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Once Upon a Time returns this Sunday with the Snow White-centric episode “The Queen is Dead.” Watch the first sneak peek here.

The clip features Downton Abbey‘s Lesley Nicol, who guest stars this week as Snow’s old maid Johanna. Snow finds her in Storybrooke, presumably after Johanna has sent her the tiara, which she found in Gold’s shop.

Johanna talks about the white flowers she’s planted, saying that, “They reminded me of you, because they could survive the harshest winter, and you were born during the harshest one of all.” And that, we learn here, was why Queen Eva named her Snow.

But the nice moment is broken when they hear a noise, and Snow goes into the woods to see Regina and Cora digging for the dagger – and conveniently overhears their entire master plan of using the dagger to force Rumpelstiltskin to kill them all…

Check out the promotional images released for this episode, that reveal David holding the dagger. It looks like he and Snow find it first!

Once Upon a Time 2×15 “The Queen is Dead” airs this Sunday at 8/7c on ABC.

What do you think about the season so far? Is it as good as season 1, or maybe even better? Share your thoughts in the comments.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=646947665 Megan Slife

    Ah can’t wait for this episode! Snow episodes are always my favorite :)

  • http://twitter.com/notenoughpuff Sarah

    I love Once Upon A Time. It is by far my favorite show on the air and I am totally dedicated to it. HOWEVER, this season has been filled with bad dialogue, massive plot holes, and predictable twists. The amazing cast is what keeps it all believable. Yet they can only carry the weight so far. A large part of the fandom believes the show is starting to turn into a giant soap opera and quite a few people have said if Regina turns out to be Rumple’s daughter they will flat out quit watching. Personally, I used to be in the Glee fandom so I can put up with a lot of crap. But I’m hoping these last few episodes of the season will bring it back up to par, and possibly even wow us with innovative writing. Just because OUAT is a “family” show doesn’t mean mediocrity is acceptable.

  • Daisy

    FAVORITE SHOW IN THE WORLD! Season two (to me) is great! I don’t mind having stories hang for a few episodes, lets my mind wonder freely, switch is the point of fairytales no? Hoping for season 3!

  • Lizzie

    I LOVE ONCE UPON A TIME! It’s my favorite show on air! I watch season one over and over again on dvd! For me, this season is great! I don’t mind the different stories, there are many fairytales, I think thats the point of different story lines. Can’t wait for Prince Philip to come back! Love him in pretty little liars! Don’t think Regina IS Rumple’s daughter, only cause her father, Henry, was so much a part of her life when she took that away from him, and Rumple only ever cared for Bae, hated Regina before he left town. Personality, I don’t mind story lines hanging, like Aurora’s and Mulan’s, for a few episodes, lets my imagination run wild on what there story could be! Hope is gets picked up for another season!

    • http://twitter.com/rosaliedavid12 Rosalie David

      I agree, LOST use to do the same thing, they’d tease something and then let fans go crazy trying to figure it out before revealing what it was. I know in the last season it changed but I’m hoping Once Upon a Time will take its time now with the characters it has. I personally don’t think we need to add anymore right now. I’d like more depth to the one’s we’ve been introduced too first.

  • ThiefQueen

    Spread the word, ThiefQueen is on the rise! And because you support such a beautiful and artistic tale such as this, we would be proud, and honored for you to join NealxRegina support! We would love you very much, and we hope and pray you’ll do this!!!!!!!! ThiefQueen forever!

  • http://twitter.com/JujBres Julie Bresnahan

    Now it makes sense why Mr Gold was digging in the forest in one of the early episodes! I was hoping they’d explain that. I guess hiding his dagger is a pretty simple solution.

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