us the show (despite whatever else our comments suggest)

          • http://www.facebook.com/MyEgyptianLover Hanada Ghazala

            According to Natelie Fisher, I’m supposed to summon Satan and sell my soul to Starkid.

    • http://twitter.com/acjub CK

      Try living in Norway..

  • http://twitter.com/HPIsMyReligion ”Fingersnaps” Cool

    For me as a huge fan from The Netherlands, it will be not realistic to travel all the way to Chicago and see this show,, But I wish you guys all the luck in the world and I have faith in the fact that this show will become as Totally Awesome as all your other productions,,,!!!!

  • Rasher

    i’m a proud backer of this project but now i’m feeling a little weary/ disappointed with it for several reasons:

    1) the lack of enthusiasm from the whole of team starkid. when the trailer ran during AVPS, no one made any comments about it at first i thought they are trying to keep the secrete until due time but now even after the Kickstarter not even Holden who is usually the team’s public speaking guy hasn’t so much as congratulated the writers… and that is another thing:

    2) why congratulate the writers and not starkid as a whole? the thing that i fear is that Twisted might not be such a starkid production after all. it said on the kickstsarter that there are eight actors but are they all known starkid members? most of team starkid’s actors don’t seem to be involved in this project. some are congratulating the writers for their success and remaining vague about weather or not they will be involved, some confirmed they won’t be involved and some heavily hinted that they won’t be involved.i am particularly disappointed that Joey Richter and Lauren Lopez might not be involve because a big part of the reason why i’m backing a starkid project is to support these actors and see them in the show

    3) why did they not tell their fans that this may not be put up on youtube on the kickstarter video? i mean i would have backed the project regardless but a lot of fans like myself can’t make it to the shows and i can imagine a lot of these fans are backing the project in good faith that it would be taped and put up on youtube… because that’s what team starkid does!
    having the poster and the soundtrack without seeing the show is a little pointless IMO.

    what i don’t get is why they chose to keep that part quiet especially when they know they have international fans who are always asking for youtube contenets? why would they take the risk of upsetting their fans like that? of cause there could be a reasonable explanation for everything and i’m just saying these things because i don’t have insider information. so i look forward to your interview with the Langs and hopefully they would make me feel a lot better about the whole thing.

    • NatalieFisher

      Hopefully you will like the interview when it comes out, however, some points now:

      re: your point 1) Brian Holden runs the StarKid twitter. The thanks that were made from the official StarKid twitter were from him.

      re: your point 2) This is a StarKid show. If you think StarKid is Joey and Lauren, you are wrong. I have a twitter-list to track StarKid news and do you know how many people are on it that I consider to be part of the StarKid family? Over 60. StarKid’s content – everything they make – has always been Nick and Matt first and foremost. They’ve written with Eric before, they’ve written with Brian, with Joe Walker – but if StarKid Productions is anyone, it is Nick and Matt. That being said, there are literally dozens of people who are part of Team StarKid and who will be in the show. Most of the cast will be people you know. I’m sorry if it’s not your personal favorites, but if you support StarKid as a whole, this is a StarKid show. They’ve told me that there may be ONE new actor in Twisted, that it’s someone from college as well, and that they find it really hard to bring in new people, like Jeff and Denise, due to fan acceptance, so, nice attitude you got there.

      re: your point 3) The Kickstarter states nothing about Youtube. They owe you what the Kickstarter says. I am sure that they want the show to go on Youtube, but the fact is, they are not creating shows FOR Youtube, they never really have, the Youtube was incidental originally, but they want to work even harder with Twisted to make it good theatre. That means they can’t make a permanent version of the show until Twisted is done, finished, complete, and that may not be til after it has run for a long time. I am sure they have the best intentions to do it, but they cannot guarantee it at this time. They cannot guarantee it until after they see how the show will work in a more normal theatre sense.

      You do not get to dictate “what team starkid does.” They are versatile, they are a theatre company, and they have given you masses and masses of free content. They are allowed to try something different and new, especially when it comes to developing themselves as a theatre company who has the chance to continue with this as a career forever.

      As for saying “having the poster or soundtrack and not seeing the show is pointless” – I can only say: LOL, you’re clearly not a Broadway fan then. That is how the Broadway fandom lives, when people can’t get to NYC or the West End to see new shows. Thousands of people are fans of musicals before getting the chance to see them live. The experience of finally seeing a show you know – you know the story and the songs but have never sat there and watched it – that’s one of the best things ever. And Twisted has the potential to be a show like that, that you will be able to see live some day, that could be done more than once, with multiple runs, or something like that. This is actually an incredible normal way to be a fan of musical theatre – Starkid fans don’t know how spoilt they are by getting Youtube shows. Do you know how much I wish the creators of Next to Normal would have just… filmed the show and put it up on Youtube? In the real world of theatre, that is not how it works.

