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Harry Potter and The Casual Vacancy author J.K. Rowling spoke this evening at the Bath Literature Festival and made clear that if she ever returns to Harry Potter, she won’t write a prequel.

Rowling was asked about if she would return to the Harry Potter series like so many fans have hoped since 2007 to write about, as an example, the Marauders. She responded by saying that although she has no current plans to return to the series, if she did it would not be about the Marauders. The reason? She doesn’t find prequels to be any good. This would mean no stories about James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, etc.

Elsewhere during the evening she said…
- Grindelwald never loved Dumbledore and used him.
- Her own first kiss came when she was 12 years old.
- Her next book will be aimed at 8-year-olds, but she’s still busy writing it.
- Her proudest moment was when she outed Dumbledore (as gay), and following the revelation in New York City a fan came up to her straight afterwords and revealed that he or she too is homosexual.

Hypable co-founder Richard Reid attended tonight’s event and reported back on the comments Rowling made. This is the author’s only planned public engagement in 2013.

The news of no Maurader prequels may come as a disappointment to fans who had hoped or thought that would be the perfect part of the Potter world to head into with a new book. Fans could also see her writing about Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s children – and luckily she hasn’t ruled that idea out (yet). Regardless, it’s nice to hear her still considering the idea of returning to the Wizarding World.

  • Han


  • Lauren7842

    This is so sad. I have been pining for a marauders prequel ever since the last book came out… But I do think it would probably be for the best if she created an entirely new set of characters, still in the Harry Potter universe, rather than writing about the trio’s children

    • http://twitter.com/noellebraaten noelle braaten

      Oh gosh! I totally agree! I’ve always argued for Marauders over Next Generation, but I think the next best thing would be a new group of wizards.

    • Tom

      Obviously! I´d rather she wouldn´t write anything at all before writing about Harry´s children, that would be kind of a flop , considering how controversial the epilogue was with such love-hate reactions! But come on! I WAS SOO IN FOR the Marauder´s prequel! Or even a Dumbledore prequel! Or a Founder s prequel! BUT that´s never gonna happen (cries)

  • Ana

    The Life and Times just became headcanon.

    • http://twitter.com/AntaraC Antara Chowdhury

      Yup, same. TLAT is headcanon for most Jily shippers.

      • Alyssamz

        I just have to support Commentarius <3

        Because not every fan fiction story needs to be super dramatic or "sexy"

        Not that it isn't good, I do like both
        But I prefer comm <333

        • http://twitter.com/AntaraC Antara Chowdhury

          I love Commentarius as well :)

  • Gina

    “she has no current plans to return to the series”

    ….more waiting.

  • Gary65

    Didn’t she announce this years ago when she wrote that little prequel?


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=515348470 Stephanie Godfrey

    Well this is a bit depressing. I’m glad to hear that she isn’t ruling out writing about the wizarding world, but sad that she won’t write about the mauraders

  • Wilma

    Hm. I’m afraid I’m going to be shunned if I say this here, but I have always felt absolutely complete with the seven books. I think the story is so perfect, so good, that anything extra would just feel exactly like that: extra.

    Of course we would all love to hear more about everything, but a prequel OR a sequel to the seven part story is just unnecessary, in my opinion. Rowling is such a good writer, I’d rather read completely new stories from her than risk altering the Potter series in any way.

    With that said, I will NEVER give up on the Scottish Book (the Encyclopedia). Never.

    • http://twitter.com/MusicandHouse J

      As much as I would like a prequel or sequel just so that I can have ANYTHING else Potter to read, I do agree 100% with you. I feel like prequels and sequels do often ruin the series and I would hate to have that happen with Potter.
      I think an encyclopedia is the best way to return to the series. We’ll get back stories and more info on all of the characters (including the Marauders), but there would be no worries about ruining the series becasue these bits of information were in mind for the original books and just not printed.
      I really liked The Casual Vacancy, so I would love to have her write more novels for adults.

