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Teen Wolf season 3 spoilers are coming in fast and heavy these days, and we’ve got some more information about potential love interests for Allison and Scott, plus a hint that Derek got a little bit of a makeover!

This morning, EOnline shared some info about Allison and Scott’s relationship – or, rather, lack thereof.

With a few more female characters added in this year, fans have been wondering if Scott will be hooking up with any of them. Tyler Posey says he won’t, explaining, “So far they just want to kill me! So far no new potential love interests. Not yet.”

Hm. That “not yet” has us wondering. Perhaps Posey knows more than he lets on. Do you want to see Scott with a new girlfriend, or are you holding out for him and Allison to get back together?

Allison, on the other hand, may be moving on a little bit quicker than Scott. EOnline goes on to say, “[she] may or may not have a new love interest in season three and it may or may not be someone viewers have already met.”

Interesting! What do you think of this new potential love interest for Allison? Any ideas who it could be?

In another spoiler chat, this time with Zap2It, we learn a little bit more about Derek’s new apartment, which we saw earlier this week.

It seems that Derek’s new apartment will be quite the residence! Zap2It is sure to point out the fact that it does, indeed, have a bed, AND the site mentions that it will “be put to very good use this season.” We guess that makes Hayley Webb one lucky lady!

Are you excited to see Derek’s softer side?

The apartment used to feature more furniture, but executive producer Jeff Davis asked for some of it to be removed. Considering he lived in a burned down house for the better part of two seasons, we’re not surprised that he wouldn’t have a lot of useless things lying around.

So where did Derek get the furniture? “Most of this stuff, he probably found in the trash,” Davis said. Is he joking? Maybe. But maybe not. We wouldn’t put it past Derek to do a little dumpster diving. Could you even imagine him going to an IKEA and buying real furniture?

And it looks like Derek’s living quarters aren’t the only thing changing this year. According to Tyler Hoechlin himself, his character’s wolf teeth got redesigned since last season. Chances are they won’t be that different, but we’re also not sure how exactly they’d change. Let us know your ideas in the comments section below!

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    Allison has changed so much over two short seasons, so it’s hard to see who she’d get with.

  • ravenclaw1991

    I kinda want to see Stiles and Allison together, I blame the fanfics I’ve read. Anyway, as for the mention of Derek’s bed being put to good use, *insert Sterek joke here*

  • http://twitter.com/karlebe Karlene Nebiyou

    I’m hoping for Allison/Boyd. Boyd is the only unattached male character who doesn’t have a friendship with Scott so it wouldn’t be awkward. Also, with Erica out of the picture Boyd could use some romance. Him getting with Allison might also allow his character to develop more. I’m excited about Derek getting a loft but the spoilers about ‘the bed being put to good use’ don’t really get me going? I’d rather see Derek get with an already established character (Whether it be Stiles or someone else) than see him get with a random new girl.

    • Karen Rought

      Boyd was my first guess too, but I just have a hard time picturing her with another werewolf? Like, I kind of see her trying out the “normal” life at first, then realizing she’s not cut out for it. At least with Scott she doesn’t have to keep secrets. Or maybe I’m just bitter because I wanted to see Boyd and Erica together, haha.

      • cj

        I did my research since I am a fanatic about teen wolf Isaac and Allison will end up together btw

    • http://twitter.com/Ms_MJCaceres Maria J. Perez

      Wow, I thought of everyone except Boyd. Allison/Boyd could be a very interesting relationship but I’m still not sure he’s going to be the new beau. I thought about Isaac but since he and Scott are becoming close friends this would also be awkward so my guess is the new guy will either be one of the new werewolves or some new guy that’s been tweeting a lot of pictures of himself with the cast. His name is Jesy something I don’t remember :/

  • Inez

    i cant wait to see derek’s softer side.hes my favorite lonesome wolf and now hes getting a girlfriend.!!

  • of_nightingales

    I don’t actually think that’s going to happen, but hey, they’re both mentioned as possibly getting love interests in this article.

    Although I wouldn’t be opposed to Allison/Styles, either.

  • Chris

    I just can’t get excited about Derek’s new love interest. From what we know of the character, it just doesn’t seem to fit. He is a damaged character that has been betrayed by love, I just don’t feel it. It seems to me that she has been put in just for the sake of it. But I will watch the show and see.

  • iuhe


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Najwa-Meyer/100001563914521 Najwa Meyer

    allison might get a new love interest but she’ll end up with scott and if not am not gona continue watching it cos it won’t make sense after the amount of love and devotion they expressed and how they accepted each other completely, plus i’m fed up with all the characters in every show not able to keep it in their pants when they break up it’s kind of silly and not convincing

  • http://www.facebook.com/mario.gonzalezmartinez.7 Mario Gonzalez Martinez

    The softer side of derek already seen but not the aunt allison if not by the side stiles in dinners season 1 and 2

  • teenwolflover

    if allisn does gett with a new guy i think she’ll realize she still loves scott and i think allison and stiles should never happen i guess we’ll just have to wait and see what hapens

  • vanni

    I think they lose some viewers if they change too much. Because I always hear for example some of derek and stiles to be gay, I personally find it real kinky when they are gay because I like stiles (dylan o’brien) as an actor and his very karrakter would get a new application and I would disgusted when it would come to this. and I think it is a bit boring when allison and scott would remain apart. but I am really looking forward to 3 scale!

    Ps I just hope the strong stiles and derek are not gay …

  • Maniya Miller

    I want Allison and Scott to get back together because they are meant to be!!!Teeb wolf would be weird if they didn’t get back together and Allison and Scott start seeing other people. !!

  • Christy

    The new season 3 trailer had some Allison/Isaac action (;

  • Jimmy

    Allison and issac for sure. They are dating in real life

  • Kandy

    Allison and Scott need2stay2gether their eachothers anchors to everything inside and outside their world…um Derek and his new place, come on. I’m sure if he was driving a new Mustang he can afford furniture at his new loft…come on… If Allison had a new love interest it most likely is Issac not Boyd or Stiles. Regardless of the wolf pack code no dating in the same packhood but there is some tension atleast from the impressioned scenes we saw in the trailers that seems to be growing between Allison and Issac…I dont like it I’m a Scottison fan personally. Boyd is the loner and Stiles epic love is Lydia…but Derek and the new teacher seems like there may be something flourishing there. If Issac and Allison get together it wont last…As for Scott i hope he stays single no other attractions other than Allison…it makes there reunion between Scott and Allison more epic and powerful that he stays strong…and endures the distance so that when she reconciles with him it will truly count…I’ll hope for that…Keep Scott single please…I seriously will lose interest in the show if he dates someone else. Also I think Scott is the main Alpha he hasnt even tapped into his full primal side yet…Even tho hes only 16 and he was bitten and not born into werewolfism like Derek hes the prodigy hes the ultimate threat…but I dont know maybe Scotts MIA Father has something to do with it…I guess we will see….I love this show….

  • manuela

    i think that Derek and Allison would be HOT together!!!

  • Panda_Girl13

    Derek and Allison should be together!!!!! Derek may be older then Allison but that whold be really cute for Allison and Derek to be together :) <3

  • Britney

    Allison needs to date scott and honestly if she doesn’t date him again i’m literally done with this show. I’ll drop it right here and now.

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