      • claystripe6514

        I guess that’s true… but StarKid has never really been in “the real world of theatre”, have they? Though they have every right to put on a long running show that must be seen live in one specific place, it’s not something a lot of StarKid fans had ever experienced before or signed up for because, before now, StarKid has been just as much an Internet production company as it has been a theater group. People don’t like change, especially when all the old stuff has been so good, and especially when it’s coming from a fanbase that was built on a platform that brings entertainment directly into your home, with no cost to yourself. …So, yeah, a lot of StarKid fans are just a tad spoiled. Just a smidge.

      • Rasher

        thanks for all the info. like i said, i’m a proud backer of the project. i would give starkid my money even without the incentives! for instance i’ve just seen their tweet about how they could improve the show with more funding and i’m thinking of pledging more money to reach the $180,000 goal to make it the best show ever even though i might not be able to see it. like i said, most of my issues with this is due to lack of info and i’m waiting for your interview for that.

        i wasn’t bashing starkid or anything just voicing my concerns which clearly other people share with me.

      • Lo

        I think no one have a problem with the fact that they want to be in “the real world of theatre” because they were people like us at the begining and now they’re totally living their dream. And it’s because they are people like us that we love them, and we feel close to them in a way. You can’t count the number of people they have inspired and how life is so much better thanks to them. And we have the chance to know them thanks to Youtube! That’s why it will be hard if they don’t put this show online. Yes we’ll have the songs and everything but we’ll never see THEM, their faces, the way they act, the way they can make us laugh and cry at the same time… If they don’t put it online they’ll begin to go away from some of us, and that hurts. A lot.
        Now I know they didn’t say they will NEVER put it on Youtube, and anyway if they don’t then all their fans are going to beg on their knees until they accept. And even if it won’t be practical and there will be mistakes, weird camera angles, weird sound, even if it’s in black and white… really, all we want is them.

        • NatalieFisher

          No issue with wanting the show online – I want it online! I only have an issue with people who are acting like it’s owed, especially in regards to backing the Kickstarter.

      • Ultron

        Honestly you can’t compare broadway shows to Starkid because Starkid musicals will only ever be performed by starkid. After they finish their last show it will never be done again unless they themselves do a revival. There will always be people performing broadway musicals somewhere around the world because they release the rights for people to do them. Sure, you might have to wait a few years for the rights to be released but you will always have the ability to see it even if it’s not the original broadway cast. Starkid does not release the rights for their shows so I think it is completely fair to be upset. Starkid only puts on so many shows and broadway does thousands of shows.

        • NatalieFisher

          The thing is, Twisted may change that – they said that they wanted it to be a show that could just go up somewhere in the future and run, potentially with a different cast to the original cast.

      • Nina

        speaking of attitude… it’s responses like this that make me lose respect for hypable. yeah I get that you’re defending it and trying to providing information but this was really snarky. Even if you’re responding to someone who you think has an “attitude” as a representation of this site one would think you’d be a bit more respectful of your readers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jennifer.olenic Jennifer Olenic

    Not gonna lie, I’m going to be very disappointed in them if this doesn’t end up on YouTube. Most of the people who have donated to their Kickstarter probably did so under the impression that they were eventually going to be able to watch the show online, since that’s their usual MO for shows. If they weren’t sure if this would be filmed, THEY SHOULD HAVE MADE THAT CLEAR before fans donated almost double their fundraising goal. I’m sure it wasn’t their intention to mislead people, but it makes the whole thing come across as rather shady, imo.

    • NatalieFisher

      There is absolutely nothing in the Kickstarter that suggests the show will go on Youtube. Nothing. And they owe you only what was put into that Kickstarter. They do not owe you every show on Youtube, especially if they are making a move to more traditional theatre. But when I spoke to Matt after AVPSY as well, they actually considered not even putting that online because they were unhappy with it, and it ended up online, so… this may. They actually are definitely filming it, in the initial run. They just may choose not to put that version on youtube, if the show gets a chance to run longer and develop. This will be more like a normal off-Broadway show, and those don’t get youtubes or DVDs made of them. They want it to run like a normal show.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jennifer.olenic Jennifer Olenic

        I completely understand what they’re trying to do, and that’s fine, but the fact remains that it was completely reasonable for the fans donating to this to expect that it would be put up on youtube, considering that they never said it wouldn’t be and every previous show has been, which they even mentioned in the video they made promoting their kickstarter. So no, they don’t owe anybody anything other than what was put into the kickstarter, and technically nothing was ever promised, but I do feel that there should have been something on the page or in the video at least alluding to the possibility of it not being posted, rather than letting everyone assume it would be.