      • Alicia

        I only have one thing to say: The Hobbit.

        • Kieran Daly

          The Hobbit wasn’t a prequel, the Fellowship of the Ring was written like 20 years after the Hobbit making the Lord of the Rings a sequel not the Hobbit a prequel

    • Samuel

      I have to disagree. To me, I feel as though Harry Potter and the world that JK Rowling created is so great and vast that it’d almost be a shame to just tell one characters story – Harry’s – when there are, in my opinion, so many more storys to tell about the wizarding world…

      • http://www.facebook.com/aaccss Alex Smith

        There may be many more stories, but Jo needs to be able to live HER life in the real world. As a writer, she wants (and should be allowed) to move on.

        • Samuel

          I’m not denying that, I’m all for JK Rowling books – Harry Potter or otherwise – I was just saying that, in my opinion, more Harry Potter books would be great

          • Kate

            I think every body would be happy if she wrote a book and everybody will be happy if she doesn’t. Either way she’s making people happy.1

    • http://daydreamsandwhispers.tumblr.com/ Hermione Granger

      I was just going to say this!! I was afraid though, because I felt like the only one who didn’t want a prequel with the Mauraders. While I would love for her to revisit the world again (maybe a story about the Founders, kind of a glimpse at medieval wizarding society?) I think Harry’s story is completely done, and done perfectly. Too many authors/filmmakers, etc. seem to want to just keep going and writing more and more even when it thins out the magic of the original story.

    • Unpopular opinions

      Don’t worry, I 10000% agree with you! Especially since prequel and sequel material has all been overrun by poor fan fiction, I would honestly prefer to keep those time points in the world of Harry potter vague and mysterious.

    • upper_westsider

      I completely agree! I want to remember the original story. It was PERFECT. But I’ll never stop wanting to read the Scottish Book. PLEASE Jo!

    • HPForever3 :)

      I both agree and disagree with you. I love the seven books, I think they were all beautifully and artistically written. They have so many intricate details that fit together so seamlessly, that the story in itself feels complete. Although, it’s always nice to know the little details. I think I’d enjoy anything she’d write about the story, I don’t believe anything could replace the actual series. But it’d still be cool to read.

      All the same, if you really think about it, the Marauder’s story was technically already told in the seven books.

      **Be warned: Exceptionally long explanation ahead. :P**


      There was the briefest mention of Sirius Black, who you understood gave Hagrid a flying motocycle and obviously the basic scope of James Potter (I still can’t get past the idea that James was Head Boy… :P) in the eyes of those who admired him. You understood that Harry had Lily’s eyes and looked remarkably like James. You found out the James was on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. You knew that he and Lily sacrificed themselves to save Harry. And also (even if you didn’t realize it in it’s entirety) those who opposed him. Snape’s ultimate hatred of Harry and from Voldemort. Not to mention, there was Petunia’s, “she had to go and get herself blown up,” regarding Lily. Of course, there was Scabbers there too (but you didn’t know who he was). You didn’t get the underlying layers, but you got the surface, the legacy of the Marauders, with the exception of Lupin in the first book. Not exactly who they were or what they did, but who they were believed to be and what they were believed to do in the eyes of the Wizarding World.


      There was Snape’s continued hatred of Harry, Scabbers was still there and although you didn’t realize it, the Marauder’s story was being told. No, there wasn’t anything you could really piece together. The Chamber of Secrets focused on the Houses (particularly Slytherin and Gryffindor), which was shown in the first book, but in this book you began to understand the rivalry and the meaning of each house. Which you would later be able to use in order to understand James’s rivalry with Snape and the complications that would later arise with the Marauders. And there was a mention of Azkaban, :P This book didn’t focus on the Marauders, but it helped you understand that there was more layers to the Wizarding World and by deduction, to the Marauders as well than what they appeared to be just below the surface surface.


