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Norman Reedus, one of the stars of The Walking Dead, has spoke out about a potential love story with Carol in the remainder of season 3.

The Walking Dead‘s fan favourite, Norman Reedus, has fueled speculation that Daryl Dixon will be romantically involved with Carol Peletier in an interview with MSN.

Reedus is quoted as saying, “I want her to make the first move, and I kind of just whimper.” There has definitely been some sexual tension between Daryl and Carol since the early stages of The Walking Dead‘s television series debuted, but nothing has ever really come to light, beginning the question whether this would ever happen. But, it appears as though Reedus knows exactly what will happen between Daryl and Carol in the future, but will it begin imminently after The Walking Dead‘s mid-season break?

We’re not so sure. The Walking Dead fans were left hungry as to whether Daryl will even make it out alive, after being captured by The Governor’s group, and the last we saw of Daryl was that he was pitted against his brother Merle in a fight to survive at The Governor’s orders.

Yesterday, we revealed that Daryl does indeed make it of The Governor’s grasp, with Merle, and is looking set to destroy the walls of Woodbury with Rick and the gang.

But what does this all mean regarding Daryl in the rest of the third season? Reedus went on to explain in an interview with Esquire, “Daryl from the beginning was looking for Sophia, and Rick would say, ‘Let’s wait, let’s make a plan, let’s all go together,’ and he’d say, ‘No, I’m better off on my own.’ The reason he’s staying is having these people rely on him for safety has given him a new sense of self-worth. That’s the glue that’ll keep him in there.”

It’s a fascinating quote from Reedus, which really does open up the opportunity for The Walking Dead fans to understand that Daryl is more than just a secondary character, and is slowly but surely becoming the cooperative deputy that Rick never had, the role that Shane could not fulfil.

But, critically, Reedus also commented further on Daryl’s relationship with Merle, and has highly teased an idea that looks set to be running throughout the rest of the current season. Reedus said, “If you look really carefully, when the Governor is manhandling him, and he yanks his hood off him, and he sees Merle for the first time, he backs into the Governor’s chest. That’s a bigger thing than the situation he’s in. Once Merle is back, he’s going to make a bunch of decisions. Merle’s kind of like your drunk uncle at a Christmas party. You can’t really take him anywhere.”

Which side will Daryl really be a part of now? He grew up with his brother, Merle, but having been taken in by Rick for so long, where does Daryl stand now? If Merle starts to make his own decisions, what does that mean for both Daryl and Rick?

Maybe, Daryl doesn’t even get the opportunity to? The Walking Dead is ruthless when it comes to killing off characters, and we’re sure Reedus is well aware of this. Reedus said, “Every time we get a script, we thumb through to the back to see if we made it. I’m not even exaggerating, I wish I was joking. You just don’t know. You have sort of an idea, and the producers and writers are gracious enough to give you a little heads-up if you want the opportunity to tell everybody goodbye before they read it on the page. But it stinks when somebody dies on this show.”

Norman Reedus, who plays the merciless Daryl Dixon, will return to our screens this coming Sunday at 9pm ET/PT over on AMC.

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    I hope it doesn’t happen.

  • lolita

    I love carol and daryl s2s2 :)

  • Col

    Ugh no, definitely do not want a “Caryl” love story going on. He’s best as a loner and she irritates me.

    • http://twitter.com/apieceof_waffle a piece of waffle

      so true, i hate her. While her daughter was lost, she just sat there doing anything. I really don’t like her.

      • K

        God I hate that she, who didn’t have any survival skills or proficiency with a weapon at the time didn’t go running into unfamiliar woods. How dare she leave that to people with experience, I can’t believe she stayed at the camp and cooked and cleaned and did what was in her power to take care of the group. Hate her so much.

        • lulu

          It’s Daryl and Carol.. deal with it.

          • Jim

            Someone doesn’t understand sarcasm.

    • Lulu

      Apparently, she doesn’t irritate him.

  • http://twitter.com/RikuStark Ashley

    I think I’ll be happy either way. :)

  • Darly fan

    I want to marry Daryl! If he dies at all throughout the series I will definitely stop watching. It just would not be the same.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chandra-Jordan/100001020408736 Chandra Jordan

    Okay, you are so taking it out of context.

  • Lizard219

    I like their friendship, but I don’t feel the chemistry there. He’s like a lost little boy and she’s a motherly type. So a relationship between them would have a creepy Oedipal feel to it.

    • Lyndi

      I agree. I see them like mother and son more than anything… that is all.

  • Blue

    I LOVE THESE TWO.. This is slowly turning into love.. I can see it happening. It’s evolving.

  • Kim

    I think that its inevitable that these two end up together, Granted I don’t want them to, because I think that she would be too much of a distraction and potentially put him or them both in danger. BUT, its been hinted at through out the last 2 seasons….go back and watch Dales funeral scene.

  • guest

    wow, spoiler alert.

  • yay

    Caryl yes please :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/asa.detanet Asa DeTanet

    Amen, Col. No “Caryl”. As much as I’d kill to see Norman Reedus in a love scene, NOT Carol nor Michonne!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=654817913 Karen Speed

    Daryl CANNOT hook up with Carol. He’s running on 100% pure pent-up energy and sexual frustration. He cannot go around kissing girls, because he will lose his focus.

    • Blue

      Oh Come on! He will lose his focus?? Do you really think that if Daryl and Carol are together Daryl could lose his focus? Love doesn’t make you stupid, he is Daryl Dixon! Love will make him better.