  • Kavitha

    It’s doubtful that I’ll be able to make it to Chicago…but I think I’ll be content with at least having the album. I don’t blame them for not putting it up on Youtube, it’s a different approach to the whole musical-production thing. It’s awesome that they’re doing this at all, so I’m happy for them!

  • Katrina

    i don’t care how long they run it, if this doesn’t make youtube i will be very upset. i live in california, i know it’s not outside the country, but at the same time, i still cannot afford to just get a plane ticket and book that whole trip. plus even if i did, i’m out of the country so i can’t make it no matter how many chances they try to give us to see it live, oh starkid please don’t do this to us! :(

  • Ian Miller

    Wow, Amanda Palmer really has started a trend with these Kickstarter campaigns…


    I think that’s redictulous what’s been said about youtube… starkid cares about their fans. They do. they know people can’t come from different countries which is why they end on youtube. they wouldn’t just ask for money and not give anything in return come on. It’s probably gonna end up on youtube.

    • NatalieFisher

      It probably is, but StarKid have not asked for money in order to “not give anything in return.” They have offered tickets and merch, in return for supporting the production. Nothing about the Kickstarter is anything to do with Youtube. There is no unwritten rule there. They state what they are offering, and offer you the chance to contribute. You get what is in your pledge. I personally hope the show does go online, but they do not owe people that just because they’ve done a Kickstarter. That is not how it works.

      You have no idea how much money StarKid has lost by creating B@man and AVPSY, two free shows in a row. They have literally lost so much money giving fans the content. If you can’t get to the show, maybe you could use the Kickstarter as an opportunity to show your appreciation for those.

      • brit

        I can completely understand you but… I think Starkid IS Starkid today because of youtube. Their fans from over the whole world ARE fans because of youtube. I also understand that they need money so I m fine with the Kickstarter (I donated). But wouldn’t it be a good idea that after the show has had it live shows and made money and it was over and done that they put it up on Youtube for all the OTHER worldwide fans? … Because otherwise I m afraid they are gonne lose a lot of fans… It is hard to be a fan of something you can’t be apart of…. ( although I love them to death) <3

      • theatergirl

        Sure StarKid has “lost” money on producing “free” shows…but do YOU have any idea how much money they have MADE in other avenues? Merchandise, albums, tours, royalties, youtube, etc… It’s a bit disingenuous to make the fans think they don’t have the funds to put up the show or won’t be (or haven’t been) profiting significantly in other ways. Everyone has the right to use Kickstarter as opportunity to fund projects and we all want to see StarKid move into their next stage of development, but let’s get real… And please show the concerned fans a little more respect. They have a right to ask questions and really know what they are funding.

        • NatalieFisher

          They don’t have the money to put on this show. It isn’t disingenuous. StarKid as a company has been slowly losing money, even with album and merch sales. All those things go to different people – designers, songwriters etc – it isn’t just a big pool of money that everyone shares in. Like, none of the money from the tour, for example, would go towards this. As for people to “really know what they are funding” – I’d say that what they are funding is exactly what was put in the Kickstarter, which does not mention anything except the live show.

          • theatergirl

            Actually it probably is a big pool of company money that then gets doled out to those people you mentioned (and themselves) based on their different roles in various projects. With them also keeping some in the bank for projects. That’s kind of a standard production company model. And if all the money they have made on those other things (merch, two sold out national tours, etc.) is gone or was paid out to people 100% without banking some, then they aren’t very good with their money and planning. Which is another issue entirely.

            But what would I know. I’m not a member of StarKid and I, unlike you, am not pretending that I speak FOR them.

            As a writer for Hypable, I would be careful about how you both respond to fans and speak for StarKid. Especially about their budgets and money (which I highly doubt they told you those actual details). And I would definitely stop making assumptions about how their business model actually works. (If you don’t think StarKid – while talented and fun and friendly – isn’t still in part a business, you’ve had far too much koolaid to write objectively.)

            I, for one, am really looking forward to Twisted. I just think people should know what they are actually donating money towards, especially when a goal jumps from $35,000 (or was that $45,000?) to $180,000 overnight.

          • claystripe6514

            Um… what? In a way, Natalie does speak for StarKid- she’s interviewed them all numerous times over the years, and most of her answers are repeating what they have previously said. Just because she’s not paid by StarKid doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. And she never said that they’re not a business. And I’m pretty sure a company can still be losing money without just throwing it all away as soon as it’s given to them- economics is a bit more complicated then that. And since much of their merch (their music) is unbelievably easy to obtain for free, I imagine they haven’t been making much money off of it, or at the very least not nearly as much as the should be. AND just because you said “unlike you” doesn’t mean you’re not also acting like you know more than her.