      Do I really need to go in depth for this book? :P You officially find out who the Marauders are, for one. Remus Lupin gets his intro, you find out about the Marauder’s Map, and about Sirius Black, who incidentally was the godfather to Harry. You understand that the seemingly innocent Scabbers is really Peter Pettigrew, who framed Sirius Black, the godfather of Harry of being guilty of selling James Potter out to Voldemort. You find out that the Maraduers were all Animagi (with the exception of Remus Lupin, who was a werewolf) and that Snape hated James even though James saved his life after he played a trick on Snape. Long story short, you find out the deeper meanings of the characters, who they truly were. Not in it’s entirety of course, but what they were guilty of doing.Their pros, cons, their mistakes and their legacy in relation to both the past and the present.


      Snape still hates Harry, the rat is working for Voldemort, Sirius is in hiding, the rat is a coward, Lupin is no longer a professor and the rat helps Voldemort rise. Sirius takes on a fatherly position toward Harry, really there is just continued understanding of the characters in the book. You can deduce a lot about the characters, a bigger picture regarding their flaws and their drives. It is found out that Snape is a Death Eater, but Dumbledore defends him. You begin to question his loyalty, you begin to understand a bit more about Sirius and you find out that Pettigrew truly is a rat. Best referenced through Sirius’s quote from PoA, “If you made a better rat than a person, Peter, that’s not much to boast about!”


      Best understood through Harry’s pensive trip into Snape’s mind, it is understood that while Snape’s hatred of Harry may seem unjustified, it is understood. It is also understood that James Potter isn’t exactly the flawless hero he is thought to be. That Lily’s relationship with him was more complicated than Harry could ever have imagined. Lupin and Sirius reassure him that James turned out alright, but Harry still questions the viability of his father. Sirius meets his death in battle and Lupin works with the Order. The rat is still a coward. Their glorified image of the Marauders meets reality and Snape is shown in a new light.


      Snape kills Dumbledore, Lupin lives with the difficulties of being a werewolf, Harry mourns for Sirius The rat is still a coward. Harry proclaims that Snape didn’t give a damn about his mother and that his hatred of James may have caused him to help Voldemort. The Marauders now dwindled down to two, one working with the Order (but limited in their help) and one working with Voldemort, a useless coward with a Hand of Glory. Snape is hated beyond belief.


      Everyone is on an equal playing field. The rat, while still a coward, feels the slightest remorse and causes his own downfall, yet ironically repays Harry’s mercy from PoA. Lupin dies for his family. Sirius and James are seen again. Lily is seen in a new light. And Snape is the bravest man that Harry ever knew, in spite of all of the Marauders that all worked to protect him one way or another.

      **End of long explanation**

      Although you don’t know their little adventures, you know the basic scope of their story. You know the purpose of the Marauders and what they fought for. You know the outline of their story and you can fill in the details from the books. A prequel would be exciting, don’t get me wrong. But it wouldn’t be the same as reading the Harry Potter books, because you found out about the core characters as you were reading them. You had no previous affiliation and therefore you were able to enjoy it a lot more.

      But we all know we’d buy a prequel anyway, so what’s the point in questioning it. :P She may not be writing a prequel, but there’s still Pottermore and a possible encyclopedia. And we’ll see what the future brings, but I’m not looking to Trelawney for that prediction… :)

  • RussellTurner

    A little horcrux just died in me…

  • Tom

    The problem with a story about the Trio’s children is that it might be too similar to the original story. The problem with a prequel about the Marauders is we already know what happens. I’d like her to write another book/series within the Harry Potter universe but unrelated to the original characters – something set a few hundred years ago maybe, around the time the Statute of Secrecy came into force, perhaps.

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    I never wanted a story about the Marauders. I wanted it about Harry’s children in school and a whole new series. Kind of like the fanmade James Potter series.

  • Winkyxx

    My life…..shattered.

  • WeasleyWrock

    I agree with Jo. Except in the case of Percy Jackson, I don’t find prequels or sequels to a series to be good.

