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Glee’s latest episode titled “Guilty Pleasures” has just finished airing! Come let us know what you thought and react with other Gleeks!

Now that Glee’s episode titled “Guilty Pleasures” is over, sound off in the comments section below and let us know what you thought. Did you like all the music that was performed?

This week’s episode featured music that most people wouldn’t admit to liking. We saw an amazing ABBA performance, a Spice Girls performance, and a hilarious performance between Blam of “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.”

Oh, and speaking of Blam, what are your thoughts on that whole situation?

What was your favorite performance? What was your least favorite performance?

Hypable’s Glee Chat podcast will be back with an all new episode recapping “Feud” this week as well. What questions do you potentially have for them to discuss? Is there anything you’d like them to hit on that you think simply can’t go on unnoticed with this week’s episode of Glee? Leave your thoughts and comments below and catch up on their latest episode “Gleeception,” which rehashes last week’s episode, 4×15 “Girls (and Boys) On Film.”

Check out the preview for “Shooting Star” which will air when Glee returns in three weeks!

  • Phantomfluteplayer

    Was anyone else singing along to the Spice Girls? I definitely was. Songs from my childhood…

    I also liked Mama Mia (especially the NY side of the performance. It really did feel like three roommates goofing off and singing. It felt real.)

  • theaterboy1

    Loved the episode, definitely one of my favorites! Really loved “Wannabe” and “Mamma Mia” the most, I actually LOVE that they split “Mama Mia” between NYC and McKinley! I loved all of Blaine and Sam’s scenes (Sam’s question to Blaine at the end when hugging was hilarious)! It looked like a really fun episode not just to watch but to film also!

  • Kat

    Why was Rachel wearing jeans when she confronted Brody?

    • Vanj203

      Her wardrobe has been looking seriously low key since she took her pregnancy test. Goodbye Brody makeover!

      • Marie

        God, I hope so. I want her to be human again.

      • caroline

        Her wardrobe this whole season has been so bland, wheres the fun Rachel gone who wore great clothes, now its all so dull!

    • Ken

      I think with all the costumes they’ve blown the wardrobe budget. Rachel in jeans, and Blaine always in Cheerio’s uniform.

  • http://www.facebook.com/adrienne.brintnall Adrienne Brintnall

    I loved this episode, as it featured many of my own personal favorites. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go and Wannabe were amazing, but Creep was just strange. I’m super excited to see Santana moving in “permanently” or however long she can go without seriously pissing off Kurt and Rachel. That trio is fabulous, and theirs are the moments I keep re-watching on YouTube, haha. Also really, really loved all the Blam scenes. Don’t get me wrong, Klaine is my OTP, but Sam and Blaine have a truly beautiful bromance.

  • Vanj203

    Glee is such a tease! Where’s my Blam romance? Best things about this episode:
    1) “Do you have feelings for me?” – Blaine
    2) “Put your pants on. I have something I want to tell you.” – Sam
    3) Blaine in his undershirt and Sam in his Copacabana purple coat.
    4) Blaine had 3 different hairstyles in this episode!
    5) Marley as Posh Spice and Kitty as Ginger Spice.
    4) ALL the McKinley songs especially Darren on piano.
    5) No Mr. Shue!

  • Megan

    Alright, the whole Chris Brown thing was way over the line. Can’t believe the writers would just take a side on the situation and make their characters argue about it. I know Chris Brown/Rihanna is very controversial topic, but it’s not a Glee topic. So stupid.

    Other than that.. great episode. Darren singing and playing the piano was beautiful!

    • Dra

      Not a Glee topic? This is the show that has dealt with teen pregnancy, spousal abuse, bullying and suicide to name just a few. As for celebrities, they’ve tackled the hardships that Whitney Huston went through and likewise with Britney Spears. Why shouldn’t they make this a topic on the show? There are no “sides” when it comes to this issue. Chris Brown bashed his girlfriend. There is no middle ground or defence for that. It is an abhorrent act and he has shown zero remorse with the issue and continues to demonstrate behaviour that shows he is still as aggressive as ever. Anyone who defends him should be ashamed of themselves.

      • Jen

        And yet Finn violently and viciously attacked another person, continuing to demonstrate that he is a violent and aggressive person and he’s the hero? Talk about hypocritical.

        • http://twitter.com/AntaraC Antara Chowdhury

          Agreed – I don’t like the hypocrisy there – but it still doesn’t negate the fact that they’re right about the Chris Brown issue.