            …Oh, and Natalie, “literally so much money” made my day. Not sure if it was intentional, but it was funny.

          • http://www.facebook.com/evangeline.alphonse Evangeline Alphonse

            Get StarKid to say that then we can have this conversation.

  • Janna

    Things change people! Team Starkid was never always going to be a Youtube focused business. They create their musicals, comedies etc. for an audience. Sometimes that will involve Youtube but other times it will be for those that paid admission to see it. Being a loyal Starkid fan from the beginning I support them in all of their endeavors and if I would ever disagree with them I would stop following them instead of bickering and putting them down/telling them what to do.
    What Starkid is doing now will help provide them with more experience and authority to create other musicals/plays that we might see on a larger scale or on Youtube in the future.

  • Ev42

    I’m hoping like crazy that I can make it to the US this summer (just the plane ticket would be at least $1000), but unless I can find a job SOON that’s not happening… So that sucks. I’d love to see this live, for sure, I love Aladdin, and yeah, I hope they put the show on YouTube – if not while it’s running then after it’s done and finished, whenever that may be. To be honest, I feel that way about everything live ever, but I think that’s more to do with my separation anxiety than because I think that’s necessarily a good business model…

    That said, look, did people not read the Kickstarter conditions/rewards? I haven’t even donated yet but I looked through the page a quickie & definitely noticed that it doesn’t say anything about a video download or YouTube or anything like that. If anything, the fact that there’s no mention at all of their “signature” free uploads should be a red flag for anyone, and if you hesitate and it’s a deal breaker, you ask *before* you pledge the money. If you’re old enough to handle money online, you’re old enough to know not to assume you’ll get something no one’s mentioned you’ll get with your purchase. If you pledged money under the assumption that you’d get a download of the show, maybe you should reconsider how you handle online transactions. I’m not trying to snark at people, but come on. If it doesn’t say they’ll upload it, you don’t give them money presuming they will. They’ve promised no such thing. I can get that people expected it to be put online because statistically that’s how it’s gone down before, but you have a responsibility to check (like, idk, tweet at them) the to you important details before you commit.

    And yeah, it would suck if I never get to see the show performed, sure, it would suck a LOT, but they don’t OWE us a free show. We’re used to it and it’s comfortable and it’s understandable that change feels weird (I *REALLY* want that show online, ok? DESPERATELY), but put yourselves in their shoes for a moment & realize that maybe that’s not how they really want to do things anymore. That’s ok. They need to develop StarKid into something they can really live on or that theater company’s not going to live much longer – there’s only so much you can do with great ideas, enthusiasm and duct tape but when you don’t have any money.

    (Also come on, don’t
    even pretend to think that there won’t be bootlegs of this thing all over the internet if they decide
    not to put it up. We all know that’s not going to not happen. Remember How To

    • NatalieFisher

      “If you’re old enough to handle money online, you’re old enough to know
      not to assume you’ll get something no one’s mentioned you’ll get with
      your purchase. If you pledged money under the assumption that you’d get a
      download of the show, maybe you should reconsider how you handle online

      Best. Yes.

  • Marie

    I understand that this could be really good for them. HOWEVER, it also within fans’ rights to be disappointed if it’s not on YouTube. Starkid has fans across the globe, and even traveling within the states and can be expensive. I know I’m not going to be able to see them live. Natalie mentioned at some points in the comments that it’s a matter of prioritization. Although I love Starkid, there are definitely higher priorities for people who need to spend their money/time on bills, families, education, work, whatever.

    It will be disappointing for everyone who can’t see them live, because we’ve gotten used to being able to access their content for free. Even if they did start selling DVD copies of their staged productions, we could still SEE it. Trust me, I would not mind handing over some money for a starkid DVD. That’s a realistic expectation. I wouldn’t mind handing over money to see them live, if I could (but I can’t).

    I know most theater shows, you have to show up live, and if you can’t, too bad. However, we’ve gotten used to being able to see their performances, in some form. It’s a huge transition, and it’s a tough transition. I’m still happy for them, and if somehow their show ever comes to my hometown, I would love to see them. However, I still think it is fair for fans to feel sad/disappointed if they discontinue the format we have come to expect from them.

    So, in short: I understand and feel the fan disappointment if it doesn’t end up on YouTube. However, I hold no ill feelings towards the Starkid team, and still wish them all the best. I just know a lot of fans who could see them online, but might never see them again if they only do live performances, are in the right to be disappointed that they personally will be losing something as excellent as Starkid.

