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Following the circulation of a photo of Norman Reedus allegedly in his role for The Walking Dead, it’s been suggested that Daryl Dixon’s destiny is not looking too bright in the second part of season 3.

As we know, Daryl faces an uncertain fate following the mid-season break of The Walking Dead. Facing his ruthless brother Merle in the screamer pits at the hands of the cut-throat Governor, things aren’t looking great for one of our most beloved characters.

But does it really come to death by hanging for one of the toughest zombie-fighting, squirrel-shooting and generally awesome characters of The Walking Dead?

The photo in question shows Reedus strung up and disemboweled. Gruesome. However, we can confirm that this photo is not of Daryl becoming walker-food, but in fact is a still of Reedus from a previous role.

Taken from the 2009 action/horror/sci-fi flick Pandorum, in which members of a spaceship’s crew wake up completely unaware of who they are or what they’re meant to be doing, the still is of Reedus cast as Shepard. You can find out more about Pandorum on IMDb.

Whilst it has had a lot of us second-guessing what might be in store for Daryl in season 3, it’s certainly got us thinking about what we’re going to do if Daryl doesn’t make it to season 4.

Thus far Daryl has been a key member of Team Rick and fundamental to the group’s survival, not just as a biter-slaying machine, but also as a hunter and provider. Without Daryl, how will our protagonists succeed in breaking the zombie apocalypse?

One thing is for sure though, Daryl Dixon isn’t going to go out without an almighty fight. So don’t go getting hung up on the rumours!

The Walking Dead returns on AMC, Feb. 10 at 9/8 ET/PT.

  • Me

    While I would hate to see him die, HOW AMAZING WOULD IT BE? I get excited when tv shows aren’t afraid to kill off someone like Darryl, but I don’t think it’s realistic. It’ll probably be a “Getting over your past” thing or some crap.

  • I and i

    I really hope Daryl doesn’t die, I mean they even made a game where he is the protagonist it would suck just to kill him off after that

  • kat62662

    umm that picture is from Pandorum..he was in that movie..and thats how he died in it…

    • Kate

      Did you read the article…at all?

      • http://www.facebook.com/dlmarvin05 Dominique Marvin

        ^ what you said

  • Jenny

    Saw the Picture….five second freak out…read the article…. *phew!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rayge01 Sara Pope-Ramsey

    If they kill Daryl Dixon, I will not watch it anymore. Many other fans would agree. It would be a tremendous mistake. I know he was not in the original comic, but that, to me, is irellevant in the big picture.

    • Anamanous

      many other GIRL fans would stop. Everyone is going to die in it at one point, it is just when are they going to die.

    • Emily Dawson

      let us riot~!

  • Alaina

    If you watch the talking dead norman reedus aka daryl even talks about the leaked photos and says it was from a past movie called pandorum so don’t worry if you think this article is false

  • M

    Norman Reedus In Pandorum

  • M


  • jennifer

    I hope Daryl Dixon Does die or not to die

  • Jordan Abbey Miller

    haha season three is over and he’s alive HAHHHHHH!

  • Darylyne

    Daryl never wears sleeves. Obvious fakes :P

  • Tim W. Allen

    The fact that so many people would go as far as not watching the show at all anymore if they killed off a character is ridiculous, and goes to show how intensely people’s obsession can become with fictional characters. What ever happened to truly appreciating productions for all of their aspects, like the effects, cinematography, or make-up; rather than just the grips of one character’s persona?

    • anonymous

      Well character development is important, so I think you can shut the hell up…

  • Daryl’s wife

    I was almost about to cry until I read the article.. Go Darryl the group would be nothing without you

  • Daryl my husband

    Oh my fuck I’m sick of this shit the governor can go to hell he should have died in the first place I mean I was happy that’s he killed mea rail excuse my launage but fuck this shit I’m done grr :/ tripping out

  • Walking dead fan #1

    I don’t think he will die!! If he does I will get very pist!!! And I probly won’t watch it anymore! He better not die I love him so much he’s the man

  • Chris

    Love Daryl, so please don’t kill him off. Chris

  • The govenor

    I am SICK OF DARYL. Its just that I would like for it to stay with the comic more. and another thing I hate are the girls that watch it! They watch it just because of Rick and Daryl! They don’t understand the true meaning of this show. It is just a drama to them basically. (No offence but this is true.) If he dies, I will riot the rioters that are rioting about daryl’s death.

  • cheyenne turvey

    Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus)

    I like the character he plays in the walking dead (Love zombies) and himself in real life his son Mingus Lucien Reedus is pretty cool of what i have heard of him when i saw on google something about daryl dieing i started crying and I’m gona cry even more if he dose its going to be so depressing :’(
    Norman he’s sooooo cool i would do anything to meet him :)))) <3<3<3
    LOVE YOU NORMAN REEDUS xxxxx <3 <3 <3
    i hope i meet you some day xx :)

  • Samira

    Haha such nonsens.. that (almost) all the girl’s love daryl and that he is the reason why most girls watch TWD. And that they don’t even know the true meaning of the show. I am a girl to and i’ve been watching/following TWD since the beginning, and at first i didn’t even like daryl and merle, and i did like andrea and shane. But as the serie continues, you also get to know the characters better and eventually you’ll get compassion with them. At season 3 i didn’t like andrea anymore and i was glad shane died, but i was starting to like Daryl more and more.. Because he was loyal, funny and he did anything for rick, carol and anyone else who’d urned it. I’d also liked hershel and dale and look where they end up. But i’m still watching the show though and i’ll never stop watching it till it ends. But i think that anyone who says that the girls only watch for daryl and that girls don’t even know we true meaning of the show, is so f**king wrong. I just hope he doesn’t die at least not in season 4.. cause we just lost Hershel&Carol..

    I’m also sorry for my english, i hope people who read it just understands my point.
    I hope and wish everybody a awesome 9th february, when TWD returns!!

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