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UPDATE: We’ve learned from a reliable source that some of the information noted by Bowen, stated below, is not accurate.

A little bit of interesting intel concerning the production of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2 surfaced today thanks to a local news reporter.

Russ Bowen, who reported extensively on The Hunger Games filming while it shot in his (now former) residence of North Carolina in 2011 shared two pieces of information on Twitter today.

First was that Catching Fire, which already has a good deal of filming under its belt, will shoot for two more weeks in Hawaii and two more weeks in Los Angeles.

In addition, he’s learned that Mockingjay will begin shooting this July but its production location has not yet been set in stone. We’d presume that since they need to film two movies at once, they’ll take a break in the fall to promote Catching Fire‘s theatrical release then return to film Mockingjay in December or wait until early 2014.

Catching Fire hits theaters November 22, 2013. Mockingjay – Part 1 opens November 21, 2014 and Mockingjay – Part 2 hits November 20, 2015. All three of these films will be directed by Francis Lawrence, who replaced The Hunger Games director Gary Ross.

Last week was a busy one for fans of The Hunger Games. We were treated to ten gorgeous posters, each featuring a portrait of one of the lead characters. These portraits included our first look at Katniss’ (Jennifer Lawrence) wedding dress as well as Johanna Mason (Jena Malone).

Thanks to Mr. Bowen.

  • http://twitter.com/emilyecstasyTM Emily Bryan

    I like that they’re churning them out like they are and that there has been extra filming for this second one. The first movie was amazing and hoping Catching Fire exceeds it :D

  • Connor

    What? I didn’t think they’ll filming during the summer, but the fall. That means we’re going to get cast annoucement and set photos during the summer. :D

  • Tony

    Thank god they’re filming in July, otherwise it would have been one RUSHED production. So I’m guessing from July until October they’ll film (with small breaks every now and then) and take Oct to November off to promote Catching Fire. Then return for the first half of December, and then take a break for the Christmas break. Return again around late January and filming until March or whenever.


  • truggler

    think all the reshoots is really good news. they’ll get everything they wanted and it should all turn out picture perfect.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1840730980 Michael Vartanian

    I still cringe at seeing Mockingjay movie split into two films

    • http://twitter.com/Ivana2804 Ivana Cvetanovic

      I cringe at the idea of seeing Mockingjay crammed into just one film.

      • http://twitter.com/MarkJDietl MarkinSandyUt

        Right you are.

  • Septima

    PLEASE LIONSGATE ITS NOT TOO LATE – LEAVE MOCKINGJAY ONE MOVIE No one wants to watch four hours of that book. I’d rather see four hours of Catching Fire OH PLEEEEEASE Whose idea was it to make Mockingjay, of all books, into two films???

    • Plat

      Its the new trend with the final movies of a popular book series. :P Harry Potter, then Twilight, and now Hunger Games. There really wasn’t any reason to split it.

      • http://twitter.com/Ivana2804 Ivana Cvetanovic

        Actually, yes, in the case of The Hunger Games, there is an excellent reason to split it: making a 4-hour movie is a bad idea, and anything shorter would not do justice to Mockingjay and would result in the storylines and character development being truncated and mutilated.

        • http://twitter.com/CGuyOne Claudio Catino

          Have you even read Mockingjay? Lol.

          • http://twitter.com/Ivana2804 Ivana Cvetanovic

            Um, yes, have you? It’s because I have read it that I know it can’t be adapted into just one 2-hour movie. See my post above. ^

    • http://twitter.com/Ivana2804 Ivana Cvetanovic

      Um, no. I, for one, WANT to see Mockingjay split into two movies. Yes, “of all books”, it’s not just the only one that CAN be split into two movies naturally, it’s also the one that SHOULD be split, since there is too much happening in it, despite it being shorter than the other two, and some of the important scens that Katniss wasn’t present in will no doubt also be on screen, while the ending will have to be expanded since you can’t just have Katniss briefly recounting what happened. The only other way to do justice to the book is to make a 4-hours long movie… which would be a terrible commercial move. Besides, Mockingjay has a natural split point (SPOILER: the battle at the Nut) and enough big moments to make two great movies.

      And what the heck is wrong with people whining about getting two movies rather than one?! Are you even a fan of The Hunger Games? WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT GETTING MORE THG FILMS?! Shouldn’t you be delighted, if you are actually a fan? And that from the same fanbase that kept whining because not every single detail from the first book was included in the movie (which would make it 4 hours long!). I guess it’s just supposed to cool to constantly complain about something.

      • Matt

        I’d pick quality over quantity any day of the week. Making longer adaptations doesn’t translate into making better ones, look at BD1 and 2, and the recent Hobbit movie. In the latter case, we see a very small book split into three parts, as compared to three longer books each having their own film. Anyone with a brain can see that all three LOTR movies were far, far superior to the Hobbit. True fans care about what is necessary and important to tell on screen, not the running time.

        • Jazzy

          I completely agree with you! I can’t help but feel that for two films do be done properly, Collins is really going to have to share some extra information with Lawrence that wasn’t in the book especially from the second half. It could be that I found Mockingjay a tad slow in the first third of the book but I can’t help but feel that one movie would have been more effective. This is a much smaller book and non-stop action could be redundant after a while. I have faith in the director though and can’t wait to see how he has adapted CF.