    • NatalieFisher

      Thanks for this comment. Everything stated is totally valid. It would be disappointing – however, disappointment isn’t the issue I’m worried about – I am worried about the entitlement attitude or the things people are saying in regards to it being “owed,” in conjunction with the kickstarter – seeing as the kickstarter does not mention anything about a video of the show in any format. That expectation/attitude does come from just what we’ve been used to in the past, but the reaction to potential change from some people has been… disappointing to see, to say the least.

      • Nina

        glad hypable is taking it upon themselves to teach all these spoiled starkids a lesson.

      • http://twitter.com/Tygridia Tygridia

        We have been spoiled for years and it’s quite difficult for some people to go from everything to “nothing”… Anyway, they just confirmed it will eventually reach youtube

        • Amy Becker

          Where did they confirm this?

    • Ev42

      I need to express my agreement with this comment. It’s past 3 AM in my time zone & I’m falling asleep so I won’t try to articulate more than that, but yes. Agreement.

  • Sofia Malik

    I really would like to be a backer but I’m only 16 so I’m completely dependent on my parents financially and they said no :(

    I am a bit disappointed that the show won’t be put up on youtube because even if I was a backer I wouldn’t be able to see the show because I live in Indonesia, but I understand that they want this to be a real long running production so I’m okay with that. I kinda see it as Starkid growing up :)

    Even though I can’t see the show, I will definitely buy the album when it’s released

  • oblyviate

    although a tiny bit disappointed about the youtube thing, yes, i also really excited about that prospect – how amazing for these guys, to know they are working on something, trying to get it running long-term as a major musical. how awesome is it to help contribute to that?????
    On a sidenote – I guess this means there isnt too much of a direct Wicked influence, (apart from the title poster!) as that wouldnt be free domain yet…but still, Aladdin is awesome. And Abu could still be a flying monkey.

  • Just a really big fan

    I read a few comments from below and then I stopped cause I don’t care about anyone’s opinion on this. I squealed, I donated, I built a pillow fort, and I will stay in there watching their progress and supporting them no matter what. Youtube, DVD, album, behind the scenes footage, whatever they can give I’ll take it cause that’s all I can get and I’m happy just to be a part of the Starkid experience. If I could I would have even bought the tickets and flown over to see them but I’m not THAT loose with my time and money. If I didn’t have personal responsibilities I would have bought tickets with no hesitation.

  • http://www.facebook.com/evangeline.alphonse Evangeline Alphonse

    Okaaaay. Can I just point out that the people who are expressing their wishes to see this on youtube are doing just that…expressing their wishes. How they handle their online transactions, how they decide to prioritize their time and how they choose to take the news of Starkids (possible) failure to upload the show is their own freaking business (and Starkids). In fact, Starkid and the people who run it probably understand how they feel and will try to explain it all from their point of view. Politely. And those of you who tell them that Kickstarter doesn’t say anything about youtube are right, it doesn’t – but again, WISHES. Most of the people who want it on youtube are 10x more polite than those of you who go around hating on them – and yeah, so a lot of them are underage…that doesn’t give you the right to treat their opinions as worth less than yours. Most of us having nothing against them not putting it on youtube. Do we wish like hell they would? Yes. Would we have donated anyways? Majority of us yes. And to whoever gave that lovely speech about handling our finances and reading terms & conditions (which basically no one does anyways, them included), THOSE DONATIONS ARE WHAT HELPED MAKE THE SHOW YOU’RE DROPPING YOUR WHOLE LIFE TO GO SEE EVEN POSSIBLE. So forgive us if some of us can’t follow in your great steps – but enjoy the show anyways. Just remember that the people you put down here again and again today are part of the reason that it was even possible.

    • Ev42

      My issue isn’t with people who desperately want this show on YouTube & who won’t be able to go see it live – I’m one of them. I’m a student, I’m unemployed (I’ve been actively looking for more than six months now), I live in SWEDEN. A US trip, no matter how short & assuming I live as cheaply as humanly possible (if you’re lucky you might be able to couch surf, which is free) will still require an absolute bare minimum of $2000 (for comparison, that’s three times the monthly rent of a student apartment). I don’t even take the student aid grants & loans I’m entitled to because I’ll need it more later. I have NO money, literally, my parents help me out with course lit & let me live at home. I missed AVPSY with the narrowest of margins you can imagine and that still hurts, & I’m still upset that I couldn’t see the (regular Broadway) shows I wanted when I was in NYC last summer (which was a surprise/gift trip that I could never have paid for myself, obviously) & I am terrified that they’ll stop running before I get a chance to go back. I get it, trust me, I really, REALLY do.