      • http://www.facebook.com/makeba.oda PerfectTen Oda

        I agree no man should hit a women, but their relationship is what it is their relationship. People make mistakes and I think they should pay the piper. Glee is about music, it we would nit pick every artist we would have very few we could enjoy….Leave judging to God and get off your high horse….

    • http://www.facebook.com/makeba.oda PerfectTen Oda

      I agree about the Chris Brown Rihanna thing, over the top. Also the Bobby Brown was over the top, seriously….got Whitney hooked on crack….Really Whitney had been hooked years before Bobby came along….I always liked Glee for not being judgemental, guess I was wrong….

  • Marie

    Normally, I list all my thoughts about the episode. But this time, all I have to say is I’ve never been so bored during Glee. The only even remotely interesting this was the Rachel/Brody break-up, and I find it stupid she found Finn punching Brody romantic. Some moments were fun, but there’s been no plot development since Swan Song, and I’m sick of it. Normally I have some feelings, but this time, I really had none.

    • Andy

      If they play it off that we are supposed to see Finn acting like a psychotic possessive brute who attacks people (that he’s never met or have never met him) as romantic, that might be the final straw for me. I don’t get how that is at all appealing or how they expect anyone to buy into it as such

      • Marie

        They had the romantic music playing in the background, and Rachel sounded touched. I think that’s the angle they’re playing. They seem to think he was defending her honor. I think he was being invasive, possessive of an ex-girlfriend, and unnecessarily violent.

        • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

          I agree 100%. And saying Finn was out of line (because he was) in no way justifies Brody’s actions. I mean, I hate what they turn Brochel into. That whole relationship took a pretty disgusting turn. That was not a mature, responsible relationship in ANY way. Sleeping around behind each other backs with a pregnancy scare in the middle of that? I hate when put things out there and then don’t stress enough just how screwed up they were.

          • Marie

            Of course not. I think everyone even remotely involved in that situation handled it poorly (even my beloved Santana). This is why Rachel was crazy for throwing herself into this relationship with Brody (since she was still hung up on Adam). I think it’s obvious Brody’s actions are bad (in my opinion, not necessarily him being a gigalo. More the lying to Rachel part, but I’m not going to try to argue that point).

    • Colin

      Essentially, there hasn’t been any “plot development” since the end of season 1. Oh wait, Kurt has/had a boyfriend, I guess. But yep, that’s kind of it.

      • Marie

        Well, there were at least things happening, and things that lasted more than a 3 episodes. Season 2, there was Kurt and his boyfriend/bullying story, season 3 you had the Finchel wedding, and this season. . .I’m not sure. There’s nothing driving the story forward, and the most concrete plot I can think of is that people are dealing with their break-ups. But even that is getting overshadowed for things that most people aren’t really interested in, or don’t drive the story forward in any way.

        • Colin

          Is Kate Hudson ever coming back??

  • Kimmie

    This is one of the worst Glee episodes
    this season because the Lima side was so poorly written. Can we take a moment
    and think about what really happened in Lima this week? Answer: Nothing.
    Absolutely nothing. There was no continuity from the previous episode and every
    in this episode are not going to get carried onto the next episode. Random
    topics that weren’t Glee related came up out of nowhere. Ex: Chris Brown,
    Rihanna, and Bobby Brown. ??? What is going on? The Lima side this week is just
    like those Christmas episodes where they take a step back from the storylines
    they have manages to continue writing about and completely made this into a
    special about nothing. Everything was so jumble and didn’t make sense. They did
    this just so they can do those musical numbers.

    NY did have
    continuity. THANK YOU! Brody-Rachel’s storyline continued and actually transitioned
    very well. They had GOOD drama and humor.

    There is
    really not much good to say about this episode. It was flat and had so many
    flaws. If NY wasn’t part of this episode then, I can honestly say viewers can
    skips this entirely and still know what’s going on, on Glee if they watch the
    next episode. It was that useless.

    storyline was the main focus of the episode and it was excruciating to watch.
    How can we possibly revisit Blaine’s crush on him if in ‘I Do’ he was all over
    Kurt and they sang Come What May in the following episode. Chord Overstreet, as
    handsome as he is, CANNOT lead this show. He cannot act, sing and dance as well
    as the other cast, and those cast are all in NY right now. He’s talented but
    fans don’t connect with him. That’s why he left at the end of season two
    anyway. He chose to leave cause Glee didn’t make him a regular BECAUE FANS
    CANNOT CONNECT TO HIS CHARACTER. So Glee needs to stop pimping him out.

