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Season 3 of Teen Wolf is inching its way closer and closer to premiering this summer, and today we learned the title of episode seven!

According to SpoilerTV, episode seven will be titled “Currents.”

The title is vague, to be sure, and it could also have multiple meanings. Is it in reference to literal or figurative currents? Could they be electric currents or water currents? Unfortunately, we don’t have any other information just yet.

We know the first episode of season 3 will be titled “Tattoo,” and will open with Isaac being injured.

Episode two will be called “Chaos Rising,” and will find “Derek and Scott fighting side-by-side for their lives.” Meanwhile, episode three will be titled “Fireflies,” which will have “Scott and Derek asking for help from an unexpected person.”

The other (small) bits of information we know are that Dylan O’Brien (Stiles) helped pen a scene for episode 3×06, and that episode 3×08 will feature a young Derek Hale, presumably for the promised flashback episode.

What do you think about episode 3×07′s title? Any theories?

Need more ‘Teen Wolf’ news?

News for season 3 is steadily coming in, and yesterday we got our first glimpse of Max and Charlie Carver in character as the Alpha Pack twins!

Additionally, we learned that there won’t be a whole lot of Sterek interaction in the first half of season 3, much to many fans’ disappointment. Luckily, Dylan O’Brien offered up a few ideas of what should happen when Derek and Stiles do finally come face-to-face again.

Adelaide Kane (Cora) is on a roll as of late, having landed the lead role of Mary Queen of Scots for the new CW show Reign. This has led to some speculation about the longevity of her character on Teen Wolf.

And, lastly, Crystal Reed has talked about Allison’s return to Beacon Hills and whether or not she’s been in touch with her friends over the summer.

  • ravenclaw1991

    I need a TARDIS so I can go travel to the day season 3 premieres. OH MY GOD I NEED TO SEE IT.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mario.gonzalezmartinez.7 Mario Gonzalez Martinez

    but looking at the previous seasons there are scenes in which shows that derek and stiles have more than friendship in the season because you see something as rare as stiles roper magic known as stiles and derek quickly recognized and said that 10 years ago it was but it was only 5 or 6 entoces known before and when he was arrested derek and stiles was talk of the death of his sister and that she was different but a part when he seemed to recognize JOINING aroma and when derek buscava to Scott appeared opposite carriage stiles and scott is also in chapter derek says he can not control his werewolf transformation but when Stiles was brought under control with his looks also elllos two when I was in the room seems to Estiles stiles also can control wolves can not hear the heart beats when someone lies and lies can not know when Stiles also the question that if the appeal pra gays in the second season of the teacher who wants to hand over stiles and defends stiles when in danger when issca and kama appears also when talking about Equilio when peter and return something because oritadora deant and stiles are so interesadon on who is

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