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During his state of the city address this morning, Mayor of Orlando Buddy Dyer revealed that The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s expansion is opening next year.

“This summer [Universal Orlando Resort] will open the new Transformers 3-D ride, followed by the opening next year of a new resort hotel and the expansion of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter,” he said during his remarks. Local news station WESH (via Inside the Magic) reached out to Universal after these comments were made: “I don’t read the Mayor’s words the same as you. All we have announced is that there will be a significant expansion of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Anything else is your own speculation,” said their spokesperson.

Universal Studios confirmed in December 2011 that it was indeed working on a Wizarding World expansion at its Florida resort, but no other official details have surfaced since then.

Rumors, however, have been running rampant. If speculation and physical evidence seen over the past year is believed to be true, plans call for an entirely new London/Diagon Alley land to be built in Universal Studios (the Universal park neighboring Islands of Adventure where the Wizarding World of Harry Potter currently resides). A working Hogwarts Express will connect the two lands to transport guests.

Earlier this week we shared with you great, detailed overhead shots of the construction which depict lots of progress on the Diagon Alley land, the Hogwarts Express train track, and the new train station in Hogsmeade. We’ve been predicting the entire new expansion would open in 2014 or 2015, and the mayor’s remarks appear to indicate they’re going for the former timeframe.

Hollywood’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter will open in 2015, while Japan’s Wizarding World will open in 2014. We don’t think these two new parks will affect the expansion being built in Orlando.

Thanks to Snitch Seeker and Thomas for the tip-off.

  • applepie

    A new resort, new Transformers ride, and, most importantly, a WWOHP expansion?!?! So stoked!

  • Cameron


  • http://twitter.com/MusicandHouse J

    To be fair he says “a new resort next year and the expansion of WWOHP”, although this sounds like these two things will be happening in the same year, it could just be poorly worded meaning that “the hotel is happening next year and the expansion is also happening at some point in the future”, which is why I think the Universal people say they “don’t read the words the same”.
    I think Universial is tentative about releasing the date for two reasons. Mainly, because if everybody knows that the expansion is definately happening next year, then most of them will aviod going to the park this year. Why bother when its going to be a better version in a few months? (I’m going back to Florida for the 3rd time in two years and skipping WWOHP because it’s too expensive and I would rather wait for the expansion, especially since I’ve been ther twice) Also, I think they are worried about what might happen if they release a date and then don’t finish in time. The origional WWOHP took much longer than planned to open, so I think they are just trying to leave themselves open.
    My bet is that they are not going to announce the official opening date until the last possible minute, probably within only two or three months of the opening. Thats a close enough time frame that people won’t be able to cancel their premade vacation plans to go to the park, but far enough away that people can start planning to be there as soon as it opens.
    I didn’t make it to the origional opening, but I’ll go back pretty soon after the expansion opens. Probably not opening week (unless the actors will make another appearance) but within a month or two. I also hope that if they do have a big event for the opening, like they did the first time, the severely limit the amount of tickets sold. From what I heard, you couldn’t even move around because of all the people ,and people were getting physically sick from standing in the crowds for hours in the Florida summer heat.

  • Kit

    Does anybody know what they took out of Universal Studios to expand WWOHP?

    • themparkslave

      the entire Amity section (including Jaws).

    • http://www.facebook.com/dlmarvin05 Dominique Marvin

      the area with jaws, and jaws lol

      • Kit

        Oh Thanks I loved that Resturant in Amity, but it’s a small sacrifice if it means more WWHP.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Diego-Hernandez/539018211 Diego Hernandez

    O_O so they’ve started or will be starting soon on construction in hollywood?

  • esmeblabbed

    I have a feeling it’ll be bumped to a later time like the first part of the WWOHP park did. But I have no problem with it being on time or earlier :D

  • Glaciusx


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