  • Keri

    If they kill off Daryl there are gonna be A LOT of women rioting and looking to roll heads.

  • Dolores

    Michonne or Maggie (if Gleen die), not Carol. Love Norman Reedus!!! Papasito!!

  • Lulu

    Carol and Daryl 2013.. That’s all I’m saying. Yesssss!!

  • @nyterisa

    I think they will have sex, but not the mushy gushy stuff, It is gonna happen when they both are needing something, and they just have a hot wild fling. then it is over and bk to kiling zombie.

    • Cathy Mae

      I agree. I can’t see Daryl being mushy in any way shape or form lol! I’ve got a bad feeling that if/when they do finally “get together”, that when Carol’s days will be numbered.

  • sandy

    I have waited for this season holding my breath…I watched the last episode last season from my hospital bed…had to rewatch …things were a little fuzzy…Ive been sick with Cirrhosis of the liver and just wanted you to know Sunday is the highlight of my week. Hopefully I will get to meet you someday. keep up the good work and keep up guessing

  • Vani

    I think Carol is damn inspirational because she doesn’t give up. Carol has been knocked down by life and comes back stronger than ever. I think Carol and Daryl have a unique connection. I think the “stay safe, nine lives remember” was THE scene, there was a sparkle, there’s something there. They just have to realize it. LOVE IS IN THE AIR..

  • http://www.facebook.com/juju.sama Juju Yoshi Sama

    no way, the directors of TWD are crazy

  • diana

    Better not kill off Daryl!! I’ll stop watching!! And boycott this masterpiece! Love Daryl and he is just if not more important then rick.

  • http://www.facebook.com/amy.palmer.7583 Amy Palmer

    I so wish I was Carol!!!!!

  • Taci

    YESSSSSSSSSS! CAN NOT STOP TO SHIP THEM! Can’t believe: Caryl definitely really will happens! :’)

  • Cathy Mae

    YES!!!!! I definitely want to see some Daryl & Carol action….been waitin’ three seasons for it. Those two characters belong together. They understand one another and what they’ve each been through. She builds up his confidence and lets him know he’s important and worth something. After the life he’s had of being told he’s worthless, I think he deserves someone like her. Seriously, it’s Daryl Dixon (lookin’ like he does) the writers (and me) need to have him hookin’ up with somebody and Carol is the perfect one for him. Bring it on and I’d say it’s about #*$!@ time.

  • vicki

    I think Daryl and Carol are just what the other needs…..I don’t see either of them getting into the mushy stuff and have seen a few posts saying he would lose his edge. I don’t see that happening. Daryl has someone who makes him feel special, like he’s worth something and who can understand what he’s been through. I think if nothing else it will drive him more to make sure they are safe! and for the folks who talk about how weak and pathetic Carol is, all I have to say is THANK GOODNESS you have never been in an abusive relationship. You will never understand what Carol has gone through. Mellisa plays the part perfectly and I am eternally grateful they chose her to play this part.

    • Cathy Mae

      I totally agree. Carol’s character started off weak because she (like many abused woman) had been beaten down so much, both physically and emotionally, by her husband for many years. The writers were correct to write her character that way, but Carol has come a long way since then and most people don’t want to give her the credit she deserves. (Why???? “She has short hair”, “She has gray hair”, She’s too old”, yada, yada, yada…..Seriously?? Are these people like twelve?? WTH has age & looks got to do with anything….personally I think she’s beautiful) She’s fighting right along side the rest of them, educating herself through Hershel, all the while trying to keep some normalcy in the group.

      As you said, I don’t see Daryl turning weak EVER!!!!! I have much more confidence in Daryl’s character than that. I think Carol would be the best thing to ever happen to him and would only make him strive and fight harder.

  • Shadazar

    I realize daryl is a very popular character on the show bit I hope they dont turn it into the daryl and carol show. The story really about rick and carl. Btw why would mazzara hint at a sexul relationship between michonne and andrea? Its a shame the writers and mazzara put so much positive character development for carol but not for michonne and andrea. Their characters were so much more fleshed out in the comics, and so was the storyline.

  • K

    Daryl should just not hook up with the obnoxious shrewd. He is too cute and awesome. she is homely and annoying. I am surprised she lived so long. all she ever does in the show was scream and whine and run away than quiver in a corner.

    • GrowUp

      Have you watched the show this season? I have to assume you are 12 years old or that you don’t like female characters who aren’t babe or badasses.

  • alternately yours

    No, the Daryl and Carol love connection will kill the show; not to mention drive the hoards of Reedus fans away. Daryl is damaged – so is Carol. The last thing WD needs is a sick codependent relationship. It’s too cliche. Carol is much too old and unattractive a character for the feisty Daryl. Carol will find love in Tyrese (read the comic.) Daryl needs a new cause. Perhaps he’ll meet Angel (short for Angela) a beautiful, blind survivor whose caretaker brother was fatally wounded by Meryl in the woods. Daryl is asked to take care of the thirty-something woman…which he’ll reluctantly do. Daryl is a sucker for an innocent (Sophia and Judith.) An encounter with a resilient (truly challenged) individual will mesmerize him. Daryl’s fascination and admiration of her spirit will lead to love…if only briefly. No hot and heavy sex scene, but a ton of sexual tension. The blind see with their hands – Imagine Daryl’s reaction to that. Of course the love interest won’t make it out of next season alive. But female fans will get a taste of what they’ve been longing for…and then Daryl can return to business as usual. To be completely honest, I really don’t think Norman Reedus has the talent to venture outside the white trash badboy schtick. Just look at his work in total.

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