    • Marie

      I actually really like Sam, and a lot of people do. I think Chord is a good actor, but they write Sam all over the place.

      I agree a lot with your first paragraph though. Nothing happened, and I was bored. I almost wish Schue had been on so I could call him creepy, at least.

    • Grace

      I personally love Sam and think his character is fantastic- one of the few characters they haven’t managed to ruin at least once and is a very nice character unlike most of the others- so I disagree with that part of what you said, but besides that you’re spot on.

      I really don’t understand how they try to say things like Blaine and Kurt are soulmates when Blaine, with the exception of “I Do” and saying they are “soulmates” and they are going to be together and having sex, since he started having a crush on Sam has been fully focused on Sam and not thinking about Kurt at all. And then there’s Kurt, who’s dating Adam (and where was he, I wonder? Stupid Glee). Glee needs to make up their minds- it’s fine to have temporary couples but you can’t completetly drop past pairings. And it’s also fine to have them completely move on but then you can’t have things like “I Do” happen. I just..all of this fail was so clear in this episode was the Blam episode that it’s so frustrating.

      Besides Blam and Brochel, nothing else happened, yes. One of the dumbest episodes this season. There are so many overarching plotlines that could have been explored- Ryder’s online girlfriend, Kadam, Will and Emma’s relationship after she walked out on the wedding and after Will found out about the kiss, Finn after leaving Lima, Santana adjusting to her new job, just to name a few- and this episode happened instead. I just. Ugh.

    • Colin

      Hmm I can’t necessarily argue with what is, after all, just your opinion, but it really confuses me that anyone could think this episode one of Glee’s worst. I believe the majority of season 2 was significantly worse, in fact. Glee’s notorious at this point for lacking any semblance of continuity. Fans seem to stick around for Klaine or the songs at this point. I’m still watching for Rachel myself, since neither of those things appeal to me whatsoever.

      • Marie

        I thought this was the dullest. I personally think Spanish Teacher was the worst.

        • Colin

          Hall of Infamy (in my humble opinion): Rocky Horror Glee Show, Furt, the Christmas episodes (partially excluding season 4′s), the last six episodes of season 2 (Night of Neglect through New York was, by far, the dullest stretch of episodes in the history of the series), Micheal and The Spanish Teacher. I also think Never Been Kissed was pretty bad, and definitely the cheesiest episode of the show’s run thus far, but I seem to be in a lonely corner of the world having that opinion.

  • RussellTurner

    Favorite parts were Sam and Blaine and Mamma Mia!!

  • http://twitter.com/kimberpower Kimberlie Haner

    How was Finn not in this episode? He went to New York and didn’t even see Kurt (his step-brother!!) and the love of his life? Weird.

    Also, THREE WEEKS??? UGH.

    • Andy

      He had to get out of state before the NYPD arrested him for assaulting Brody

      • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

        haha truth!

  • http://hypable.com John Thrasher

    Sad that they tied up the Blam storyline like that. I wanted more emotion from Sam since Blaine was pining over him basically this whole season.

    Glee has been hitting homeruns the last 4-5 episodes this whole season so this one was slightly off. There were basically no continuing story lines this episode from last. How long until we find out who Ryder’s chatting with!?

    • Marie

      I liked how Sam responded, but it was very anti-climatic. I wanted him to be surprised, maybe a little confused, and then say all that stuff.

      With the way Glee burns through plots, I imagine Ryder’s online “friend” will come up soon. Apparently the actress that plays Katie is on for two episodes, so it should be soon.

    • http://www.facebook.com/SarahTipton Sarah Tipton

      I actually really liked Sam’s reaction! It was very mature, and I appreciated that they didn’t over dramatized it. But that’s just me :P

    • Ellen M

      Neck brace cheerio. Fo sho.

  • Tomas

    Seriously? Glee is taking another three weeks break AGAIN?
    This is ridiculous…

    • http://twitter.com/BilliamSays Bill Anderson

      It’s because of March Madness.

  • Allison L.

    I love when they showcase Darren’s talent..he must always have a piano/guitar!

    • Colin

      You’re very lucky, being the kind of fan the show’s producers seem to think make up the entire Gleek-base and all. I’m envious of you.

