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Pixar has been working on putting together a plan for the Finding Nemo sequel over a good part of the past year, and today we’re learning that one key player has now signed on: Albert Brooks, who voices Nemo’s father Marlin.

Deadline broke the news. On a related note, they also revealed that Disney is going to give Andrew Stanton, who’s directing the animated film, a second shot at a live-action project despite John Carter flopping.

News of Finding Nemo 2 first broke in July. At the time we learned that Stanton “has a concept the studio loves.” Ellen DeGeneres, who voices Dory, signed on to Finding Nemo 2 this past August.

Finding Nemo made its debut in the high-defition Blu-ray format in November – read our review. At the same time, it was re-released in theaters in 3D. It was the final Pixar film that hadn’t been re-issued in the Blu-ray format.

The search for Nemo, again, is expected to open in theaters in 2016. Pixar’s next film is the Monsters, Inc. prequel Monsters University. The first full-length trailer was released yesterday and features great looks at college life for Mike and Sulley, who are voiced by Billy Crystal and John Goodman. Monsters University opens this June!

Given the title of the film, some may wonder what could happen in the sequel. Will Nemo be lost again? Or will the phrase “finding Nemo” have a more meaningful purpose? Perhaps Nemo will find his true self in this follow-up.

  • Alyssamz

    I want them to go find Dorys family!
    I feel like I’m the only person who cared that they left her

    • http://twitter.com/SofMarie93 Sofia Thomas

      I like this idea!

    • daff

      Your not the only person, Me and a group of friends have said this since the film first came out! its gotta be done!!!

  • Jeff Dodge

    Considering they changed the name of Monsters Inc for the prequel to Monsters University instead of going with Monsters Inc 2, maybe they’ll switch out one of the words from the original title. Finding ____, or some other words with Nemo.

  • 17jeda

    Finding Nemo 2, this time Nemo as a teenager must find himself or live his dad’s desired life which is .. .. wait, Marlin had no ambition

  • David Sullivan

    I sometimes feel like the only person on the planet who didn’t adore the first Finding Nemo – I didn’t dislike it, but it didn’t grab me in the same way that most Pixar films do – so I’m not particularly excited for this on a personal level, though I’ll still be interested to see what they do. Franchises based around Cars and Monsters Inc. were easy to envisage because they each had imaginative, constructed worlds in which you theoretically set any story, but Finding Nemo is very much set in the “real” world and I hope they have a solid enough story that it doesn’t just feel like “a movie where the main characters happen to be fish”, but actually feels like a story that could only be told through this particular medium.

  • Alissa

    At the end of the first movie, his fish tank friends were left in the ocean in plastic baggies. Personally, I think they are going to go on a quest for Sharkbait.

    • Plat

      It would also be great if there was a “double-group” journey. Like the tank fish are searching for Nemo and his father, while they are searching for Dory’s family. It would make for a great clash-up of a climax.

  • Jen

    Dear Pixar,
    Sequels aren’t always a great idea. No one will forget Cars 2.

    • Jeff Dodge

      No one will forget Cars 2, but everyone still remembers the brilliance of Toy Story 3.

    • Glaciusx

      I seriously dislike the Cars franchise. Now they’re doing something called “Planes.” UGH!

  • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

    Do we have confirmation it is even going to be called Finding Nemo 2? It might not have anything to do with finding anything at all, Personally I want a story about Dory because lets face it, Ellen made that movie.

  • PattyPatz

    I personally think what could/should happen is that Marlin gets wind of Pearl actually being alive, and that she was attacked by the barracuda but ran away and got lost (they never did fully show he getting eaten/killed), so I hope it’s something like Finding Pearl or whatever. But anything is possible and either way, no matter the story, I’m so excited!!

    • PattyPatz

      *ran away after it ate (supposedly) all her kids (cause no mother would run away if her kids were still there)

  • gcw07

    I’m assuming Finding Nemo 2 is a code name until they come up with the real title. I doubt it will actually be called that. Hopefully it has a good story to tell and I’m sure it will be good.

    • Plat

      That’s called a “Working Title”. Just for future reference haha.

  • Abster

    Maybe “Finding Nemo” is the fish tank brotherhood going to find Nemo and the encounters they go through. That would be awesome. Just sayin.

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