  • ravenclaw1991

    I never actually wanted a story about the Marauders anyway. The only thing that could possibly count as a prequel that I would want is a short story or something about the founders of Hogwarts. That would make me insanely happy. I don’t want a sequel about Harry’s kids either.

    • http://daydreamsandwhispers.tumblr.com/ Hermione Granger

      YES. I’ve been wanting a story about the founders for years! Given how amazing she’s made the side books like Tales of Beedle the Bard, Quidditch Through the Ages, Fantastic Beasts, etc. I think something similar (although maybe a wee bit longer) about the founders would be fantastic. Also…the encyclopedia.

    • rh1127

      I’ve been afraid that if we ever do get more Potterverse it will be about the next generation. I don’t think I’d even read that. I wouldn’t mind it with the Marauders, but I kind of like just getting the bits an pieces here and there about them. I like the idea of a short story about the founders too. Maybe if she actually wrote “Hogwarts: A History.”

    • Jim

      I would love to see Hogwarts: A History written by Jo.

  • Vivienne Morgan

    Have the stories around their children and what they get up to maybe, as Harry Potter and Co have for filled all that they set out to achieve. Loved the books and films.

  • Tom

    With all that being said, Jo: SHUT DOWN POTTERMORE and give us the Encyclopedia for once and for all!! Seriously, is she the only one that thinks the site is still worthwhile visiting? Please Jo, we want the Harry Potter Encyclopedia in WRITTEN FORM!

  • Cassie

    Way to crush our dreams, Jo.

  • Samuel

    When she says she wouldn’t do a prequel I’m hoping this doesn’t include a Founders story, because these are characters we know virtually nothing about and, unlike the marauders, it would be totally different to the original series.

  • Tom

    Ok alright..but should we ALSO rule out the possibility of a MOVIE on the Marauder´s that WB wanted to do so badly? I mean Jo woudn´t have to actually write a new book, she could work on the script with a screenwriter..would that be TOO CRAZY TO THINK?

    • Delena

      Oh god, I hope no film is ever made based off of the HP universe unless it’s based off of a book JKR wrote. Do you really want this series in the hands of someone else? Even if she did “work on the script”…I cringe just thinking about it. Only because the story wouldn’t be from her head. Plus, that just sets the precedent that any movie can be made in the HP universe and not be based off an HP book. I think JKR is smarter than to let that happen, so I highly doubt that movie would be made unless she writes a book for it.

  • Glaciusx

    I am disappoint.

  • PotterFan1029

    I’ve never jumped up and down at a possible new book being about the Marauders (as opposed to other things) but I just hope she writes something. ANYTHING lol

  • http://hypable.com John Thrasher

    I always thought it would be cool to have her write another series that’s connected to the Potter world. Harry is what drives that series, but his time is up with those 7 books. Do another trilogy about the elves, Bauxbatons, Durmstrang, with throws back to Hogwarts and what’s happening.

    • Marie

      As I was reading the first sentence of your post, I was thinking about how awesome it would be if she chose to write about the wizarding world in another country.

  • http://hypable.com John Thrasher

    I never thought the Mauraders stuff was interesting at all.

    • http://www.facebook.com/aaccss Alex Smith

      I agree

  • jack

    a fan came to her “straight” after and revealed he/she was gay

  • http://twitter.com/NinjaKarrot Daniella Boyes

    After the Casual Vacancy, you’d think she would write something that would be actually interesting, would appeal to her pre-existing fanbase and make her some money.

    • Luna Lovegood

      Make some money? I don’t really think she has real need of that, do you? She would be incredibly greedy to just be after making more money. Ridiculous comment!!!

    • PotionWillow207

      Wow. Feel entitled much? Good authors don’t write to please their fanbase or to make money. Good authors write because they have a story to tell.