      My issue, however, is with the people who acted as though if StarKid owed it to them, the backers, to put the show on YouTube because they’d donated money. They don’t. You don’t have to read the full Kickstarter terms & conditions to notice that none of the donation levels mention an uploaded version of the show (it wouldn’t actually say that in the terms & conditions anyway, but not the point), and nowhere in that big pretty text/video area where they pitch the sale to us, idk what it’s called, do they talk about uploading it. That’s something we (myself included) assumed. And yeah, maybe they could have mentioned it somewhere before opening the Kickstarter just to be SUPER clear about it, because it is a fairly reasonable assumption to make after all these years, but I don’t think people should feel CHEATED, as some people expressed they did, because StarKid never actually committed to putting the show online, just like with their latest project, Airport For Birds, which isn’t being put online either.

      • http://www.facebook.com/evangeline.alphonse Evangeline Alphonse

        I actually don’t have much to say to this – all your points are valid and more importantly, did not inspire any desire on my part to facepalm myself. I don’t know if you got the gist of my argument or not, but your response is exactly the kind that I’ve been trying to get a certain mod to start writing like. But that’s an exercise in futility so instead I’m gonna say, if you see it then post back and let us know how it goes ^_^

        *Also, small correction on my part – you’re right, not everyone is being rude and obnoxious about it all, just some. I apologise to the rest of you guys who are just giving us your POV.

    • NatalieFisher

      Wow, okay, calm down. If you actually read the comments, it is obvious that the issue is not people being disappointed or sad at the idea of not seeing the show. It’s the people who are being entitled or saying they are owed something or that the Kickstarter is shady. It is never okay to act entitled or make assumptions, and nothing about the Kickstarter confirms any video content. People saying that backing the Kickstarter without getting the show online is pointless or shady – they’re wrong. You back the Kickstarter to get what you get in the Kickstarter. This isn’t “oh, if you can’t see it, sucks to be you, don’t whine” – it’s “why are you acting like you’re owed something that hasn’t even been confirmed,”

      • http://www.facebook.com/evangeline.alphonse Evangeline Alphonse

        I realise this is almost 2 weeks late and that I’m probably going to just stir it up again but I really can’t stand you so I’m gonna risk it. While you go on about your issue with people feeling they’re owed something, try to address all the other ways you’ve been insulting to other commentators on this page. That’s my issue. I don’t take people’s opinions personally since we’re all entitled to them (despite what you’ve suggested) but your attitude is extremely irritating. You hit back at people who simply point out their disappointment in not being able to go. Oh, and don’t get me started on your opinion on how to handle my online transactions. I agree that StarKid owes us nothing, but guess what? You, as a human being, and especially as a Hypable Staff, owe the rest of us some respect. Is that calm enough for you?

  • Samma

    Yesterday was a very productive day for kickstarter.

  • Samma

    Also, I’m a little worried on this one that Disney is going to bring down the hammer. I don’t know. Maybe they’ll be okay, but Disney can be mean…

  • Gem

    I am really disappointed that it (potentially) won’t be on youtube. Not because of the Kickstarter to much, but as people have said, some of us simply can’t make it to the show. I work minimum wage in the UK; theres nothing I can do to save up enough to make the trip. I already struggle to afford rent and food, so a plane ticket to the US is out of the question.

    And I really want to see it. This sucks about being an international fan because OF COURSE I would prefer see it live, would have preferred to see all of their productions live, but its not feasible for me.

  • http://twitter.com/acjub CK

    I do hope they will understand that they have fans supporting them from many countries outside of the US. We have donated and we really want to see what our money accomplished. If they do not release it online I will be very disappointed.
    It actually did not even cross my mind that they might not release it afterwards..

  • Allie

    I will be very very sad if the Team doesnt’t put this up on Youtube, or find some way to reach it out to more people. I understand where they’re coming from, and I know they didn’t say anything in the Kickstarter about it being put on Youtube, but it has always been assumed. The fanbase for Team Starkid ranges far wider than people who live within driving distance of Chicago and/or have the money to fly there. As a fan from across the country, I know I won’t be able to see it due to financial reasons, so I will, obviously, be disappointed if I don’t get to see it on Youtube. I love the group with all my heart, and one of my favorite things is that they always make it possible for their distant fans to view their work, and I can only hope that they’ll do it again.

  • KT

    Am I the only one who finds Natalie Fisher to be incredibly rude? I hold nothing against Starkid for not posting Twisted on YouTube, but it is disappointing that I and other fans may never get to see Twisted. I don’t think we have the right to demand that they post it, but we do have a right to be sad. How dare you act like we have no right be upset. Believe it or not, travel isn’t always possible, no matter how well you “prioritize.” Stop whining about all the disappointed fans.