      • Marie

        There’s a difference between having Darren on the episode and singing too much, and actually playing to his strengths. Frankly, I think the best thing for Darren right now would be if he could move onto something bigger and better, or let him get sidelined for a while so people aren’t sick of him (like even myself, a huge Darren fan, am feeling). He was really good on that song, but people aren’t appreciating it because we’re so saturated with him.

        • Colin

          I think you definitely speak for the majority, or at least it would seem that way, but I don’t like Darren’s voice at all. I think it’s incredibly boring to listen to. *shrug*.

          • http://twitter.com/JakkFarr Jack F

            I agree!

  • Marie

    Can I just say, I’ve over this new Glee trend of dressing up like whatever artist they’re performing? Dressing everyone up as the Spice Girls was overdoing it, and then when they did it again with ABBA, that was WAAAY overdoing it. To quote another Glee podcast that has noticed this trend, this is simply hairography. For whatever reason, they think that we need to see everyone in crazy costumes to care about the performance. If the song sounds good, I’ll like it. Also, I’d like to add, I enjoyed the NYC part of ABBA way more than the McKinley part. For one, I actually care about those people, and two, they were just friends having fun. At McKinley, it was another performance that has blended together.

    If I don’t like the next episode, at least for the most part, I might just give up.

    • Enelya

      How do you do a Spice Girls number without dressing up like them? Seriously.

      • Marie

        Um, by singing the song, and treating it like any other song? I can kind of understand with Spice Girls, since they all had their own unique personality summations, but they’ve been doing it a lot this season, or at least since it came back after Christmas (see Don’t Stop Me Now, ABBA, etc.). Even if it’s not specific artists, they keep doing some really elaborate numbers with costumes when I’d be perfectly fine with them keeping it simple.

  • FutureBroadway9

    Tell me they didn’t make a “Small Wonder”
    Reference on Glee? What the heck? I’m not complaining mind you, Small
    Wonder is a Guilty Pleasure of mine…lol That and Out of This World! So
    Random! Tina as V.I.C.I. had me in stitches!

  • http://www.facebook.com/shavindrasharma Shavindra Sharma

    I enjoyed seeing Blaine with less wax and natural looking hair for 2 songs in this episode! But what is everyone’s guilty pleasures in life? I have a very huge list & two of them being sleeping late without being interrupted & chocolate ;)

  • Janna

    Hypable Glee Chat Podcast–Hopefully the moderators will answer what their guiltiest pleasures are.

    One of my observations of the episode was that Sam made a Kurt macaroni portrait. Out of all the people in the world, why did he pick Kurt? Am I reaching for straws as to make a connection to Sam’s original plot line of him being Kurt’s potential love interest. I know that plot line never came to fruition, but I am not sure why he decided to enshrine Kurt in pasta.

    • Grace

      Because Glee loves to frustrate Kum shippers like myself. Saying that Sam would originally be a love interest for Kurt and then not having that happen, hinting at something between them in 2×19 and then not having anything like that happen, all the background friendship moments, and now this? Just more torture for the Kum shippers, I swear x_X

  • Atlas Shrugged

    I enjoyed this episode for the most part although I agree that nothing really happened (no real plot whatsoever). I’m also finally jumping on the “keep NY and get rid of Lima” bandwagon. If it wasn’t for Rachel, Santana, and Kurt, I wouldn’t be watching this show. I still adore Sam, Tina, Artie, Blaine, and Sugar (and Unique is growing on me) but pretty much everyone else (especially Marley) is painful to watch. And even though I agree with her about Chris Brown, all I could think while she was talking was “what a bitch.” Ughhh, she is the worst!

    I also hate that Rachel is obviously touched by Finn beating up Brody. Pathetic. Rachel did look really pretty in this episode. Less ridiculous hair and makeup – I love it!

    I have noticed the past 2-3 episodes have had some actual laugh out loud moments which I appreciate. It had been way too long since I actually laughed at Glee.

    Also, I am by no means a Darren fangirl but how amazing did his hair look in Wake Me Up? He is so much more handsome with this hair.

    • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

      So weird that so many people feel this way! I’m so ready for them to ditch NY for good and focus on Glee again. No one can really connect with the new characters when they are still shoving all the characters who have graduated back into the mix. The back and forth between two disconnected plotlines is so ugh. Totally with you on Darren’s hair though.