  • PotionWillow207

    I’m glad that she’s perfectly happy and satisfied with what she’s written. Everyone says that they want a Maurauder’s story or some other prequel, but I agree with Jo on this one. Prequels are too often written either in an attempt to appease the fans or to get more money from a “franchise” that’s making a lot of money. If she doesn’t want to or feel the need to, then it’s better that she doesn’t. I’ve seen too many series ruined by authors who don’t know when to stop.

    You also have to consider that if her heart isn’t in it, and the book turned out to be not as good or not what fans expected, it’s likely that it would alter the way people feel about her as an author. It’s easy to tell when an author isn’t really interested in their story. We can pick up on that in the way they handle the plot and characters. It’s happened before, and readers today are always looking for the Next Big Thing. They can be very fickle.

  • Jake

    I agree with this. She should just leave the series be, and try not to change it. It’s perfect the way it is, in my opinion. Yes, some extra backstory would be nice, but it’s not necessary.

  • charbison

    I may only reconsider entering the Wizarding World once more if Jo created an entirely separate series that was at another wizarding school.

  • cami

    her face is exactly how i feel reading this headline

  • http://twitter.com/notenoughpuff Sarah

    This is a really unpopular opinion but I’m very glad she’s not writing a prequel because the last thing I want is a book about the lives of a bunch of glorified bullies. =)

    • Sabrina

      Though it it be interesting if written from Snape or Lily’s perspective

  • Mary

    I’m content with the completion of the series. I don’t want to be in that world without Harry, so I wouldn’t really want to read about Beauxbatons or the Marauders or the next generation. And, like other people have written, Jo ended it so perfectly and it just doesn’t need to be touched. That said, I would die for the Scottish Book.

  • Tomas

    I’m completely obsessed with Harry Potter, I love it and it’s a huge part (if not my entire) life. I always felt a great satisfaction and sadness at the same time reading the last chapter of Deathly Hallows. There couldn’t have been a better ending. As much as I love every character, I don’t want to read about Harry’s children, this story is about Harry, and I do think his story is completely told. So no, I don’t need another book because I’m so happy with how Jo decided to end book 7. I also think the end doesn’t allow a new story. If she decided to write another book on Harry, I would read it of course, and I would probably fall in love with the book very fast. I just think Harry’s story is told.

    • Liderc

      I agree. I think if another book was released it could potentially lessen the impact of the original story. She’s said that it’s always been 7 books from the beginning and forcing another story seems wrong despite how much we may or may not want to read it. I don’t believe an encyclopedia falls into this category though, it’s more informative than story telling.

  • http://twitter.com/NatashaPeartree Natasha Pereira

    Encyclopedia. That is all.

  • http://www.eigakanthemovietheater.blogspot.com Jenny Leigh

    I was really hoping for a Hogwarts founders prequel. Why JK, why?!?!

  • http://twitter.com/acjub CK

    I’m not very interested in a series about the Marauders. However I would absolutely love a book dedicated to Albus Dumbledore. We only got glimpses of his interesting life.

  • wolfstar

    weeeeeell, at čleast we have the shoebox project :D

  • Firannion

    If JKR doesn’t want to write about the wizarding world anymore, that’s certainly understandable. But there’s so much matter to be mined there that I wish that she would give her imprimatur to other people taking up the torch. By that I mean doing what some other beloved fantasy and sci-fi authors – notably Marion Zimmer Bradley – have done for their fanbases: Allow publication of collections, perhaps one volume a year, of the very best fanfic set in the Potterverse, to be chosen by JKR herself (after her editors do the first several levels of culling, since there’s an awful lot of junk fanfic out there). There could be an annual competition. It would feed the fans’ insatiable hunger; JKR would retain control of how her alternate universe gets represented; the publishers would make money and a portion could be set aside for charity. Everybody wins, without a huge time investment on JKR’s part.