          • http://twitter.com/Ivana2804 Ivana Cvetanovic

            I don’t see how they could make it into a 2-hour movie without truncating a lot of the character development to just get the main plot points across. Maybe if it was a 3 and a half hour movie, but 2 hours, no. It makes a lot more sense to me to have one movie introducing us to the District 13 and Coin and Katniss’ role as Mockingjay and focusing on the uprisings in the Districts and Peeta’s torture in the Capitol, and this one contains at least 4 big moments: Katniss’ visit to District 8 and the bombing of the hospital; Peeta’s TV warning and the bombing of District 13; the rescue mission to the Capitol and Peeta strangling Katniss (two big moments, actually, but they happen in conjunction); the battle for the Nut in District 2 and Katniss’ speech after which she gets shot. I would end the first part with the District 2 siding with the rebels, which in the book happens off-page because we’re in Katniss’ POV. This has more than enough material for one action-packed, emotionally charged 2-hour movie, in which we also have to get introduced to Coin and D13, to see Plutarch’s new role and Katniss’ role as Mockingjay, Katniss’ breakdown and depression, Finnick’s desperation/depression, Peeta’s torture and hijacking, Gale’s role as a soldier and developer of war tactics, and Katniss’ disagreements with him – unless they transfer it all to Mockingjay part 2, but there are still important moments like Katniss arguing with Gale over the treatment of her prep team (I’m thinking that they may transfer some of the role of the prep team to Effie and make her role in Mockingjay bigger; in any case, that scene is very important to get across the nature of the differences between Katniss’ compassion and Gale’s black and white attitude.

            Then the second part may deal with the preparation for the mission to Capitol, including the scenes between Katniss/ and hijacked Peeta, Finnick/Annie wedding, Johanna dealing with the effects of her torture (and some screentime needs to be given to Prim and her relationship with Katniss, or else what happens later would not have the same emotional effect); and then the mission to Capitol, which takes up a lot of time in the book and includes the start of Peeta’s recovery and rebuilding of the K/P relationship, and the deaths of many people, including Finnick, culminating in the attack at Snow’s mansion and Prim’s death. That would be the first climactic moment; next we’d see a near catatonic Katniss recovering from her burns and starting to realize the truth about what happened, her goodbye scene with Gale (unless they add another one later on) and the vote for the new Hunger Games,.leading up to the other climactic moment, Katniss’ assassination of Coin. After this, the movie has to show the consequences, which take up just two chapters in the book, but would have to last at least half an hour in the movie, where you have to “show, not tell”: Katniss’ trial, the formation of the new government with Paylor as president, Katniss going back to District 12, Peeta’s return, Katniss and Peeta dealing with their scars and “growing back together”, Haymitch with his geese, and the District 12 starting to rebuild itself; plus we have to see what happens to Gale, Katniss’ mother, Annie (which is just shortly described in the book, in the movie you have to at least see brief scenes of them); and then there’s the epilogue.

            Does anyone think all this could be crammed in just two hours? I don’t think so.

        • http://twitter.com/Ivana2804 Ivana Cvetanovic

          The Hobbit and Breaking Dawn simply don’t have that much happening in them that would justify splitting them into two or three movies. Mockingjay does, especially if some of the things that Katniss wasn’t present at are shown on screen, which I’m 99% certain they would, since it’s a movie where “show, don’t tell” is the rule.

      • septima

        Firstly, I didn’t complain about the small changes in the first movie, I didn’t really mind them. I just cringed when I heard that Lionsgate would follow this trend for the final movie. While you make a great argument for splitting the book, it seemed to me that they were just doing it to make money. The Harry Potter execs said they were doing it to fit everything in and do the book better justice
        and they still messed up the last movie. I wont care about the split as long as they actually do mockingjay justice

      • http://www.facebook.com/KelliSTP Kelli St. Pierre

        I agree with 95% of everything you said. I wasn’t too shocked to hear they were splitting Mockingjay since it is the latest trend. Of all the books, Mockingjay could be the easiest, I feel, in making it into one movie, but that’s just my take. All in all, it’s about making more money, but like you said, since I’m a huge huge huge hunger games fan, I love it. Bring on the movies! (as long as they do them justice though).

        I’m glad there are true fans like you that saw the first movie for how good it was. Everyone I know keeps complaining “Oh my god! Where was Madge!? She’s such a major character!” “Oh my god, they got the color of the cornocopia wrong!” “Oh my god, thresh actually died before foxface! Movie sucks!” “Oh my god…..” I was just shaking my head at all the dumb comments. Of course the movie is going to take stuff out and change it, because like you said, a movie can’t be 4 hours long. I actually liked most of the changes they made, the biggest being not showing the real mutts from the book with the eyes of the tributes. Some people were mad, but I actually liked it. I just felt that if they tried to put that on screen (no matter how good), it would have came off as cheesy. I gave the first one an 8/10, but really because of gary ross’s poor camera work. If not for that, probably a 9.5/10.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1045615098 Riana-Tiana Menezes

    This all sounds awesome and all but don’t the actors want a break?. . They’ve been at this for a year now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/vonchambers Devon Chambers

    I think reshoots are almost always a bad sign, it likely means when they were in the editing bay scenes just weren’t coming together – I suppose its good they are choosing to shoot additional material, but I really wonder what it is they are shooting. I hope the island scenes aren’t as crappy as the battle scenes in hunger games were.

  • Sarah

    Completely off topic of the films but any body else think the promo picture of Finnick kind of looks like Jasper? I’m just saying…

    • WeasleyIsOurKing

      You mean Jasper from the twilight saga?

      • Sarah

        Yes, Jasper from the twilight saga

    • Tessa

      Yes! He really does I was thinking the very same thing

  • http://twitter.com/CGuyOne Claudio Catino

    This summer? I think that’s a bit soon. More likely they’ll film later this year, or early next year.

  • Teranel

    They’re starting to think about Mockingjay; time to start hoarding kleenex.

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