      • Atlas Shrugged

        thegoodshipdestiel, for me, I think it’s because I fell in love with the characters, you know? When the rumours came out originally that Finn, Rachel, and Kurt were mostly leaving the show (this was reversed though), I was upset but realized they could bring new, interesting characters into the mix. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen. If they had introduced the new characters at the end of season 3 or given the new characters this season an actual plot things might have been different. But for the most part the new characters suck which is why many fans just want to see the people we actually like.

        • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

          I guess it’s just because I don’t really care for Rachel or Kurt that much so the fact that they were the original divergent storyline I was just like no thanks haha so done with these people. Hopefully they can eventually get to a place that makes everyone happy :) Things have gotten a little banana sandwich with the wedding fiasco and other relationship weirdness. Hope that all gets swept away in the near future.

          • Marie

            I was kind of on your side (I really just wanted them to either pick Glee Club of NYC spin-off. I was willing to be flexible). It was, again, the new characters being really flat and boring (even in interesting situations), and Santana officially joining the NYC scene. I think she’s the only person on the entire show I really care about anymore.

          • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

            Can’t deny I do love some Santana. I think maybe watching The Glee Project helped me get more invested in the new people who are from that than others who don’t watch. Which reminds me, where was Joe this episode?

    • http://twitter.com/AntaraC Antara Chowdhury

      Why do you think Marley is a bitch and the worst? Out of all of the new kids, I find Kitty to be the worst, because she doesn’t have her own storyline and therefore I don’t care about her. With other bitchy characters like Quinn or Santana, I still like and care about them, but Kitty is such a one-dimensional character that she’s got nothing going for her. When Kitty’s being a bitch, I feel like slapping her across the face.

      • Atlas Shrugged

        Oh, thanks, Antara Chowdhury, how could I have forgotten about Kitty? Oops. :) She is most definitely the worst! No redeeming qualities at all!

        For me, with Marley, I genuinely liked her at first. I liked the storyline with her mom and even though she doesn’t compare to Rachel, she still seemed cool. But nothing happened with her character much after that except in the realm of a love triangle. The eating disorder storyline was decent but definitely not enough follow through. Marley is dull and boring to me. Like I said before, I agree with her about Chris Brown, but when she was yelling at Jake like that, she just came across as a judgemental bitch.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=515348470 Stephanie Godfrey

    Alright, I may be the only one but I didn’t like Wannabe at all. I had such high hopes for the cover because I’ve been such a huge fan of The Spice Girls since I was 5 and still listen to their music today. I found it harder to listen to them sing it then I thought I would though. I think the most annoying part was that the vocals didn’t match the costumes at all….but if they would have done it that way it would have meant not as much singing from Marley and Unique and evidently that would have been horrible. Heaven forbid they let the other girls shine a little….

  • anon

    So, 5 episodes for Regionals, Nationals, graduation, NYADA audition for Blaine(?), presumably a Finchel reunion (bleugh) and maybe some resolution about where the show’s going next season. Somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen… seems more and more likely that they’ll end the season after Regionals, finish the school year at the start of season 5 and hopefully move on to a New York only format. Don’t mean to offend anyone but I honestly do not care about the new kids or want to see them once the current seniors have graduated.

  • Lotte

    I got to the point that I LOVE NYC and LOATHE MK. Guess I only need to watch Tumblr edits now. At least I’ll save some time.

  • guest02

    the episode was poorly structured. It had the theme of guilty pleasures but having the kids running free reign without a teacher felt weird.

  • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

    Best episode in a while in my opinion! Loved all the numbers and couldn’t stop smiling!

  • Ricky

    0: 17 Don’t tell me they are going to do the Harlem Shake?

  • http://www.facebook.com/makeba.oda PerfectTen Oda

    I am a big fan of Chris Brown and I was really pissed at the judgemental way the cast dealt with Jake’s guilty pleasures. Then when he did Bobbie Brown he got criticized for his alleged getting Whitney Houston on crack….seriously…..The reason I like glee is because it’s the one show that doesn’t judge people especially celebrities and we always enjoy the art of singing…..Let’s stop judging Chris Brown he and Rihanna are dealing with their issues I think we should as well. That would have been a perfect time for Jake to sing Chris Brown’s Don’t Judge me, and told his guilty pleasure. I use to tape the show all the time, after this episode, I am not sure I will watch it again…poor writing and unnecessary untrue judgement just caused you the loss of a big Glee fan…..

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