    • NatalieFisher

      I don’t think you have no right to be upset. I think if you want to see it badly enough, you’ll make it there. But what I find terrible is the sense of entitlement displayed in the comments below – the people that are “demanding” or saying that it’s owed. Disappointment isn’t my issue, people’s enraged, spoiled, demanding entitlement is. If you hold nothing against them for potentially not posting, then I have no beef with you. The issue is people acting like they’re owed something – especially for supporting the Kickstarter – when the Kickstarter says nothing whatsoever about any video of the show or online version.

      • KT

        I think that’s nonsense. People can’t quit their jobs on whim, magically find the money, (you can only “prioritize” so much when you’re already struggling to pay rent or buy food) make caregiver arrangements, (children or even elderly parents) force their parents to take them, illness, or any number of factors. I want to go more than anything, but it is impossible for me to go. It’s wonderful that you can, but just because you have the means and the abilities to go despite the distance doesn’t mean that every fan can have the ability to see them, no matter how much they want to.

        • NatalieFisher

          Right, pretty much one line of my comment was about getting to the show or not, and that wasn’t even actually the point of why there’s an issue. That’s not my actual issue, you get that, right? It’s just a side note. But what you mention, re: struggling to prioritize – it’s my lifestyle, it’s the lifestyle of many people I know, I have seen many many people make those choices that you mentioned. I’ve seen it done, by people who, to them, whatever they’re going to do is just – they can’t live without it, can’t be happy without it. People without jobs, people with kids, people who quit jobs, people who borrowed money.. it may be irresponsible, in fact, it probably is, but I have seen people do this kind of thing. A lot. I am not saying everyone can – of course, being underage or illness or anything like that may be an issue – but I have seen people in terrible circumstances still prioritize stuff like this because they want it that badly.

          • KT

            I understand that it isn’t your actual issue. I just found that to be incredibly condescending and I do take issue with that line. Yes, it can be done by some people if they desire. However, not everyone can do it no matter what your personal experience dictates.

          • NatalieFisher

            I can really only offer my own perspective on what I’ve seen people achieve – I’m not just talking about me personally, but what I’ve seen people do, in my life. Not sure what else to say, I mean, we form our opinions and our perspective of the world via our own experience. This is my world-view. That’s just how it is.

        • http://www.facebook.com/MyEgyptianLover Hanada Ghazala

          I totally agree, I’m currently studying. Much as I absolutely adore StarKid and Jafar (squeal), I can’t do it.
          I mean, at the end of the day it is just a show (don’t shoot, don’t shoot), and as a student, it’s money and time I really can’t afford.

  • NightStrike91

    I think everyone has every right in the world to be disappointed of the show maybe not going up on Youtube.

    1. They launch the Kickstarter named “Twisted – A New StarKid Musical”. This will surely mean to every Starkid fan that it would be put on Youtube, like EVERY other musical they have made.

    2. In the Kickstarter video, and the accompanying trailer, they state: “From the creators of A Very Potter Musical and Holy Musical B@atman”, which both are musicals put on Youtube. Note that they are not saying: “From the creators of A Very Potter Musical and Holy Musical B@atman, now comes a new musical – but this time only in theatres for a limited time etc.”

    3. It is once again based of a popular story, a story which is once again owned by a multibillion dollar company. One would assume they couldn’t make alot of money from this, extending it, putting on more runs etc. I don’t know any of this, but I am just saying one can very easily assume it is the same story as with AVPM/HMB. So therefore, an upload to youtube, it would seem, could only help boost the income (merch, soundtrack, etc.) as more people actually gets to see it.

    There are probably more reasons, but I think this should suffice. I believe everyone has a right to voice their worry of not being able to see the show, more so than Natalie Fisher has the right to attack everyone for it.

    Natalie, you’re not right in saying Starkid doesn’t owe anything to us. And I am rather certain they wouldn’t agree with you either. Like every other musical artist, writer, actor, whatever, they can do what they do because of their fans. And as someone has already said, many of their fans – I would say a majority – are on the internet, scattered all over the world.

    Up until this point Starkid have made sure that they foster this fandom, and done so beautifully, so why shouldn’t we expect them to keep on doing that?

    Now, I am not saying it isn’t in their right to try get a long-running show, and take their bite on the “regular” theatre cake. It was probably thier dream growing up, and every Starkid fan would be more than happy to help them with that, I am sure. Even if that means they couldn’t see the show themselves. But what I and everyone else is upset about is not that – it is that they did not make that clear in the Kickstarter.