  • Delena

    Am I the only one who doesn’t really care about the Marauders? I mean, I love the characters in the HP series and all, but I don’t think a prequel is needed. For all the Jily shippers out there that are dying because of her lack of plans–I’d imagine your whole world would be turned upside down if she didn’t write something similar to the headcanon you guys have believed in for years. I think in this case, the series is good where it is because we, as the readers, get to imagine the stuff outside the series–that’s half the fun! Do you really want her telling us every single thing in the series so that no imagination is left up to us? I’m not saying that I wouldn’t love an encyclopedia for a little bit more information, but as for more stories… Personally, I think the series is perfect as is.

  • Ari

    Didn’t she say something about a Remus Lupin biography just this year?

  • DizzyD

    TBH I don’t want to read about the Marauders. Give me a Ron and Hermione looking in Australia for her parents or the trio hunting down the remaining Death Eaters, not the Marauders.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marissabacon7 Marissa Bacon

    This is extremely disappointing =( after she wrote that short story about James and Sirius I thought this could actually be a possibility. The Marauders are at the root of my love for the series…

  • ProfessorP

    I just want to point out – the report from The Independent does not say that she WILL NOT write about the Marauders – just that it is unlikely.


  • http://twitter.com/BeccaPhoenix16 Liam I Exist

    and the fandom cries

  • Tallie

    I wanted something about the Marauders, I’m devastated

  • Yo

    I think it would be awesome if she wrote a series taking place the same time Harry, and Hermoine and Rons children are at school, but not have it from of their points of view rather than a new character who somewhat befriends them and could then have all of their adventures AND WE COULD SEE HARRY AND RON AND HERMOINE AND EVERYONE AS ADULTS ON HOLIDAYS AND STUFF AND OMG. That would be cool.

  • ganesh khadka

    But I feel like there could be really great prequel cause the story lines are so broad you can turn it anywhere …

  • Gothicastle

    I’m relieved she was not interested about the Marauders to be honest.I find it more interesting to leave Hogwarts and go to the Ministry to tell the story of the trio at this location,or tell the story of a new Auror where she could introduce the trio eventually. Or write 4-5 books between 2000 and 2017 in point of view of Ron and leave the series renewed.

  • Agr

    I thin that the Encyclopaedia is the only thing left to do. Pottermore will be able to tell some aspects of the Marauders’ story (not forgetting the reasonable amount of direct encounters form the pensieve) and perhaps a little of the children, but a proper book, perhaps even series, that constitutes as an encyclopedia of the wizard ung world and the story would be amazing.

  • Kirstin Burke

    To be honest, I think a Marauder’s Prequel would be interesting like maybe a book or two to give us a general overview but I can also agree that sometimes Prequels ruin a series. I for one was hoping for a Founder’s Prequel to know how they all met and how they decided to make a school together and everything, there is probably a fanfiction but I’d love to read JK’s version of it. I think it would add more depth to the story and give us more books that we so desperately crave lol. Also the idea of the Founder’s has always intrigued me

  • Trot

    The Marauders doesn’t need a full series however a collection of short stories featuring their adventures would be cool.

  • Ashlei Harris

    I am actually very relieved that there wont be a prequel and im sort of hoping that there wont be a sequel either. It would be nice to see something from the same universe though, like The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Lets leave Harry’s story alone because Lord know there’s enough fan fiction out there already taking the place of what J.K hasn’t written for us. Also, if you want more background on the Harry Potter verse, check out Pottermore.com. You’ll learn lots of stuff about the series that you had no idea about.

  • Fuck You

    Dumbledore is not gay. Just ruined all your work by saying that.

    • agreed

      i totally agree. i mean, i have nothing against gay people, but she just said he was gay out of nowhere. there really was no context for it in the books to speak of to even lead to him being gay, which is why people were so shocked by it. sad, because that’s all i see her doing it for was for shock value. smh

  • Marissa Bacon

    Is anyone else excited for the “Sirius Black and the Secret Keeper” web series prequel?

  • Sammy c

    Star Wars – need I say more?

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