    And I still do not think you can say “But they didn’t write anything about Youtube on the Kickstarter, so blame yourself”, because of the points above. The fanbase that have made, literally made, Starkid, have come to expect musicals on Youtube. Can you really fault us for that, Natalie? It is what has been done for all of this fandom’s existence, and I actually think it is their responsibility, not the fans’, to say they want to change the dynamic of the relationship between fans and Starkid. And my point is that many would have embraced that idea and supported them anyway. But to feel cheated, even though they obviously hasn’t done this on purpose, is, in my opinion, everyones right.

    To end, I just wanna make clear I do not blame Starkid or anything. This whole debate is probably worthless as they will most likely put the show up on Youtube anyway, but I wanted to defend the views of some of my fellow international Starkids and vocie my own.

    • NatalieFisher

      “you’re not right in saying Starkid doesn’t owe anything to us.” – this is so far from being an okay statement that I just tuned out the rest of your comment. An artist owes you specifically what you pay them for. And that is it. in this case, they owe you whatever you backed in the Kickstarter. They do not owe you anything that they have not stated. That is a terrible, terrible attitude for a fan to have.

      • NightStrike91

        Likewise it is a terrible, terrible attitude to not read the rest of my comment and thereby not even trying to put yourself into someone elses shoes. But if that is the level we are going to do this on, then I won’t bother.

    • http://twitter.com/Tygridia Tygridia

      3. I’m not gonna argue, but I wanted to point out that there won’t be any copyright infringement since Aladdin is an arabic story from the 13th Century, so Disney mostly owns the rights to the songs and that’s it…

  • Viola Pi

    I’m happy for them, but it makes me really sad that it might never be released online. I don’t like to admit it, but it feels like a sort of betrayal. Not everyone is American! I myself live in Italy, and I don’t have the possibility to fly to the other side of the world, beacuse of an economic reason, and many others. I know they don’t HAVE to put it on YouTube, and they never said they will, but it will be really, really mean if they don’t. After all, if it wasn’t for all the fans, even the faraway ones, Team StarKid wouldn’t have gotten where they are now, would they?

  • A Friend

    Wow, after reading most of the comments and reactions all I can say is…. you can cut the tension with a knife! But honestly, whatever point of view each post comes from, we all have something in common: love. Love for Starkid and everything they stand for. When I first realized that Twisted may not come to youtube I was completely crushed. First with the release of AVPSY, dealing with a final goodbye to hp and the whole Starkid gang in its entirety…and now the team branching off from youtube. It all came at once! (I’M IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTION)

    I think it’s gonna be tough for fans and the company alike to make this transition because it’s not like any other ‘normal’ theater company. Starkid isn’t normal! That’s what makes it great! And that’s what makes moving forward so hard. I know Team Starkid cares more about its fans than any other fandom. They have given us so much, and want to keep on giving. It’s heartwarming and beautiful. But change will always be hard. As a twenty-something, my life right now is all about change and Starkid always has this way of hitting home, mirroring what I’m going through right as I’m going through it. The hardest part about knowing that Twisted might not be uploaded to youtube is that Starkid’s growing up; I’M growing up. And that’s scary. But it’s also exciting.

    I am so proud of Team Starkid for all they have accomplished and all that lies ahead. Can you imagine? Starkid off broadway, Starkid on broadway, Starkid movies?!?! The sky’s the limit. I want them to reach for their stars, whatever their stars may be. I can’t wait to see where they go, who they become and I’ll be here to support them. Every step of the way. Always. <3

  • georgina Phelps

    I’m glad that Starkid is doing so well, and that they are growing and all the rest of it. I truly am, but if Twisted isn’t uploaded onto YouTube then I really will never be able to see it, I live in the UK. I can’t just go to America to see a musical, no matter how much I would like to. I feel like they aren’t appreciating that they have loads of international fans in making that decision. I love Starkid and this musical looks like it’ll be great, I just wish they’d been clear on the whole might not be on YouTube thing because I really got my hopes up for this and I can’t help but feel slightly disappointed.

  • Lynn

    If I see the word “prioritize” one more time I might jump of a cliff. I can “prioritize” until I am blue in the face but shelling out 1000 bucks to see a Starkid show is not in the cards for me, or for a lot of people, now or in ten years. I love Starkid and what they stand for. I am active in community theatre myself and applaud everything they do. I would love to see Twisted, but wether they put it on YouTube or not is their decision. If they feel like they want to hold off so they can develop the show into something that might be huge, I’m talking touring/professional theate huge, then how can you call yourself a true Starkid fan. Patience my friends. Either it will develop and then hopefully come to a city near you, or they will post it on YouTube. Stop acting like they are back stabbing you by not immediately releasing it. It’s their decision and if you can not support that then reevaluate your definition of a true Starkid.

  • Morgan113

    I’ll be really disappointed if the show doesn’t go onto YouTube! Being 14 and in the uk, I won’t really get the chance to see twisted live..

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